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Interracial Couple’s Home Destroyed By Racist Vandals


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An Ohio couple's home was destroyed by vandals who appeared to have an issue with the fact that the couple was interracial. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks discuss a horrific story of racism in America. Support the Jude family here:

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"An interracial Ohio couple returning from Thanksgiving holidays with their daughter came home to find a property they owned completely trashed with swastikas and “white power” slogans written on the walls, reports WCMH.

According to Pat and Joe Jude, the house they planned to spend their retirement years in was severely damaged during their absence, with pipes broken causing flooding and appliances destroyed.

“They hit every cabinet with paint,” Pat Jude explained. “They hit every wall with paint. They hit every appliance, they poured paint into the appliances. They poured cement down the drains. I mean there is nothing that is salvageable.”*

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Cast: Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by jo smith, at Reply

    Trump supporters make everything about race, no wonder everyone hates them.

    • Posted by We'll do it to you first, at Reply

      You’re a disease that is debilitating the glory of Western civilization. If
      you don’t become more rational, creative, and productive Western
      civilization, that which you claim to be such a fighter for, will abort you
      and your entire lineage for betraying the very principles that make the
      West exceptional. That will be the true and just judgement from nature and
      it can be no other way. You’ve been warned.

    • Posted by We'll do it to you first, at Reply

      Cut the sanctimonious bullshit. SNORE.

    • Posted by We'll do it to you first, at Reply

      lol I typed it, you read it and you’ll NEVER get it out of your brain.

    • Posted by lolfeg, at Reply

      We’ll do it to you first

      Are u on crack ?

    • Posted by War2016, at Reply

      what make you think this was trump suporters also what is this the 1960’s

  2. Posted by Che1ck, at Reply

    How fucking pathetic does a person have to be to do something like this…

    • Posted by bryan ward, at Reply

      +BlackbeardP how? they’re not the same

    • Posted by uutuber431, at Reply

      Pathetic enough to vote for Donald Trump

    • Posted by ah072965, at Reply


    • Posted by Heywood Jablomi, at Reply

      +BlackbeardP Clearly you are not Black.

  3. Posted by mooo moob, at Reply

    But they’re okay with banging their own siblings.

    • Posted by andrea ravasi, at Reply

      +Michael Berger bigot is someone who stand for irrational bs, like mixing
      and destroy your own race in the name of “tolerance”, shame on you

    • Posted by andrea ravasi, at Reply

      +Michael Berger most evil according to the propaganda that brainwashed your
      little head. you’re way too indoctrinated and dumb to think by yourself

  4. Posted by Manc26, at Reply

    Trump supporters really need to get off welfare and get a life

    • Posted by Megan Schmidt, at Reply

      +Spoder Man Well why do red states receive the most welfare than? All the
      deep red states sure do love their welfare. Look it up if you don’t believe
      me. Blue states take less welfare and contribute more financially into the
      ‘pot’, while deep red states are sucking up all the welfare.

    • Posted by who ami, at Reply

      We got to look at the percentage.

    • Posted by who ami, at Reply

      I bet u black and hispanic are way higher than any other race.

    • Posted by supersean3, at Reply

      +who ami whites have the highest rates of being on welfare lol

    • Posted by Artificial Intelligence, at Reply

      There are more Whites than Blacks and Hispanics on welfare, but that’s
      because they’re 62% of the population. However, the percentage of Whites on
      welfare is lower than the percentage of Blacks and Hispanics on welfare.
      Watch *The Truth About Immigration and Welfare* on YouTube. +supersean3

  5. Posted by Kizzume Fowler (Stinky), at Reply

    Watch out, there’s gonna be tons of incoming comments saying it’s fake, and
    they’ll probably use Alex Jones as a source. Then there’ll be others saying
    “but but but what about black on white crime”.

    • Posted by Spoder Man, at Reply

      so even tho there is more black on white crime, we should only worry about
      white on black?

    • Posted by The Real Maskriz, at Reply

      Kizzume Fowler sure

    • Posted by Kizzume Fowler (Stinky), at Reply

      +The Real Maskriz maybe you didn’t notice, but people cannot delete
      comments on other people’s videos. Get a clue.

    • Posted by The Real Maskriz, at Reply

      Kizzume Fowler except

    • Posted by Sven Lau, at Reply

      So you are at least smart enough to expect people with common sense, cuck

  6. Posted by Ibi Onyemaechi Amuro, at Reply

    Placing $50 on the table. The perpetrators will claim they are not racists
    and 80% of Americans will believe them.

    • Posted by Ana King, at Reply

      Ibi Onyemaechi Amuro date your own kind. Problem solve.

    • Posted by Kim Cho, at Reply

      +Ana King The problem lies within the hearts of hateful, evil white people.
      Dating your own kind won’t get to the core of the problem.

    • Posted by ViralHero, at Reply

      Ana King That doesn’t solve anything. You should already know that.

    • Posted by Ibi Onyemaechi Amuro, at Reply

      +Ana King problem not solved. Racists target Black people more than
      interacial couples.

  7. Posted by Princess Nakoruru (Proud Teaboo), at Reply

    Are interracial couples really an issue over there?

    Nobody bats an eyelid in the UK… practically every couple I know is
    interracial… and they produce the most gorgeous babies.

    • Posted by A Rogue Chihuahua, at Reply

      +Heywood Jablomi You would need to change your name before I could take you
      seriously enough to post a link. You can find anything on Google. Anything.

    • Posted by Heywood Jablomi, at Reply

      +A Rogue Chihuahua on your side bro. just thought you’d have one handy
      that’s all but you are right, a rougue chihuahua is a much more serious

    • Posted by A Rogue Chihuahua, at Reply

      +Heywood Jablomi hahaha I’m just playing with you

    • Posted by A Rogue Chihuahua, at Reply

      +Heywood Jablomi I don’t know the actual percentage, but I know more
      interracial couples than homogeneous ones

  8. Posted by Joshua Christopher, at Reply


    • Posted by Michael 마익흘 Aronson, at Reply

      +Bianan Titheist We’re not talking about other hate groups. Stop deflecting.

    • Posted by Bianan Titheist, at Reply

      +Michael 마익흘 Aronson Lol. TYT never talk about other hate groups.

    • Posted by Michael 마익흘 Aronson, at Reply

      +Bianan Titheist Your attempts at deflection are getting worse. Stop
      defending neonazis.

    • Posted by Michael 마익흘 Aronson, at Reply

      +Bianan Titheist By deflecting, you are being the opposite of accurate. You
      haven’t once broached the actual topic at hand.

  9. Posted by Fed FAN, at Reply

    Imagine if Muslims did this to a white couple.

    • Posted by Gobbersmack, at Reply

      Damn you’re a creep.

    • Posted by SmellyAlways, at Reply

      +Gobbersmack That was just a guess at what you do judging by reaction I
      pretty much got it right

    • Posted by Jordan Ricketts, at Reply

      We would have to watch FOX news to hear about it, that or the Muslim
      man/woman (Don’t want to discriminate) would be considered a hero because
      they where shot while in the act.

    • Posted by Spoder Man, at Reply

      TYT would say “NOT ALL MUSLIMS!!” but when whites do it I can see the hate
      in Cenks eyes

  10. Posted by Will Wright, at Reply

    Im biracial and i don’t give flying f*ck about White Supremacist! One day
    they’ll run into somebody like me.; They ‘re going be on the wrong side of
    things and wake up dead! LOL #IRL

    • Posted by Will Wright, at Reply

      +Jordan Ricketts You are prime example of why i don’t give a single f*ck
      about a White Supremacist. You all are cunning and conniving in your

    • Posted by Jordan Ricketts, at Reply

      +Will Wright I assure you i am no White Supremacist, but believe what you
      want to please just don’t act violently.

  11. Posted by balllliiiiinnnn, at Reply

    What a world we live in White people rule this world and they still are not
    happy. I feel so sorry for my children and future children.

    • Posted by José Guzman, at Reply

      +Ray Peterson no, for smearing white people for no rational reason

    • Posted by Ann McDonald, at Reply


  12. Posted by King, at Reply

    Judging by the comments and so many people saying it’s staged or other
    reasons behind it, makes me realise that America will always be in denial
    of it’s deep racism.

    • Posted by Orion Felis, at Reply

      So jay, you are saying they poured paint and cement down their tub just for

      Are you stupid, or what?

      Who would pour paint and cement down their drains to get attention?

    • Posted by Mattheos Clemence (Kangiwi), at Reply

      Orion Felis I would but it be for bad attention. lol

    • Posted by jaymeeduhh, at Reply

      I never said that I believe this is a false crime. I never commented about
      this. I was talking about the justification of why so many are saying fake.
      While some are trolls, there are alot who are skeptical now simply due to
      the ‘boy who cried wolf’ scenario.

    • Posted by RepublicAgent, at Reply

      +jaymeeduhh This doesn’t take away from the reality of the occurrence of
      hate crimes based on race, religion, sexuality, etc… These things do
      happen despite false reports.

      So pathetic how bad the Americans freaked and revealed their true faces in
      the wake of the Obama election. Ha ha, I say. Can’t hide when your actions
      clearly show a pattern. Subtlety out the window once a black got into

  13. Posted by The Super Psycho Killer, at Reply

    I blame Donald Trump

    • Posted by estiv, at Reply

      A black man was caught spraying swaztikas and Trump, vandalised a black
      womans car with anti black graffiti- why would we assume this case is
      different? TyT didn’t cover the black guy doing Nazi graffiti at all. TyT
      as your only source of news is deeply inadequate?

    • Posted by The Super Psycho Killer, at Reply

      +estiv idiot is you

    • Posted by estiv, at Reply

      Super Psycho Killer – name calling is the height of your ability? I would
      hate for others to think that means you are an intellectual minnow?

      The black man caught doing nazi and trump graffiti exposes the lengths
      leftists will go to in order to make people with different opinions seem
      inhuman. This is why we many are abandoning the left.

      All about identity politics? keep people thinking about these smaller
      issues on the world stage, right? 🙂

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      francis? Francis Maxwell, why are you commenting on your own show?

  14. Posted by Nicholas Lehner, at Reply

    Basket of deplorables, right there.

    • Posted by KAWAII OBAMA, at Reply

      dude you should read more books :/ Nazi’s actually fought left leaning
      communists. its like you got no idea on politics dude. Nazis were
      rightwing…you know, like the republicans.

    • Posted by Nicholas Lehner, at Reply

      So that justifies wiping out MILLIONS OF INNOCENT LIVES!?

    • Posted by Kim Fostoft, at Reply

      Nazi= nazionalsocialistiche parti. = Nationalsocialist party. They where
      facists not right or left wing. = A country should be run by experts, and
      in accordance with pragmagticle pricipels. like shall we kill mentally ill
      persons and other undesirebles. Which they did. ( approx. ½ mill. where
      gassed ). They made a documentary filn about it which where shown in
      theaters all over Germany and seen by at 5 mill. people. it seems that
      there where in fact generel consent with this.

  15. Posted by jodeethaflippa washington, at Reply

    the root of racism…white men scared to lose their women and feel like
    they can’t compete naturally… which is why you needed “the great

    • Posted by Lloyd B, at Reply

      +gatesbrown26 is finally starting to accept the truth even if she does
      overstate it

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      +Lloyd B which means *what* exactly?

    • Posted by Lloyd B, at Reply

      +gatesbrown26 that you accept the truth….there…I said it twice

  16. Posted by Penny Pinkston, at Reply

    I’m still waiting on the non racist white people to come out on a regular
    basis and show support to the people experiencing this… and I don’t mean
    1 or 2 people

    • Posted by G G, at Reply

      +Penny Pinkston I bet you do, living on welfare must be nice, you shitskin

    • Posted by Penny Pinkston, at Reply

      Kmsl…. dear my husband owns a business and I own property… THATS why I
      have time… Welfare? Don’t be mad that more white people in the US are on
      welfare than black people… try again honkey

    • Posted by G G, at Reply

      Penny Pinkston Let me guess, your husband’s a whigger that you trapped with
      broken condom, camel lips?

  17. Posted by Phil Rose, at Reply

    The 331 people downvoting this must be really proud of themselves.

    • Posted by AmNotHere911, at Reply

      Now it’s called ‘impotent paranoid of inter-racial cuckoldry’ because they
      can’t compete with coloured men, guarantee you the people voting down are
      also the same people who don’t have problem dating women from the far east.

    • Posted by Edward Moran, at Reply

      +AmNotHere911 I vote every TYT video down. Its colored Men who cant compete
      with Whites hence their reliance on Affirmative action and PC culture.
      Check ok cupids race based dating stats for a laugh,

    • Posted by Gen Can, at Reply

      +AmNotHere911 cant complete? you inferiors need to parasitize on our
      countries. i dont mix with any race, im not your liberal friend

    • Posted by Summer Toney, at Reply

      Edward Moran reported

  18. Posted by Wendell Wright, at Reply

    If you dislike this video, your sad person. I don’t care if it’s not even
    about the video, you don’t like TYT for example. Do you don’t care about
    the situation either way? you’re just having a silly I’m going to go troll
    YouTube videos. Like the video described, if you took a couple seconds to
    dislike the video , in my opinion you share one characteristic with the
    clowns who destroyed that couple’s home. You may think my little comment is
    irrelevant too. liberating these evil racists and bigots? Those types of
    people are better than me, I would not liberate this losers.

    • Posted by Robe Spier, at Reply

      +Jeremiah Brown you can find me at cesate station, if you really want to.
      but i have to tell you, here where i live you dont have the
      special protections that your liberal masters give you, it’s all on you