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Hundreds Dead After Devastating Earthquake


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A fatal quake struck the area bordering the Iran-Iraq boundary. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us exactly what you assume in the comment section listed below. Join TYT:

" TEHRAN– Iranians dug with rubble in a frantic look for survivors on Monday, after a powerful earthquake struck near the Iraqi border, killing more than 450 people and also wounding countless others in the world's most dangerous quake thus far this year.

The quake, videotaped at 9:18 p.m. on Sunday, was felt as away as Turkey and also Pakistan. The epicenter was near Ezgeleh, Iran, concerning 135 miles northeast of Baghdad, and also had a preliminary size of 7.3, according to the USA Geological Study. Seismologists in the country stated it was the biggest quake to hit the western component of Iran.

Photos from the area– a patchwork of farms and the home of numerous Kurds, a huge ethnic minority in Iran– posted on the internet showed flattened structures, cars and trucks damaged by rubble as well as individuals sleeping in the streets in worry of aftershocks.

At the very least 445 individuals were eliminated and 7,370 individuals were wounded in Iran, inning accordance with the semi-official Tasnim information company, which offered a quote considerably above the casualty of 407 that authorities had introduced previously."

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  1. Posted by Gheyath Al-Doori, at Reply

    Iraq just cant catch a brake

  2. Posted by Randy H, at Reply

    Thank you for covering this story.

  3. Posted by PIXI PIXI, at Reply

    oooooh y’all reporting on that but when mudslides killed 300 africans in west africa.. i didn’t hear a peep…

    • Posted by Salvador Espinoza, at Reply

      Reason being that if that happend tyt aren’t an investigative news organization for the most part. They report mostly on the stuff that is popular with there own commentary but also things that are important to there ideology so some thing get left out here and there

    • Posted by PIXI PIXI, at Reply

      change your your name to ”you can’t handle my racist lie.”

    • Posted by PIXI PIXI, at Reply

      it’s not my problem i’m not talking about my personal life but if you’re going to report on tragedies as a news channel it should not be biased towards only what you care about.

    • Posted by TheTruthNJ09, at Reply

      +PIXI PIXI – Hey, you dumb motherfucker… They can’t cover _every_ goddamn event that happens in the world. You’re just astroturfing.

  4. Posted by Marvin the Martian, at Reply

    sick Ana sounds hot

  5. Posted by Alicia Thompson, at Reply

    Hell, America can’t help their own citizens in Puerto Rico, yet she’s expected to send help across the globe?!

    • Posted by Rashid Raza, at Reply

      Why not? America can’t run it’s own government properly, but insists on telling all the other countries how to run their’s.

    • Posted by Scott Po, at Reply

      Can’t and won’t are two different things. The latter is the truth.

    • Posted by You Can't Handle The Truth, at Reply

      Why waste American resources helping out potential terrorists? Why is it always the white man’s responsibility to save inferiors?

    • Posted by Ms Piggy, at Reply

      With all due respect, people’s skin color in that region is lighter than that of Puerto Ricans, so, that’s why they are more qualified.

    • Posted by Dnt Wry, at Reply

      Ms Piggy No they’re not. Have you ever been to Iraq?

  6. Posted by chickendinner2012, at Reply

    The world needs to help the victims.

    • Posted by 352benz, at Reply

      They (we) will not. They’re Muslims remember?

  7. Posted by DISCO-INFERNO-70, at Reply

    Let’s be honest, Christian conservatives are happy about this.

    • Posted by Σοφία, at Reply

      Says who? We’d be happier if an earthquake swallowed california

    • Posted by DISCO-INFERNO-70, at Reply

      How very Christian of you.

    • Posted by Σοφία, at Reply

      like you give a damn when christians die. you rejoice. stooping to your level.

    • Posted by H. F, at Reply

      Σοφία wtf i am not happy about any dead civilians ever. Conservatives like you just like to project because they believe that everyone is secretly as evil as they are.

    • Posted by DISCO-INFERNO-70, at Reply

      You are pretty angry for a Christian.
      The truth hurts, and you are definitely upset because you KNOW what i said is true.
      Confess and ask for forgiveness.

  8. Posted by Susan Fuckface, at Reply

    It was either gonna be an earthquake or a suicide bomb

  9. Posted by Out of Space, at Reply

    I really hope Ana’s voice stays this way.

  10. Posted by Diva Wuan, at Reply

    America been great giving aid since when smh??? Red Cross ripped off Haiti, ignored Mexico when they had earthquake a couple months ago, no coverage at all of the floods in Sierra Leon Africa and India, and the Virgin Islands are being completely ignored. Peurto Rico is only getting coverage due to having popular celebrities such as JLo being Puerto Rican, and even then they still not getting any aid, just a simple acknowledgment because of the overwhelming people speaking on PR’s behalf.

    • Posted by Texas Made, at Reply

      I still haven’t seen any aid here in Ingleside Texas right next to Rockport Tx which is where Hurricane Harvey directly hit!!!! From Gregory Portland,Tx , Ingleside Texas,Port Aransas TX,and Rockport(plus surrounding areas) we REALLY NEED GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE! FEMA?RedCross? What’s taking so long?

  11. Posted by Moneymyke357, at Reply

    Ana sounds sick. Go home and sip some tea.

  12. Posted by John Frank, at Reply

    Sweet Ana, sounds like she has a cold get well soon! Always wear gloves in public settings during the cold season, the virus exists on surfaces.

    • Posted by Red Menace, at Reply

      John Frank but then don’t you just get the virus on your gloves and contaminate yourself later when you pull them off?

    • Posted by Mayheamk, at Reply

      you sound horney for her!

  13. Posted by lockneck monster, at Reply

    “Earthquakes in various places” Jesus Christ 2017 years ago. Praying for all the people affected. Thanks for covering this story.

    • Posted by TheByzantineBeserker, at Reply

      “Earthquakes in various places” describes every period in history. Do you have any evidence that there are currently more earthquakes than all those other periods? And your own perception does not count as evidence.

    • Posted by XmenMagnetoAcolytes, at Reply

      Only seismic activity by the scientists who agree there was rarely any Earthquakes & natural dissasters back then. The Earth wasn’t corrupted by man made climate change also unless you deny that fact.

  14. Posted by Inbred Trumptard, at Reply

    brown people SCARY need muh guns i’m tuff cause i say tuff words on the interwebs!

    • Posted by Be N S O N, at Reply

      hurr me liberal me want other peoples money socialism works apart from those times it didnt XD

    • Posted by Coming Fourth, at Reply

      hurrr me troll liberal widd 5 accounts

    • Posted by Be N S O N, at Reply

      Coming Fourth hurr me think everywun is conspiracy

  15. Posted by Christina Lomeli, at Reply

    You sound so sick! Hope you feel better soon, Ana.

    Absoluetly terrible news all though it great to hear teamwork from countries who are often otherwise salt to each other.

  16. Posted by Texas Made, at Reply

    This is amazing!When Turkey is (sending aid to Iran,)more humanitarian than the United States of America!

    • Posted by Mozlem, at Reply

      Texas Made turkey has been more humanitarian. America just wants to cover it up cause they’re “Islamists”

  17. Posted by Wayne Muldrow, at Reply

    lSlS took responsibility for the earthquake…..

    • Posted by Abdul Abdullah al-Qāsim Muḥammad bin Aamir bin Bag Jabaar Muṭṭalib, at Reply

      Takbīr !!

    • Posted by Rick James!, at Reply

      LOL damn it, I was too late. I knew someone would post this comment HAHAHA

  18. Posted by Rodney Rangel Torres, at Reply

    This earthquake should be named USA cause it produced the same kind of destruction US promotes in the region

    • Posted by Mike C, at Reply

      Little Johnny
      Like you really care,
      If you did you would not be looking to distract from the harm US colonialist
      policies are doing because of NEO con think tank and their influence on the
      ME foreign policies

      This, of coarse is obvious, that bombings and destabilizing fails to address
      social issues.
      This is the same logic that yells Hillary when trumps failures and misgivings
      are pointed out.

    • Posted by Little Johnny, at Reply

      Mike C wow! You sound like somebody doing a very overreaching parody of a leftist SJW regressive. Go back to the 60s where you belong

    • Posted by Mike C, at Reply

      Little Johnny nice argument.

    • Posted by Mike C, at Reply

      Little Johnny, you are a pathetic weak minded fool, parroting mindless alt right drivel.
      So congrats on being part of the echo chamber….

    • Posted by Estragon17, at Reply

      Little Johnny you mean around the time the US overthrew Iran’s democratically elected government for the benefit of the oil industry?

  19. Posted by MFBloosh, at Reply

    If you’re happy about this, then you’re a terrible person.

  20. Posted by Lance Boil, at Reply

    It’s Iran’s fault!