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Insurance Company: Baby Too Expensive To Keep Alive


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THIS is why we require Medicare-For-All! Hannah Cranston, Brett Erlich, Amberia Allen, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment area listed below. Join TYT:

" A 9-month-old child with a hostile brain growth obtained a letter from his household's insurance company describing that dealing with the cancer would be also pricey and consequently "not clinically essential."

' Beloved Connor Richardson," the letter claimed, according to The Daily Beast, "As HIP Health Insurance of New York City, we try hard to supply you with accessibility to high quality health care solutions that meet your needs. When we make a decision to deny protection for treatment or service, we want to ensure you recognize why."

Connor's daddy– retired NYPD policeman Wayne Richardson– told The Daily Monster's Michael Daly that at 7 months old, his child had a frightening crying jag late one night. The baby's eyes popped open, wide as well as staring.

" Not like a normal infant, like when someone dies," Richardson said.

Connor was diagnosed with an unusual aggressive teratoid rhabdoid brain growth that was obstructing blood flow to his spine. Medical professionals removed the tumor, however the cancer returned."

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Hosts: Hannah Cranston, Brett Erlich, Amberia Allen

Cast: Hannah Cranston, Brett Erlich, Amberia Allen


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  1. Posted by Kelvin Waters, at Reply

    Did they include boot-straps with the letter?

  2. Posted by Louise Gardiner, at Reply

    As a Brit I’m so grateful for our National Health Service, you guys deserve the same, this is inhumane.

    • Posted by Comrade TinyL LoECsta, at Reply

      Hear hear Louise I’m American but have been in the UK since my son was born 9 year ago. The NHS is a wonder of the world a thing to be marvelled at. It’s just a damn pity it isn’t funded properly

    • Posted by Louise Gardiner, at Reply

      Comrade TinyL LoECsta well we can thank the Tories for that, tax breaks for millionaires and big corporations, and no money for the NHS…

  3. Posted by sm1ofakind, at Reply

    I like how we can spend $700B every year to invade countries and kill people, but we can’t spend that much to save people’s lives.

    • Posted by Dennis Garrity, at Reply

      That’s because there is profit in war and killing people and no profit in saving lives. Really disappointing to see what this country has become.

    • Posted by Ot3p, at Reply

      Because there are people who are too greedy to pay a little tax for everyone to live. They rather pay taxes to kill people in other countries that they think it’s to fight ‘terrorism’ while acting out as a terrorist.

  4. Posted by Kushtime420, at Reply

    Glad im in Canada.

    • Posted by Alex Fontes, at Reply

      Glad im in Brasil

    • Posted by Plastic Altar, at Reply

      Well, where you feel fortunate to be located isn’t helping this baby much is it? Distasteful comment. I’d delete it. Shame.

    • Posted by Ot3p, at Reply

      I feel the same.

  5. Posted by J. Matney, at Reply

    America, where green ink stained paper is more valuable than human life.

  6. Posted by smitty7711, at Reply

    NHS, need I say more….. we Brits moan like he’ll about it, but Christ if the American way is the alternative we are so bloody lucky.

  7. Posted by Ichsuka, at Reply

    America: Land of the Fee.

  8. Posted by Greg Camp, at Reply

    Republicans are pro-life only until birth. Then they only care if you’re rich.

    • Posted by takethegate, at Reply

      The Republicans watch you dying and celebrate either way.

  9. Posted by nope wont, at Reply

    Here are your death panels folks. Surprise, surprise, they don’t work for the federal government, but for private industry.

    • Posted by Audrey Muzingo, at Reply

      nope wont: EXACTLY!

    • Posted by Hazzycakes, at Reply

      This comment deserves to be #1

  10. Posted by Apple Jack, at Reply

    where are the pro lifers? or is it only when the child isnt born yet

    • Posted by Apple Jack, at Reply

      Nathan Vani a decision is being made to the future of a child’s life. The fact that I have to explain the relation to you speaks volume of your intelligence.
      Please don’t taint the gene pool you waste of human potential

    • Posted by Apple Jack, at Reply

      Alex Sandru we probably got rid of future rapist and Trumps so I guess everything balances out

    • Posted by Hazzycakes, at Reply

      Until we decide we’ve had enough of these religious nutters and start purging them from society, they will always infect us and drag us down. Start considering killing them. 100% dead serious. Things are dire and they’re going to _literally destroy EVERYTHING_ to try and usher in their biblical apocalypse (they believe being around for the apocalypse, regardless of the life you lived, gets you a free pass into heaven). Killing them is not only a service to the world, but even to them. They’re miserable shitpiles of inhumanity.

    • Posted by Apple Jack, at Reply

      A little extreme but fine by me I could careless we can take back our freedom peacefully or with force

    • Posted by Nathan Vani, at Reply

      Apple Jack if the issues are related – then you must mean an abortion is a child. therefore if you aren’t prolife you approve of killing children, just using your own logic here

  11. Posted by Ross Miller, at Reply

    You’ll never hear the pro-lifers speaking out about this. As far as they are concerned that child can die

    • Posted by Christopher Herndon, at Reply

      Ross Miller Do I have a right to murder you?

    • Posted by Verdoux007, at Reply

      +Alex Sandru You’re like a broken record. You don’t even realize how brainwashed you are.

    • Posted by Rolando Paez, at Reply

      Ross Miller so you’re saying that killing the child before it is born is different than the family not being able to pay for a treatment. If the baby is lucky he will have a chance but if they aborted that chance was thrown out the window.

  12. Posted by greenstarlight0, at Reply

    I had to tell a mother her dying daughter who was 8 and in hospice that she couldn’t get her pain medication. I broke down and left the insurance industry 1 month later. I couldn’t get the girls crying out of my head. The mother had put her on the phone to ask me why she was in pain.
    The reason she was denied was due to not receiving her subsidy payment. It was 3 days late.

  13. Posted by Eli -, at Reply

    yeah. ive been fighting to get lyrica – a nerve pain medication- covered for months and i have a severe neurological disease called reflex sympathetic dystrophy and it disables me. but my healthcare still wont cover the expensive pills so i dont have to go to pain managament centers where they have attempted to discharge me still in severe pain & pushed surgical options on me.

  14. Posted by Princess Theodora, at Reply

    Thats the essence of Capitalism.

    If its not profitable, then it wont be done regardless of the morality.

    • Posted by Rolando Paez, at Reply

      Princess Theodora but you are focusing on the bad part of it. Capitalism allows people to rise no matter where you start.

  15. Posted by shlomo aziz, at Reply

    all those shooters who kill people in the streets should go and shoot those insurance CEO’s they would be doing America a great service.

  16. Posted by Brent P, at Reply

    The American way…showing how USELESS insurance companies are -_-

  17. Posted by vdls21, at Reply

    This is disgusting, that poor baby and his family. I’m glad St.Jude is taking care of this angel and I pray he gets better.

  18. Posted by T Abous, at Reply

    Some of the comments are so cold. Where’s the humanity these days? 😢

    • Posted by Christopher Herndon, at Reply

      T Abous Yeah, 80% of this country supports murder of unborn children. That is so cold

    • Posted by Christopher Herndon, at Reply

      Martin Matte Yep, 80% of this country supports the murder of unborn children. But so do most other countries

    • Posted by Martin Matte, at Reply

      I gradly support the murder of unborn children if that prevent a child from growing with parents that did not want them. There so many people that should not have had children.

    • Posted by Christopher Herndon, at Reply

      Martin Matte What a scumbag

  19. Posted by mike Jones, at Reply

    *Only in america*