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Hurricane Victims Not White Enough For FEMA Aid


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FEMA is no more moneying housing support for Puerto Ricans who shed everything to Cyclone Maria. Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich, as well as Aida Rodriguez, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us what you believe in the comment area below.

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" Loads of Puerto Rican families displaced by Storm Maria and currently staying in Connecticut resorts have been told they will no longer obtain federal aid to pay for their accommodations, just days after being assured an extension to their short-term housing help.

Though the real estate support had actually originally been readied to end on Jan. 13 for lots of Puerto Ricans, the Federal Emergency Situation Monitoring Company had actually concurred recently to put 36 families residing in Connecticut for one more month, providing a demand from the state's governor, Dannel Malloy.

But simply three days after providing the relief, FEMA abruptly reversed its decision as well as halted repayments for the hotel areas, saying it made a mistake, as well as sending out state authorities scrambling as well as leaving households unsure of whether or where they would have a place to rest the next evening.

" These people are experiencing a 2nd degree of trauma due to the fact that they are being informed eventually they are risk-free and also qualified as well as 24-HOUR later they're out of luck," the governor's replacement interactions supervisor, Jason Novak, told BuzzFeed News. "It's worsening a currently excruciating, emotional scenario."" *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich, Aida Rodriguez.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich, Aida Rodriguez.


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  1. Posted by TheFounderUtopia, at Reply

    That was a very noble one whole minute you gave to addressing a national crisis, guys.

  2. Posted by JblueT, at Reply

    TYT does not like their black reporters.

  3. Posted by delon a, at Reply

    So if she is Porto Rican then why she called herself anchor baby ?

    • Posted by BCΔM, at Reply

      delon a You can’t even spell Puerto Rican correctly…..dumbass

  4. Posted by White Americas pride & joy, Trump., at Reply

    Make Puerto Rico a U.S state already so we can have another overwhelmingly blue state 🙂

  5. Posted by Michael, at Reply

    TYT is such a parody

  6. Posted by Deplorable Trumper, at Reply

    TYT even more FAKE than CNN.

    • Posted by mods65 mods65, at Reply

      Deplorable Trumper . But you seem to like it .

    • Posted by Deplorable Trumper, at Reply

      mods65 mods65. Like what? You’re pretty cute, I like you.😘

  7. Posted by David Arnold, at Reply

    I have cousins who are Puerto Rican. They’re Conservative Christians who voted for Trump. I had to defriend one of my cousins recently from Facebook because he’s too into Trump. It’s like he hates half himself (he’s half Puerto Rican). Puerto Ricans are American citizens and we’re currently treating Puerto Rico like it’s not even a part of our country. And they voted to become the 51st State. I bet they’re regretting that now, I know I would.

    • Posted by HyperOpinionated, at Reply

      David Arnold how can you be half Puerto Rican? You are either from Puerto Rico or not.

    • Posted by David Arnold, at Reply

      His father is from Puerto Rico; genetically speaking he’s 50% Puerto Rican i.e. ‘half Puerto Rican’.

    • Posted by HyperOpinionated, at Reply

      David Arnold There are no genetics that can make someone half Puerto Rican. Thats like saying a kid with a dad from Texas is half Texan.

    • Posted by David Arnold, at Reply

      So, I should say he’s half European-American…no, no… can’t do that; his mother’s father was Scottish so he’s a full European. Well, hell…no one’s American then since no one’s ancestors are from the Americas…so, genetically speaking we should all just call ourselves Africans! Hi African, how are you? Oh, no…wait. Africa is just a name of w continent; gentically speaking we’re just human therefore we should call each other humans; which actually would be nice but then I’m sure you have a retort for that, too.

    • Posted by Robo Tech, at Reply

      David Arnold this is an idiot narrative, Puerto Rican’s are still Americans, that makes your cousin an American period. I don’t have a problem with ancestral pride, but Puerto Rico is part of America, as is Guam,the US Virgin Islands and Texas! Voting rights don’t determine origin.

  8. Posted by I, Chicken Tendies want 100k Subscribers, at Reply

    TYT is becoming such a huge meme.

  9. Posted by TheSancho323, at Reply

    They should of send them to Memphis tn we have jobs here. They could of been on there feet by a month

  10. Posted by Robo Tech, at Reply

    I hate what’s happening to this country, and yes Puerto Rico is part of this country. We have an administration that doesn’t know what compassion and responsibility look like. We have a constitution that makes it illegal for a criminal to be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment, but it’s okay for citizens to be subjected to cruel and unusual treatment. This is abhorrent.

    • Posted by Robo Tech, at Reply

      cool beans being a territory makes them part of this country, our responsibility.

    • Posted by cool beans, at Reply

      except they ARE American citizens, even though they hold zero political power. I believe they pay federal taxes as well.

  11. Posted by HyperOpinionated, at Reply

    Here’s how to know if something is racism on TYT:
    Did it happen? Then it’s racism

  12. Posted by Amanda Bell, at Reply

    How long did they pay for people in Texas and Florida? Are they still paying for those victims? Puerto Rico should get no less than what we did for Texans and Floridians.

    • Posted by Abdul Taha, at Reply

      They got much less anyway

    • Posted by Why Tho, at Reply

      Amanda Bell puerto ricans are a us territory. Not a state like texas or florida. They have no senators and cant vote. They are worthless to america. We just own them. But we arent forced to baby feed them like US STATES!

  13. Posted by The Coffee Nut, at Reply

    The Fox News of the Left: TYT

    • Posted by David Arnold, at Reply

      The direct opposite to FOX News. I’m sorry, how is that an insult?

  14. Posted by Internet Tuff Guy, at Reply

    TYT is an actual Cult, their defenders are no better than people defending Trump.

    • Posted by Retro Rube, at Reply


  15. Posted by Bobalob, at Reply

    What is the relation of the title to this video?

    • Posted by David Arnold, at Reply

      All titles, by anyone everywhere, is clickbait. Accept it and move on.

  16. Posted by Scorpa, at Reply

    Oh, the turds are calling people racist…again.

  17. Posted by Mirquella Santos, at Reply

    But, but, but Puerto Rico is part of the USA. Why are those people suffering so much when the USA is a rich and powerful country that sends aids to other countries. That tells a lot about the USA.

  18. Posted by Nine fingers, at Reply

    What about the logistics of sending aid there? The amount of manpower needed? Infrastructure being totally demolished most of Puerto Rico is just a collection of villages

    Why is everything about race with tyt

  19. Posted by Abdul Taha, at Reply

    I blame the Puerto Rican’s
    When you act like slaves to America you get treated like one
    Time for independence pendejos