//Husband shot wife Cheater in his house
Wife Cheating In her Home

Husband shot wife Cheater in his house

Husband Catch Wife Cheating In His Home And Kills Her Sancho

He shoulda shot the wife, that man owes him nothing, but that woman is his wife, owes her husband loyalty and respect and knew exactly what she was doing!

+Anthony Mccoy Thanks for the link. It is good to know that justice prevailed.

+Martin Williams I am GLAD HE OUT but he STILL MARRIED TO HER so what the fuck is that about?

+blackbirdmarkvii Other men and women caught cheating still stay with their wives. But now the woman is got to live in her conscience that she got a man killed. That in the end will drive a nail between them.

Y is the black lady’s face on the cover of this video?

+ALONZO BOOKER thats we talking about thank u brah

yep he should have shot them both. I hate cheaters