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How To Live To 100


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Wish to live to be 100 years of ages? Ana Kasparian, Mark Thompson, Maytha Alhassen, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you exactly how. Tell us exactly what you assume in the remark area below.

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"( CNN) Antonio Todde was the first man in the world to live to 110, as well as he resided in Tiana, a town on the Italian island of Sardinia.

Born in the late 1800s, he died in 2002. "His life expectancy 3 centuries!" claimed his kid, Tonino, 84, who additionally hopes to live to 100.

Tiana is simply one village within an extraordinary area where the percentage of centenarians has been found to be three times above in the rest of Sardinia– as well as mainland Italy.

Although good genetics, diet plan as well as workout are usually pointed out as crucial to living a lengthy life– which they remain in many locations– research study in this Mediterranean region shows that social communication may be just as prominent."

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Mark Thompson, Maytha Alhassen

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Mark Thompson, Maytha Alhassen


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  1. Posted by lee musket, at Reply

    christians are inferior

    • Posted by Spoooder min loves Dolan Trump, at Reply

      Muslims are most inferior

    • Posted by lee musket, at Reply

      christians need to be hung

    • Posted by Stop the hammering!!, at Reply

      Leftists need to be locked in gas chambers along with their children as pellets of Zyklon B rain down upon them from above

  2. Posted by JogBird, at Reply

    lets see what happens if 1000s of lybian migrants move in

    • Posted by get gud, at Reply

      Lets see what happens when America “liberates” them.

  3. Posted by John Smith, at Reply

    The traditional family life of Latin and Mediterranean cultures will lead to long life. American family life has been dying since the 1960’s, destroyed by hedonism, trendy liberal ideologies along with drugs and sexual permissiveness that have utterly devastated many communities in the USA. Living like a rock or rap star is not conducive to long life. We all know this.

  4. Posted by Jacob Cleveland, at Reply

    How to live to 100 not have American health care.

  5. Posted by DRAGON OF THE WEST, at Reply

    Don’t die

  6. Posted by MrMasterDebate, at Reply

    Eat a plant rich diet. Better yet , eat a whole food plant based vegan diet.

    • Posted by MrMasterDebate, at Reply

      Tony H actually there is plenty of evidence on it. Disease rates a lot lower. Lower nutritional deficiency. Longer life

    • Posted by Joe Scirrotto, at Reply

      MrMasterDebate but at that point life isn’t even worth living

    • Posted by Tony H, at Reply

      MrMasterDebate fake news. Im 207 and I’ve eaten chuck roast and mozz sticks since the Polk administration

    • Posted by MrMasterDebate, at Reply

      Joe Scirrotto dam if your happiness is derived from food , you have a really bad food addiction xD

    • Posted by C.F. Gauss, at Reply

      Sardinians eat lots of dairy products especially cheese. Japanese eat lots of fish and they also live long. Ergo, plants are overrated. Animal products are great.

  7. Posted by Bob Smith, at Reply

    Ana, please try to use plain, clear English. Phrases like “a considerable amount of individuals” makes me want to eat my own head – how about “many people” simple, clear, and grammatically correct.

  8. Posted by Ahmed Abdulrashid, at Reply

    Sardinia is not that tiny. LOL.

    • Posted by C.F. Gauss, at Reply

      In fact it’s huge. It’s almost as big as sicily.

  9. Posted by bobbytookalook, at Reply

    They live longer in Sardinia cuz they eat lots of sardines — am I right?

  10. Posted by Wolfgang Kenshin, at Reply

    How to live to 100? It’s really easy. anyone can, anywhere in the world. Surprised no one else figured it out. I’ve known for quite some time. It’s obvious if you give it a little thought. First, you must live to 99. Then, be very, very careful.

    • Posted by C.F. Gauss, at Reply

      Savescum and reload as necessary to reroll the RNG.

  11. Posted by Amy, at Reply

    I’m sure this doesn’t work for people who have social anxiety disorder or even for introverts because social interactions are emotionally taxing, not emotionally uplifting. Of course the entire world is biased towards extroverts who what else can one expect from a study? I suspect that introverts are perfectly capable of living longer without a large amount of social exposure.

    • Posted by RichOrElse, at Reply

      social anxiety disorder occurs in the company of strangers, even people with this disorder has close family.

  12. Posted by don't be frightened my dear, at Reply

    They eat a lot of sardines there.

  13. Posted by Miss Millenial, at Reply

    My grandmother turned 100 last fall. She eats a mostly plant-based diet and walks everywhere. She has never owned a car. Every morning she starts her day with oatmeal and fresh oranges. She has also never held onto anger or gone to bed angry. Even if someone did her wrong she would let it go and move on. She is very friendly with people and stays active, even working until she turned 98.

    • Posted by Rayme Michaels, at Reply

      Miss Millenial That makes a lot of sense. In my Abnormal Psychology textbook in uni it said that anger and sustained hostility increase your chance of getting heart disease more than high blood pressure and smoking.

    • Posted by Miss Millenial, at Reply

      Totally agree. Much like research shows that revenge is very unhealthy.

  14. Posted by DrunkenRampage, at Reply

    That’s simple. Eat the opposite of whatever Cenk is eating.

    • Posted by Queen Elizabeth III, at Reply

      Bacon grease?

  15. Posted by OMG BeCkY, at Reply

    “Uhh ummm uhhh ummm ya know ummm uhhh” –Ana Kasparian

    • Posted by TuurdBurglars of DaCorptocracy BaconGreaseSlushFund, at Reply


  16. Posted by Lee Jackson, at Reply

    1 don’t eat that McDonald’s

  17. Posted by I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS, at Reply

    How to live to 100.
    Step 1. Dont move to a black neighbourhood

    • Posted by ed rivera, at Reply


    • Posted by Premium Tea, at Reply

      And Zionists.

    • Posted by Wini Olivache, at Reply

      I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS Some people are terminally stupid.

    • Posted by Bobbie Howze, at Reply

      1989 called. It wants its subtle racism back.

    • Posted by Bobbie Howze, at Reply

      Yeah, the record high rates of deaths of despair and opioid overdoses are really bad in black neighborhoods. 😑

  18. Posted by Antoinette Orozco, at Reply

    Sometimes it’s genetic. My Dominican great grandmother lived to be 105, she drank and smoked but had little stress.

  19. Posted by Purr Cat, at Reply

    You will never live to be 100. Because you live and bath in sexual perversions. You can never live like this. They are Christian. Certain area of Siberia, Russia, has the longest living people. My friends father turned 100 recently. He took a small fall and hurt his collar bone. No big deal. Went to the hospital. They gave him a Vaccine and be died 4 days later. So, perv, go get your vaccine.

    • Posted by Graphic Designer, at Reply

      Purr Cat You are hilariously stupid

    • Posted by Otto Shade, at Reply