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ICE Agents Arrest Student Before Prom


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A high school student was apprehended hours before their senior prom by ICE representatives. Hannah Cranston, Mark Thompson, as well as Amberia Allen, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us exactly what you believe in the comment area listed below.

" OSSINING, N.Y. – Federal migration authorities took a 19-year-old high school trainee right into custody hours before his senior prom.

Diego Ismael Puma Macancela, a person of Ecuador, was apprehended at his cousin's Ossining home Thursday morning, inning accordance with Rachael Yong Yow, public affairs policeman for U.S. Migration and also Customs Enforcement.

The firm claimed Puma Macancela is being held at a federal detention center pending expulsion. His apprehension is available in wake of an expulsion order that a migration judge authorized Nov. 16.

His relative, Gaby Macancela, claimed a scared Puma Macancela came to her apartment Wednesday evening after his mom's arrest. The following early morning, she stated they trembled in concern in among the bedrooms when they listened to agents banging on the door of her home.

" Wake up. The police are below once again," she stated Puma Macancela informed her. "They're coming for me."

Her cousin ultimately walked outdoors and was detained, she stated.

" He's not a criminal. … He was just going to college, working. He was attempting to make his desires come to life for him, for his household, for us."

" He's not a criminal. He really did not do anything poor to no one," she stated. "He was just mosting likely to institution, functioning. He was aiming to make his desires happen for him, for his family, for us. I have no idea why. He's simply a youngster."

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Hosts: Hannah Cranston, Mark Thompson, Amberia Allen

Cast: Hannah Cranston, Mark Thompson, Amberia Allen


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  1. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    Hannah looks gorgeous tonight! I am so glad that TYT have the courage to shine a light on this. You would think that this poor kid runs the Federal Reserve and is starting wars. These people aren’t our enemies. If you break a law then I can see deporting them but not someone just trying to live their lives.

    • Posted by The Pale Sicilian, at Reply

      That is his preference . Doesn’t mean he is a racist .

    • Posted by Greg Torrez, at Reply

      How many illegals do you feed and support, Jeri? If the answer is NONE, you’re a hypocrite.

    • Posted by Dwayne Dwayne, at Reply

      Live their lives at other families expense. No these bums destroyed a country and are now invading other countries. – via @haystacktv

  2. Posted by John Doe, at Reply

    I’m left leaning but this simply isn’t news. Why would you spend time reporting about a story ICE doing what they’re told? I’m not saying that this isn’t sad, but he’s in the country illegally and that is illegal.

    • Posted by Braden Wilson, at Reply

      Instead of deporting every poor sod who couldn’t come here legally, we should be offering support to those who have no criminal history.

    • Posted by Jon Smith, at Reply

      Braden Wilson their criminal history started when they crossed the border

  3. Posted by Cerberus Hex, at Reply

    There is only one issue, his mother and him are committing a crime. So actually he is a criminal.

    Its not hard to get a visa in the U.S. They just don’t do it.

    The tax revenue is lower from most illegal immigrants that legal or citizens.

    If your country’s economy is reliant on illegal labor maybe you should work on getting your citizens jobs. A country’s responsibilities is to it’s citizens first.

    • Posted by Cerberus Hex, at Reply

      @FluidIce No, I hate to tell you, Im right on all counts. Why would they get a visitor or student visa? They would get an Immigrant visa. I have sponsored seven of them, everyone was accepted, and they ended up costing nothing.

      The real issue for me is the people crying about it the most don’t actually care enough to try and help. I say anyone that cries about it should stfu unless they have sponsored visas and maybe even adopted kids like that one.

    • Posted by comochinganconesto, at Reply

      Cerberus Hex It is impossibly lengthy, costly, and complicated to get a residency/alien-card. First, you need to have someone/something tying you to the country, then you need the money for the immigration lawyer (hint: it’s a lot). Then, if you meet all those requirements, you need the money for the processing fees.

      Now imagine you live in a third-world country where your salary is pennies on the dollar a day. Imagine there is nothing tying you to the country you want to migrate to. Imagine, there are shooting and dead bodies in the streets every day. Looking at your kids, tell me you wouldn’t do the same.

    • Posted by Cerberus Hex, at Reply

      @comochinganconesto You are confusing a green card with a visa. Immigrant Visas take about three months on average (I have seen them take less) and both the government and Non for profits can and will pay the small fee that comes with a visa if you can show you have no money

      Also if you have a sponsor like me, they can fill it out and file for you. So literally anyone that actually cares can get people immigrant visas basically just with the time it takes to do paper work. Like I said the people that cry about it honestly just dont care enough to do anything.

      The long time it takes to get a citizenship it takes five years (if I remember correctly) you need to be holding a Visa or a Green card and if after working for three years you can save the about 3k it takes, you really shouldn’t be here. Especially with all the non-profits out there helping.

    • Posted by FluidIce, at Reply

      Immigrant visa is what you get if you apply for permanent residency from abroad. The moment you enter the US on IV you become a permanent resident and your green card is mailed to your address. From the US you need to file I-485 which takes now about 6 to 12 mo (depending on the avenue) and costs $1140 plus biometrics fee. In either case you need to get either I-130 (FB – family based) or I-140 (EB – employment based) approved and that can take anywhere between a few months to a few years. For EB visas or green cards it can take 25+ years if you are from India or China.
      The fastest way is to get a spouse sponsored K-1 visa and then I-485 (about 1.5 years) if you are abroad and if you are in the US you can file I-485 (green card) directly. The only way for you to have sponsored so many immigrant visas is probably through EB (I-140). Is that so?
      You were talking about US visas so I assumed you meant non-immigrant visas. Immigrant visas are even harder to get unless you file in EB1C category or get married to a USC. I went through the process myself (hence I have little sympathy for the illegal aliens) and I really wish you were right. And I’m originally from a Western country which already makes it easier for me.

  4. Posted by jhallanimal FPS, at Reply

    entering the country illegally is a crime. there are proper channels to go though is u want citizenship

    • Posted by philpott kentucky, at Reply

      so are you in favor of deporting Donald Trump’s illegal immigrant wife?

    • Posted by jhallanimal FPS, at Reply

      she isn’t here illegally so y would she be deported

    • Posted by Ms. K, at Reply

      So then all Europeans should leave because they don’t have their papers and are here illegally

    • Posted by Josh Nighty, at Reply

      +Ms. K do you mean Europeans who enter now. Because there’ll need to enter legally. Or do you mean 200 years ago because you could say Europeans need papers to be in Eourope

  5. Posted by Isabel Tome, at Reply

    This is not only latino community problem.
    Chinese community have a lot of deportations too.

    • Posted by MissArtSucker, at Reply

      I agree​ and plus more from around the world.

    • Posted by Isabel Tome, at Reply

      I would leave.

    • Posted by Isabel Tome, at Reply

      Your pathetic life must be really sad. I prefer to be happy with the happiness and laugh with people around me . Than laugh at others alone.
      The joke is on you.

  6. Posted by Guino Tack, at Reply

    Only native Americans should be in this country! No one else!

    • Posted by Allen Knott, at Reply

      First, you’re overestimated how long pre-Columbian peoples had been here. But so your point is because you found it first then it is your. Hey, sorry but that doesn’t work.

    • Posted by Benji, at Reply

      White people invented this country fool

    • Posted by Spoder Man, at Reply

      Only the conquerors of a land should live in that country. That is how thousands of civilizations have worked in the past, no need to start letting jihadists in now on principle

  7. Posted by Ragnarok Sora, at Reply

    borders are imaginary lines that humans create.

    • Posted by Frankie Perez, at Reply

      Oh look, Spicy is back. Couldn’t handle ernstbtmn so you decided to try trolling someone else’s comments?

    • Posted by Jon Smith, at Reply

      Ragnarok Sora yes its called dividing territory. do you need to go back to pre-school?

    • Posted by Spicy, at Reply

      Frankie Perez nah fam I was waiting for a response! This is too rich, keep trying to defend illegal aliens!

    • Posted by Ragnarok Sora, at Reply

      +Jon Smith you are a dumbass Mr Jon.
      No one owns the earth.
      Division of territory is stupid.

  8. Posted by David Gutowski, at Reply

    ICE: Immigration and Customs Enforcement
    This is the very definition of their job
    Why does TYT have such a hard time understanding we have no problem with immigrants, these are ILLEGAL immigrants

    • Posted by leonie duarte, at Reply

      How old are you? You are the one using ROFL…ROFL… last time I said that I was in middle school. Who really is the child here?

      I am 18. 🙂

    • Posted by David Gutowski, at Reply

      +leonie duarte
      Oh dear, 18 and still this immature
      I do hope you grow up quickly or I feel sorry for anyone that dates you
      Oh and I’m 30 and a doctor now, I make $50 in about 30 minutes

    • Posted by leonie duarte, at Reply

      Immature? I am defending my beliefs and ideals againts a much older person and refraining from using abbreviations such “ROFL” in my argument or using the typical “how old are you? 10?” when my defense does not hold up or my feelings are hurt. And at least people date me, unlike you who is jacking off to some anime and has had the most communications ever with a girl through the comments of a TYT video. If anyone is going to have a hard time dating anyone is you, how can people stand you? Have fun being lonely and you can watch me having a social life.

    • Posted by David Gutowski, at Reply

      +leonie duarte
      Oh so you are a spoiled brat, ya that makes sense LOL

    • Posted by Evan Howatt, at Reply


      Whenever David makes a point you resort to throwing insults. It is quite lame. You seem to think that because he has a profile picture that you obviously dislike that that somehow makes his points invalid.

      “And at least people date me, unlike you who is jacking off to some anime and has had the most communications ever with a girl through the comments of a TYT video. If anyone is going to have a hard time dating anyone is you, how can people stand you?”

      Really pathetic. You don’t know anything about him and are again throwing insults because you have no reasonable reply to his comment, so you resort to attacking him to make you feel better about yourself and your ego.

      Also anyone who has to brag about their dating life at 18 on a YouTube comment section is probably insecure.

      Based on what I have read of your comments, I would like to second David’s comment as to if you are 10 years old, based on your apparent intellectual immaturity.

  9. Posted by Turkey Grasslesnatch, at Reply

    Sad that we’re deporting people who would otherwise make great citizens. He was a child when he was brought here by his parents, he’s a victim of circumstance. He should be given a student visa and help gaining citizenship, not being held in a detention center.

    • Posted by Mike R, at Reply

      Turkey Grasslesnatch the underage boy should be given help to stay while his parents are deported? Where’s he gonna live? I mean I agree with you because if he’s very close to 18 they should just give him the paperwork and go through the vetting process to become a citizen. If he has no criminal past what so ever and grew up here and what not than I feel the same way. But at the same time when do we say enough is enough and make a statement that this should have never happened in the first place and if you want the honors of living here than u should take the steps to become one of us, not someone living off of us.. I mean I don’t know his parents financial situation, do illegal immigrants do their taxes at the end of the year? I mean do they even have a social security # to put down? N if so it’s somebody else’s right.. but anyways kinda beside the point, the point is he went to school for free on the tax payers dime. And even if his parents did pay taxes, those are jobs that Americans that are living on the street could have. The class room wouldn’t have 30+ students. Maybe we can pay teachers a livable wage and have classrooms with enough kids to where 1 teacher can actually teach them instead of having a over stuffed classroom watch their teacher write stuff on a board and then assigned homework where they go home and has no clue what’s going on.

    • Posted by Turkey Grasslesnatch, at Reply

      Jon Smith So he’d have still been a child, my point stands.

    • Posted by Jon Smith, at Reply

      Turkey Grasslesnatch a high school aged kid is capable of understanding that it is illegal to cross a border with out the due processes. he had a choice to go with his mother to America back in 2014 he could have said “No mom it is wrong to cross the border illegal so I will go through the proper processes.” but he did not.

    • Posted by Jimmy Castellano, at Reply

      “the underage boy” — the guy is 19 years old and came here illegally when he was less than a year away from becoming an adult, so save the CNN style of spinning information. “grew up here” — he was 17 when he arrived and he is 19 now so he most defiantly DID NOT grow up here. “”If he has no criminal past” completely absurd! The moment he crossed the border he had a criminal past.

  10. Posted by MajesticReaper8, at Reply

    These people are ILLEGAL. They should leave and come back legally.

    • Posted by Fonzy Mares, at Reply

      I really hope you guys make it to heaven when time is due (: do and say whatever you guys want (:

    • Posted by theAppleWizz, at Reply

      hahahaha you have really bad logic Let’s start off with the workers will never have the power because there will always be people to accept very low pay even americans and also most immigrant actually work for things that most americans would not even touch with a 10 foot pole.

  11. Posted by Byron Lenard, at Reply

    So I guess they’ve deported all the criminals, gang members, and bad hombres. Now let’s get the high school kids

    • Posted by IizUname, at Reply

      Legality =/= morality.

    • Posted by boyzing, at Reply

      ends dont justify the means… same excuses were used when the germans were “deporting” jews only they werent going for the purpose that the german government said and i trust our own government under drumpf as nearly just as trustworthy if not less.

    • Posted by Brendan Toungate, at Reply

      Just like black people who were using the whites only fountain. Throw ’em in jail; they’re breaking the LAW! Law != justice, and breaking an unjust law is no crime in my eyes.

    • Posted by boyzing, at Reply

      exactly unjust actions are always unjust even when it’s the law only this country was founded on the idea of challenging those injustices

    • Posted by FunStuff ABB, at Reply

      Brendan Toungate can you go to Germany and live there without a citizenship… no… can you live in mexico without a citizenship…. NO. List goes on and on bud. Its called borders.

      There is a process in which people(s) can obtain a citizenship LEGALLY….. so is this a injustice law… NO.

      But you people are so blind, brainwashed, and cannot think for yourself. You can argue all you want but the law is the law. And there is a system in place. No reason to illegally cross.

  12. Posted by crystal pope, at Reply

    The changes in immigration enforcement are destructive to our economy, our communities and our food production. They are no longer arresting actual criminals (that’s dangerous and difficult) but simply plucking people right out of our midst because law-abiding, productive people are easy to find. ICE agents are basically mercenaries and yet we are employing hundreds more of them to arrest productive members of society.

    • Posted by MrBrybry303, at Reply

      crystal pope yeah, getting rid of people who break federal law is bad

    • Posted by crystal pope, at Reply

      And profit is made off their work that they never see. Almost like securing a workforce for the price of some sub-standard housing and the absolute minimum amount of calories legally required. And they can’t quit.

    • Posted by boyzing, at Reply

      yeah it’s modern day indentured servitude and economic slavery.. or just plain slavery for a lot of these people

  13. Posted by RedX165, at Reply

    If you’re an illegal then you have to go back…

    • Posted by Luke Morrell, at Reply

      Twiistz um yeah that would be the most basic concept of economics with supply and demand

    • Posted by Jake A, at Reply

      Twiistz No but I do think that if you’re illegal you need to get out. It’s not fair that you have law abiding people waiting in line while the people illegally hop over without following the rules.

  14. Posted by Brendan Toungate, at Reply

    Do these immigrants make life more unsafe in the country? No. This is a waste of taxpayer funds, besides being inhumane.

    • Posted by Luke Morrell, at Reply

      Brendan Toungate ms13

    • Posted by Josh Valenz, at Reply

      +chrichtonsworld how old are you, I gave up after wake up and smell the coffee because your oblislh not elivent any more

    • Posted by Rodri2782, at Reply

      Brendan Toungate Maybe the USA should take over in Central America if you own shitty governments are too dumb to fight crime.

    • Posted by Jake A, at Reply

      Brendan Toungate The Russia investigation is a waste of taxpayers money.

  15. Posted by Daniela, at Reply

    I actually went to school with him. I graduated last year, but I attended what would’ve been his graduation today. I couldn’t stop thinking about him and how he couldn’t be there to receive his diploma, the way I did last year and all his friends did today. To drag someone out from their home, and threaten the rest of their family with deportation is unacceptable. Our town has a large immigrant population from Ecuador and they are all living in fear. Thankfully, my town supports the immigrant population and has promised to protect all the people who call this town their home. I really wish Diego all the best.

    • Posted by Trick Q, at Reply

      Did you even have friends in high school or how many years ago was it since you’ve been highschool? Don’t answer either question. I’ll take my guesses. I understand legalities. For example.. the orange Fuhrer is under criminal investigation by a special prosecuter for obstruction of justice, which would be illegal.

      Mr Diego was brought along for the ride by his parents. This is probably one of those overstayed visas cases, meaning they flew in legally like most have. Maybe they were in the process of getting their papers. You can still be deported even if you’re waiting for your papers. I sympathize. Adults aren’t eligible for DACA, but he was so I wonder why they never signed him up.

    • Posted by Dwayne Dwayne, at Reply

      The problem is, it was never his home. He is an invader in other people’s home. – via @haystacktv

    • Posted by Trick Q, at Reply

      His friends, fellow students, and people in his neighbor who have probably never met the guy don’t see him as an invader. The top commenter went to school with him. Wishes him well. So those who didn’t know up until now he was undoucmented might disagree he is an invader. Some people lack empathy and sympathy. Understandable. A “bleeding heart” is not required, but there is no reason to critisize him or judge him based on what his parents have done. The only thing that seperates him from DACA recipients is the fact those people can’t be touched unless they’ve commited crime.

    • Posted by Twiistz, at Reply

      +Luke Morrell You need empathy to understand why they came to the country in the first place. You need sympathy to feel bad for them being deported. YOU learn the difference. Don’t just jump into a conversation and act all superior.

  16. Posted by IintruderI, at Reply

    if you’re an illegal you are a criminal

    • Posted by Jeff Austin, at Reply

      Illegal Immigration is a Crime
      Each year the Border Patrol apprehends hundreds of thousands of aliens who flagrantly violate our nation’s laws by unlawfully crossing U.S. borders. Such illegal entry is a misdemeanor, and, if repeated after being deported, becomes punishable as a felony.
      The illegal alien population is composed of those who illegally enter the country (referred to as “entry without inspection — EWI”) in violation of the immigration law, and others enter legally and then sty illegally (referred to as overstayers). The immigration authorities currently estimate that two-thirds to three-fifths of all illegal immigrants are EWIs and the remainder is overstayers. Both types of illegal immigrants are deportable under Immigration and Nationality Act Section 237 (a)(1)(B) which says: “Any alien who is present in the United States in violation of this Act or any other law of the United States is deportable.”

    • Posted by Jeff Austin, at Reply

      I love when my country uses stuff like Act Section 237 a1b

    • Posted by Jeff Austin, at Reply

      Yeah its trumps fault Trick Q not the persons parents or him for trying to cheat the system. Lets blame everyone else. Hey It’s the white mans fault. Damn rules of a country…… Who needs rules anyways… I love people who blame things other then themselves.

  17. Posted by Domzdream, at Reply

    I don’t know. It’s a tough call for me because my humanitarian side says – let them stay. They’ve earned it.
    They’ve settle in. Etc.
    My logical side says- deport them because let’s face it they’re there illegally. If they went the legal way, that family would not have any problems. So as a result of the parents’ irresponsible behaviour, their kids are now paying for it.
    If we didn’t have regulations in countries, there would be simply mayhem. All of Somalia would prefer to live in America rather than their war-ridden country. If no regulation would stop people coming in to a better place, there would be absolute imbalance and an over population.

  18. Posted by Chris Ashcroft, at Reply

    Hands up white Americans! Who here is willing to pick fruit and vegetables in the hot sun for a few dollars a day? None? hmmmm. How about the worst manual labor jobs for minimum wage? Nobody? So I guess you are willing to pay substantially more for food and services as white people take those jobs at a much higher wage? No? It appears we have a problem then.

    • Posted by Bobbius Shadow, at Reply

      automation is not possible with many produces and in every sector of farm labor…..i.e. grapes for wine production, machines exist but lots of vineyards (over 95%) won’t use them, machines don’t harvest as “clean” and as picky than a human, another example, mushroom farms, chili peppers (i.e. Tabasco uses manual labor), etc….. see my point?

    • Posted by SupaDr00g, at Reply

      Ok first things first, don’t start by telling me i’m wrong and then start talking about a different subject entirely.
      Secondly you can already apply for a legal work visa in the US, what makes these people illegals is they enter the country with no visa (hop the border), a different type of visa like a tourist visa for example or they breach the rules and requirements of the work visa hence they have no legal permission to be in the country.
      I really don’t understand this notion that it’s ok to flout the law and then when caught flouting the law you are the victim.
      Seriously under what other circumstances is that acceptable?
      “Yes Judge i did steal the car but you have to understand i wanted a car and buying one was just too difficult and expensive so i just had to steal one, why are you persecuting me, it’s not fair, i was only trying to improve my status”.

    • Posted by Leanbhh Brighhid, at Reply

      I know a lot of white people who work as fruit pickers especially in Michigan. And EVEN IF they don’t we can use forced prison labor.

  19. Posted by reedcampbell9, at Reply

    Of course tyt doesn’t mention an immigrant judge ordered him to leave

    • Posted by Dwayne Dwayne, at Reply

      Leanbhh Brighhid or even the government of Mexico.

    • Posted by Leanbhh Brighhid, at Reply

      Dwayne Dwayne Yeah Mexico isn’t accepting any refugees because it’s against their best interest.

    • Posted by Leanbhh Brighhid, at Reply

      Andy Johnson Mexico is the second largest economy is Latin America with a higher GDP than most European countries who take refugees. If you think income inequality is a big problem in the US wait to you see it in Mexico. Sick? If sick means knowing my best interest then yes I’m sick.