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How YOU Can Transform The Democrats


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Intend to change the Democratic Party? Cenk Uygur as well as John Iadarola, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you just how. Tell us just what you think in the comment area listed below. Join TYT:

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola


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  1. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Vote for candidates, based upon their platforms, and not based upon which group they belong to.

    • Posted by takethegate, at Reply

      The candidates are presented not selected by voters.

    • Posted by Christopher Alonzo, at Reply

      LOL! That would result in another win for Trump. Independent parties are a joke and the Democrats have lost all credibility.

  2. Posted by neo robertson, at Reply

    the party is toast. so are Republicans.

  3. Posted by The Order of Chaos, at Reply

    Stop voting for the two corrupt gatekeepers.

  4. Posted by Christopher Alonzo, at Reply

    LOL! The Democrats are dead and Hillary killed them.

    • Posted by Matthew Smith, at Reply

      Christopher Alonzo

      Killed?? She’s still twisting the knife.

    • Posted by First lady Princest Ivanka, at Reply

      Why are you mentioning Hillary all the time? Are you trying to promote her new book while keeping money
      in politics all the time? It’s already in every library worldwide and fascist Trumpanzees like you are borrowing it.

  5. Posted by mrx00666, at Reply

    Please have signs saying that the 15% tv ad money gaining Consultants are trash.

  6. Posted by Jason Bequette, at Reply

    I just want you guys to keep pushing the Dems to the left. Whatever it takes. Lol

  7. Posted by takethegate, at Reply

    The DNC enables poverty like the GOP throws gasoline on it.

  8. Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

    It’s always Democrats who want a race war. First they fund the Klan then BLM, anything to ignite it.

    • Posted by luke pearson, at Reply

      tkh525 Neither of them are. However, the dems are funding the left-wing extremists

    • Posted by luke pearson, at Reply

      barson gomez No. We’re saying that the alt-left fascists are TYT fans

    • Posted by tkh525, at Reply

      Gustav The Mad I like how you didn’t answer my question.

    • Posted by sulfier bloodline, at Reply

      Gustav The Mad don’t forgot The Trash in Hollywood as well:/

  9. Posted by Premium Tea, at Reply

    SEE! TYT wants to “save” the DNC by aiding the DNC.
    They don’t want a third party like they used to say they wanted.
    At least Dore is consistent on wanting a 3rd party.

    • Posted by MRab 08, at Reply

      Its not establishment to want to change the Democrats from within. They founded Justice Democrats for that purpose. They know, apart from Jimmy Dore that 3rd parties just aren’t realistic due to the systemic biases against third parties from the electoral system, the poll % requirements for the debates; the electoral college; and winner take all system

    • Posted by CROM, at Reply

      Why do you think Hillary super pac donors gave TYT 20 million. You’ll see more of this. Bet

    • Posted by MyCvid, at Reply

      3rd part is unrealistic. Need to fix Dems!

  10. Posted by David Todd, at Reply

    Your own party sells out its own candidate! Democrats are so desperate because your ship is sinking.

    • Posted by David Todd, at Reply

      pyledog I believe you already proven yourself to be obtuse with the name calling without any definitive statement. With that being said, if you are for neither party, then you really don’t have a voice to discuss on political agendas. Now, if you voted as an independent, then are in align with the Democratic Party. So, maybe you should register to vote in the next election or just to tell you again your own party sells out its own candidates!

    • Posted by pyledog, at Reply

      David Todd once again here you go assuming. But thats what morons do. you failed to make any kind of sensible point, yet again. Allow me to educate you, drop the whole party b.s. youre a slave. You will continue to be a slave until you mature enough to understand that youre only a meal ticket for the establishment.

    • Posted by David Todd, at Reply

      pyledog pyledog Actually, I did make a point across to you. During this conversation that we are discussing about political parties , I find it interesting that you are refusing to object yourself on what political party you stand for. Frankly, I don’t even think you have ever voted before, so you can’t even make a definitive argument on your behalf. From your previous comments, I believe you have never registered to vote in your life, so you really can’t say anything about the political parties.

    • Posted by pyledog, at Reply

      David Todd you keep repeating the same thing david please try and stay on track. I will indulge none the less, yes i have voted. Back when i was as confused as you i had voted. i majored in political science, went on to work with strings of both the GOP and Democratic party. Notice how i mentioned i worked with both of them, which was not something youre taught in class of course. In that time i worked for them, which was 4 years in total, i saw what most never will see(or even accept for that matter should they see it). Right wingers yucking it up with left wingers, rights cutting under the table deals with lefts and vice versa, rights and lefts making plans together on what to to cut and add to benefit them both. Not benefit them both equally of course, as the larger benefit falls on the party who holds office at the time. Once the fight for office is settled, they chum up again. After all, what kind of sense does it make to have enemies when you can have allies and all make money together? Republicans know that they will not hold office for a long string of time these days, just as democrats know the same. They figured if they look out for each other and keep the people in the dark, they can make money together without a hitch (even if you dont hold office currently). Its a win win for both sides. Its a very seedy business on all levels. Coming home after a day of knowing youre screwing people out of money for a living, just to fill others pockets, is torture (for someone with morals of course). They started to realize i was not one of them and eventually kept me out of the loop all together both at a local and state level. These parties are one in the same. The sad part of it all is that when someone thats been where i have decides to shed light on it, we get labeled “conspiracy theorists”. Which goes to show how well their system works. So there you have it. I now reside in sweden which is an amazing place to live, but i do have a house i rent in bradenton, fl a few months out of the year so i can see loved ones etc. I refuse to be a part of this mind numbingly disgusting system.

  11. Posted by T Jean, at Reply

    I’m in Seattle and I was a delegate. We were asked to ratify rules that we didn’t agree with due to one part we insisted upon clarification. Delegates to the next level could change from Sanders to Clinton or the other way just because is what the rules stated. After 10+ hours, we were finally told that if we didn’t ratify the rules our delegate would not be seated. Because do many people left, we didn’t have a quorum but delegates were chosen from people who had already left. Some up to 5 hours earlier. I wish I could go but I cannot.

  12. Posted by Casey Deeya, at Reply

    I live in Vegas. See you there!

  13. Posted by Rivaldo Dael, at Reply

    It is not Cenk and his cronies that determine what the rules will be. The DNC will ensure that only their candidates win. And the poor and powerless can vote for a 3rd party which will ensure Republicans win or vote for the DNC candidate to prevent that from happening. Congratulations !!!

  14. Posted by Rivaldo Dael, at Reply

    The Demorats have a brilliant strategy to make sure nothing really changes. As 3rd parties stand no chance you have to vote Democratic or Republican ensuring the status quo remains. The DNC will not let TYT get in their way, regardless what Djenk says. On the show he pretends to have power while in fact he only has a big mouth.

  15. Posted by sulfier bloodline, at Reply

    Democratic brainwashed supporters are evolutionary abortions :/

  16. Posted by BushidoBrownSama, at Reply

    Democratic Primary races will remain a joke As long as “Super Delegates” and “Closed Primaries” remain tools of the party Apparatchiks to maintain influence over(RIG) the proceedings

  17. Posted by The Khazar Hunter, at Reply

    Here’s a tip: stop accepting donations from Zionist jew warmongers. Zionists Jews account for > 50% of the donations to the Democrats.

  18. Posted by Ku Klux Turtle, at Reply

    Definitely don’t nominate Bernie Sanders, he’ll just take all your donations and give them to Hillary Clinton again

  19. Posted by Ku Klux Turtle, at Reply

    Lol 19 thousand views, another dozen videos and maybe you’ll crack 200 k for the day.

  20. Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

    *Hillary lost lol*