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How Trump Is Breaking Medicaid


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Trump is calling for sick people to function to obtain their Medicaid insurance coverage. John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore, as well as Ron Placone, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Inform us just what you think in the remark area below.

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" The Trump administration is paving the roadway for states to create new eligibility needs for Medicaid, consisting of requiring several recipients to function, look for work, or volunteer in order to receive federal government health insurance coverage.

It's a significant change for the 50-year-old program. Under present legislation, qualification for Medicaid is based practically entirely on income. But the Trump management, after months of promises, is now telling states how they could present a brand-new requirement that certain Medicaid receivers additionally work in order to get health insurance coverage via the program– a move that professionals state is a considerable departure from the program's function of offering a safety net to Americans in or near destitution.

" Conditioning Medicaid eligibility as well as coverage on work is an essential adjustment to the 50-plus-year history of the Medicaid program," MaryBeth Musumeci, who researches Medicaid at the Kaiser Family members Structure, informed me.

Now, 10 states have propositions pending with the Trump management to impose some type of work or area involvement requirement, mostly all of them led by Republican legislatures and also guvs. The first proposed waiver with a Medicaid work need, from Kentucky, was swiftly authorized by the administration on Friday."

Hosts: John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore, Ron Placone

Cast: John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore, Ron Placone


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  1. Posted by All Rights Matter TV, at Reply

    Trump is destroying the Republican Party… They will never be able to recover. Just like our economy.

    • Posted by Nitro Express, at Reply

      haven’t you noticed that the economy is going up up and away. MAGA

    • Posted by scotaloo7 7g7, at Reply

      Our economy is doing great thanks to Trump and Obama had the lowest GDP in modern American history. You live in an echo chamber.

    • Posted by Nitro Express, at Reply

      it’s simple. the democraps take money out of your pocket to spread it around. the Republicans put money in peoples pockets.

  2. Posted by liberal ontheleft, at Reply

    Big surprise. The orange trumpkin and the old cronies in DC do not care about the people they swore to serve unless they can donate to them!!!

  3. Posted by Auntie Em, at Reply

    This is bullshit. What about the physically disabled? Could they get more cruel?

    • Posted by SAMURAI JACK, at Reply

      Auntie Em yup they can

  4. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    When trumptards break their leg they are going to pray government is there for them. All it takes is one hospital bill and you are bankrupt.

    • Posted by jay bradley, at Reply

      Thats exactly what happened to me

    • Posted by Jimmy bonez, at Reply

      They are already bankrupt. Morally

  5. Posted by 3D4Ureel, at Reply

    Tired of winning yet hillbillies?

  6. Posted by Barsoom Babe, at Reply

    Trump supporters you did it to yourself 😂😂😂 . You trumpazees will be hit the hardest.

  7. Posted by Mud Sh-sh-shark, at Reply

    Bring back Work-Houses for the ill and children , theyre not learning anything anyway

    • Posted by Butthole Surfer, at Reply

      Mud Sh-sh-shark Are you sure just throwing them into concentration camps isn’t a better idea? lol

  8. Posted by The Brocialist, at Reply

    Make America A Shithole Again

  9. Posted by Sandra Nelson, at Reply

    Again, I bless the fact that I am Canadian. I am on disability because I can’t work any more. I have some chronic health issues that pretty much SLAMMED the door shut on any hope I had of being able to go back to work. I had medical people telling me that I had to stop trying, but I kept trying to do retraining for some kind of office clerical work. I thought that would be the easiest on my system. HA!!!! My body refused to co-operate. So I am on total disability. Just like the medical folks I saw wanted.
    My meds are paid for, my hearing aids are paid for, of course my doctor visits are paid for. My emergency room visits are paid for. My home nursing visits are paid for. The IV treatments, antibiotics and wound care bandaging are paid for.
    I have cost the medical system an unspeakable amount of money. But the disability folks figured it would be cheaper to keep me home and out of the emergency room, rather than going to work for a few months a year, and spending almost six months at a time in bed recovering. It’s more cost effective for me not to work. Go figure.
    I am gobsmacked at what Americans are willing to put up with. Why haven’t the masses revolted? I would. Sulis Minerva people, it’s time!!

    • Posted by Mark Lapworth, at Reply

      Shhhhh! Don’t tell them that! Americans prefer not to actually know what goes on in the rest of the world. It’s the only way they can maintain the fiction that they are the best at everything. It’s like the Emperor-with-no-Clothes guy from south of your border – he keeps telling himself (and any idiot that will silently listen and nod their head in grovelling submission) that he is the greatest when everyone with a functioning brain who hasn’t prostituted themselves knows it ain’t so. SAD!

  10. Posted by foreverwantingpie, at Reply

    That’s so unethical

  11. Posted by hudsle, at Reply

    So the poor and low income (who obviously are fine barely surviving), as well as the disabled, elderly and retired (for starters) will now ALL have to find work ( you know cuz theres just SO many options available to them), or lose what little help they get to make sure they receive even basic medical care? Sorry, but hasnt Donny said (repeatedly) that not only would he NOT mess with Medicare/Medicaid, but that by now EVERYONE would have the most amazing healthcare, including plans we couldnt even dream of? Call me crazy but so far, it seems like hes done just the opposite of BOTH those things.

    • Posted by Bobbius Shadow, at Reply

      welcome to Republimerica

  12. Posted by Jason Wooster, at Reply

    Republicans planning mass murder

  13. Posted by Kwamina Dankwa, at Reply

    “How deep of a shithole can I put US in before I am impeached.” – Donald Trump, January 2018.

  14. Posted by SuperLotus, at Reply

    This is why I hate conservatives. They’re utterly *heartless* 💔

  15. Posted by Robert Gaines, at Reply

    The sin of not wanting to die. I’m sorry, but a lot of poor wouldn’t mind access to assisted suicide, but it’s not like anyone is going to help with that. Instead, they want to just let people go off their meds so that they slowly die in great pain. I course, most people who want to die wouldn’t want to die if we just made it possible for everyone to have a decent life. Maybe, that is what we should be doing.

    • Posted by Kamran Keyium, at Reply

      nah man we need more jets so that we kill more sand nibbers

  16. Posted by Irene Kim, at Reply

    I worked for health insurance where Medicare is so expensive sometimes wonder how the elderly can afford it. I look at them and I feel bad because even at times the coverage is so high it makes you think that they must also need Medicaid. This would be beneficial to them because premium coverage can be quite expensive.c

    • Posted by Irene Kim, at Reply

      Jack R I still don’t get how democrats are responsible for it.

    • Posted by Jack R, at Reply

      I can’t cure ignorance. Only you can. You have been brainwashed by the democratic party for so long. You need to educate yourself. I bet you didn’t know that the KKK was created by the democratic party.

    • Posted by Irene Kim, at Reply

      It’s not ignorance when are not making sense. on how the KKK has to do with what is happening now and yet the Republicans aren’t really doing much to make the necessary changes that need to be made for those in need.Yet blaming the Democrats for what happened 50 years ago doesn’t change what is happening now. So that argument does not make any sense at all. So explain to me how that is ignorant When we got a president that was African American.

    • Posted by Jack R, at Reply

      You need to educate yourself because you don’t know enough. Democrats like to change their political views to get votes.

    • Posted by Irene Kim, at Reply

      Democrats like to change their views yet at least there is some sort of change yet I don’t know how that pertains to what is happening now when people are in need. I can educate all I want but its about what is happening now. If democrats are making the changes why not make the change.

  17. Posted by krtwood, at Reply

    If everyone getting medicaid is already either working or disabled, then why is having a requirement that you have to be working or disabled such a problem? I’m liberal but if you are able-bodied then it’s not such a horrible thing to say that in exchange for the public making sure you have health coverage then you have to be either working or doing some kind of community service. How it gets implemented is where things can go wrong and be used just as an excuse to kick as many people off as possible. That’s where liberals can come in and actually work with conservatives to implement it in a fair way.

    • Posted by irob160614, at Reply

      Bethany Gee they do when it’s for a lobbying firm or when there is a mutual group of donors who have something specific they want out of a piece of legislation. I get your point though haha.

    • Posted by Alex Cuellar, at Reply

      krtwood I agree with you but I’m 99% sure they will use this to kick off a bunch of people unfairly

    • Posted by Nick Kulessza, at Reply

      krtwood But this is where it starts, right? You think they arent going to destroy Medicaid all together? You honestly think they want to work with Dems. Liberals need to push for Medicare for all point blank. Otherwise we get another Frakenstein Obamacare. Funny thing is that this is where the GOP will push the country towards.

    • Posted by mjaynes288, at Reply

      krtwood Most people who apply for Social Security Disability are turned down on the first evaluation and must appeal. The appeals take years. During that time they are not considered disabled by the government. It took me 5 years to get through the appeals process and I lived in an area with a small backlog. I was lucky enough to be covered by my father’s health insurance or I probably would have lost. In order to win a disability case you have to show you are receiving continuing treatment.

    • Posted by krtwood, at Reply

      My mom is on SS disability, I’m aware of the process. Who says it has to be the same process? SS disability is for life. There has to be a high bar there. Perhaps by working together on this they could also streamline the process for that as well.

  18. Posted by Ake Hilding, at Reply

    People might die but consider the alternative, rich people will be less rich, that is unacceptable.

    • Posted by postmodern loser, at Reply

      Those poor rich people :'(

  19. Posted by SmokeBox, at Reply

    Those shithole red States are gonna feel it and I’m glad.

    • Posted by Veruc, at Reply

      You agree with Trump in principle but just disagree on the target of what is a shithole.
      So you actually believe red states are worse than Africa.
      You are walking cognitive dissonance, moron.

  20. Posted by 00 0, at Reply

    If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you. — Lyndon B. Johnson