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I Made It!: Fails of the Week (October 2017) | FailArmy


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Completion of one more week implies it's time for Stops working of the Week! This week we have a canoe going a little also fast, a few amusing youngsters falling short, as well as a crazy truck vehicle driver!! Enjoy what you see? Let us recognize in the remarks listed below!!


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Truck Aims To Tow Car Around Community
Man Falls Off Watercraft Attempting To Pole Dancing
Drunk Woman Attempts To Mount Man
Air Hockey Puck Backfires Into Person's Face
Barista Ruins Latte Art
Kid Tries to Stroll Across Suspended Plank
Kid Hits Head on Side of Concrete Bowl
Young Boy Cleans Window with his Tongue
Pet Dog Yanks Branch off Tree
Man Attempts To Fly over Four Chairs
Guy Accidents Moped Into Fence
Girl Encounters Garage Door
Teen Aims To Bike up Rock Stack
Trailer Unhitches in Traffic
Man Carries Pal and Squats
Individual Falls in River After Gliding Down Hillside in Kayak
Female Falls Attempting Barbell Snatch
Man Trips Over Phase Screen at C And W Show
Semi-Truck Rakes Via Cars And Trucks Stuck in Web Traffic
Little Girl Tries to Sled over Hillside Like Older Bro
Birthday celebration Boy's Friend Blows out Candles
Girl Responds to Volcano Sex Reveal
Sibling Drops Baby Bro
Man Embarks On High Cliff and Lands on Watercraft
Bidet Sprays Girl
Guy Falls On Car Aiming To Wheelie on Motorcycle
Building And Construction Workers Lose Control of Water Pipe
Little Boy Says Negative Word while Taking Selfie
Stray Pet Disrupts Wedding Celebration
Individuals Attempt To Help Friend Do a Backflip
Man Breaks Slide at Lake
Guy Breaks Champagne Container While Trying to Open It
Man Bellyflops into Pool after Falling off High Dive
Guy Falls Off Bike and also Lands on Steel Beam Of Light
Man Crashes Into Automatic Door While Cycling Down Stairs
Individual Faceplants on Slip N' Slide
Female Obtains Hit by Elephant Truck
Papa Lets Child Bounce on Head
Young Boy Tumbles Off Couch

I Made It!: Stops working of the Week (October 2017)|FailArmy

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  1. Posted by GameDjeenie, at Reply

    That first clip. Did she worked on her toilet without stopping the Water first ? Plumbing 101 lol

  2. Posted by Josue Garcia, at Reply

    5:55 He just broke his arm nothing else it was in the news

  3. Posted by KC Nwaneri, at Reply

    2:00 Nothing worse than when you have to just lay there as your baby drops it like it’s hot on your head.

  4. Posted by Shells, at Reply

    I thought ‘window licker’ was just a figure of speech 😂

  5. Posted by Zainab Ali, at Reply

    The lady in the first video once Burnt her hair with the iron right after recommending it

  6. Posted by Th Aaron, at Reply

    What’s the point of 3:10 there is nothing funny about that….

  7. Posted by Dylan Burger, at Reply

    I like the jump from “haha, aww shucks i have a sister instead” to “yeah, a family of 4 probably just died. LOL.”

  8. Posted by THE TRUTH MACHINE Reking bullshitters everywhere!, at Reply

    That guy with the be nice to me my wife is pregnant shirt is the faggiest poof ive ever seen. He shouldnt be allowed to reproduce

  9. Posted by J. Corson, at Reply

    When your bidet can blast the door clear across the bathroom,
    *ya done fucked up.*

  10. Posted by Evan Guthrie, at Reply

    4:08 Wait what did he say

  11. Posted by The Manager, at Reply

    @ 2:47 listen to that beta fag “boys are disgustiiiing”

  12. Posted by Jason Des, at Reply

    3:00 it‘s disgusting to put such a Video in a Video which supposed to be funny.

  13. Posted by Danny Pereira, at Reply

    That’s going to be one Clean vagina 😂

  14. Posted by Szr7zMix5kcV6F3, at Reply

    and the music you add is still horrible

  15. Posted by dead dread media, at Reply

    I don’t know why but I got triggered when he said boys are disgusting

  16. Posted by Sam Fergusson, at Reply

    Are you sure the guy at 5:54 is okay??

  17. Posted by cullen bloodstone, at Reply

    The guy who fell onto the boat is alive. He had a broken arm and a concussion, that’s all. However don’t go around acting like an immature dumbass to people who doesn’t think that should have been included. It’s okay to be disturned by that. Don’t go around attacking people for that just to show you’re a badass or something. Failarmy should have specified that the guy is fine.

  18. Posted by Mario 8A, at Reply

    Korah is gonna make more fun the video after this