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ICE Now Tracking YOUR License Plate


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If you appreciated the idea of driving in The U.S.A. without the federal government understanding specifically where you go to all times, we have actually got some trouble … Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, and Michael Brooks, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Tell us just what you assume in the remark area below.

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" The Migration and Traditions Enforcement (ICE) firm has officially gained agency-wide access to an across the country permit plate acknowledgment database, inning accordance with an agreement completed earlier this month. The system provides the firm access to billions of permit plate documents and new powers of real-time area tracking, raising considerable worries from civil libertarians.
The resource of the information is not called in the agreement, yet an ICE agent stated the data originated from Vigilant Solutions, the leading network for permit plate recognition information. "Like most other police, ICE utilizes details obtained from license plate visitors as one device in support of its examinations," speaker Dani Bennett stated in a statement. "ICE is not looking for to develop a permit plate reader database, and will certainly not accumulate neither add any type of information to a nationwide public or personal data source via this contract."
Gotten to by The Verge, Vigilant declined to verify any kind of contract with ICE. "As plan, Vigilant Solutions is not at liberty to share any legal details," the firm stated in a statement. "This is a conventional arrangement in between our firm, our partners, and our customers."" *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Michael Brooks.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Michael Brooks.


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  1. Posted by Barry Cooper, at Reply

    Ben Franklin said those who give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety.

    • Posted by James Guilford, at Reply

      Barry Cooper; Absent liberty, safety is not possible. A loss of due freedom, means that harm, has already been inflicted.
      Anyone familiar with my comments, knows that I am not at all anti-government, or even anti-” big” government. To remain free in a complex world, and a world of people whom seek to gain from depriving other people of freedom, I believe an expansive, responsive, democratically representative, government, is a must.
      Having said this, there is no legitimate need, for any representative government to be able to constantly monitor the citizens, said government, represents. Furthermore , of even greater concern, than government surveilance alone, is the merger of government, with unelected private interests whom even in theory, have no obligation to promote the best interests, of other citizens. There is nothing left to say, other than we have become a Fascist nation, and it may well be, that we have reached the point of no return. For those Americans that value order over liberty, economic gain , over freedom, security over liberty and political efficiency over the freedom and justice made possible by the awkwardness of democracy, you will be well pleased; well pleased that is, until such time that your own existence, your own interests, conflict with the wants and needs of the Fascist elite. At that point, regret, will be all that you have left.

  2. Posted by Donald J Trump sucks putin's dick!, at Reply

    Whatsoever you do unto the least of my brethren, you do unto me.

    As you have judged them unworthy to enter into your kingdom on Earth, so shall you be judged unworthy to enter into my kingdom in Heaven.

  3. Posted by alaskanmes, at Reply

    You gotta catch em all! It’s time for them to go back.

    • Posted by Marley Munga, at Reply

      alaskanmes white people back to England!

    • Posted by alaskanmes, at Reply

      Marley Munga all white people are from England? Why are you so concerned about race? Is racism just the excuse you use to vilify people that put a higher priority on immigration law enforcement than you? It’s funny how you actually make a racist statement while you pretend to be superior. Are you sure which side you are on?

  4. Posted by Nate Andrews, at Reply

    The pro’s finally allowed to do their job and uphold the law.

    • Posted by Marley Munga, at Reply

      Nate Andrews white people are crazy!

  5. Posted by bomaite1, at Reply

    Big Brother, baby. Our government can do all this to keep track of YOU, but they don’t have the time to actually read through, much less study the bills that are voted on by congress. Government of some people, by some other people, for some other people. It is why the terrorists hate us: because we are free.

  6. Posted by David Skelding, at Reply

    We need to make surveillance accountable, and accomplishing this goal is a difficult unsolved problem. Historically, as technology advanced, smaller and smaller groups people were given the ability to cause more and more destruction. In the current state of technology, a small country such as North Korea could eventually produce enough weapons to destroy civilization. If a technology, such as self replicating nano robots were possible in the coming decades, one crazy individual could destroy the earth. Even now it is difficult to know how much destruction one person could cause misusing genetic engineering. The simultaneous, technologically driven advances in surveillance could be humanities salvation from self destruction. Now is the time to figure out how to implement accountability and regulation, while its legitimate uses are less dire. We missed our first chance to start crafting the accountable escalation of surveillance in the events following 9/11. The prevention of terrorism seems like a legitimate use of the currently available surveillance; rounding up immigrants who have a productive role in our society does not. Lets approach surveillance with pragmatism, and caution, but we can not shun its inevitable increase.

    • Posted by Timothy William Brown, at Reply

      David Skelding that’s correct however David I’m not very optimistic on the chances one the right or the smart people like your self will ever be in the right, place at the right time and have the right power to make the right people or even person acanable for there actions and of course it would be very difficult to in force in other countries. As far as solutions we should at least try to fellow your suggestions at best slow the end to humanity down to a later date

  7. Posted by SPC FUZZY, at Reply

    Make a segment on commifornia new tax plan…

  8. Posted by Fred Munoz, at Reply

    The last time I got back into LAX I felt like we were being herded like well behaved cattle, and thought to myself we have completely lost or flight instinct becoming the ultimate in domesticated life stock.First a customs agent checks your passport, and then a machine scans it and takes your photo. It felt like we were being graded like meat for later sale to market.

    • Posted by myname is love, at Reply

      Fred Munoz But when a radical detonates a bomb and kills innocent people you would expect the police to be able to track them down so justice can be handed down!! You can’t have it both ways.. We don’t live in the 80’s anymore.

  9. Posted by phillysipha, at Reply

    Cenk and the dude with the glasses are misguided on thid one. It’s not about which administration has control over this it’s the fact the government as a whole is utilizing this technology at all. No administration should be using this technology.

    • Posted by . Dan, at Reply

      i think they would agree with you, but the point they were making is that at least when we had democrats in office, they wouldnt take it to this extreme

  10. Posted by Shawn Begley, at Reply

    Enemy of the people!!!,,,,

  11. Posted by user 15481, at Reply

    They are Nazi sympathizers. Enough said.

  12. Posted by Arturo Sanchez, at Reply

    What’s next, we all get bar codes?

    • Posted by Immortal SoFar, at Reply

      This is why I refused to work on facial recognition. Imagine a database of SSN, mapref, timestamp. Around 40 bits per sighting and *very* fast searching.

  13. Posted by sirkreuab, at Reply

    Cough 1984 cough nazis cough fascism

  14. Posted by myname is love, at Reply

    I suppose nobody cares about being safe anymore?? Im happy to see them camera’s going up. Its not about ICE in my head it’s about public safety!! If the elder in Vermont who was attacked with a machete had not had a camera close by the police would have not seen which direction he went and found him. Same as in the Boston marathon bombing. . Big Brother is saving lives and catching evil people so think about what you’re saying.

  15. Posted by Quinn McDonald, at Reply

    I really hope the racist President gets treated worse than how he treats people.

  16. Posted by Carson Smith, at Reply

    Looks like liberals aren’t the snowflakes. ICE

  17. Posted by Ashley Hexenrai, at Reply

    I hope ICE Does this. They need to use every trick in the book to round these cockaroaches up and deport them all.

  18. Posted by Bulk Bogan, at Reply


  19. Posted by Esau's Dominion, at Reply

    “This is my Country and I want it now.” <<< Much better ring to it than the actual commercial.

  20. Posted by AnonyMouse, at Reply

    Lots of racists and/or Russian trolls in the comments section.