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Hurricane Irma Closing In On Florida, Leaving Wake Of Destruction


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Irma is currently a Group 5 hurricane. There are two more cyclones behind it. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us what you assume in the comment area below. Like the t-shirt Cenk's wearing? Get one at

" Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 storm with winds of up to 175 miles a hr, continuouslied tear through the Caribbean on Thursday, leaving devastation in its wake as well as triggering emptying orders across the region.

The death toll was at the very least seven on Thursday mid-day, as well as the authorities warned that the number could climb as interactions improved. Head of state Édouard Philippe of France said that four individuals were verified dead on the Caribbean island of St. Martin, reducing local rescue authorities' previous matter of eight.

A St. Martin official said on Wednesday night that "95 percent of the island is destroyed."

More than 70 percent of Puerto Rico's families lacked power on Thursday, though the region appeared to be largely uninjured beyond that, the governor said." *.

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  1. Posted by Bungalo Bill, at Reply

    If we had only listened to Al Gore, we wouldn’t be having any of these hurricanes right now. TYT Logic.

  2. Posted by MithraMusic, at Reply

    Rush Limbaugh: “Everything is politicized.”

    Also Rush Limbaugh: “Pretty sure the liberals invented hurricanes.”

  3. Posted by Will Naman, at Reply

    A majority of climate scientists do not attribute current weather patterns to global warming. They warn against this. NOAA and Scripps predict the oceans will be dead in 40 years. Climate change contributes to this. Phytoplankton provide %25 of the world’s oxygen and buffer atmospheric effects. This is the eminent threat.

  4. Posted by buckpasser55, at Reply

    I didn’t realize that the Turks Islands were named because of your show

  5. Posted by Gary Esposito, at Reply

    please…trump types…dont listen to cenk, hurricanes arent real! its just the weather!! STAY WHERE YOU ARE!

  6. Posted by Disfatt Bidge, at Reply

    Yeah I’m out in Tampa, kind of a silence out here, a bit of anxiety on the roads.

  7. Posted by TRUMPANZEE HUNTER, at Reply


  8. Posted by Lord Yneh, at Reply

    Oh, please, please (with no one inside obviously…) tear up fing Mar-A-Lago and Rush’s stupid house 😜

  9. Posted by Brian Tisdall, at Reply

    Gov. Scott, like most right-wing neanderthals, believes what he wants to believe and hopes you do too. Mind you, to be fair, he deserves a great deal of credit in his performance as Florida’s Manger-in-Chief in preparing Floridians for IRMA.

  10. Posted by Carl Millholland, at Reply

    Hundreds of thousands of people are escaping grave danger posed by Irma–thanks to people who understand climate and weather and predicted the storm’s path. How many of those people don’t believe the intensity of these storms is caused by man-made climate change. Zero. Can we finally stop the lies?

  11. Posted by CL2Clutch Fellwiser, at Reply

    lol ok this what Florida gets for voting for trump even tho I’m in the range of the hurricane yeah I’m living in Georgia rip flordia

  12. Posted by Sigi Hofer, at Reply

    Human influence on the weather. These are for me manmade hurricanes. President Trump stopped to protect the climate. It is a manmade horror scenario.

  13. Posted by Zakayen, at Reply

    Trump’s “Winter Whitehouse” Christmas present is so HUGE!!!! Biggest present ever!

  14. Posted by MrMISTANOODLES, at Reply

    Science is real. It’s mindblowing to me that he has to say this to you dumb folk.

  15. Posted by crb2061, at Reply

    The deaths are unfortunate, but 13 deaths seems incredibly mild given the hype when there are so many unreported events where thousands die. Hopefully, the death toll does not rise significantly further.

  16. Posted by JakobLefkowitz, at Reply

    i can see my damn town of wellington WTF i know today it shifted but WTF

  17. Posted by Info Illness, at Reply

    In that event let us hope and pray that the response from the Trump Administration is better than Bush’s Katrina response.

  18. Posted by Jay Smith, at Reply

    i feel sorry for the people in the Caribbean

  19. Posted by Benjamen Sheppard, at Reply

    How scary! so much damage, my heart goes out to everyone in the path of these monster’s.