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I Am Stuck In This Car!: Fails You Missed #16 | FailArmy


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I Am Stuck In This Auto!: Fails You Missed out on # 16|FailArmy

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  1. Posted by Der Papst, at Reply

    Wo sind die Deutschen?

    • Posted by Lenard W, at Reply

      Der Papst In Wolfenstein

    • Posted by Chris K, at Reply

      The germans got all sold on Ebay…

    • Posted by Schock TV, at Reply

      Hier, Kamerad

    • Posted by Angel Hamato, at Reply


    • Posted by Exterminierende gestreifte Bergwaldkröte, at Reply

      Der Papst In Deutschland, denke ich

  2. Posted by MotoMalice, at Reply

    Before 500K Anyone?

    • Posted by Alvaro _Balu, at Reply


    • Posted by Ethan murton _, at Reply

      MotoMalice iii

    • Posted by Oy Boyo, at Reply

      Bundle of sticks

  3. Posted by Live Steaming beast, at Reply

    Obese cat at 0:13

    • Posted by Finn, at Reply

      put him on a diet

    • Posted by M J Grasscutter, at Reply

      Not only there, you missed 2 or something.

  4. Posted by Spooky, at Reply

    Last time i was this early Obama was president..

    • Posted by Andrey Zvyagintsev, at Reply

      not good times

    • Posted by MM75, at Reply

      Spooky how original.

    • Posted by Ander Kidley, at Reply

      Yeah, he was re-elected 2 times, which is the maximum amount someone can be the president.

    • Posted by Dr.Magic 2003, at Reply

      +Ander Kidley | If he was *re-*elected twice, he’d have served three terms. He was elected, then re-elected, and that was it.

  5. Posted by DarreTheSwede, at Reply

    You shouldnt give a freaking hamster to a toddler

    • Posted by M J Grasscutter, at Reply

      It’s not a hamster, it’s an Emu

    • Posted by Barbarous Films, at Reply

      M J Grasscutter My life is a lie…

    • Posted by Drin Sadiku, at Reply

      DarreTheSwede ja jag vet man ger inte hamstrar till små barn det blir farligt

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      Hamster? Or Guniea Pig? So hard to tell. 😝

    • Posted by Barbarous Films, at Reply

      FailArmy Wait, they’re Guinea Pigs now? But I was just told they’re Emus! THE LIES ARE KILLING ME!!!

  6. Posted by DemonBendyRulz 420, at Reply

    2:07 Show me something I haven’t seen already

    • Posted by Dorion Cornelius, at Reply

      DemonBendyRulz 420 right?

    • Posted by Andrey Zvyagintsev, at Reply

      my profile pic

    • Posted by Mystery YouTuber, at Reply

      I can’t stop watchig

    • Posted by XTheo23, at Reply

      Well theres plenty more of the video left then just that 2 minutes…

  7. Posted by guillaume m, at Reply

    Where are you guys from?🌎🌎🌏🌏🌍🌍

    • Posted by Oy Boyo, at Reply

      Kill urself n ur pets n post it here.

    • Posted by Alex Rendall, at Reply

      guillaume m paraguay

    • Posted by Claire 22, at Reply

      New Zealand

    • Posted by Kura Jajeczna, at Reply


    • Posted by SkyeShadowCosplay, at Reply


  8. Posted by SIDDHESH SHARMA, at Reply

    Thanks a lot Fail Army for entertaining me throughout my examinations.I watch them for around half an hour or so when I want some rest after studying !Keep up the good work.!
    Love from India ❤.

    • Posted by Jordy van Ekelen, at Reply

      SIDDHESH SHARMA No probl3m bro if u want to support us just send some $$ to my paypal

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      You are most welcome! Thanks for the love.

    • Posted by Jordy van Ekelen, at Reply

      you’re welcome Failarmy if you want to support me just send me some $$ to my paypal

  9. Posted by Anju Maaka, at Reply

    4:00 made me really pissed. You don’t let a kid that young handle that small animals!!

    • Posted by ViZe ImMiMu YT, at Reply

      narchko now if you are White you are stupid…lol stupid people everywhere

    • Posted by Schnell Straße, at Reply

      i seriously would kick that boy in his face to teach him he have to respect all life

    • Posted by ViZe ImMiMu YT, at Reply

      Schnell Straße he is a kid,he is learning,the people idiot in the vid are the adults.

    • Posted by Roland Ostwald, at Reply

      Stupid parents

  10. Posted by BitchyLernJergi, at Reply

    6:56 Fall out boy !!!

    • Posted by Addie Busacco, at Reply

      BitchyLernJergi IM SCREAMING

    • Posted by Oy Boyo, at Reply

      No, his pants fell down. Not off

    • Posted by BitchyLernJergi, at Reply

      Oy Boyo dude chill ! Fall out boy is a music band, it’s their song playing in the background

  11. Posted by MaximuM DuTube, at Reply

    Ha-Ha!!! 😆😆😆👍👍👍

  12. Posted by ava leibel, at Reply

    ” I am stuck in
    This CAHHH!!! “

    • Posted by Scott An, at Reply


    • Posted by Jim's videos, at Reply

      Is that the same guy from the glue video?

    • Posted by Dh Dung, at Reply

      ava leibel

      WWWD You can find me at:
      Chemin de l’Ècole de Plein Air , Mons,

      If you have Sygic GPS Navigation app, open the location on a map

      Mở trong iPhone – com.sygic.aura://coordinate|3.97562|50.47239|show

      Mở trong Android – http://com.sygic.aura/coordinate|3.97562|50.47239|sho

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      Most Boston response EVA!

  13. Posted by MissMary Exo, at Reply

    I was so afraid for the hamster at 4:00

  14. Posted by BrightBulb Photography, at Reply

    I have never seen a feral hamster 3:48 before…That thing was savage.

    • Posted by BrightBulb Photography, at Reply

      For certain. You Just don’t see many in the Boreal forest of Canada. If any at all,
      Rosemary’s Hamsters

    • Posted by Rosemary's Hamsters, at Reply

      Ramjet164 Yeah, hamsters were wild animals until we domesticated most of them. There are still loads of species of hamsters that are still wild.

    • Posted by Ramjet164, at Reply

      Rosemary’s Hamsters oh my god. Yes I know lol. Anyone that believes any animal didn’t exist in the wild before the were domesticated is a bit of an idiot to say the least. The original post was just stating he hadn’t seen one and you decided to point out the extremely obvious.

    • Posted by ViZe ImMiMu YT, at Reply

      Guys how didnt you know he is the actor of G-Force? Lmao

    • Posted by Lucid Enigma, at Reply

      Reminded me of the killer rabbit in Monty Python’s Holy Grail!

  15. Posted by El Diablo, at Reply

    8:40 this is…….. The most stupid think i ever see in my life.

    • Posted by New Card, at Reply

      Judging by your grammar, you’re the most stupid “think” ever.

    • Posted by Schnell Straße, at Reply

      dumb dumber americens

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      No, it’s the most stupid thing** you’ve ever seen in your life 😂