International Fails From Around The World! (January 2018) | FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

International Fails From Around The World! (January 2018) | FailArmy


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Stops working are funny in any culture as well as any type of language. We assembled some humorous stops working from all over including Germany, Australia, the UK, and also a lot more. Quick question, because when do seat belts make a great exercise? Which global fall short is your favorite? Allow us know in the comments below!


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Woman Aims To Dancing on Pole before Eiffel Tower
London Girls Run Together With Marathoners and also Faceplant
Horse Falls During Guard Adjustment at Whitehall London
Person Trips and Falls Running through Puddle
Home Window Washing Machine Plays with Pet Cat
Surfer Falls Off Board While Moving Down Sand Hillside
Guy Shatters Sparkling Wine Container with Blade
Individual Fails to Kick Punching Bag
Fitness Instructor Does Exercises With Child Seat Belts
Lady Shuts Door on Dad's Face
Youngster Scorpions on Sand Dune
Yogurts Obtain Stuck in Vending Machine
Individual Falls Off ATV While Taking Dogleg
Herd of Sheep Block Road
Man Drops Expensive Trombone
Individual Flips SUV While Driving Down Steep Hill
Person Trips Over Rock While Playing Bagpipes
Girl Faceplants While Throwing Boot In Between Legs
People Being In Vehicle Drifting in Ocean
Lady's Headscarf Blows Away in the Wind
Woman Trips Over Barrier Fencing
Dock Collapses During Beach Wedding Celebration
Person Loses Ball in River While Doing Juggling Methods
Dirt Bike Motorcyclist Falls Into River
Little Girls Spray Foam Around Washroom
Father Mistakenly Makes Son Autumn
Guy Falls into River while Rowing
Individual Drop Throughout Traditional Dance
Guy Obtains Slapped After Scaring Barber
Guys Stack Beer Steins at Oktoberfest
Lion Punctures Car Tire
Guy Spills Coffee From Gelato Cone
Fighter Pet Dog Damages Bed
Pet Slips off Log as well as Into Water

International Stops working From All Over The World! (January 2018)|FailArmy

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  1. Posted by Kaizan Pagsisihan, at Reply

    That booty 0:54 😍

  2. Posted by Laura Engel, at Reply

    0:27 we all have that one friend

  3. Posted by coub army, at Reply

    Here are several tracks from the video I’ve recognized:
    00:20 J Balvin & Willy William Feat. Beyoncé – Mi Gente
    03:07 Gabriel Candiani & Michael Jamal Jefferson & Blair Taylor Lavigne – You
    03:40 Osmos – Это Фиаско Братан
    05:25 Chase Money – Walking With Hammers
    06:01 WebMusic – Roberto’s Grooves 2

  4. Posted by MaximuMDuTube - FAILOMANIA, at Reply

    HEHEHEHE;))))))))))))) 👍

  5. Posted by Exo And Piggy, at Reply

    PLZ do bad friends again! IT’S TOO FUNNY!

  6. Posted by POLARTTYRTM, at Reply

    00:55 this submarine is really weird. Or is it a boat?

    • Posted by lukeslayer, at Reply


    • Posted by Rastamouse Roasts, at Reply

      It’s called a pier dumbie

    • Posted by POLARTTYRTM, at Reply

      / I hope this guy above realize I am joking. BTW Are you guys sure? I swear it looks like a secret airplane.

    • Posted by Rastamouse Roasts, at Reply

      POLARTTYRTM nah don’t deny it. “This guy” I have name stfu. You really thought it was that. Get some help.

  7. Posted by Андрей Миронов, at Reply

    Это фиаско братан!

  8. Posted by POLARTTYRTM, at Reply

    5:10 For a moment I thought “What if this cat jump out of the window?”.

  9. Posted by Максим Андреев, at Reply

    3:40 “it’s a fiasco brother” popular mem

    • Posted by Drenek, at Reply

      popular PYCCKN mem

  10. Posted by Гейб Ньюэлл, at Reply

    Это фиаско братан

    • Posted by Professor Zoidberg, at Reply

      Whats is братан. I’m learning русский

    • Posted by King Father Magical Piggy Mr. Piggy, at Reply

      Professor Zoidberg братан (bratan) means ‘bro’

    • Posted by Professor Zoidberg, at Reply

      King Father Magical Piggy Mr. Piggy спасибо

    • Posted by Гейб Ньюэлл, at Reply

      Professor Zoidberg Братан – Bro

    • Posted by Squiddy Titties, at Reply


  11. Posted by Mr.Individual, at Reply

    Это фиаско.

  12. Posted by ΛDDICƬIθП, at Reply

    2:15 whats the fail?

    • Posted by Rozemarijn Visser, at Reply

      ΛDDICƬIθП There so many sheeps, that hé can’t drive

    • Posted by ΛDDICƬIθП, at Reply

      Rozemarijn Visser this is normal in some countries

  13. Posted by Александр Ермолин, at Reply

    Это фиаско, братан😁

    • Posted by Ololosh2, at Reply

      это фиаско – баян

  14. Posted by Cohex17, at Reply

    Fails From Around The World??!

    90% British Videos
    5% American Videos
    5% Videos from “around the world”

    • Posted by it's Lo2Ay, at Reply


    • Posted by Иван Пинаев, at Reply

      A kak ge Russian Video s Avtovideoregistratora?

    • Posted by xxxMattmanxxx -, at Reply


    • Posted by PIROTEHNIKA I EKSPERIMENTI, at Reply

      Cohex17 sucribe me

    • Posted by Ben Skelly, at Reply

      Cohex17 It depends on who/where these videos are sent from…

  15. Posted by Feel Good, at Reply

    3:41 – Let’s go! Come on, come on! You go first, I follow. Don’t fall, it’s gonna be a fiasco.
    3:49 It’s a Fiasco, brother!

    • Posted by Feel Good, at Reply

      FailArmy You could add this as subtitles

  16. Posted by Wilku, at Reply

    0:21 defence -> attack

    • Posted by Nándor Koródi, at Reply

      He protecc
      He attacc
      But most importantly…

      He smacc

  17. Posted by Unknown X, at Reply


    • Posted by JGP, at Reply

      I felt bad for that first HORSE.

    • Posted by Unknown X, at Reply


  18. Posted by Ckwymic, at Reply


  19. Posted by Bhavya Talwar, at Reply

    6:17 😂😂 Best Part

    • Posted by hacker boy, at Reply

      Bhavya Talwar fu of

    • Posted by Dan | Dank Motion Designer, at Reply

      HahahHHhahah 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by Glxmx YT YT, at Reply

      Bhavya Talwar j. fcc. chj jcj c jf jlslele

    • Posted by 신하라, at Reply


  20. Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

    Which was your favorite video from the comp?

    • Posted by DirtBikeAdventures, at Reply

      Definitely 4:23

    • Posted by KAUSTUBH _EA7, at Reply

      I don’t

    • Posted by Altair Foo, at Reply

      Это фиаско братан

    • Posted by DurchGespielt HD, at Reply

      FailArmy this With humans

    • Posted by liirum laarum pewkele, at Reply