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Immigrants are Not Reporting Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Due to Fears of Deportation


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As a result of Trump's heavy enforcement of migration regulations and also enhancing numbers of undocumented immigrants dealing with apprehension and deportation, numerous undocumented immigrants in the U.S. currently fear accepting the authorities or declaring police records. These worries are not unfounded: The Trump Administration has actually made the expulsion of undocumented immigrants among its leading priorities and also has had no agitations about utilizing any kind of suggests it considers necessary to do so. There have also been circumstances of ICE Agents detaining undocumented immigrants at courthouses where they were standing for unconnected matters. In addition, the Trump Administration has dismantled the immigrant stipulations in the Violence Against Female Act.

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  1. Posted by Syrup Forever, at Reply

    Shouldn’t have crossed the border illegally then.

    • Posted by Syrup Forever, at Reply

      Darrell Ponce My grandparents were LEGAL immigrants. L-E-G-A-L.

    • Posted by Darrell Ponce, at Reply

      Syrup Forever uh they were paid workers that came from europe

    • Posted by Syrup Forever, at Reply

      Darrell Ponce Legally.

  2. Posted by Farhan Ihram, at Reply

    Man the comment in here is so toxic. Even though they’re illegal but they are still human being. So are the haters going to to say “they had it coming”?

    • Posted by DeadFishFactory, at Reply

      You’re breaking the law, so technically, yes. If the sexual assault or domestic violence is so bad, then you would report them and get deported.

    • Posted by tek2095, at Reply

      +Farhan Ihram Having humanity or empathy for other people makes you a weak in their eyes.

    • Posted by Farhan Ihram, at Reply

      +tek2095 Why being empathy makes you weak? It’s a sign that you care for others.

  3. Posted by Conor McGoat, at Reply

    Literally at this point, you must be one dumb asparagus if you swallow everything TYT puts out as reliable news.

    • Posted by tek2095, at Reply

      “Literally, at this point, you must be one dumb asparagus if you swallow anything the Trump administration or media outlets in its pockets puts out as reliable news.” Fixed that for you.

    • Posted by James Carter, at Reply

      hahahahahahahaha 40 im done

    • Posted by HeeroYuyZero13 aka_Aku, at Reply

      Conor McGoat I used to watch tyt a lot and agree with them more times than I didn’t in the past year I find myself laughing and rarely I agreeing with them they have fallen far sadly.

    • Posted by Magellan, at Reply

      Well, TYT certainly hasn’t covered a lot of what’s been going on among the many refugees that fled to Europe, including children and women. It’s insane how many refugee children and women had been obducted or sold into prostitution. It’s a shame what Europeans have done to many refugee families. Yet the corporate media only freaks out when something like Cologne happens (many of the sexual assaulters not even refugees from the Middle East but Northern Africa). But when it affects the other side – crickets.

  4. Posted by DeadFishFactory, at Reply

    And on the flipside, people are not reporting rapes conducted by migrants because they don’t want to be labeled racist.

  5. Posted by Jesse Torres, at Reply

    WARNING: Very long/controversial comment ahead.

    Many people who are uneducated/misled on the subject of immigration/refugees often ask things like “Why don’t immigrants come here legally or stay here if they know they are illegal?,” “If they are already here why don’t they just apply for citizenship to stay,” and “Why should we care about immigrants or refugees in the 1st place since they don’t benefit our country?” Well I have a few answers/explanations.

    A lot of Americans, particularly those who have never left the U.S., don’t realize how hard legal immigration actually takes. Much like achieving refugee status/vetting to seek asylum from places like the Middle East can take up to 2 years, applying and getting legal immigration status can take at least 5 years no matter where you come from (even for our closest allies). If you have a relative who is an American citizen or some1 sponsoring you then you can save time but most immigrants/refugees obviously don’t. Whether you are an legal immigrant, refugee, asylum seeker, or student/tourist visa applicant, no 1 from any country can just get on a plane and become a citizen over night regardless of what Republicans/isolationists who see them as a threat to us claim.

    Now if a foreigner wants to come to the U.S. legally for work or an education and they are willing to put the time and money to do so then we have no right to deport them since as I said this process of becoming a citizen takes years. But when people are trying to escape war, crime, or poverty to seek shelter in the U.S. sometimes their only option is to take the risk and come illegally and try to seek citizenship once they are here. Also, immigrants and refugees who have jobs and pay taxes (although by law most businesses and corporations aren’t supposed to hire them in the 1st place and report them to authorities) which benefits our economy, but until they become legal citizens they never receive benefits like social security and Medicare/Medicaid.

    Finally, most people who come here illegally don’t tend to stay for more than just a few years (some do but they aren’t the majority) and just try to work to earn a little money to send back to their families or seek safe haven until they can return home. So President Trump’s border wall (as many at The Young Turks have pointed out) will fail at keeping immigrants out and make keeping them in easier. And, nowadays the fastest growing groups of immigrants are Latin Americans (the 7 countries south of Mexico) and East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, and Indians) who come by planes and overstay visas, while more Mexican immigrants and asylum seekers are returning home in recent years.

    If you read all of this thanks and share your thoughts/opinions about these subjects.

    • Posted by liedetector101, at Reply

      Yep, I waited 4 years to come here legally. Maybe it would have been a lot less if the government didn’t have to spend so much resources dealing with all the illegal aliens that jumped the q in front of me, while I waited like a dummy respecting the laws of my new country.

    • Posted by nrgarcia1071, at Reply

      +liedetector101 the sad reality…

    • Posted by nrgarcia1071, at Reply

      Just secure the borders and fix the immigration system. And we should not incentivise people to come here illegally.

    • Posted by Lourenco Almada, at Reply

      Jesse Torres Why don’t people try to fix their country instead of running away?

  6. Posted by It Me, at Reply

    And TYT avoid reporting rape and violence done by refugees and illegal immigrants as much as possible

    • Posted by Master Joe Kerr, at Reply

      That isn’t relevant because they aren’t white.

  7. Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

    Or people don’t report crimes committed by refugees and migrants so that they aren’t labed bigots and shunned by their fellow Lefists.

    • Posted by TheFaraz181, at Reply

      Gustav The Mad, Did you watch the video? It’s about the refugees and migrants that suffer the crime who are unable to call the police because of fear that they’ll be deported.

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      +TheFaraz181 Apply for legal citizenship duuuuuuh.

  8. Posted by Bullion Forever, at Reply

    Where’s the Seth Rich report TYT? (whisper conflict of interest).

    • Posted by TheANTIFA_penguin, at Reply

      Bullion Forever It’s fake…

    • Posted by Michael Belzowski, at Reply

      Bullion Forever not gonna happen because tyt is establishment media

    • Posted by Bullion Forever, at Reply
      Here’s a podesta email stating that they will make an example out of the suspected leaker.

    • Posted by TheANTIFA_penguin, at Reply

      Bullion Forever And you automatically jump to murder…. It’s Washington not GoT

  9. Posted by Ray Fire, at Reply

    Guys, I dislike TYT more than anyone of you but don’t make rude remarks about someones appearance…. Unless you notice a fat water buffalo BaconGrease guzzling Armenian genocide denying scumbag. other than that don’t stoop to the level of idiocy to the left…

    • Posted by Ray Fire, at Reply

      RandomRobin perhaps you don’t clearly read what I write, i specifically word things so people don’t get confused, for example I never said I “hate” TYT but I do “dislike” TYT. I don’t attack people for what they can’t *control*. You can control if you’re a weeaboo but you choose to be one anyways.

    • Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

      Still coming from a guy with MGS as his pic.

    • Posted by Ray Fire, at Reply

      RandomRobin you obviously never seen escape from New York.

    • Posted by Ray Fire, at Reply

      AirForce706 O_o ! omg, the world has gotten even more ridiculous, is that some other kind of gender Airforce? C’mon, now you’re going to beat up on me?

  10. Posted by Freedog13, at Reply

    Come here legally and avoid all this. Many have to work the black market as well. STAY OUT Your making our country worse.

    • Posted by Lucas, at Reply

      So the $13 billion in taxes that come from undocumented workers is a made-up number?

    • Posted by BOSS NASS, at Reply

      +Lucas That’s from sales tax, not income tax. Try again.

    • Posted by Lucas, at Reply

      You’re implying they get paid cash, does mcdonalds pay in cash? Do other business pay in cash? I don’t think so.

    • Posted by BOSS NASS, at Reply

      +Lucas Yes. lots of illegal workers in the construction and service industries get paid under the table.

    • Posted by Lucas, at Reply

      BOSS NASS How would you know that? Big companies have accountability, I have no reason to believe they pay people under the table, I’d imagine small businesses do though.

      Getting paid under the table isn’t an immigrant issue only, and that responsibility lies on the employer.

      Sad to see people twisting the facts solely to push an agenda.

  11. Posted by LincDN, at Reply

    All Americans that are not of native American descent are illegal immigrants. get over youreslves, Trumpanzees. By being born here you are here illegally, you are living on stolen land.

    • Posted by andy69156915, at Reply

      You’re right. Thing is, that’s an argument to be against immigration, not one FOR it. We killed them and too over afterward, we’re a cautionary tale of exactly why free immigration can end badly. If your argument for immigration is “you were illegal immigrants who then killed the native’s land and took over”… Then you really got to stop and think for a second about what you just said.

    • Posted by blistified, at Reply

      Its a dog eat dog world hahahaha get over yourself

  12. Posted by haha haha, at Reply

    their own fault for not coming legally

    • Posted by Camille Lake, at Reply

      Wait? Believe you? or Pay someone to work for me under the table?

    • Posted by haha haha, at Reply

      Believe me, somehow I missed the second part of your comment

    • Posted by haha haha, at Reply

      20 for what?

  13. Posted by Napoleon Rapem'Hard, at Reply

    This problem is Mexico’s fault, if their country wasn’t such a shithole their citizens wouldn’t have to flee to “Racist” America in mass.

    • Posted by Tokenetta, at Reply

      Cartels would be just as strong here if it weren’t for a strong economy supporting the police force. Don’t think that the U.S isn’t making the same mistake when they refuse to legalize drugs to defeat cartels. If you think that’s crazy then I guess you don’t mind cartels actually being a threat to politicians, neighborhoods, families and judges. It’s not worth it.

    • Posted by Dreikoo, at Reply

      The point I think is that it’s their fault their economy can’t support their police.

  14. Posted by Trump The Fraud, at Reply

    I’m just waiting for racist white illegals to talk about immigration lmao so I could give them a history lesson, so they could know who are the real illegals lmao

    • Posted by ZaBeast465, at Reply

      Trump The Fraud illegal really isn’t the right term since there was not a clear establishment of boundaries and laws. There was no country to employ such a term. So that would make them not illegals unlike the people who come here now.

    • Posted by Trump The Fraud, at Reply

      ZaBeast465 actually Tribes had rules and laws ! Please get your facts straight

    • Posted by ZaBeast465, at Reply

      Trump The Fraud They most certainly did not have laws. They might of had social norms but definitely no laws. The concept of laws came much later. It would be impossible for them to have laws regarding immigration if they were unaware of the concept.

    • Posted by ZaBeast465, at Reply

      Trump The Fraud The first law enacted was in 1789. First Europeans to come to America where in 985 from Greenland

  15. Posted by Maxime Laneville, at Reply

    Huh? Why would they fear deportation if they’re legal immigrants?

    • Posted by Maxime Laneville, at Reply

      +bL:D sin I don’t think you lack education, I honestly think you’re playing dumb. You had to know that “undocumented immigrant” is a euphemism for “illegal alien”…

    • Posted by bL:D sin, at Reply

      Sorry. Whatever.

    • Posted by Chris Taylor, at Reply

      +Maxime Laneville He couldn’t even hold a decent argument against you. Just…….LOL!!!!!

    • Posted by Maxime Laneville, at Reply

      +futurestoryteller Care to explain?

  16. Posted by jjbees, at Reply

    Illegal aliens should be deported. period.

    • Posted by jjbees, at Reply

      Alicia Thompson — truth he tells. people from the Caucasus came to Europe during the time of the neanderthal.

      that’s why europeans have more neanderthal genes then most other ethnicities.

      now, would you like to argue with science?

    • Posted by englanddg, at Reply

      Recent archeological evidence have shown that before the asian immigrants to “america”, the Europeans were here first.

      I care about any of it, but the evidence is presenting itself…

    • Posted by futurestoryteller, at Reply

      They probably have more of a right to be here than you do, in all honesty.

    • Posted by englanddg, at Reply

      +futurestoryteller – Decolonize, eh?

    • Posted by thescopedogable, at Reply

      Denys Lightbow well I guess they are just conquering now

  17. Posted by Rakesh Pawar, at Reply

    TYT is not reporting sexual assaults and domestic violence against Europeans from migrants due to their Muslim apologist agenda.

    • Posted by futurestoryteller, at Reply

      Aren’t you supposed to be watching Fox News?

    • Posted by futurestoryteller, at Reply

      Meanwhile in the middle eastern country of Nonsequitar.

  18. Posted by Blue Eyed, at Reply

    That’s interesting.
    Here in Europe, the cops refuse to go into areas filled with muslim refugees to not be called ”racist” .
    If seven desert dwelling savages brutally rape a European woman for 7
    hours (as it happened in Sweden destroying that woman’s life forever)
    they serve 1 month in prison and get deported………or they don’t get
    deported and they do in again.

    • Posted by Elke Ve, at Reply

      I also live in Europe. There is one single documented case of this “no-go-zones” trope, and that’s certain Paris banlieues. And that’s it. It’s sad and bad, but not that widespread. What IS white spread, is sexual assault by men on women, and by men on men, and violence of trans and intersex people, and all those are underreported because of systemic discrimination of survivors and associated stigma. But you”re not interested in the reality of sexual assault in Europa, you just want to use it to prove you’re a superior kind of human being. That’s also very interesting.

    • Posted by Jose Conseco, at Reply

      +Elke Ve What in the name of Quanza are you talking about?

    • Posted by Elke Ve, at Reply

      Uh. What he said?

  19. Posted by A Koncerned Kafir, at Reply

    Sweden now has the 3rd or 4th highest rates of rape IN THE WORLD!!!! SWEDEN!!!! Any word on this TYT?

    • Posted by sourceofgrey, at Reply

      They talked about this many times actually, Sweden has a broader definition of what constitutes sexual assault. So basically, their numbers are more accurate then other places.

    • Posted by SidheKnight, at Reply

      The reason why Sweden “has more rapes” is because they have a different wy of counting rapes. In Sweden, if a person rapes another person 20 times over a period of time, it counts as 20 rapes, not just one.

    • Posted by jemimallah, at Reply

      its also why iceland, the whitest country in europe, has a similarly high rate