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How’s My Presidenting? Call 1-800-NOT-GOOD.


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Trump has a brand-new internet site to check popular opinion. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Tell us what you assume in the remark section below.

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  1. Posted by Abrahem Lincologne, at Reply

    I can’t believe I actually beat the trolls first. Wtf.

    • Posted by marc metcalf, at Reply

      Cool, peace

    • Posted by Steeve Octau, at Reply


    • Posted by J Rodriguez, at Reply

      Abrahem Lincologne you didn’t bro give it a bit to update. you’re 3rd.

  2. Posted by Donald J. Trump, at Reply

    How’s my misogyny? Call 1-800-GRAB-HER

    • Posted by J Rodriguez, at Reply

      Donald J. Trump how’s something offensive you said or did 10 years no body is infallible neither was Hillary or Bill Clinton so please stfu and move on to the nothing burger the media has for you:).

  3. Posted by Dream Walker, at Reply

    Five minute video posted four minutes ago and already has four dislikes.

    Do these trolls subscribe to TYT for the sole purpose of hitting downvote? Because that’s really sad.

    • Posted by sean fast, at Reply

      Dream Walker they literally have nothing better to do ,

    • Posted by Kurtis C., at Reply

      +sean fast – I’m starting to wonder if some of them are on Russia’s payroll.

    • Posted by ThatThomasGuy13, at Reply

      Dream Walker I really think they even have post alerts for them. They drop the Hot Pockets their mom brought them just to post bullshit.

    • Posted by Private Potato, at Reply

      Too many valid points get categorized as “trolling” simply for saying something you don’t agree with.

  4. Posted by Dead-Owl 911, at Reply

    Can I tell him he’s a cuck?

    • Posted by jacktheripped, at Reply

      Yes. I said when asked what should we be working on, their phrase is “Prioritize”? I said Impeachment.

  5. Posted by njintau, at Reply

    How much do you want to bet that he’s only going to poll Trump supporters and then wack off to their glowing praise.

    • Posted by Lefebvre Julien, at Reply

      He would never do that. He’s way too honest, lol.

  6. Posted by Cole Crockett, at Reply

    English should never be the official language of America. America should never have an official language. America is a Melting Pot of different cultures language and people. We must accept all languages no matter how frustrating because this is a free Nation and we cannot be discriminatory towards anything that is different from the norm.

    • Posted by Greg Torrez, at Reply

      yeah, THAT works real well. Let’s just have everybody speak a 100 different languages in the name of diversity , and watch the country go down the tubes.

    • Posted by anko Mitarashi, at Reply

      Cole Crockett I don’t agree with the later part. America was an English colony and that’s where we get our English speaking heritage from. every one should have English as a basic language, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn more languages. You’re advocating for something totally impractical.

    • Posted by anko Mitarashi, at Reply

      Cole Crockett I now understand that you are being sarcastic.

  7. Posted by Matth3w2012, at Reply

    If the people do decide that English should be the US’s national language, will Trump learn how to speak (and think) in complete English sentences?

    • Posted by Nancy Mesek, at Reply

      Matth3w2012 No, he just throws out a bag of scrabble pieces and sees how they land.

  8. Posted by mr.valid King of noobs, at Reply

    please someone stop this man from changing and hurting our democracy you guys dont find this scary?

    • Posted by 26.08.17-DayOfDefeat#fuckfloyd, at Reply

      u have no clue what democracy is if u think US is democratic country

    • Posted by Tommy Jarvis, at Reply

      Not really, it’s a Democratic/Republican country

  9. Posted by Gasper Davila, at Reply

    He’s (Trump) is going to use this to get rid of news stations, and people. He’s trying to destroy America from the inside out.

    • Posted by Quadir Mayo, at Reply

      Gasper Davila Fascism at its finest.

    • Posted by X-man, at Reply

      Gasper Davila. That was just stupid

    • Posted by Quadir Mayo, at Reply

      Gasper Davila Benito Mussoulini established a “legal dictatorship”, Trump could end up doing that and get rid of our democracy.

    • Posted by Johnny Baptist, at Reply

      That’s his intent.

  10. Posted by SNEAKxxATTACK, at Reply

    I don’t hate Trump. I just don’t want him to have any power in what goes on in my past present and future.

    • Posted by Ororo Munroe, at Reply

      SNEAKxxATTACK dumb

  11. Posted by DeLores C Thomas, at Reply

    Beginning with pre school a 2nd language (of your choice) should be a mandate. By the time of high school graduation each child should be fluent in a 2nd language.

    • Posted by steelersguy74, at Reply

      Isn’t that how a lot of Europeans learn English?

    • Posted by Mr. Invisable, at Reply

      DeLores C Thomas they’re too busy brainwashing your kids to teach them anything useful outside of being a lemming.

    • Posted by jennifer göbel, at Reply

      steelersguy74 Yes. At least in Germany (where I live). In most schools you start learning English in third grade, and then depending on which type of school you go to after fourth grade you learn a third language starting in 6th grade. Also, in some schools you can choose a so-called “profile” in 8th grade where you can either learn more about a certain field like social studies or start a fourth language. That way after tenth grade you are at the same level with your fourth language and your third language, so you can choose which language you want to continue learning the following two years.

  12. Posted by AWARHERO, at Reply

    Wow… Fascism 101… America is becoming Nazi Germany…

    • Posted by jacktheripped, at Reply


    • Posted by Shimohi Kagami, at Reply

      More like Nazi Amerikkka…

      And, yes, the spelling’s done on purpose.

    • Posted by Joseph Inhiding, at Reply

      Only if you vote democrat. Probably not even that. The corporate donors won’t allow it. You probably have no idea what fascism is.

  13. Posted by mrt57rn, at Reply

    Man did I blast him on the written boxes.

    • Posted by Danielle De Velasco, at Reply

      mrt57rn OMG! ME TOO! LOL

  14. Posted by Hexx Bombastus, at Reply

    So I took the poll, and here’s the answers I put for the prioritization question:
    (Optional) Which issue do you want to see prioritized more?
    I have several:
    1:Get money OUT of politics. No half measures accepted. It should be illegal for any government official to take any money, service, gift, or donation, other than that which is given in their government paycheck.
    2: Medicare for all.
    3: A living wage, tied to inflation.
    4: A Free education program similar to the GI bill but available to everyone.
    5: Proportional taxation. Rich people use more state resources than the average person, so they should be taxed more to reflect that.
    6: A minimum 25% cut in military spending, and a 50% increase in EPA and Education spending.
    7: An Infrastructure rebuilding program that hires local contractors from the areas being worked, or barring sufficient workforce, hires directly from the citizenry as government employees to do the work.
    8: Monthly Government sponsored polling of every congressional district in the country by an unaffiliated, neutral polling organization(s) with the results being handed directly to every single Congressman or Congresswoman by district. Doing so will allow congress to know exactly what their constituents want, and give them their marching orders.
    9: An End to Private Prisons.
    10: An End to Private Education.
    I can go all day with this, but these are the top 10.

    For all other answers, I answered as truthfully as I could, and in the case of trick questions, or ones with more nuanced answers, I put No Opinions.

    • Posted by MyTeamsBettah, at Reply

      Just like most people, you completely left out people with disabilities. Most of my patients can’t work, and things are looking pretty grim for them. Most have an income of less than $800/mo.

    • Posted by Danielle De Velasco, at Reply

      Hexx Bombastus i know! none of it addresses my major concerns.

    • Posted by Jen P. Mitts, at Reply

      Hexx Bombastus Fantastic!

    • Posted by Hexx Bombastus, at Reply

      I didn’t leave out anything, I just picked the 10 that are most important to me. That list may be different for you. How would they not be covered by the living wage? And why do you assume that there wouldn’t still be a welfare system to help disabled people?

  15. Posted by Shimohi Kagami, at Reply

    **sigh** …Knowing the Republican party, they’ll probably throw out any data that doesn’t fit their preconceived notions.

    • Posted by Joe Crook, at Reply

      Yep. 100% True

  16. Posted by Harsha Mahtani, at Reply

    the problem with recognizing English as the USA’s official language is that trump doesn’t know how to speak it HIMSELF beyond a 3rd grade level. How about HE learn to speak the language before he goes about preaching that we do the same?

    • Posted by Benji, at Reply

      Your name isn’t even English

    • Posted by munky342, at Reply


      A name doesn’t have a language. An English person can be called whatever their parents like. Same as any other nationality.

  17. Posted by Edgar Tapia, at Reply

    If any American is mad that people speak Spanish in the USA, here is a fact.

    Spanish was spoken in what is today the United States before English.

    Spanish colonizers first set foot in the area that would become the United States in the 16th century, founding a permanent colony in St. Augustine, Florida, in 1565 — well before the English set up Jamestown. All European languages, on the other hand, are more foreign to North America than Karuk, Cherokee, Natchez or the scores of other languages of the indigenous peoples of the continent.

    Spanish language has more right in the USA than English, but neither of them should be the language of the USA…. Since they aren’t the original languages of the USA!

    • Posted by Easily Annoyed, at Reply

      Edgar Tapia just because something was acceptable in the past does not mean it still is today.

    • Posted by Easily Annoyed, at Reply

      Edgar Tapia just because something was acceptable in the past does not mean it still is today.

    • Posted by Garen Truscott, at Reply

      Native Americans didn’t speak English until comparatively recently. 😉

  18. Posted by Solonneysa, at Reply

    Here’s my list & response. What’s yours? They will never read it, but we can all write it and evaluate our priorities!

    Americans do not feel representative by their elected officials, nor do Americans feel they have a real choice in candidates. We are quickly falling behind modern nations, rather than leading in industry, technology, freedom, and fairness. We do not want more censorship. We do not want more government in our private lives. We do not want the government, nor our employers, telling us how to behave sexually, nor how to plan our families, nor do we want to fear expression of our opinions will lead to jail, or financial ruin by the government. We do not want police harassing ourselves or our neighbors over our personal choices within our houses. Most of all, Americans do not believe you are truly listening. Talk to your FCC chairman. Many Americans have spoken up about their views on Net Neutrality, yet their voices continually fall on deaf ears. I believe this poll is intended to spread fear to the people and perpetuate division between all people over arbitrary, farcical, and subjective, objectives, such as faith, skin-color, or origin-of-birth. We want better, objective, education, fair pay, a stable living, a future for our children, a competitive edge in science and technology, and the true American dream; the freedom of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    Implementation of Single transferable vote; national, state, and local.
    Term limits for national political positions; 8 years max.
    Implementation of environmental protection & global climate chaos reduction measures.
    Implementation of Single Payer Healthcare.
    Legalize and regulate all drugs.
    Implementation of Socialized Post-secondary education.
    Improved equality among Grade-school Education; equally & fairly funded education.
    Improve Income equality among various socioeconomic classes – business profit regulations.
    Improved infrastructure.
    Implementation of a living wage.
    End to military-industrial complex; stop foreign wars.
    End tax havens & tax dodging by millionaires and billionaires.
    End property tax – income tax only.
    Protect domestic workers & end abuses of H-1B program; punish companies which violate workers’ laws, with fees.
    End NSA Spying.
    End TSA overreach & violation of search & seizure by public and private sectors.
    End duopolies and monopolies of phone and internet services.
    Improve judicial access and fairness among socioeconomic classes.
    Improved socialized veterans healthcare and welfare.
    Improved separation of church and state; religion out of public sphere & tax religious institutions.
    Socialized programs offering permanent shelter & options for the homeless.
    Path-to-citizenship programs for immigrants.
    Reduction of gun violence through gun-law reform; background checks & licensing for all guns & gun buyback program.
    End to private prisons.
    End to minimum sentencing.
    Improved law-enforcement:community relationship; improved training programs, mental health care access, external investigations, proper use of judicial system for gun-related incidences.
    Stop the construction of oil pipelines & abuses of Native Americans.
    Socialized migrant worker programs to improve job relocation & training due to loss of industry by technological improvements.
    Preserve Net Neutrality.
    Nationalized guaranteed parental leave.
    Nationalized guaranteed vacation.
    Reduction of work-week hours to 30 hours per week to improve overall employment.

    • Posted by Jitka Soliman, at Reply

      Easily Annoyed What is America actually? No democracy, that’s for sure. A dictatorship in an early phase. Thanks to greedy politicians and huge parts of rassistic and dumb population. I understand now how the Nazis came into power.

    • Posted by Solonneysa, at Reply

      +Easily Annoyed
      Socialized systems means that those within a government system, the citizens, pay for something, as a whole. Through taxes, we pay for police, and the fire department. Those are socialized protection programs, rather than privatized programs. We socialized them to try to prevent mercenary protection or selective approaches to fire-management.

      By the way, the way our system works, is that we all vote on things we would like, or become activists for things we would like, and then we all try to choose what is best for ourselves as a society. That means that if I would like to see some sectors or programs socialized, and others privatized, I may advocate for them within the system. If it turns out that others don’t agree, and it doesn’t pass, then I don’t get my way. Just the same as someone who might want a theocratic government, such as a Sharia based government, may advocate for it, but may not get it. Furthermore, you do realize the exceptional difficulty in moving within our own country, let alone moving to another, right? You do know that simply enjoying another government doesn’t mean I can just move to it? Other countries aren’t hugely fans of immigrants, either. It’s much more reasonable, and rational, for me to stay here, where I already live and enjoy my country, and just ask that we improve upon the social systems we already have.

      I do not think that abolishing social programs will go the way you like. You’re essentially asking for the end of government. The whole point of the government is that we agree as a society upon certain rules which are carried out by particular branches and sectors so that we may live more safely. Want clean water? Maybe we can all agree not to pollute it, and chip in a few pennies to maintain it. That’s government. That’s of, by, and for, the people.

    • Posted by Easily Annoyed, at Reply

      Solonneysa welcome to out democratically elected republic. Socialism is a direct threat to our civil rights and constitutional rights as they disregard individual rights mainly property rights by charging (taxing, yes money is personal property) more from some n less from others to pay for something not everyone uses.

      Also calling government jobs a socialized program is a stretch of the definition lol.

    • Posted by Stephen Kistenmacher, at Reply

      Mr Annoyed, socialism has nothing to do with individual rights, it doesnt affect them. It is an economic system. There has always been socialism as well as capitalism in the USA. The question is what is the right amount of socialism (USPS, Public Fire Departments, SS, Medicare, Veteran Affairs, Public Roads, etc)

  19. Posted by Deborah Whitaker Achilles, at Reply

    I tried to fill out the survey and got a 404 error. Sad!

    • Posted by Martell Blakely, at Reply

      Lucas Funwall in this day and age where the potus was backed by can you be so sure that benji is a troll?

    • Posted by H. Ellis, at Reply

      Benji LMAO😂

    • Posted by Lucas Funwall, at Reply

      Martell Blakely I guess I’m just hoping he’s a troll or else I’ve lost more faith in my fellow Americans.

    • Posted by Benji, at Reply

      Marvell Blakely says the black panther