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Hurricane Harvey Caused By Climate Change?


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Hurricane Harvey banged into the Texas coast over the weekend. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you concerning the consequences. Tell us exactly what you assume in the remark area listed below. Indication petition here:

" HOUSTON– Rain showered this battered city once more Monday as emergency situation groups– assisted by an expanding section of citizen-rescuers– plunged right into waist-deep water looking for people stranded by devastating, historical flooding following Typhoon Harvey.

Authorities in Texas claimed Monday mid-day that at the very least 8 people show up to have passed away as an outcome of the storm battering the state. That toll consists of six individuals in Harris Area, house to Houston; one person in Rockport, near where Harvey made landfall; and also an additional person in La Marque, near Galveston.

Authorities expect the toll to rise as rescue initiatives continue and also more rainfall, rising rivers and also rising floodwaters maul the Gulf Shore. Forecasters state approximately 20 inches of extra rain might landed on parts of Texas and Louisiana by Thursday.

Concerning 2,000 people had been brought to safety with more still seeking assistance. Yet despite having numerous fatalities attributed to the tornado, the full toll of Harvey's damage stayed unclear in Houston and throughout Texas and Louisiana, with authorities advising that the flooding would certainly linger as well as stating greater than 30,000 people would be compelled from their houses."

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  1. Posted by ElChapo Junior, at Reply

    Drown you conservative fucks

    • Posted by TehBrackShiip, at Reply

      DonaldTrump Jr That shouldn’t even matter

    • Posted by DonaldTrump Jr, at Reply

      TehBrackShiip yeah I know… I live in Houston!

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Accidently cut yourself with a sharp knife while marking a sandwich. Lolz – too funny!

    • Posted by King Bladwin IV, at Reply

      The conservatives said the same thing about Katrina. Glad you two can agree on the same premise.

  2. Posted by mizmiz80, at Reply

    Ah the bitter irony. My Trump supporting climate change denying relatives all live in Houston/Katy area. They are all flooded and I guarantee they will continue to remain ignorant even after experiencing this…

    • Posted by GirtonOramsay, at Reply

      They kinda deserve it.

    • Posted by mizmiz80, at Reply

      GirtonOramsay having experienced Katrina, I’d usually argue that no one deserves this bc it’s devestating enough in the immediate and it stays with u forever…so in this case, yeah, this is an opportunity for those with blinders on to possibly learn and do some research since it’s affecting them. May their detrimental self- absorbedness guide them towards the path of wisdom…

    • Posted by jibbo123, at Reply

      mizmiz80 Its a hurricane. They have been happening for millions of years. There is no scientific evidence that proves this random hurricane was caused by humans

    • Posted by Django Marine, at Reply

      GirtonOramsay They might have but the rest of us didn’t. There are plenty of progressives in Houston. Also, have a heart, disasters can happen anywhere.

  3. Posted by only half bad 333, at Reply

    Texas can be completely flooded and the republican party would still deny climate change.

    • Posted by Ace Cumen, at Reply

      @Scotaloo7 7g7 This is a fabrication. It is bastardized from James Maxwell’s works with a cannibalized mixture of his thermodynamics and his 1871 thought experiment on how temperature through gases promes gravity keeps earth warm rather than the electromagnetic force. If you have ever read a book report you will see what she wrote is plagiarized from a fabrication and not genuine.
      I’d be happy to discuss what it means from what I remember if you’re interested answers. Arguing however holds little interest because I know of the source material. The only thing they have in common is the last part. The mention of electromagnetic responsive gases called greenhouse gasses. Named long before climate change was a thing.

    • Posted by southrules, at Reply

      scotaloo7 7g7
      That’s not a she. It’s a fat, loser gamer troll who uses a woman’s picture so that fools like you will talk to him.

    • Posted by Mark M, at Reply

      It’s a democratic run city….Houston we have a problem.

    • Posted by Zoe Phin, at Reply

      Projection and sexism at the same time. No women can do science?

      acu men, word salad from you.

  4. Posted by jason saenz, at Reply

    I want to hear what scientist says about this if this is a result of climate change.

    • Posted by Jessica Prado Hanson, at Reply

      In case you were actually asking this I have an answer for you. My father has a pHd in material science from Hopkins and he concurs that it is most likely a result of climate change. He personally is with the school of thought that climate change was already happening and that the earth has been slowly warming since the last ice age. This warming has been accelerated by humans with the various factors of how humans have changed this earth in especially the last hundred years. I hope you have a beautiful day and you just gave me the idea to try and convince my dad to come on my channel and answer these types of questions that I took for granted! Thank you ❤️

    • Posted by Angel Sanchez, at Reply

      jason saenz yes and no, from what being said it a combination of the decreased wetland that provided a natural barrier for that area with new house being build and the increase of water levels

  5. Posted by Boy Blue, at Reply

    Trump voters probably think there is no hurricane and that its fake news cause they’re dumbasses

    • Posted by Jen B, at Reply

      Fiona you answered zero questions correctly. You deserve a failing grade.

    • Posted by Ben Shapiro, at Reply

      +Kevin Montrond Loser

    • Posted by Fiona Corliss, at Reply

      Jen B hahahaha, do you even have school in your background? Because your logic screams 9th grade education.

    • Posted by Fiona Corliss, at Reply

      Jen B d-

    • Posted by jibbo123, at Reply

      Boy Blue This is the stupidest comment on this video

  6. Posted by Louis rodriguez, at Reply

    I believe in climate change but no I don’t think it was related to it.

    • Posted by Thana Edwards, at Reply

      How boring if climate didn’t change all th time. smh

    • Posted by GirtonOramsay, at Reply

      I research hurricane climatology and will say there is some, but not a strong correlation, with the increased intensity/lower frequency of hurricanes and climate change from what I’ve read and seen with the current papers. Climatology is not that simple. TYT is just bending this claim to just put down Trump and oil companies.

  7. Posted by White Devil, at Reply

    Climate change caused the ice age too.

    • Posted by Aviendha, at Reply

      White Devil True, technically we are still in an ice age (the poles are frozen). And the planet has been historically a much hotter “green house”. Usually this kind of change takes hundreds of thousands of years, sometimes millions to change completely. The issue with man made climate change is that the climate is changing so rapidly that the worlds plants, animals ect don’t have time to evolve to the change.

    • Posted by White Devil, at Reply

      Aviendha Animals have always gone extinct. Dinosaurs went extinct. Mammoths went extinct. The Saber toothed tiger went extinct. Neanderthal man went extinct. Extinction is natural. Climate change is natural. Mummified Mammoths have been found in Siberia where they aren’t known to have lived, with grass plants in their stomachs that cannot grow in such a cold climate. That suggests Siberia was once a lot warmer and the ice age was brought on rapidly by a catastrophic event such as the poles reversing.

    • Posted by righthandstep5, at Reply

      You’re just trying to split hairs without looking into the evidence. Grow up!

    • Posted by White Devil, at Reply

      righthandstep5 So you can’t refute anything I said. Duly noted, snowflake.

    • Posted by righthandstep5, at Reply

      I actually can. I just know you’re another dumb climate change denying trump supporting snowflake that can’t handle facts.

  8. Posted by godonlyknows13, at Reply

    You reject the science, you allow an oafish orange baboon to run your country and reject the writing on the wall as “fake news” and “a Chinese plot” and then this happens… I’m not trying to say America is getting what it deserves. But what I will say is “we reap what we sow.”

    • Posted by snowyearound, at Reply

      I’m not sure where you’re getting your information, but my understanding was that 12-48 hours is the typical amount of time that it takes for a tropical storm to develop into a hurricane.

    • Posted by 9753flyer, at Reply

      @ Snow – the information you are doubting is coming from Climate Scientists and the NOAA… feel free to look it up and educate yourself.

    • Posted by Mark M, at Reply

      THere is no science to prove climate change.

  9. Posted by Matt Grantham, at Reply

    Degreed meteorologist here: I wish TYT would bring in a meteorology/climate expert on subjects like this one to help separate climate from individual weather events. The reporting/opinion in this video is not very objective and creates a credibility problem. The video title is problematic as well. Sorry to my liberal friends, but this this is not a clear cut issue, and is in fact quite complicated. We should not point to every anomalous weather event and scream “CLIMATE CHANGE!” Let us not be simple-minded hypocrites. Yes, warmer air has the ability to hold more moisture, and that is a valid point. On the other hand, we see “blocking” weather patterns quite frequently in the upper-level weather patterns which lead to slow moving storm systems. I cringe when I hear someone say that this is the highest the river has “ever” been, when really we’re only talking about the period of record. You also have to consider the effects of urbanization and zoning deregulation which TYT does allude to in a different video. Was this disaster partially man-made? Maybe, but consider that it is also possible it was mainly due to urbanization and to a much much lesser extent a warmer climate.

    • Posted by N Marbletoe, at Reply

      They are scientists but in the wrong specialty to talk about climate change. I mean there is an actual field for that. It’s like asking a tree geneticist about forestry yield.

    • Posted by Osmosisboy, at Reply

      Sadly you do not sway public opinion with an argument on par with academic standards, but your message has to be clear, concise and unambiguous.
      As far as I know, the scientific consensus is that events like storms are more frequent and more severe in scope because of climate change, so I have no issue with bringing climate change into it whenever such an event occurs. The people need to understand that there is a direct connection.

    • Posted by kickme 69, at Reply

      N Marbletoe Not all meteorologists are climatologists and not all climatologists are meteorologists but a large part of them are both.

    • Posted by kickme 69, at Reply

      And actually here in finland climatology atleast is just a part of meteorolical study on which you can concentrate more or less. your still a meteorologists even if you choose to study it more. Everyone studies the basics. basics being some pretty deep stuff also.

  10. Posted by John Saucier, at Reply

    All of you people who love to tote the, “it’s not climate change because…” routine need to stop. Weather is weather, yes it’s always been true, it will always be true. Climate change isn’t some puppet master sitting in the clouds laughing away as it whips up storms for us.

    However, the effect climate change has on storm creation is measurable, its discernable, and it’s a fact. The changing climate–increasing overall temperature over time– causes an increase in ocean evaporation, and water vapor that is in the air. This in turn creates a condition where a storm is more likely to occur. In particular, when a hurricane moves over water, it picks up water vapor and moisture, which it feeds on to create more intensity.

    A hurricane is best described as a heat engine, it takes heat in, and cycles it upward until colder air is exhausted into the upper atmosphere. It relies heavily on two things being true, a source of heat in the form of water vapor must exist, and its path must remain so, unimpeded. When a hurricane reaches land, it loses energy in the form of warm water, it begins to cycle down.

    Ergo, if you add climate change, which over time creates a warmer temperature overall, heating the air, heating the water, storms that feed on it will be stronger.

    Climate change didn’t necessarily create the storm, but it did make it worse than it should or could have been. And of course the naysayers will argue, “but what about all those intense storms that happened before we started pumping carbon into the atmosphere…”

    Again Weather is weather, climate is climate. Weather happens all the time, and from time to time it is bad, but climate is a pattern of weather over time globally. The measurement of this suggests that weather overall will intensify as we continue to heat the planet. Because not only will the water get warmer, feeding these storms, but the warmer water will melt the icecaps, which in turn will lead to flooding and other issues including saltwater/fresh water displacement, because it’s less dense. The ice caps reflect sunlight, rather than absorb it, but as they melt this changes and the earth retains more heat, resulting in…more climate change.

    Stop being deniers, sympathizers, and apologizers for the idiots sitting in our congress and white house, who refuse to do anything about it.

    • Posted by Cordelia Enid H, at Reply

      Stop eating meat? Why not. Or eat less meat.
      Using a car? Car sharing, more public transport options etc?
      Stop buying toys for kids? Many kids own way too many things anyway…

  11. Posted by Shayke Speeer, at Reply

    Shouldn’t those against “Socialism”…… have to wait to be rescued and repaired by “Free Market Capitalism”???

    • Posted by Rusty shackleford, at Reply

      Tax money from profitable business’ that wouldn’t be around in socialism. If i had a dollar for every counrty socialism worked in Id have zero dollars. The same amount I’d have if i did work. Name me just 1 counrty where it has worked. PS you cant say Sweden, canada, etc, they use the money that capitalism provides do some socialist policies, they are not socialist.

    • Posted by Shayke Speeer, at Reply

      I apologize if you didn’t understand the point I was making. This is directed towards people who want to wipe out ALL Socialism in the USA (and other parts of the world). Without Socialism in some aspects, there is no help for people in times like these, when they need help the most.

    • Posted by Rusty shackleford, at Reply

      replace the word socialism with capitalism and thats how i feel, you and I are not that far off. cheers

    • Posted by liquidminds, at Reply

      Rusty shackleford There have been a couple examples of Socialism that was well worked out. but CIA found that a democratic communist state would disprove US Propaganda and would be less likely to buy US goods and weapons, so overthrowing them in favour of a communist dictator who’d keep the people poor and buy tons of stuff from the US is preferable.

      Allende Assassination is just one of the many examples of the CIA bringing down foreign governments, just because it benefits the propaganda and the exports of the US, despite ruining millions of peoples life.

      the only way an economy can work though is if there is a balance between social and capitalistic tendencies. capitalism if left alone will not care if millions die, as long as money goes to those who already have it. Communism alone takes most incentive to do something more than required. Socialism alone gives no intention to do anything really. But if you have the basic needs covered by a social system, while giving all the luxury goods the free market they need, you’d get a thriving economy with maximised freedom.

      Someone who has to do any job that is offered, just to be able to survive, is a slave to his wage. America has decided that its people value freedom over all and that slavery is wrong. Just when it comes to economy, Slavery seems to be the only acceptable system Americans want.

  12. Posted by Cooly G, at Reply

    Climate Change is Real

    • Posted by Mark Broadhurst, at Reply

      Lefties complain when a senator pulls out a snowball and says “well this still happens”
      Righties complain when Lefties say we didn’t have hurricanes before.
      They are both assholes with anecdotal evidence.

    • Posted by Fals3Agent, at Reply

      maybe it’s because the senator is known to have been paid off by big oil and is confusing the weather with climate?

  13. Posted by lime light, at Reply

    It’s Jeebus washing away all the sinners that voted for Trump.

    • Posted by mary sunshine, at Reply

      lime light it’s geoengineering and it has been going on since 1996

  14. Posted by macpony2571780, at Reply

    People should track that twenty million dollars that the DNC have given TYT

    • Posted by Christian Soldier, at Reply

      Matteo Meloni Vimo You mean that same phony data that told us Trump was gonna get crushed by Hillary in the election??? No thanks I like real news and facts You can keep the lies and propaganda for yourself

    • Posted by macpony2571780, at Reply

      I made my living as a union carpenter in New York City Trump and people like him are what gave me the opportunity to work hard retire as young as I could and am able to live my dream and I will give Trump an A plus for getting the Bush family and their goons out of power now we have to clean out the last of the swamp

    • Posted by Aqueous Entropous, at Reply


      I’m happy you were blessed with such an opportunity. Too bad hundreds and thousands times your single being will never get half the opportunity, no matter how hard they work. I’m genuinely glad you are able to live a happy life, but what trump gives is not uniform and is not all one-side, I assure you.

    • Posted by macpony2571780, at Reply

      People make their own choice in life I believe he can turn things around and he has passed laws that helps our forgotten veterans and apprenticeship programs but if you just listen to these bought and paid for by the DNC bar flies TNT you will never know but he will have eight years and the DNC will become reformed race baiters or they will be destroyed people are getting sick of race baiting politics

    • Posted by Aqueous Entropous, at Reply

      Let me use your argument against you. You believe that Trump can turn things around. Do you disregard all the wrong that he commits? Do you simply call anything that presents his indiscretions fake news and DNC paid? His lack of belief in climate change, his continuation of war in Afghanistan, his policies that so happen to benefit the extremely rich, leaving almost nothing to the working class. He treats his Secret Service like servent and charges his secret service for protecting him and his property. He fires those who had no control over a particular situation. He yells and screams at his TV when things don’t go his way like a child. How do you logically justify this and I expect you to have an actual argument. I’m tired of, “Oh, that’s fake news, definitely not true.”

  15. Posted by Babyboi6769, at Reply

    oil companies need to be exterminated.

    • Posted by rocky965able, at Reply

      Babyboi6769 don’t worry big oil not gonna be so big in 10yrs, when more consumers make the switch to electric vehicles.

    • Posted by Susie Que, at Reply

      Evil farms too!

  16. Posted by John David Miller, at Reply

    In 1971, without explanation, Richard Milhous Nixon ordered the shut down of our only LFTR research facility. If it had been allowed to go forward, we could have been mass producing LFTRs bringing down the price if electricity to $0.03 to $0.04 per kilowatt by 1980. There simply is no excuse for poverty in this country. The Republicans did this, no one else. The next time you go to vote, remember Harvey. Remember the millions of people in poverty in this country. There is no excuse. This is willful and destructive behavior against the US general population. These Republicans are criminals and traitors against we the people and the United States of America.

    • Posted by Brian Linderman, at Reply

      John David Miller This is also a very bizarre comment in which your comparing the past to the present. In your comment you have never considered the challenges experienced in the MSRE (most notably striations from corrosive Fluoride salts on hastelloy-N piping). You also failed to recognize that this project took place before Three Mile Island, which grossly affected the cost of nuclear.

      Now there are advantages in running a LFTR, such as they operate under atmospheric pressure, which can reduce and possibly alleviate the concerns experienced in both level 7 nuclear accidents. However, instead of criticizing Nixon on the MSRE a much better comment would be on how we should implement modern LFTRs and other Molten Salt reactor designs on the commercial level for increased energy security.

      Now unfortunately this still doesn’t really solve the energy issue in Houston right now. For one Nuclear still requires water to turn into steam, even if it’s not used as a coolant. Therefore these reactors would still be located near water and pose a flooding risk. Now we could set these reactors further inland and instead pay high costs for transmission, but this is largely impractical and uneconomic.

      Also there is a considerable concern for oil security, which nuclear nor really any there source can provide. Less than 1% of our electricity in the USA comes from oil, yet it’s the #1 energy source- how can that be? Well because we use oil for far more than electricity. The nations largest petrochemical plants were shut down before the hurricane, and there really isn’t a solution to substitute the majority of petrochemical products made.

      There can be for some, for example instead of using naphtha and methane for steam reforming of hydrogen production, we could instead use Advanced High Temperature Molten Salt Reactors like the design at University of California Berkeley to produce hydrogen through thermochemical electrolysis. This would save the hydrogen industry from being so reliant on the petrochemical industry as well as provide the nation with hydrogen for agriculture and fertilizer production.

    • Posted by John David Miller, at Reply

      +Brian Linderman 1. Yes it is. 2. No it’s not.
      Alvin Weinberg, the designer of the light water reactor, was the individual that was also pushing the LFTR for civil production. He was invited to resign. This isn’t about science. It’s about politics and money. If the LFTRs were allowed to be built, there simply wouldn’t be a fossil fuel industry today, consequently there wouldn’t be a global warming crisis. Chances are, Hurricane Harvey simply wouldn’t have occurred. We put the CO2 into the atmosphere, led by the selfish greed of the Republican party. We are now going to be responsible to take this CO2 back out. Think I am wrong? Donald Trump wants to bring back coal jobs. This is sheer asinine stupidity.

      “Fast reactors are actually better, but they are a lot more difficult to reach criticality and control.” “For a comparison the average Light Water Reactor has about a 5% fission probability of uranium 235, while an Integral Fast Reactor has about 70% probability.”
      The statements are false in so far that LFTR are both far more efficient, 95% and completely stable. You are engaging in lying by diversion.

    • Posted by John David Miller, at Reply

      +Brian Linderman “In your comment you have never considered the challenges experienced in the MSRE (most notably striations from corrosive Fluoride salts on hastelloy-N piping).”
      I listened to the videos as to what the actual scientists who were working on the experiment said. They don’t seem to agree with you. Are you saying there was never going to be a solution even if it had been an issue?

  17. Posted by Coos Oorlog, at Reply

    I heard that there were hurricanes caused by many sides.

    • Posted by Jerry Vance, at Reply

      Coos Oorlog. That was funny, what have you got to lose.

    • Posted by Lonely Wolf, at Reply

      it was Trump watching the eclipse in it pure darkness

    • Posted by B Man, at Reply

      Congrats you are as dumb as u look …

  18. Posted by E Tuala, at Reply

    We keep abusing the Earth, the Earth will heal its self by getting rid of the problem, humans.

    • Posted by EagDesert, at Reply

      Yes, worship death and anhilation. It’s so liberal to hate your own species (or virtue signal about it).

    • Posted by Lonely Wolf, at Reply

      they say the world will end .. but world does not mean the planet . it may take a few centuries after humans mistakes but earth will prevail until the sun dies

    • Posted by ShanaJackson Jackson, at Reply

      Liberals do not hate their own species just the evil fracks in charge and the morons who put them there.

  19. Posted by SuperTregs, at Reply

    Yes, because there were never any large hurricanes before primates……

    • Posted by Ethan Davidson, at Reply

      You didn’t watch the video, did you?

    • Posted by newscooler12316, at Reply

      Deathgate Deathstar no it does not stop believing what everybody says!

    • Posted by thewanderandhiscomp, at Reply

      Ethan Davidson nope, they are just triggered alex jones fluffers

    • Posted by Deathgate Deathstar, at Reply

      i certainly dont believe what everybody say. i do tend to ignore right-wing morons in favor of scientists though…

  20. Posted by Lee Johnson, at Reply

    Yes, Hurricane Harvey was caused by Global Warming. More Hurricanes and Tornadoes are on their way, thanks to Global Warming.

    • Posted by Emilia Precup, at Reply

      Wrong: thanks to climate change :).