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How To Handle A Bernie Sanders Socialist Attack


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On the latest episode of Aggressive Progressives Jimmy Dore, Steve Oh, Malcolm Fleschner, Nomiki Konst and also Jordan Chariton go over a recent CNN section where Rick Santorum struck the Democratic party by claiming a Vermont Socialist was it's leader. View the full Aggressive Progressives episode right here:

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Jimmy Dore, Steve Oh, Malcolm Fleschner, Jordan Chariton, and also Nomiki Konst talk Bernie Sanders assaults, DNC letter, Jordan's protection in Alabama, and also one more shitty birthday.

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  1. Posted by HeeroYuyZero13 aka_Aku, at Reply

    Bernie would have won.

    • Posted by Essential One, at Reply


    • Posted by The CrimsonF%cker, at Reply

      ha ha

    • Posted by Ted Wigs, at Reply

      Nomi won herself a seat in the “cuck throne”

    • Posted by Daniel Wilson, at Reply

      In what way did Bernie suck?

    • Posted by Daniel Wilson, at Reply

      What promises were unrealistic? POST THAT INFO.

  2. Posted by SocialismIsUnstoppable, at Reply

    Socialism = Workers occupy and control the means of production, Capitalism = Private bosses own and control the means of production and you work for them like a slave, with the profits they fund the police and social programs to keep people from uprisings. Government programs are not the solution, all they will do is save capitalism and keep the system going, the only solution is workers taking over the means of production. Time for people liberals to wake up.

    • Posted by Gus Campbell, at Reply

      This guy is right.

    • Posted by Internet Troll, at Reply

      Socialism= Massive regulations, no economic freedom, mass famines, no economic growth, everything belongs to the goverment, authoritaranism,

  3. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Bernie proposes bill to lower drug prices —-> EVIL LIBTARD COMMIE HELLSPAWN HOLLYWOOD JEW!!!!

    Trumptards need to stop smoking Lsd.

    • Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

      liberals fight for the poor, proceed to call people trailer trash lol

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      @chunk. The ignorant trailer trash cant be helped. They are ok with 50 billion more dollars being wasted on war.

    • Posted by Chukwu, at Reply

      +Kevin Montrond And with such Kevin single handedly displays the hypocrisy of the left.

    • Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

      Only thing Trumplers are smoking is their Healthcare away.

    • Posted by Internet Troll, at Reply

      +Kevin Morontrond 13 democrats voted against it. 12 republicans voted for it. Get your facts straight Kevin instead instantly screaming sjw bullshit

  4. Posted by The Alpha Cuck, at Reply

    Jimmy Dore has had my wife.

    • Posted by Vanklow, at Reply

      Did you watch?

    • Posted by The Alpha Cuck, at Reply

      Does a Trumpist cuck in the woods?

  5. Posted by Johan Liberal, at Reply

    Santorum got owned. Big time.

    • Posted by COGITO ERGO SUM, at Reply


  6. Posted by Zeal Ren, at Reply

    But Bernie is a Democratic Socialist. Am I wrong for saying is different from base socialism?

    • Posted by Jw Anderson, at Reply

      Zeal Ren no you’re not! It is wholly different, it’s what goes on in the Norse countries and a few of greater Scandinavia. There is a difference. Just like people lock communism and communist economy together… you can have a socialist government with a free market capitalistic economy (not that it makes sense). But they aren’t mutually exclusive things. You can have a democratic society with a socialist economy.

    • Posted by Eden Puder, at Reply

      No you’re on point. The bozos attacking Bernie just put the two together

    • Posted by badbizza1, at Reply

      Zeal Ren socialism and democratic socialism are 2 different things actual socialist don’t consider bernie a socialist

    • Posted by Jw Anderson, at Reply

      badbizza1 dude please read some philosophy books, allow me to point you towards Marx for a starting point. They are not mutually exclusive.

    • Posted by Alek Samson, at Reply

      Zeal Ren -You’re right. Absolutely. Strong social safety net, Eu / Bernie style has nothing to do with socialism /economic system. Flag waving-biblethumping -we’re number one-screaming degenerate nation has no idea what socialism means.

  7. Posted by sum chick24, at Reply

    no if Bernie was the leader of the democratic party ,the democratic party would’ve actually won and they would actually be progressives

    • Posted by Daniel Wilson, at Reply

      No. They did that during the Crusades. You forget or what?

    • Posted by sum chick24, at Reply

      Daniel Wilson wow! im saying Bernie would’ve won! idk exactly how i have to spell it out for you to understand. ill keep my explanation short since it seems you cant keep up with them

    • Posted by deathislife, at Reply

      Sum, a lot of people are replying to the couple of people here who have disagreed with your correct assessment, but because the reply button on YouTube is completely broken, it looks like we’re replying to you. We’re not, if it looks like we’re agreeing with you.

    • Posted by sum chick24, at Reply

      Daniel Wilson you might be replying to the wrong person. when you want to reply to a certain comment make sure you push that comment. cus right now youre attacking someone who is on your side.

    • Posted by sum chick24, at Reply

      deathislife lol no wonder i was like wtf im a bernicrat being attacked by berniecrats lol thanks for explaining

  8. Posted by MNTribeFan, at Reply

    To be honest, early on, I was very skeptical that Bernie would have won the general election, but there were polls all over the place that Bernie would have knee-capped Trump’s support. He would have been the perfect candidate against Trump. And he WOULD have won. And we wouldn’t be in this frickin’ mess that we are now and which it will take at least a decade or more to get out of, if at all.

    • Posted by William Harrison, at Reply

      Skcit420 They will never collect on those debts because we have a huge military. Our entire economic system is build around imaginary inflated currency backed by nothing in the real world, so trying to act like common sense can solve a problem build around a system that has zero real world support for its currency is silly.

    • Posted by Skcit420, at Reply

      William Harrison Don’t forget about the Federal Reserve intentionally destroying the buying power of our dollar & giving literally trillions to they’re rich friends in secret allowing them to spend the money before inflation hits the general population.

    • Posted by Bart Bonne, at Reply

      MNTribeFan i think trump stole bernie message , trump ran on bernies issues and offcourse added his own bad stuff. pretty sure they saw how popular it was and took the stuff they liked from it.

    • Posted by Skcit420, at Reply

      William Harrison When the dollar collapses the military & everything else is done for. We’ll see what happens. Looks grim.

    • Posted by Daniel Wilson, at Reply
  9. Posted by maS, at Reply

    Except he’s not even a socialist. Democratic-socialist at best. He’s still for imperialistic intervention in some cases

    • Posted by Mario Quade, at Reply

      What does the idea of socialism (a socio-economic ideology) to do with foreign policy?

    • Posted by maS, at Reply

      To put it simply, a socialist foreign policy is anti-war, anti-imperialism, intersectional, and internationalist.

    • Posted by maS, at Reply

      AKA we all occupy this Earth together, so why not do so peacefully 🙂

    • Posted by Sing For Your Sanity, at Reply

      But the US is so far away from understanding social democratic principles and policies and still so fearful of anything that resembles it, they consider any candidate who wants universal health care a socialist. Pretty sure most of the western world that has universal health care are capitalist countries.

  10. Posted by Liberty Doctrine, at Reply

    I dare TYT to go and live in Venezuela. And see if they can handle Socialism. they will come back to America begging for freedom.

    • Posted by ChakraZulu210, at Reply

      no authoritarianism leads to authoritarianism there are plenty of socialist leaning countries who have rule of law

    • Posted by iceberg265, at Reply

      Is anyone here advocating PURE socialism? No. You forget, we already have plenty of socialistic policies here in the US and they are some of the most popular programs in the country. Medicare? Socialism. Social Security? Socialism. Medicaid? Socialism. Hell roads are socialism. Police stations, fire departments, public libraries, public parks, ALL SOCIALISM!

    • Posted by Zack Sherman, at Reply

      Capitalism and socialism need each other in the type of government we have. Unchecked capitalism has created another guilded age….Okay, who in class can tell me what a gilded age is and what it leads to? Hands please…😎

    • Posted by Flash, at Reply

      Liberty Doctrine Riiiight because there’s no such thing as freedom in Democrat socialist countries, Europe must be such a communist continent.

  11. Posted by stankwho, at Reply

    Corporate dems will have no choice but to come to the Bernie side

    • Posted by rudai123, at Reply

      stankwho Agreed. Dems have to tack left or die.

    • Posted by the op kingdom, at Reply

      stankwho… They have chosen “die”. That’s what the Convention was all about.

  12. Posted by Aaron Mcconkey, at Reply

    Corporate democrats would rather lose to a republican, than have a democratic socialist or progressive lead the party. It’s sad.

    • Posted by TheFlyinSquid, at Reply

      They thought they would win no matter what because of how bad trump is so they put in their most corporatist candidate because FPTP will always lead to the lesser of two evils.

    • Posted by Marak Lia, at Reply

      Aaron Mcconkey
      If Bernie had been an actual democrat instead of independent he would have won the nomination.
      Can’t just wander in, change your party affiliation for a few months and expect full support from the party.

  13. Posted by Stew Hvidston, at Reply

    Bernie isn’t even a socialist. There’s a difference between equal outcome and equal opportunity. Social democrats/progressives want equal opportunity, meaning we want to keep the free market intact for some things (like consumer goods) and government run programs for other things (healthcare, education, etc.). Things like healthcare and prisons have no business being “for profit”.

    • Posted by KokoroKaisen, at Reply

      Stew Hvidston he is a socialist. Socialism doesn’t equal totalitarianism. There are tons if socialist countries that are far from totalitarian

    • Posted by wesley ogilvie, at Reply

      The Teaneanderthal party members won’ get it. Their brains are filled with faux news and Glenn Beck propaganda.

    • Posted by Diaberu monk, at Reply

      Stew Hvidston actually socialists want equal opportunity, not equal outcome.

      The reason why Bernie isn’t a socialist in the true sense of the word is that he doesn’t advocate for public ownership of the means of production.

      But at the same time I suppose anyone who is critical of capitalism can be considered somewhat socialist.

  14. Posted by emanny1986, at Reply

    Santorum made a strategic mistake there; Republicans don’t want the the Democratic party known as the Bernie Sanders Party. Nooooo……

  15. Posted by trippplefive, at Reply

    only in America can a has-been politician get a job in the mainstream media and paid tons of money to spew corporate propaganda bullshit.

    • Posted by Jon Bones Jones, at Reply

      trippplefive who Bernie?

  16. Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

    What sane person trusts a socialist on the economy?

    • Posted by Ken Massingill, at Reply

      Andrew Wells
      Whether you believe it or not, (and it doesn’t take for you to believe it to be true!) you live in a socialist country. Read the Constitution you will see it’s a socialist document. The proof of that is most of the Constitution tells you what the government can not do to you.

    • Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

      Ken Massingill that’s not socialism.

    • Posted by Jon Bones Jones, at Reply

      If you think socialism can work in a country of 370+ million people with over 100 million people refusing to work and on welfare you’re completely uneducated and economically illiterate

    • Posted by Heisenberg-SchrodingerEmc2, at Reply

      You should really take a philosophy class. You sound stupid

    • Posted by 1994CPK, at Reply

      Andrew Wells
      the young turds do

  17. Posted by Sam, at Reply

    I hope that every single repulbican maggot loses their healthcare and drops dead from preventable disease

    • Posted by Collin Lewis, at Reply

      Sam And you’re one of the people creating this disgusting, decisive political climate

  18. Posted by tetsubo57, at Reply

    Anyone that speaks of ‘progressives’ with derision is an enemy of America. Our nation was founded by ‘progressives’. The 18th century conservatives were called Tories.

    • Posted by Matthew Savoy, at Reply

      Are progressive as strong as the TEA PARTY ??? if not This isnt the party of progressives

    • Posted by DerkleBob, at Reply

      “Anyone who speaks against my identity politics is an enemy of the state!”

      Gee you sound like a fascist. This is why people are dropping the progressive label left and right, no pun intended.