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HUGE Dianne Feinstein Challenger Announcement Thursday, November 2nd


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Dianne Feinstein is a corporate Democrat. Time for a progressive primary. Cenk Uygur, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Inform us just what you believe in the remark area below. Join TYT:

" An Us senate Judiciary Board hearing on the social media sites section of Russia's 2016 election disturbance opened up Tuesday with portentous declarations from Sens. Lindsay Graham (R-SC), Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and also Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), the latter of whom rattled off some numbers that provided the max photo yet of the extent of the disinformation project." *.

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  1. Posted by Gabriel Castaneda, at Reply

    I hope it is that homeless guy that yells incoherently and angrily that is an embarrassingly low bar.

  2. Posted by Topdamagewizard, at Reply

    Spoiler it’s Ana!

  3. Posted by D Mc, at Reply

    I haven’t voted for her in years. I just leave the spot blank because the Republicans always just run joke candidates.

  4. Posted by Emmanuel Morrell, at Reply

    If I lived in California I would definitely support Anna

  5. Posted by Matthew Boese, at Reply

    My guess is Michael Wood Jr. He is loosely affiliated with TYT and resides in California.

  6. Posted by bigraviolees, at Reply

    Stabenow and Peters just voted in a Trump state supreme court lackey for life. Save us Cenk from these bastards

  7. Posted by Tas Tapsas, at Reply

    Hope it’s Ana. Feinstein is a dinosaur whose ideologies should have been driven to extinction decades ago. She never belonged in congress from day one having served only her self interest and nothing more. A horrid person.

  8. Posted by taheripashtun, at Reply

    Feinstein is a Zionist super fascist apartheid regime terrorist supporter

  9. Posted by subliminal, at Reply

    Time to get rid of these Corporate thieves I don’t care what party there should be a time limit on these people in the House and Senate and..when found that people are making money off their office like they do with payoffs they should not only be fired but like Trump is wanting GETmo

  10. Posted by surgeyX, at Reply

    Please run Cenk I disagree with you on a lot of things but you would damn sure be better than Diane Feinstein

  11. Posted by life battle7, at Reply

    Dumb! What about the vegas shooting??? Where are the videos

  12. Posted by Jimmy Swenson, at Reply

    TYT turning our election into a reality show with this suspense. Don’t take lessons from the clown in chief

  13. Posted by Ken93, at Reply

    She not a conservative

  14. Posted by Shekinah Rodz, at Reply

    Who is she or he ?

  15. Posted by Jesse Peters, at Reply

    Let it be Jimmy Dore..

  16. Posted by Richard Short, at Reply

    My first guess/hope is Wes Clark Jr, but just about anyone is better than Feinstein.

  17. Posted by Gwen Viviani, at Reply

    I would definitely prefer a Progressive in California, but Dianne Feinstein is not a conservative – she’s a moderate democrat.

  18. Posted by Freddie Washington, at Reply

    It’s gonna be Cenk