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How Trump Could Make Divorce Rates SKYROCKET


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Trump's tax plan is triggering divorce legal representatives to inform their customers to act now. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you why. Inform us what you think in the remark section below.

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" Republicans could pride themselves on upholding family values, yet their brand-new tax obligation legislation might soon result in a rise in couples calling it quits.

Lawyers are counseling pairs taking into consideration separation to do it this year– prior to a 76-year-old reduction for alimony settlements is wiped out in 2019 under the Tax Cuts as well as Jobs Act.

" Now's not the time to wait," claimed Mary Vidas, an attorney in Philly and also previous chair of the American Bar Organization's area on family members legislation. "If you're going to get a separation, get it currently."

Potential divorcees have all 2018 to make use of the spousal support deduction as a bargaining chip in their settlements with estranged partners.

The deduction significantly reduces the price of spousal support payments– for people in the highest possible income-tax brace, it means every dollar they pay to support a previous partner actually costs them a bit greater than 60 cents."

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by No Name, at Reply

    1 like 4 dislikes *sighs

    • Posted by Spoooder min loves Dolan Trump, at Reply

      ikr? Definitely not enough dislikes!!

  2. Posted by Gay Spooderman, at Reply

    I don’t blame the women, they find out they’re married to a cuck who voted for the dotard, it’s only natural they want a divorce.

    • Posted by Joe Scirrotto, at Reply

      Gay Spooderman so because they had to choose out of a losing situation, years and years of happy marriage just dissapear?

  3. Posted by The End Begins, at Reply

    I hope he gets rid of child support requirements. They are abusive and unnecessary.

    • Posted by The End Begins, at Reply

      Shyan Marie A child only knows what is taught to them, so if that child is feeling any kind of way it’s because of the custodial parents views on the situation and them not communicating properly. Do you believe males should have the right to abortion?

    • Posted by Dan Ryan, at Reply

      The End Begins People should pay for their children but it shouldn’t be twenty percent of their salary, it should be what it actually costs to raise a child. If you make $200,000 why should you pay $40,000 , it doesn’t cost that to raise a child and the non custodial parent keeps the balance for themselves. This provides an incentive for women to get knocked up and fleece the guy, make child support what it actually costs to raise a child and that incentive is removed.

    • Posted by Controversi Stater, at Reply

      The End Begins how are they abusive
      And how in your right Mind do you think child support is unnecessary.
      It says it all in the name
      Child (your child)
      Support (supporting your child)

    • Posted by The End Begins, at Reply

      Controversi Stater Its abusive for a court system to demand a parent pay a court ordered amount that, more often than not exceeds what it would take to care for the child, to garnish wages, revoke driver licenses, and to pur you in prison if you don’t meet their monetary standards. Child support hasn’t brought any families together hasn’t improved the lives of those paying or recieving, and sadly far to many bitter ex’s seek it to hurt there ex lover financially or you have some women that use it as a lottery. Keep courts out of family disputes and the family unit would be much stronger. The government has made our children little court cases who does that benefit?

  4. Posted by Darrell Moore, at Reply

    Child support has been the same way the ENTIRE TIME

  5. Posted by CaLMCee, at Reply


    • Posted by Iron Bowtie, at Reply

      Back to your basement, Manchild of the Day.

    • Posted by Gabriel Swee, at Reply

  6. Posted by jmtnvalley, at Reply

    The stock market problems are Obama’s fault. Didn’t you know?

    • Posted by L L, at Reply

      jmtnvalley lol troll

    • Posted by jmtnvalley, at Reply

      πŸ™‚ or ;P

    • Posted by L L, at Reply

      jmtnvalley πŸ˜‚

  7. Posted by Doge Smith, at Reply

    MGTOW is freedom

  8. Posted by pooperscoop54321, at Reply

    lets get rid of alimony

    • Posted by L L, at Reply

      pooperscoop54321 And give it to me

  9. Posted by MannyVic Gaming, at Reply

    In the majority of divorce cases the men are heavily discriminated against, and over 70% of women initiate those divorces. Smh…

    • Posted by Nila Kall, at Reply

      Sources? Heard the same thing bht turned out to be a myth

    • Posted by Nila Kall, at Reply

      I can see that you answered but I cant see it when I click on the notification. Anyway I can read a part of it in my notificationslist. Some thing about a book. Is that book cites its sources and uses averages and not anecdotes than its correct and something should be done about it. That just isnt fair if msn are discrimonated against. The thing I was talking about before (the myth) was about that women have the upperhand in child custody cases. But when ot was looked into it turned out to be the complete opposite. Which isnt fair.

  10. Posted by batgurrl, at Reply

    As soon as he is out of office Melania’s lawyer will be serving him divorce papers.
    ‘Believe me’ lol

    • Posted by Anthony Butler, at Reply

      She is definitely briefing the lawyers…

    • Posted by krazyknva78, at Reply

      batgurrl I wouldn’t be surprised if she served him papers while he’s still in office.

    • Posted by BOSS NASS, at Reply


  11. Posted by Blazing Eagle, at Reply

    Maybe trump thinks this is something he needs for when he has his next divorce

  12. Posted by Andrew Lim, at Reply

    Melania is going to be really happy in two years time. Cha-Ching!!!

    • Posted by thesinaclwon, at Reply

      Andrew Lim lol she will be really happy when a bullet passes through his head. She will be free at last.

    • Posted by Andrew Lim, at Reply

      Woah! That went dark really quick.

    • Posted by thesinaclwon, at Reply

      Andrew Lim I’m sure her choice in penises went that route after their honeymoon.

  13. Posted by S J., at Reply

    Trump has made EVERYTHING worse. Bernie 2020!!!!!

    • Posted by Aries, at Reply


    • Posted by Edmond Dantes, at Reply

      Democrats don’t have the courage of thr convictions. They betray themselves & thr followers.

    • Posted by mewabe4, at Reply

      They do not have any convictions…they serve the military-industrial-banking complex almost as consistently as Republicans. Republicans are in-you-face bullies and assholes…Democrats pretend to be nice then stab you in the back. What a choice we have in America!

    • Posted by I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS, at Reply

      S J. You mean Communism2020

    • Posted by Gabriel Swee, at Reply

  14. Posted by The Super Psycho Killer, at Reply

    Alimony is a scam

    • Posted by mewabe4, at Reply


  15. Posted by I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS, at Reply

    A majoraty of men that get married Now are Beta males and get bossed around by thier wife’s because they are scared of them.

    • Posted by David Kinney, at Reply

      @I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS Did you know that the majority of people who use the term “beta males” are beta males who are insecure of how weak minded they are?

  16. Posted by Steven Bee, at Reply

    This is idiotic

  17. Posted by Birdman Wood Designs, at Reply

    I think anyone asking for alimony should be forced to get a job and pay what they were asking in a fine to the state for believing anyone owes them money for free.

    • Posted by TheEvolver311, at Reply

      Birdman Wood Designs to bad Trump doesn’t agree in fact he wants you to be doubly hurt by not even getting the deduction anymore. Where are all the right wing “mens rights” activists at now? Men pay far more alimony than women so this is essentially a tax increase geared mostly towards men.

    • Posted by Eric Fartman, at Reply

      Being against alimony makes you a “right wing mens rights activist” now?

    • Posted by TheEvolver311, at Reply

      It is one of their calling card issues; kinda like “equal pay” for feminist.

    • Posted by Eric Fartman, at Reply

      I got what you meant but I don’t see why you have to misrepresent the men’s rights movement by calling them “right wing” when they despise tradition just as much as feminists. It’s one of the only things both movements genuinely have in common tbh. There’s plenty of criticism for the Men’s rights group such as them being ineffective af but calling them “right wing” is a stretch at best or a intellectually dishonest at worst.

    • Posted by Kongo Bongo, at Reply

      TheEvolver311 gotta agree with the other guy you calling anyone against alimony a right wing mra is just a not so subtle way of trying to dismiss what they have to say by putting them in a bubble that your bubble deems unworthy to listen to. Its like when people call ben shapiro a nazi….which believe it or not has actually happened…when hes wearing a yamaka.

      Alimony is bullshit. You dont have to be on a certain side of the political spectrum to see that. Also taking one issue, and deciding who is a liberal and who isnt based on that sole issue is like he said a terrible mistakr at best and intellectually dishonest at worst.

  18. Posted by Antoinette Orozco, at Reply

    Don’t. Get. Married.

    • Posted by Tonya Hinrichs, at Reply

      Antoinette Orozco agreed

    • Posted by AZOffRoadster, at Reply

      Or get married, get divorced, live together.

    • Posted by FierceDeity, at Reply

      Antoinette Orozco Yes!

  19. Posted by Cosmic Charlie, at Reply

    Another ridiculous video..

    • Posted by planktonblooms, at Reply

      Not understanding doesn’t mean its useless

    • Posted by Jeremy Chase, at Reply

      planktonblooms Understanding what, a segment with zero data and calling it news? They do these segments to avoid speaking to the hundreds of other dangerous policies just like msm. Republicans and Democrats vote to give Trump unlimited surveillance powers. Cenk does segment on how deep state doesn’t exist. Critical thinking, do you do it?