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HuffPost Uncovers Shady Investigation Into Darren Rainey’s Death


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The Huffington Post has actually done some incredible work and uncovered several significant issues with the prosecutions investigation into the death of a Florida prison prisoner, Darren Rainey. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us exactly what you believe in the remark area listed below.

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" The June 2012 death of Darren Rainey, an inmate at the Dade Correctional Organization in South Florida, brought in national focus after other inmates declared he was melted like "a boiled lobster" after regarding 2 hours in a shower that guards had actually changed to punish detainees.

A Florida prosecutor provided a 101-page report previously this month that got rid of guards of any type of wrongdoing in Rainey's death. The prosecutor, Miami-Dade State Lawyer Katherine Fernandez Rundle, called Rainey's fatality a crash arising from his schizophrenia and cardiovascular disease and from arrest in the shower room.

Yet a trove of official documents evaluated by The Huffington Post suggests that some information from cops, the jail as well as emergency situation services was not included in the prosecutor's last record, which questions regarding the circumstances surrounding Rainey's fatality. An evaluation of the papers was permitted by a person with close accessibility to the examination that asked not to be recognized sharing non-public info. "*.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by Omar Albarghouty, at Reply

    Shouldn’t mentally ill people be sent to mental health institutes rather than to prison!?

    • Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

      obviously but for some reason we dont. especially if you’re a private prison you really dont want thesepeople getting help

    • Posted by Walter Anderson, at Reply

      That would mean that we would have to invest in more asylums. And it’s much more lucrative to invest in prisons.

      What would you do? Something sensible or something that makes you money

    • Posted by plasticfrank, at Reply

      The cops are fragile pussies. No one gets the benefit of doubt. They start talking about a suspects mental state after they’re in the ground.

    • Posted by the op kingdom, at Reply

      Omar Albarghouty… You’re not from the US are you? Many mental health facilities were shut down in the 80s under Regan and now a lot of people with mental health issues are homeless. They often commit crimes and end up in prison- again becasue there are no appropriate facilities for them.

  2. Posted by utterlyviolet, at Reply

    It’s official. American jails are NO place for the mentally ill, the one group who is going to suffer the absolute most under the Trump administration. Due to ignorance, fear, and a bunch of other junk that is no fault of Trump.

    • Posted by Psychic Shell, at Reply

      no wait, the mentally ill will be able to defend themselves since they’re allowed to have guns!

    • Posted by utterlyviolet, at Reply

      Not from cops with guns. . . . .

    • Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

      here in Canada a guy cut someone’s head off in a bus a couple years ago and they already released him with no probation or monitoring or anything. Because he was temporarily insane when he cut the guy’s head off they just let him go lol

    • Posted by utterlyviolet, at Reply

      I heard about that. I’ll admit I don’t know the full story, but that Canadian guy deceives to be in an institution for a very long time. Not have his skin burned off in a prison shower, even for killing another person.

    • Posted by plasticfrank, at Reply

      America is no place for people.

  3. Posted by Angelus Fallox, at Reply

    this is by deffinition torture and murder

    • Posted by utterlyviolet, at Reply

      cruel and unusual punishment.

    • Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

      well the autopsy found he died of a heart attack. Also he was only in the shower because he had smeared feces all over himself. Maybe the medical examiner and state prosecutor both lied and covered up a murder for a few prison guards, but I don’t see how that makes sense.

    • Posted by LCarlTBM x, at Reply

      Even Nazis were more humane them this.

    • Posted by plasticfrank, at Reply

      The country is run by sociopaths. Every institution of power is overrun by unfeeling, unempathetic monsters. Corporations, media, schools, police, churches, media, government, all run by hateful monsters who only care about themselves, crave control and relish inflicting pain and fear.

  4. Posted by Make Humanity Great Again, at Reply

    Welcome to Amerikkka where there is no racism and the only criminals are Black people. Where White criminality isn’t criminality because it is institutionalized. Have a nice stay.

    • Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

      the guards who put him in the shower were black. Why would they cover for black murderers then?

    • Posted by Jim Bob, at Reply

      How do you know the Guard were Black? when their identities have never been revealed, or are you just trolling? +J Briggs .

    • Posted by Make Humanity Great Again, at Reply

      He’s merely experiencing White denial.

  5. Posted by Green Smartie, at Reply

    Why the hell did they go to such lengths to cover for these guards? Wouldn’t it have been easier to just prosecute them, aka the correct course of action? This coverup isn’t just despicable, it’s also damaging to the reputations of everyone involved, not to mention doing this put everyone involved at risk of being thrown in jail alongside these guards. Why did they even bother?

    • Posted by J V ELL, at Reply

      regardless of ideology, it’s a typically craven institutional response to daylight. Investigating the incident leads to further examination of systemic practices, possibly eventuating in career trouble or (less often) prosecution of admin or elected officials.
      So… the people at the top of the chain (i.e. Fla state attorney)use leverage to close the case.

    • Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

      Because they actually think he died of heart disease and found no evidence of scolding water. You are right a medical examiner and a well known state prosecutor probably wouldn’t risk their careers for a few murdering prison guards.

    • Posted by fangal12, at Reply

      J Briggs heart disease that didn’t kick in until he was placed in a scolding hot shower for hours? You deserve a gold medal for that incredible leap in logic

  6. Posted by whatsgoingon07, at Reply

    katherine fernandez Rundle
    Miami-dade state attorneys office
    Address: 1350 N.W. 12 Avenue Miami, FL 33136-2111Phone Number: 305-547-0100

    • Posted by Arcee, at Reply

      Capitalist Bender whom

    • Posted by Zeal Ren, at Reply

      what? this is all public information. This is her public number and address you can find online

    • Posted by whatsgoingon07, at Reply

      +Psychic Shell bingo

    • Posted by Milcah13, at Reply

      I actually called, they said the case is still be investigated and the correction officer isn’t basically off yet.

    • Posted by Milcah13, at Reply

      Thank you for sharing this information!

  7. Posted by Julio Rodriguez, at Reply

    Please help, this “state attorney” has covered up for so many corrupt politicians and police officers down here. This county is filled with corruption on all levels.

  8. Posted by Karen Younis, at Reply

    Well there you have it! AMERIKKKA is being made GREAT AGAIN…

    • Posted by Laverne Blaszczyk, at Reply

      great at torture 😢

    • Posted by takethegate, at Reply

      This is murder not torture and murder.

  9. Posted by Brad Hombres, at Reply

    Put the guards in the shower until they have the same fate

    • Posted by rylee gordon, at Reply

      Brad Hombres savage move for savages. I concur

    • Posted by edward hickey, at Reply

      sounds fair to me but I’d rather put them in the shower together with a timer, ok boys 2 hours and you can go free, enjoy 🙂

  10. Posted by 7000ironman, at Reply

    the prosecutor should be hung!

    • Posted by 7000ironman, at Reply

      @BIG LOU man, i just hope something happens!

  11. Posted by makkam454, at Reply

    I know this question is getting old… but why does it seem that this bullshit always happens in Florida

    • Posted by weston M, at Reply

      I have a playlist

    • Posted by Dictator In Perpetuity, at Reply

      assholes live in Florida

    • Posted by err0r0b0, at Reply


  12. Posted by Victor Creed, at Reply

    keep in mind the prosecutor is a so called Latino. Blacks have no friends

    • Posted by Kyile Vanderpump, at Reply

      Jared Fogle You mean Latinos, Asians, African Americans, Liberals, Women, Young people, Gays and Muslims are waking up to YOU RIGHTWING WHITE MALES AND YOUR BULLSHIT?

    • Posted by Victor Creed, at Reply

      +Jared Fogle says the guy who uses a pedophile as a profile pic

    • Posted by Donald Trump, at Reply

      Jared Fogle are you in prison getting fucked by Tyrone

  13. Posted by xithappens, at Reply

    but the Muslim countries are the savage ones?

    • Posted by J DS, at Reply

      xithappens EXACTLY, this is why when they say the word terrorist, I think the nerve! at least the world can see who the real terrorists are

    • Posted by Kevin Maddick, at Reply

      Yes, they are. They lash and stone people for holding hands or kissing in public as well as rape victims, and hang gays in the streets. You would still take here over there any day.

  14. Posted by Adam Briceland, at Reply

    those prison guards need to pay for what they did big time!!! please investigate this further

    • Posted by Mari Ross, at Reply

      Indigo Blue yeah! just go ahead and kill someone that’s obvious mentally ill just because they’re annoying to you? you’re sick

  15. Posted by Richard Jones, at Reply

    Rainy was viewed as a “throw away” person. In thier eyes his life had no value. This makes me ashamed to be an American

    • Posted by Mohammad Abdul Taha, at Reply

      Richard Jones you should have already been ashamed to be an American. Your nation is evil.

    • Posted by zita willingham, at Reply

      Richard Jones amen

  16. Posted by ESDfilms, at Reply

    I don’t think it would be the same if he was white

    • Posted by JB JG, at Reply

      Especially not over being in jail over drugs. Since when is drug abuse a death sentence.

    • Posted by ESDfilms, at Reply


    • Posted by Jordan Gallant, at Reply

      ESDfilms it don’t matter what the charge was it makes no difference it’s still absolutely insane and those guards and prosecutors are just as bad or worst because they kill people all the time by sending them to jail for not even murder charges that dies in jail because he don’t get prober care of or kills his self because he’s not getting his right meds and even someone that killed someone. Yes the family haves the right to want to kill him or what ever the case may be but when it don’t have nothing to do with you and you don’t even no the person you don’t have no business on voting for the death penalty. Us Canadians don’t put people asleep like a sick dog or electrocute them. We don’t have the death penalty anywhere in Canada and never ever did . We also take care of are people and every single persons health care is free and all hospital stays are free. All cancer treat ments and surgery s are free. We all got health cards that cover everything.

  17. Posted by benmcfee, at Reply

    So there you go, America. If you’re poor, you can be legally boiled alive, and the people who tortured you to death will face no consequences. You need a revolution, and you need it now.

  18. Posted by pheoix natl, at Reply

    To me it feels like some police officers do not seeing black people as human beings

    • Posted by Keith Demons, at Reply

      I’m sure ive fucked someone sister, was one of them yours? explains the rage.

    • Posted by Strong Legs, at Reply

      +Keith Demons +Steve Crane enough of the hate lads no need for it.