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How Trump’s Swamp Is Taking Over The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


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The Head of the CFPB resigned and also now there's a fight for the job. Cenk Uygur, as well as John Iadarola the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Tell us just what you assume in the remark area below.

" Workers at the Customer Financial Protection Bureau returning to function after the holiday weekend break are being met an unusual and unconventional scenario: There are two individuals declaring to be their boss.

Supervisor Richard Cordray, appointed by President Obama as the initial individual to run the firm, resigned effective Friday. Now a battle is brewing over who supervises following Cordray's leave. President Donald Trump stated Workplace of Administration and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney– an avowed challenger of the firm– will certainly supervise in the interim. Yet prior to leaving, Cordray assigned Replacement Supervisor Leandra English to load his area until a permanent replacement is nominated as well as validated.
The standoff– the topic of a suit filed in government district court on Sunday– is the most up to date chapter in a long, politicized battle over the bureau's instructions as well as its presence since its 2011 beginning.

Originally recommended by now-Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) as well as created under Dodd-Frank economic reform, the CFPB seeks to shield customers by making consumer financing guidelines extra reliable, implementing those rules, and maintaining customers notified. Its jurisdiction consists of banks, charge card, cash advance lenders, home mortgage loan providers, and also financial obligation collection agencies, to name a few.
It has actually created new regulations governing the home mortgage sector– such as an ability-to-repay policy that requires loan providers see to it their consumers can pay them back, to secure versus a repeat of the financial dilemma– and also has actually established securities for prepaid account consumers, including restrictions on losses and open door to account information. It has actually also launched a "Know Before You Owe" initiative to make information regarding financial products and services more understandable as well as easily available to customers.

The CFPB has actually for years been a partisan flashpoint. It took years of political wrangling to also confirm Cordray in 2013. Republican politicians have actually long sought to kneecap the bureau or abolish it completely."

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  1. Posted by Kevin Morrison, at Reply

    Putting Mick in charge is like giving the fox the keys to the henhouse.

  2. Posted by Terry Turner, at Reply

    Trump is the new Swamp Thing…👍😂

    • Posted by Eviscerated Rainbow, at Reply

      Is that why they wanted Obama and Hillary to win?

    • Posted by Christopher Reyes, at Reply

      Eviscerated Rainbow Tf are you talking about?

    • Posted by Timothy McCaskey, at Reply

      Eviscerated Rainbow: The only Slave I see is you. You’re a Slave to your own ignorance and fears. And the Barbary Coast has been a shithole long before Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton were even born. I blame those White Trash Berbers.

    • Posted by Eviscerated Rainbow, at Reply


    • Posted by Aaron Norell, at Reply

      Emaciated Manblow

  3. Posted by Lori Cataldi, at Reply

    Trump will always want one of his dipshits in departments to destroy that department!

    • Posted by Levity, at Reply

      Would be best to just abolish it and save the money for future tax cuts. Unfortunately, the federal government is set to go off like a nuke. It was never meant to be this rich.

    • Posted by Johnny Q, at Reply

      Maybe it would be best in your thinking Levity but the majority of the country would not stand for it (Surprise! There aren’t that many libertarians in the real world. Wonder why.). So they have to be sneaky about it.

      Plus you do know that the CFPB doesn’t get it’s budget from congress right? So any money “saved” wouldn’t go to tax cuts. I’ve seen libertarians who at least do their homework before commenting about something. At least try to do that otherwise you have 0 credibility compared to the rest of them who have very little.

  4. Posted by Dominiqie Neely, at Reply

    Just waiting for the Trump supporters

    • Posted by Dominiqie Neely, at Reply

      Eviscerated Rainbow
      I don’t see why you have to lie so much. Tell the truth! You had to know someone would call you out on your bullshit.

    • Posted by Eviscerated Rainbow, at Reply

      They are wahabbi selling the people from Libya and the surrounding area.
      The only reason they gained power was because Obama and Hillary armed and trained them.

    • Posted by Eviscerated Rainbow, at Reply

      I only tell the truth.

    • Posted by greenjelly01, at Reply

      Trumptard cucks will cheer and clap as Trump rapes their daughters.

    • Posted by randomnobody playthrough, at Reply

      Swamp thing takes this.

  5. Posted by Yeah Science Biyawch, at Reply

    Trump breaks the LAW yet again *shocker*

  6. Posted by Cliff Gustafson, at Reply

    US political swamp stinks so bad, I can smell it in Canada.

    • Posted by Pete Hawthorne, at Reply

      Cliff Gustafson I apologize

    • Posted by Eviscerated Rainbow, at Reply

      How can you smell anything besides dirty Muslims?

    • Posted by Eviscerated Rainbow, at Reply

      You know most Muslims are dirty.

    • Posted by Aaron Norell, at Reply

      Excruciating Rimjob
      your $hit filled skull, is dirty. 🙂

  7. Posted by Del R, at Reply

    This whole administration should be tried for treason against the American people…

    • Posted by Eviscerated Rainbow, at Reply


    • Posted by Del R, at Reply

      Because they consistently abuse their power to the detriment of millions… if a lawyer worked this way, they would be disbarred; if a doctor worked this way, they would be sued and possibly jailed; yet both of those professions can’t affect tens to hundreds of millions of people the way a corrupt politician can…

  8. Posted by Donna Avila, at Reply

    It is so sad that our government has become one giant daycare. I hope Mueller is able to actually drain the trump swamp.

  9. Posted by streamline6666, at Reply

    Hey trumptards, are you tired of winning yet?

    • Posted by streamline6666, at Reply

      And what have you asswipes done with that? NOTHING, name anything drumpf has done with his majority in power, signing executive orders don’t count, what real legislation have these assholes passed? NOTHING, that is your real nothingburger.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      streamline6666 All you cucks did was give us a fraud of a healthcare plan.

    • Posted by streamline6666, at Reply

      I didn’t ask what the Democrats did for you, I asked what have the republitards done with the total power they posses right now? BTW I’m an independent, not everyone who hates drumpf , the drumpftards and the republikkkans is a Democrat, you have learned well from your master to never answer a question, all you poor fucks know to say is but Hillary, but Obama, but the Democrats, but you can never really answer or defend anything the republikkkans or that embarrassment in the White House do.

  10. Posted by Rickys philosofy, at Reply

    Trying to eliminate the cfpb via mulvaney, some “populist” you retrumplicans voted for….Trump was the most obvious conman I have ever seen. Dude literally uses the highest public sector office to enrich himself in the private sector….He literally ran a fraudulent college

    • Posted by Fuckk Thiss, at Reply


    • Posted by Levity, at Reply

      He’s lost $1 billion in wealth since winning. He makes great sacrifices.

  11. Posted by aldi404, at Reply

    The joke is on the Trump voters

    • Posted by James Eslick, at Reply

      Here’s a real joke! –> TYT

    • Posted by First lady Princest Ivanka, at Reply

      Yes, because red states recieve the most welfare for starters.

    • Posted by spartanclams, at Reply

      most trump voters work at wal-mart and do not read books very sad

  12. Posted by alt-right Smasher, at Reply

    Is the wall done yet?

    • Posted by Shrenk Ogre, at Reply

      como sigue tu hermana cabron?

    • Posted by First lady Princest Ivanka, at Reply

      Build that fence.
      Ha ha ha.

    • Posted by Eviscerated Rainbow, at Reply

      The prototypes are.

  13. Posted by Michelle Brown, at Reply

    The current administration is nothing but a criminal enterprise and should be prosecuted under RICO.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      * the last administration

    • Posted by Chad Austin, at Reply

      +Listenbuddy1 “That was a very reasonable observation by the OP. You’re pure trash and contribute nothing.”

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Chad Austin How was that reasonable? (rolls eyes)

  14. Posted by RedroomStudios, at Reply

    seriously… how transparent can they be with their corruption?

  15. Posted by Steven perdue, at Reply

    Trump voters must all be filthy rich! Otherwise they would be massively voting against their best interest. And it’s extremely obvious and so they must be rich beyond compare.

    • Posted by Barry Nichols, at Reply

      Steven perdue Nah. 90% are going to be screwed.

    • Posted by Juib Morrowind, at Reply

      They are not rich, they worship the rich.

    • Posted by mistymorning195, at Reply

      You’re forgetting another option: either they’re rich…or they’re not rich but stupid (and yes, voting against their own best interests again and again. Because they don’t know any better.) What’s obvious to us isn’t obvious to, well, stupid folks.

    • Posted by Your Friendly Satanist, at Reply

      They think they can be rich enough for those tax cuts one day. How horribly mistaken they are….

  16. Posted by Osiris Malkovich, at Reply

    America is run by clowns and is now the most expensive and shittiest circus in the history of humanity.

  17. Posted by David Davies, at Reply

    Of course, Trump supporters will be dancing in the street. They’re too idiotic to think that this affects them in any adverse way. American Conservatives – always supporting things that are against their best interests.

  18. Posted by Thomas Oklahoma, at Reply

    Yup, so much for Trump’s “drain the swamp” rallying cry, LMFAO. But the sad thing is that Trump played his base by acting like the “anti-establishment” candidate while he stabs you in the back to enrich himself and his corporatist partners.

  19. Posted by Erik Humleker, at Reply

    Make America Great Again for Payday lenders!