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How To Buy A Supreme Court Seat


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Keep In Mind Merrick Garland? Keep In Mind just how Neil Gorsuch took the High court seat Garland was meant to take? Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you what occurred behind the scenes. Inform us what you think in the comment area listed below. Assistance obtaining loan from national politics:

" Tax documents revealed in a brand-new report showed that a Virginia-based charitable company offered millions to a team that took out ads urging GOP Senators to maintain Merrick Garland out of the High court as well as put Neil Gorsuch in. In 2014 alone, The Wellspring Committee offered $23 million to the Judicial Crisis Network, which consequently invested $7 million on materials opposing Garland. After President Donald Trump was elected, JCN invested an additional $10 million in pro-Gorsuch ads.

Last year was a large year for Wellspring, as they elevated more than two times as much cash than in any type of previous year. This is largely thanks to one confidential donor who offered $28.5 million, inning accordance with documents obtained by MapLight, a charitable that intends to expose the impact of money on national politics. This represents nearly all of the $32 million Root received that year, towering over the $13.2 million that had actually been their annual high till then."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by captain bigballs, at Reply

    Trump is bought
    And soon to be caught
    With his pants down
    As Putin sucks his tiny crown
    Cuz his tax returns are still being sought!

  2. Posted by CanBe Done, at Reply

    Bought? Stole!!! Repugs do Nothing Honestly !! LIE, Cheat and Steal, it is what they do, and they think that makes them “Superior” !!

    • Posted by CanBe Done, at Reply

      They have the mentality of a 3rd grade Bully !! Always looking for someone smaller, or weaker so they can Steal their stuff !! They hate Regulations, because Regs prevent them from Stealing all they can or stops them polluting and destroying our Environment with their GREED !! They hate Unions, because people United, can force the Parasites to reward the people who Deserve the money because they DID the Work !!!

    • Posted by Timothy McCaskey, at Reply

      CanBe Done: The United States has the greatest Justice System…… that money can buy.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      * the DNC

    • Posted by CanBe Done, at Reply

      Tne current DNC are neo-SCUM Corporatists who belong in the Repug Party !! The DNC are NOT Democrats !!!

    • Posted by tesla imhotep, at Reply

      +CanBe Done +

  3. Posted by AceOfCards1000, at Reply

    Neil Gorsuch didn’t “Take Garlands’ seat” Congress at the time didn’t confirm him because he was obviously a very left leaning liberal judge which wouldn’t play out to the republicans favor when it came to having a conserative majority on the SCOTUS.
    This is the game of politics, if it was reveresed where Trump was the incumabant president and Obama was the newly elected president and congress was flipped to have a Democrat Majority, they would pull the EXACT same thing.
    They would wait for the republican president to leave, then with the Democrat president in power have him elect a left leaning liberal judge fill the seat in order to have a liberal majority on the SCOTUS.
    There is nothing to get upset about because in the game of politics there is no “Fair Play” its whatever way you can keep you side in power for the longest.

    • Posted by Brian Williamson, at Reply

      Why not Ace of propaganda? If Congress is found guilty of Bribery relating to this decision then we could be justified to see Gorsuch as part of the conspiracy. Yes I know the reasons for this bull#%&# the republicans pulled was to protect their acts of corruption from Judicial challenge for the next 40 years. This is what they do. It use to only be that they would demand Democrat nominees have decades of experience leading the nominee to be in their 60’s or 70’s verse the fresh out of the diploma mill republican picks.

      Republicans who rule now like McConnell are responsible for the rot of our Country; the legacy of this party should not be allowed to endure after the ballot box or old age death stops them.

    • Posted by AceOfCards1000, at Reply

      Gorsuch being impeached would rely solely on him being apart of any conspiracy, if he wasn’t apart of it then he can’t be impeached.
      You make it sound like the Democrats are perfect angels who wouldn’t do the exact same thing. Thing is though you know they would do the exact same thing if they were in the position of the Republican Congress.
      How politics is nowadays is they will use any method to get and stay in power, its nothing new.

    • Posted by torchandhammer, at Reply

      Yeah, except that Democrats have been in position to do something like that and they never have. Because it’s unethical and unconstitutional.
      Gorsuch is far from the only problem. Trump is trying to stack the federal courts with judges who have no qualifications, other than being horrible people who will screw us all over so their masters can have more money.

    • Posted by tesla imhotep, at Reply

      +torchandhammer Right nutwingers can never accept the fact that all they are about is money and being in power. Funny thing is they love money but don’t know how to make it without screwing over the citizenry or the environment.

    • Posted by Doktor Kaiman, at Reply

      Garland was a pro-TPP, pro-wall street corporatist. Unless you mean, “anybody but Ted Nugent,” when you say “very liberal,” you’re not even close to accurate.

  4. Posted by Dallas Tx, at Reply

    conspiracy theories from the alt left…lol..dont forget to wear your tin foil hats next time….

    • Posted by Stefán Örvar Sigmundsson, at Reply

      You won’t be saying that when a liberal group does the same.

    • Posted by Jeremy Backup, at Reply

      I’d rather live through conspiracy theories from the ‘alt left’ than the hate, racism, sexism, anti-Poor, and genocide we see from the ‘alt Right’. Statistically speaking, more ‘terrorist and religious nut jobs’, come from White, Religious, Republicans, than any other nationality on the planet. Let that sink in. Those that are the most fearful, are also the most common transgressors.

    • Posted by Billy Poe, at Reply

      this is how the washington crowd really can screw the people the judges get final say on what your rights are. this is how you get screwed in your actual life not by some bullshit made up story about emails or uranium corporate interests hold the supreme court

  5. Posted by Master Joe Kerr, at Reply

    Stay mad libtards.

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      Your Friendly Satanist lost your binky?

    • Posted by Vaness AntifaFan, at Reply

      conservacvnts with no argument above.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Vaness AntifaFan What’s yours? (rolls eyes)

    • Posted by tesla imhotep, at Reply

      +Vaness AntifaFan They’re easy to spot. Spouting insults and not much else, or any relevant responses. Thumbs up for poking their thin skins.

    • Posted by tesla imhotep, at Reply

      Stay sociopaths trump chumps.

  6. Posted by Never go full retard, at Reply

    Keep draining that swamp trumptards.

    • Posted by tesla imhotep, at Reply

      +UTubeHobby And your kind is souless and amoral.

    • Posted by BLAIR M Schirmer, at Reply

      *_Obama could have seated Merrick Garland as an interim appointment to the Supreme Court. Gosh. I wonder why the corporate cocksukcer didn’t do it._*

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Aaron Norell Unhinged much? 😜

  7. Posted by craig robb, at Reply

    these type of videos is where cenk shines, i agree with him 100% on this issue

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply


    • Posted by tesla imhotep, at Reply

      +Vaness AntifaFan They’re easy to spot, spouting insults and no relevant repsonses. Big Ups for effecting their emotions, lol.

    • Posted by Andrew, at Reply

      UTubeHobby at least he’s man enough to show his face ya little beta biatch.

  8. Posted by Hoodoo Man, at Reply

    Is nothing sacred? Now the Supreme Court is owned bought and paid for. There is no Democracy or Republic in this country anymore. It is a full on Oligarchy. We really need to be in the street by the millions. We need to refuse to work, refuse to pay income tax and refuse to acknowledge the veracity of the rule of law. Why are Americans such cowards? We are the last line of defense against this unconstitutional government. Why do we tolerate this lawlessness without protest?

    • Posted by Doktor Kaiman, at Reply

      Hoodoo Man Laziness, fear of being murdered by the police, lack of information, general apathy…so on and so forth.

  9. Posted by TheManWithNoName, at Reply

    What a corrupt system.

  10. Posted by Hue Man, at Reply

    Anonymous donor?! How do we know it wasn’t ISIS? Just saying…

    • Posted by Aj Meyers, at Reply

      It reads like a joke but it’s an interesting point. Could a terrorist organization fund a candidate through dark money? I have no idea, but it’s a frightening thought.

  11. Posted by Jeffrey LaCohn, at Reply

    Yep, another reason you all should have voted for Hillary/Kaine, but no, you’re dumb asses.

    • Posted by Billy Poe, at Reply

      the donor is Darth putinous, Count doofus Donny’s sith master

    • Posted by Artem S, at Reply

      we voted for the only person who could have beaten trump. his name was bernie sanders. but you hillary supports had to vote for a piece of trash and as a result we got trump. THANKS FOR GIVING US TRUMP, HILLARY SUPPORTERS!

    • Posted by tesla imhotep, at Reply

      +Billy Poe Lol 👍

    • Posted by Jeffrey LaCohn, at Reply

      Artem S, there were only four candidates on the ballot, and as much as I wish he was, Bernie wasn’t one of them. Stop acting stupid.

    • Posted by Hillary Clinton paid shill #4269, at Reply

      Artem S, Bernie couldn’t even win the primary, what makes you think he could win the general? But again you sexist Bernie bros would rather refer to women as pieces of trash than move the country forward.

  12. Posted by toolboy1212p, at Reply

    Ignore the Trolls. Comments are what they want. I know….it’s hard to not to fight/call out radical ignorant comments but….that’s what keeps them Trolling.

    • Posted by Gary Schneider, at Reply

      I always ignore them…Sycophants they are, I guess I should use the word troll so they understand…

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      Yes, don’t listen to the people who disagree with you. Just live in an echo chamber, very healthy

    • Posted by tesla imhotep, at Reply

      +spooder man the cuck slayer Nobody’s listening to you now or ever. Enjoy your hormone injected and GMO fed turkey, turkey.

    • Posted by James Eslick, at Reply

      tesla Imhotep. Did you see spooder man’s hat? That’s the baddest hat ever!

    • Posted by tesla imhotep, at Reply

      +James Eslick That hat is too hatty. It’s misspelled and missing a word. MEGA CHUMP!!!

  13. Posted by Drm R, at Reply

    Our openly corrupt government is running our country into the ground. Only when we have become a barren wasteland, the rich might realize money cant be eaten. Maybe as that happens, the guillotine will boom.

    • Posted by Spes Ultima, at Reply

      I wasn’t aware guillotines boomed.

    • Posted by Ann52 D, at Reply

      Spes Ultima yup, your government ordered 30 thousand of them. they going to be chopping off heads if you refuse that rfid chip. this society is satanic, devil worshippers.

  14. Posted by Secular Progressive, at Reply

    The Republican establishment is corrupt to its very core

    • Posted by Spes Ultima, at Reply

      What establishment isn’t corrupt to its very core these days?

  15. Posted by Casey, at Reply

    Our country is corrupt to the core!

    • Posted by Huckleberry Hound, at Reply

      I wouldn’t be surprised if we lose power soon. Rome had its time Egypt had its time. USA has its expiration time too.

    • Posted by UTubeHobby, at Reply

      It will happen. We will be under the NWO soon.

    • Posted by Spes Ultima, at Reply

      It always has been, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

    • Posted by tesla imhotep, at Reply

      +Spes Ultima Damn straight. Criminals, corporatists and fake Christians.

  16. Posted by Duncan Bleak, at Reply

    Yet another direct consequence of choosing ‘bust’ for the impractical, purist(?) “Bernie or Bust” crowd. Losing the supreme court to the econmic royalists known as the conservatives for the forseeable future. You chose the “Orange Menace”, now you will have at least a generation to enjoy his supreme court spawn. Sorry to burst your idealistic bubble but sometimes the hated corporate democrat is better than the scorched-earth, knuckle-dragging conservative. When those are the remaining choices.

  17. Posted by David Davies, at Reply

    Sounds very much like this organisation is treated like a charity. If so, it’s yet another problem in the US that we don’t have in the UK. Charities are not allowed to act as political pressure groups. If they do, they lose their charitable status.

    • Posted by Perry McCorkle, at Reply

      David Davies And that’s why conservatives attacked the IRS for looking to closely at these groups. It was fairly obvious they weren’t doing any kind of charitable work.

  18. Posted by L Huff, at Reply

    As Gorsuch was going though confirmation hearings with Congress, the Supreme Court unanimously overturned one of his rulings in a case regarding the IDEA law, where a school was not meeting the standards outlined in IDEA for a special needs child. Every Supreme Court member ruled against him in that case and yet he was confirmed. That told me everything I needed to know about the man.

    • Posted by luv cheney, at Reply

      L Huff Where in the Constitution did the people grant power over education to the Federal Govt? ( enumerated rights, Article 1, section 8)

  19. Posted by TheSheiban, at Reply

    What does the Republican Party stand for now?

    They are against balancing the budget and in favor of increasing the deficit – no fiscal conservatism here

    They are promoting a child predator in Roy Moore and elected a serial sexual assaulter in Donald Trump – not exactly family values.

    They don’t bother conserving the environment unlike Nixon who started the EPA.

    They are against abortion or anything to help reduce abortions.

    • Posted by Sha Dow, at Reply

      The republicons are all about greed and selfishness. They believe in “Only I Matter”.
      The only things Cons (ervatives) want to conserve are their own personal bank accounts, guns, and whatever version of religion they belong to.

    • Posted by Stefany Flores, at Reply

      Tax cuts for corporations and the rich, that’s what they believe in.