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How To End The HORRIFIC Persecution Of The Yazidis In Iraq


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Vian Dakhil Shekh Saeed, a Yazidi Participant of the Council of Reps of Iraq speaks to Chavala Madlena (Investigative Journalist, Filmmaker) about the terrible oppression of her individuals by ISIS.

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  1. Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

    How To End The HORRIFIC Islamic Terror Attacks Plaguing The West: *Ban Muslims*

    • Posted by spoder man hates TYT, at Reply

      Monkbot10 we are removing the violent people so they can go be violent somewhere else. Your argument is more analogous to the idiotic leftist ban on guns

    • Posted by Monkbot10, at Reply

      spoder man hates TYT agreed. Banning guns is idiotic. Regulation. Of immigrants of guns of alcohol of drugs. That is what’ll solve the problem common sense regulations that doesn’t pry into people lives but doesn’t make it so they can be poisoned by guys trying to make an extra Nickel.

    • Posted by your mother is good in bed, at Reply

      spooder man the cuck slayer can’t wait for them to the same here in America 👍with white terrorists

  2. Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

    I’m a Yazidi who currently resides in Mongolia where I work as a professor of feminism. I must say that TYT is not honest in this video.

    • Posted by Miss Kitty Fantastico, at Reply

      A professor of feminism with a picture of a man’s muscled torso as their avatar who makes a claim and then follows up with no explanation and no red flags go off with you Ric? Are you horribly naive, stupid, or just pre-biased?

    • Posted by Ric Chambs, at Reply

      Are those my only options? I thought I was joking, but maybe I am naive, stupid, and pre-biased.

    • Posted by Seth N, at Reply

      Get out of Asia. I live in Asia and they don’t need cancerous third wave feminism. They need feminism where women have basic human rights not some bullshit about how sexist men are and micro agressions

  3. Posted by kevin cosgrave, at Reply


    • Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

      The Yazidi are ruthlessly being targeted by ISIS.

    • Posted by LCarlTBM x, at Reply

      kevin cosgrave
      They have many videos. Post me a link to the video, or give me the title name.

    • Posted by kevin cosgrave, at Reply

      +LCarlTBM x pretty much any of them but the worst are manchester and san Bernardino

  4. Posted by Che X, at Reply


    • Posted by Lukas Hibbard, at Reply

      Europe and the west is best though.

    • Posted by Damian Cunliffe, at Reply

      It stopped over half a century ago.

  5. Posted by The Persian Atheist, at Reply


  6. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    The Yazidi have a fascinating belief system. They claim to descend from the Sumerians.

    • Posted by TazKidNoah, at Reply

      I have my doubts of their origins but Iraq wouldn’t have this if it weren’t for Shia Military abandoning Northern Iraq….& West deposing Saddam

    • Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

      +TazKidNoah  That is true. There have been many times throughout history where the Yazidi were targeted. Early Christians targeted them before the birth of Islam. Muslims have targeted them numerous times in the pass. They were safe under Saddam though.

    • Posted by TazKidNoah, at Reply

      I dont know about u but Middleast History isnt taught well or censored here in U.S. we need to support Yazidis on common sense like Daesh committed Genocide…. that group needs to be punished both who joined and retreated…..We can’t give honest comment about Ottoman and back history. Our present culture lacks understanding of Non-Western European Cultures….we may assume norms from different Centuries….

  7. Posted by liedetector101, at Reply

    Yazidis and Christians from the middle east are the real refugees, and need refuge from the Muslims.

    • Posted by Alexander de Montfort, at Reply

      noahj457 lol, what population statistics are you talking about? The middle east was majority christian until Islamic invasions, centuries ago. Christians, Jews and pagans have been targeted and persecuted ever since

    • Posted by noahj 457, at Reply

      Alexander de Montfort what are you talking about, when Islam started growing in the rest of the Middle East after the 750s, Islam let The nonmuslims lived under Islamic rule, no one was killed in large quantities or raped. No one was forced to convert,

    • Posted by Alexander de Montfort, at Reply

      noahj 457, “no one was killed in large quantities or raped.” where did you take this from? I guess mohammed never proclaimed the fall/conquest of ‘Rum’/Constantinople and that the Byzantines and Sassanians were never invaded my muslim hordes then, right?

    • Posted by Alexander de Montfort, at Reply

      noahj457 Nice try, seems it’s been deleted now but you multi point propaganda post was nothing more than Islamist propaganda. Anyone who wants proof google the first sentence “Before engaging in battle, the Prophet Muhammad” and will find every word was copy pasted.

  8. Posted by Browser unknown, at Reply

    CNN and BBC news were just caught staging fake news in London. So will TYT talk about this ?

    • Posted by M Jackson, at Reply

      Browser unknown Google is your friend

  9. Posted by JOOGAL1111, at Reply

    Isis? let’s not pretend it is only isis persecuting these people.. they’re among the many whipping boys of most muslim sects.

    • Posted by Rock Johnson, at Reply

      Johnny Blazem She’s like a child. Sad!

    • Posted by noahj 457, at Reply

      JOOGAL1111 you have said most Muslim sects so which sects are they,

    • Posted by JOOGAL1111, at Reply

      All sunni and shia sects take your pick.. Muslims of any stripe persecute the religious minorities in their countries but they seem to hold a particular contempt for yazidis.

  10. Posted by TazKidNoah, at Reply

    This was a Genocide.

    Yazidis have been protected by Saddam Ba’ath Regime thanks to Shia Military for not defending Sunni regions of Iraq..which gave Daesh power..this happened…

    This YAZIDI is NOT BLAMING SUNNIS/SHIA!!!! she knows that Majority of Muslims don’t agree with Daesh but many(NOT ALL) ill-minded Arabs sided Daesh…

    • Posted by TazKidNoah, at Reply

      Where did i say Im Yazidi?

    • Posted by jose juarez, at Reply

      TazKidNoah I thought you were yazidi

    • Posted by TazKidNoah, at Reply

      Well I thought ur going to share Proof?

    • Posted by jose juarez, at Reply

      TazKidNoah your Muslim?

    • Posted by TazKidNoah, at Reply

      y r u asking about my faith? I thought assumptions were enough?

  11. Posted by Correctrix, at Reply

    We could save the Yazidis by letting them in as refugees instead of Muslims.

  12. Posted by Johnny Blazem, at Reply

    “The Gulf has been hit by its biggest diplomatic crisis in years after Arab nations including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain cut ties with Qatar, accusing it of destabilizing the region with its support for Islamist terrorist.”

    That would be a better story but I have a feeling TYT will not cover it because they are funded by Qatar.

    • Posted by Fahad Abuloghod, at Reply

      Johnny Blazem not questioning you, but I’m just wondering why you’d say they’re funded by Qatar?

    • Posted by Johnny Blazem, at Reply

      Because they are, google it bro. Seriously its fucked up

  13. Posted by Rock Johnson, at Reply

    London attacks. Melbourne attack. Anti-white racism in Evergreen College. CNN faking muslim demonstrations.

    • Posted by Jesse Wright, at Reply

      Yet more fake news from a singular YT dumbass.

  14. Posted by legendman97, at Reply

    Yazidi persecution is horrible, but why dont you ever talk about the Horrible persecution of MILLIONS of Christians in the middle east, Africa, China, N. Korea….etc..etc?????

    • Posted by Maxxx Bensly, at Reply

      +legendman97 who are you talking to?

    • Posted by legendman97, at Reply

      Travis Rogers is deleting his nazi like comments against christians who are suffering, he shames people in poverty, he also says that christians, jews and muslims should be eradicated… yet he advocates for lgbt rights…. he has some strong double standards typical neo marxist coward that keeps deleting comments.

  15. Posted by noahj 457, at Reply

    Yazidis have lived in the region under three Caliphate dynasties (Umayyads, Abbasids and Ottoman) in peace and were unmolested. Isis is not a legitimate caliphate based on Islam.

    • Posted by peace lover, at Reply

      noahj 457 didn’t u hear her… Their own neighbours who were their friends for several years stabbed them in the back and attacked them. This is mainstream muslim mentality in the region..

  16. Posted by BIGWORLD0074, at Reply

    Religion of peace beats man for being gay in North Carolina can you please cover this story and oh yeah Wahhabism = RADICAL REPUBLICUNTS 😊

  17. Posted by Jennie Hughes, at Reply

    All religions are abhorrent .

    • Posted by Malik Jones, at Reply

      specially Islam

  18. Posted by Angel Fox, at Reply

    The Yazidis and the neighboring muslims never had any problems with each other until ISIS came along.

    • Posted by freezingfire810, at Reply

      uhhhh, the yazidi have a long history of oppression under muslims

    • Posted by Anil Nair, at Reply

      freezingfire810 yazidis are called devil worshippers.

  19. Posted by Doktor Kaiman, at Reply

    Thank you for reporting on this issue. The Yazidi are violently persecuted by daesh with little international attention, outside of outlets like NPR and TYT. They are one of the last remaining pagan populations left in the region, and, as mentioned in the interview, their suffering is often overlooked.

    • Posted by Abu Waheeb, at Reply

      Doktor Kaiman yazidis are animals and deserve to be put down like one

  20. Posted by Cléo Z, at Reply

    Wow, TYT doing some actual political reporting for a change.

    • Posted by Charlton Blake, at Reply

      Cléo Z is this a joke?