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Howard Dean Hates The ‘Whiny’ Left


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Howard Dean utilized to be modern. Currently he's a corporate lobbyist paid to assault progressives. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us what you think in the comment area below.

" Former Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Howard Dean tore exactly what he called the "whiny" portion of the Democratic Party on Saturday in response to objection of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) by a variety of progressives.

" There has always been an area of the left, which I call the whiny event– the celebration that doesn't actually wan na win, they simply wan na be pure, as well as if they drop swinging purely, then that's great," Dean, that competed president in 2004, informed MSNBC's Joy Reid on "AM Delight."

" Well, the problem keeping that is it leaves the people that truly require their help," he continued. "If we're going to have a single-payer or Medicare for all or whatever, we're going to have healthcare that covers every American, as every other industrialized country has, after that most of us have to gather."" *.

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  1. Posted by Spunky1991, at Reply

    He’s right though. The far left whiny Bernie supporters are part of the problem.

    • Posted by Hugh Miller, at Reply

      except Hillary was not more stable, she was more cunning. She wanted to bomb the Syrian air strip with Russian on it. That would have put that in WWIII. She also was pushing for TPP, which would given up our soverinety to the corporation. Trump is a problem, but so was Hillary.
      Also Hillary lost due to her actions, no other reason. She lacked a message to the point those in her campaign didn’t know why she was running, and did not campaign in states that she needed.

    • Posted by questworldmatrix, at Reply

      Spunky1991 So basically it’s everyone’s fault. Whiny Sanders supporters, whiny Clinton supporters, whiny Trump supporters, whiny Stein supporters, etc.

    • Posted by Bill, at Reply

      Careful Spunky… speaking a little truth will get you hundreds of angry socialists replying

    • Posted by Bogie, at Reply

      Bernie did nothing in 74 years.

    • Posted by m P, at Reply

      sad when the people replying are getting more likes then you poster. SAD

  2. Posted by Coyote Bongwater, at Reply

    Money corrupts absolutely. The only true evil on Earth.

    • Posted by JOOGAL1111, at Reply

      Unless you’re tyt, they’re incorruptible

    • Posted by Artem S, at Reply

      unless you watch alex jones, then your brain is absolutely corrupted by mental illness.

    • Posted by rob collette, at Reply

      Money does not corrupt. It is the Love of money that corrupts. Greed is the corrupter.

    • Posted by Jon Smith, at Reply

      Coyote Bongwater You communist Twinkle Toed bastard LOL money does not corrupt. Man (I mean that of the human element of men and women not just men for all you snowflakes) can be corrupted and greed is a factor in corruption. It’s not the money itself.

  3. Posted by anthony cheesman, at Reply

    Bernie couldn’t even beat Hillary that’s a fact lol

    • Posted by Hugh Miller, at Reply

      First who win or loses the primary has no baerrin on the General. Bernie through the Primary and even in the General was polling much better then Trump. Second the DNC did all they could to still the primary. Bill Clinton going to a voting poll on election night in Mass. forcing it to be shut down for a time. Individual purged from the Democratic party. Polling places being shut down.

    • Posted by questworldmatrix, at Reply

      And Hillary couldn’t even beat Trump lol.

    • Posted by Bogie, at Reply

      LOL. RIP Bernie.

    • Posted by Fool in the rain, at Reply

      The berniebrats fell for the Russian propaganda they’re so gullible

  4. Posted by Napalm Warrior, at Reply

    He’s pledging practicality. That’s not a bad thing. If the Democrats had some, they’d win more often.
    Will Rogers once said “I’m not a part of any organized political party; I’m a Democrat”. It’s still very true.

  5. Posted by Mikhail Salzberg, at Reply

    Dean is right, It’s not the normal American Left.

    It’s the far-Left Marxist Bernie-fanatics masquerading as “Progressives”, because calling themselves dumbasses would be counter-productive.

    • Posted by Matthew Price, at Reply

      the dumbass approach you’re in favor of gave us Trump. Thanks for that

    • Posted by The Guy, at Reply

      ManiacOnMars Your right we won’t convert Dems to FDR economics that’s why we’re trying to build our own brand we call it “Justice Democrats” and we’re trying to remove identity politics since it’s liberal poison.

    • Posted by The Guy, at Reply

      Mikhail Salzberg “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” You know who said that?

  6. Posted by drake man, at Reply

    But the tranny loving far left is A ok?

    • Posted by philajfran, at Reply

      And everyone hating far right is A OK?

    • Posted by Custodio Lugo, at Reply

      drake man why are you so afraid of Trannys? Under the Constitution We are all entitled to, the Pursuit of happiness. It doesn’t say, except for Trannys. That’s the thing with people like you, you enjoy giving lip service to the Constitution. You feel there’s something wrong with someone who believes they were born the wrong sex. How is that any different than someone who believes the human race began with Adam and Eve.
      If that be the case the entire human race would consist of mongoloids because it would be brother sleeping with sister or mother. Yet, no one says, don’t believe like that. We are all entitled to the pursuit of happiness as long as no one is physically hurt. Stop casting aspersions on others different than you.

    • Posted by Patternicity, at Reply

      “It doesn’t say, except for Trannys.” ROFL

      (and if it did, we would change it)

    • Posted by Martial Villager, at Reply

      Nothing wrong with trans people, stupid. Ur pathetic.

      Somebody should stomp ur little macho nuts.

  7. Posted by 42 Belvedere, at Reply

    Howard Dean is the poster boy for political sell-outs. The neoliberal complex must have offered him a shitload of cash because he used to be a die-hard progressive. He was the guy who famously said “You have to give people something to vote FOR.” Now he’s railing against progressives (voters who insist on voting for ethical candidates) in an echo chamber with Joy Reid! These limousine liberals are going to be the death of us all.

    • Posted by stephencolbert5, at Reply

      Howard Dean is a lobbyist for Big Pharma and the health insurance corporations. No one in all of history has ever been as huge a sellout as him.

    • Posted by Arya Stark, at Reply


    • Posted by shan, at Reply

      42 Belvedere bless this comment

  8. Posted by Nathan Baker, at Reply

    Howard Dean is a total hypocrite. He did everything he could to tear Bernie down during the primary. Now he’s saying everyone should be on the same page on all issues?

    • Posted by Arya Stark, at Reply

      Only if it suits him and his tyrannical establishment. All hail the corporate overlords and their double standards!

  9. Posted by Lefebvre Julien, at Reply

    He’s being extremely condescending toward progressives but he’s right that some people out there, left or right leaning, act like little know-it-all purists. I like Jimmy but he fits that stereotype. I wonder what he would do if he had power. But I guess we’ll never know: guys like him are paid to be eternally outraged. At least Cenko puts his money where his mouth is with things like the Justice Democrats and all. He’s a pragmatic and a man of action, not a whiny purist.

    • Posted by Martial Villager, at Reply

      “paid to be eternally outraged” lmao that sounds more like Joy Reid and Maddow, NOT Jimmy. He would be more accepted and probably paid much more if he would go along with the majority of TYT fake progressives. The problem is you don’t believe major changes can happen in this country so you think we should stick with these half-baked sellouts forever.

      Anyways, your entire point is not factual, because Jimmy interviewed and promoted several Justice Democrats on his show… He expressed healthy skepticism about changing the Democratic Party but he supports them.

    • Posted by sfar1, at Reply

      Lefebvre Julien i feel the exact same way! EXACTLY! I like Jimmy too and am a Patreon…he throws fire…but sometimes his political science is too emotional rather than effective in achieving the goal.

  10. Posted by Fur Lass, at Reply

    Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in America right now. He is more popular than any establishment Democrat, including Harris and Clinton.
    Don’t whine about that.

    • Posted by pisse3000, at Reply

      Fur Lass They don’t care about winning. They care about the money. Bernie would overturn their apple cart, and they can’t have that.

  11. Posted by Colin Sherritt, at Reply

    Howard Dean is a complete sellout embarrassment. He needs to go away with Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the miserable, establishment fuckwads.

  12. Posted by Captain Obvious, at Reply

    Howard Dean and Neera Tanden are 2 neoliberal MIC scum who have to resist because they want the opposite of what we want and they only attempt to do so by abject LIES and perpetual PROPAGANDA pumped continualy into the minds of anyone stupid enough to listen the vultures intent on eating your own corpse.

  13. Posted by Maria Schicklgruber, at Reply

    Bernies not even a democrat

    • Posted by stephencolbert5, at Reply

      He is an FDR democrat. He is NOT a Clinton-Obama democrat… This is a fantastic thing about Bernie.

    • Posted by sharper68, at Reply

      All the better because democrats have been losing over and over ..

    • Posted by Arya Stark, at Reply

      His policies are the only things that matter, Maria. Unless you are saying that committing genocide (like HRC) is fine and dandy, if we have a D in front of our names?

    • Posted by Rene Lopez, at Reply

      Is that supposed to be a bad thing? I like that he is an Independent.

  14. Posted by Nunya Biznes, at Reply

    Howard is mostly right. Fight it out in the primaries then party line the generals. Do this for 6 years and I guarantee things will get better. Stop giving the idiot “never Hillary” people a pass. The only thing they control is their own vote and they need to take responsibility for helping Trump get elected.

    • Posted by stephencolbert5, at Reply

      I’ll gladly get Trump re-elected too. And give the republicans a senate super-majority in 2018. Maybe then you’ll submit to progressives’ demands.

    • Posted by Specific Nerpo, at Reply

      +stephencolbert5 proved his point

    • Posted by Nunya Biznes, at Reply

      +stephencolbert5 So instead of getting some of what you want you would rather get nothing and lose gains already made. Do you know how stupid you sound? Ever heard of cutting off your nose to spite your face. Also if “you people” would actually vote in a primary and/or local election things would get more “progressive”. Think about it you couldn’t get Bernie so instead of voting for someone who voted just like him over 90% of the time, you helped Trump win. Is that butthurtness (yes I created a word) or stupidity?

  15. Posted by weejockpoopongmcplop, at Reply

    Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. For all their faults I can see why the DNC aren’t keen on running candidates who won’t even join the party.

    • Posted by stephencolbert5, at Reply

      He was willing to be a lifelong democrat until they committed election fraud en masse.

  16. Posted by Quinn Manning, at Reply

    LOL! Cenk called himself intellectually honest! Thats rich.

  17. Posted by Jason Tessmer, at Reply


  18. Posted by Jazwinskull, at Reply