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Hurricane Harvey’s Devastation Continues


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Storm Harvey isn't over yet. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, the hosts of The Young Turks, provide you updates on the tornado's course. Tell us just what you assume in the comment section listed below. Indication request here:

" As water began to recede Wednesday in some parts of flood-ravaged Houston, Tropical Storm Harvey moved its wrath to the Beaumont-Port Arthur location of Texas, striking the area with record-breaking rains and also ravaging floods.

" Our entire city is undersea now yet we are coming!" Port Arthur's mayor, Derrick Freeman, claimed in a Facebook message overnight, as desperate locals sent telephone calls for aid on social networks.

Water loaded homes and also immersed roadways, evacuees crowded shelters, neighborhood authorities prompted people that needed rescue to hang sheets or towels from home windows, forecasters alerted that the tornado might spawn hurricanes, and also the Louisiana State Cops shut Interstate 10 going towards Beaumont, simply a couple of miles from the state line. The rainfall was expected to continue up until Friday.

In Houston, Mayor Sylvester Turner claimed that he was pushing for the city to return to normal as swiftly as feasible. He claimed the city's George Bush as well as William P. Pastime airport terminals were set up to resumed Wednesday with limited service, and that school will certainly begin Sept. 5."

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  1. Posted by Dopped Furry, at Reply

    My boy John is back

  2. Posted by CavityZ1V, at Reply

    Climate change is REAL

    • Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

      than start living life using less resources instead of waiting on the government to fix a problem they didn’t create

    • Posted by Arrow blades, at Reply

      dont have any kids… their future is fked… esp with dt and rex tillerson in office

  3. Posted by Brighton Babe, at Reply

    In South East Asia – India, Nepal and Bangladesh 1200 have been killed in their floods including people in India’s financial capital Mumbai and 1.8 million children cannot go to school because 18,000 schools have been destroyed or damaged. 40 million have been affected by it. These are also low lying countries that are being affected by the increased storm intensity caused by us through climate change. We are tremendously sorry about Texas, but the rest of the world is also suffering as well because of our inability to recognise the reality of climate change and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    • Posted by Arrow blades, at Reply

      according to dt and his trumptards,. that’s fake news… it’s only matters if something happens to texas…

    • Posted by Peter Tremblay, at Reply

      But you know the USA don’t give a crap about any other countries!

  4. Posted by Peter Tremblay, at Reply

    Feel sorry for the poor animals!

  5. Posted by San Qiang Li, at Reply

    Hey, Jon’s back as a Viking.

    • Posted by Rachel Schmied, at Reply


      show us your butt John

  6. Posted by Robert Maxson, at Reply

    Shia Labeouf?? Is that you?!

    • Posted by KnowledgeGizmo, at Reply

      Robert Maxson Just do it!

  7. Posted by Wilder, at Reply

    Look at you John. You should keep that look until at least through november :p

  8. Posted by King Nobody, at Reply

    Ask around the world and you’ll find very few people who think that Americans are anything but savages. You’re an embarrassment to humanity.

    • Posted by David Parkes, at Reply

      King Nobody – I dont care if your trolling — You are correct, though i would consider them ignorant, warmongering, terrorist savages.

  9. Posted by what the hell is going on here, at Reply

    John, please get a haircut and shave !!

  10. Posted by Ake Hilding, at Reply

    If I know the Republicans, they will blame the atheists .. and Obama.

    • Posted by Drm R, at Reply

      Ake Hilding don’t forget the gays, fornicators, and the other “sinners”.

    • Posted by orlando gillespie, at Reply

      Ake Hilding No,No, No it’s the gays fault.

    • Posted by jacob earwood, at Reply

      Drm R ignorance of arrogance is why you all will die stupid and poor

  11. Posted by Mario Quade, at Reply

    Man, John looks cool with that beard. He’s clearly somebody who can rock that look.

    • Posted by Anders May, at Reply


    • Posted by lilmissyblee1981, at Reply

      Mario Quade Very metal, even though youre being sarcastic lol

  12. Posted by Bella Reina, at Reply

    John looks like Shia lebouf

  13. Posted by Tony Fuentes, at Reply

    PLEASE HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Posted by MovedMasterMike, at Reply

    Jon look like he gonna divide the flood…

    • Posted by Marc Touss, at Reply

      let his people gooo!..

  15. Posted by lilmissyblee1981, at Reply

    Why does this guy sound like John Iadarola but look like Shia LeBoof

  16. Posted by Slagon Drayer, at Reply

    Climate science is hard! Who knew?!

  17. Posted by Goobye USA, at Reply

    1/3 of Holland is below sea level. 2/3rds of Holland is a flood plain. Number of floods in Holland since 1953 = None
    What happened in 1953? They had a major flood and had the brilliant idea that they weren’t going to get flooded again!

    • Posted by Mr407Mike, at Reply

      Look at Holland being smart.

    • Posted by Goobye USA, at Reply

      I know. They’re total showoffs.

  18. Posted by troglodite30, at Reply

    Why is it that America, by and large, is the only country in the developed world, that still deny’s climate change? Despite all the evidence demonstrating that it’s happening, you still deny it! Refusing to believe your own senses and what you can see with your own eyes..You still say no! You appear to think it’s all some sort of conspiracy by evil scientists and China! (Your own President thinks so!).. It’s pointless denying this, we see it on our news almost every day! These terrible floods and storm damage in Texas are going to become more and more common!..But , i suspect you will be told it’s not true, it isn’t happening, your eyes are lying to you, climate change is ‘un American’, someone will wave a bible at you and misquote it..And you will go on in denial mode as the disasters get worse and worse!..I know many of you are NOT fooled by the deceivers and anti-science people, and you are the people who are eventually going to have to expose the liars and religious fanatics in Govt. for who, and what they really are before they bring about your total destruction, it appears that’s what they want to do..

    • Posted by Rachael Marie Newport, at Reply

      There are many Americans that know that climate change is a thing, not all of us are fundies

  19. Posted by CovfefeAddict, at Reply

    I may not ALWAYS agree with John, but credit where credit is due, the beard game is on POINT.

  20. Posted by Angie P, at Reply

    just signed!! assholes!! grrrr!