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In Case You Haven’t Heard, The Flooding In Baton Rouge Right Now Is Pretty Insane


So far, this summer has been marked by extreme and unseasonable weather. Over the weekend, record-breaking warm temperatures rocked nearly the entire nation. While you may have been inside, hunkered down with the air-conditioning, the people of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, were (many quite literally) fighting for their lives against relentless floodwaters.

This week, unseasonably heavy rains throughout southern Louisiana caused severe flooding conditions. While the heavy rain has eased in parts of the state, some rivers are not expected to crest until later in the week before finally retreating back to their banks.


The floodwater came so hard and fast that many were left unprepared. Below is a photo posted to Facebook of one resident who was trapped in their attic due to the rising waters. They nearly drowned as they did not have the tools on hand to open the roof. Luckily, help arrived.

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East Baton Rouge, Livingston, Tangipahoa, and St. Helena parishes were officially declared federal disaster zones by the governor. National Guard units have mobilized to help with rescue and evacuations.


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Despite the tough conditions, many residents are attempting to make the best of their situations. Here is a photo posted to Reddit of one local resident refusing to let the flood waters interrupt their morning coffee ritual.

As of this writing, while close to 20,000 people have been saved and evacuated, there have been at least four known fatalities because of the flooding.


In addition to the massive property damage caused by the floodwaters, the water has also caused newly buried coffins at several cemeteries to become disinterred.

(via USA Today)

I’m sure catching a glimpse of a coffin floating down a flooded street is a surreal experience in the middle of a natural disaster. Our thoughts and prayers go out to any and all impacted by the floods in Louisiana.

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