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Is Alabama REALLY About To Elect An Alleged Child Molester?


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Alabama Republicans are responding to the child molestation claims of Us senate candidate Roy Moore. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, and also Richard Fowler discuss on The Young Turks. Tell us just what you think in the comment section below. Sign up for our channel:

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" Republican politicians in Washington appeared near panic in the light of a report where 4 females said Roy S. Moore, the Republican politician nominee for an USA Senate seat in Alabama as well as an evangelical Christian, had actually made sex-related or romantic advances to them when they were young adults and also he was in his 30s. Legislator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican politician majority leader, stated Mr. Moore should tip apart in advance of the Dec. 12 special political election if the claims were true.

However in Alabama, the results was uncertain for a candidate who is taken into consideration a hero in some circles for his conventional cultural stances. Mr. Moore, the previous principal justice of the Alabama High Court, was two times eliminated from that workplace for his settings on gay marriage as well as a 10 Rules show. On Thursday, he strenuously denied the claims the ladies made regarding him in on-the-record interviews consisted of in the report, published by The Washington Article.

And also it was clear that several in his traditional base were in no mood to desert him in a race for an Us senate seat Republicans think about essential to keeping their bulk in the top chamber." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Richard Fowler.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Richard Fowler.


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  1. Posted by jarjon76, at Reply

    We elected a sexual predator as President last November so it wouldn’t surprise me if Moore is elected.

    • Posted by Praxis, at Reply

      Dragon1717 still deep throating Don the Con I see.

    • Posted by Info Illness, at Reply

      Alex Jones – We have evidence?? Who is “we” exactly ? If you have such evidence take it to the authorities Alex…

  2. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Trump was indicted for child rape, and these rednecks still rally behind him. Of course they’ll stick back Moore. Rednecks aren’t about Right vs Wrong. They’re about Us vs Them.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Hal Jordan You’re a low-life scumbag liar. Go back to where you came from, “refugee”. You’re not up to this country’s standards.

    • Posted by I C EWE, at Reply


    • Posted by Little Johnny, at Reply

      Hal Jordan Trump was ‘indicted’ for child rape, huh? Was that before or after he did the holocaust, started the slave trade and unleashed the Black Death?

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Little Johnny
      Ironically, perhaps, Halal Johnson descends from a long and unbroken line of pious kinder surprisers.

  3. Posted by andre brewer, at Reply

    It seem like the orange turd out there will vote for any Criminal doesn’t even matter he’s a child molester or war criminal they will praise this Fool like there’s no tomorrow

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      andre brewer In the USA “criminals” must be convicted. What country are you from?

    • Posted by Billy Poe, at Reply

      hes not in court he’s running for office its a different bar to clear he’s been removed from elected positions twice the senate probably won’t seat him if he wins

  4. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    apparently in Moore’s mind being a husband and a father to a female automatically exempts him from being a child molester. yeah thats how that works. thats why john Gacy’s charges of sexually assaulting, torturing and murdering at least 33 teenage boys and young men was dropped, because he was a husband and father of 2 sons. yeah thats how that works

    • Posted by Billy Poe, at Reply

      Moore also never mentions his son who is in prison, again

    • Posted by Info Illness, at Reply

      Moore is a one of those “evangelical types” who believe he is “chosen”. He will go to heaven whatever he does – in his sick and twisted mind.

    • Posted by Billy Poe, at Reply

      I’ve noticed you too

  5. Posted by rocky19421, at Reply

    A person cannot honestly be a modern day republican and a Christian at the same time. The philosophies are mutually exclusive and incompatible…..

    • Posted by Stephen Cody, at Reply

      And Republiscum support rapists,Nazis,white supremacists,Religious nutjobs,Wall St.thieves,Theocratic dictatorships….I could go on.

    • Posted by Poochie Collins, at Reply

      @FlyBoyZay : I assume you’re a Christian? Republicans are also against helping the poor, starting wars on flimsy pretense (mass murder), the politicians lie considerably more than liberal politicians, and are frequently racist. Both sides tend to do things against the Bible, but weigh the scales; if Jesus were alive today and was forced to choose a party, it’d probably be Democrat.

    • Posted by Billy Poe, at Reply

      if Jesus were alive today the republican would lock him up in Guantanamo bay Donald would say Galilee isn’t sending its best people they’re sending rapists and murderers well make the Jews pay for the wall?

    • Posted by Info Illness, at Reply

      Poochie – If Jesus were alive today he would leave the country and go somewhere humane…

  6. Posted by rocky19421, at Reply

    The “GOP MOLESTERS” Are coming after your kids!!!!

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Info Illness Yeah, I’m super nice considering all the unhinged libs hating around here. You people always attack anyone who DARES to have a differing opinion. You’re like sheep with knives, lol.

    • Posted by Mizu No Oto, at Reply

      “Hide your kids! Hide your wife! Cus’ they rapin’ erybody out here!!!”

    • Posted by Real Beginning, at Reply

      No need for air quotes. It’s a fact!

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      More like communist (lib) run public schools are coming for your kids.

  7. Posted by ibkillah, at Reply

    Not surprising really. I mean they voted for a sexual predator to be President.

    • Posted by Tork, at Reply

      Bill Clinton?

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Sexual predator? How so? I’m so confused.

  8. Posted by John Frank, at Reply

    Ummmm…America selected an alleged child molester or, have we forgotten that Donald still has an open case regarding the same issue?

    • Posted by maya L, at Reply

      No, he doesn’t.

    • Posted by John Frank, at Reply

      maya L. There are existing court documents that claim that Donald raped a 13 year old girl in 1994, it has not been completely adjudicated due to his presidency.

  9. Posted by njintau, at Reply

    If the Republicunts can elect a liar, serial adulterer and someone accused of multiple sexual assaults for president, why not Roy Moore?

    • Posted by njintau, at Reply

      Trump obviously. Last time I checked, Bill resigned because his antics. Trump was elected DESPITE his sexual assault of multiple women.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      njintau Bill resigned?

    • Posted by maya L, at Reply

      So was Bill Clinton, njintau. And no … Clinton did not resign. He was impeached in the House and cleared by the Senate. He lost his law license and paid a fine but he did not resign.

    • Posted by njintau, at Reply

      +maya L Yeah you’re right, I misspoke earlier. But, either way, I think my point still stands, the Republicans love to bring up Bill Clinton and what he did (they even had “Bill is a rapist” t-shirts during the 2016 election) and condemn him over and over but when it comes to Republican leaders, Trump especially, they don’t hesitate to give them a free pass.

      Monica Lewinsky was an adult and had consensual sex with Bill while Trump forced himself on many women, yet he is now President while Bill left in shame. Am I the only one who’s seeing the hypocrisy here? Hell, Newt Gingrich, while condemning Bill for cheating on Hillary was himself cheating on his wife!

    • Posted by maya L, at Reply

      njintau – I know what you mean but it should be noted that hypocrisy is not the exclusive domain of Republicans: both sides are full of it and it makes me want to puke sometimes. So this is where we are as a country and what do we do now? That we shouldn’t be forced (thanks to our two-party system we have no choice) to vote for liars, hypocrites, scumbags, thieves, etc., shouldn’t be a partisan issue but thanks to the internet and sites like TYT on the left and equivalent sites on the right screaming their heads off about how evil the other side is, the two sides are barely on speaking terms anymore. This last presidential election wasn’t even about policy: it was about whose turd stink the most.

  10. Posted by Ronin Dave, at Reply

    What do you expect? They used to own people down there and their descendants raise monuments to those who fought to preserve the right to own other people

    • Posted by R U S H E R t h i n g, at Reply

      The Young Turks didn’t commit the genocide. It was the Committee for Union and Progress. That is the party of the Three Pashas. Far right proto fascists.

    • Posted by Johnny the Boy, at Reply

      Ronin Dave – Let’s see if we can get a grip on Ronin Dave’s goal post moving thinking process and his uber defensiveness for Cenk Uygur’s band of anti-white, Islam apolgists.

      First you said: ” _Your simpleminded understanding of a genocide which most likely you never heard of until you decided (or were paid) to hate on the Young Turks does not change the overall meaning of the term_ ”

      At THIS point, you are projecting that I NEVER HEARD of the Armenian Genocide. THEN, when I tell you that, yes, I learned about it in High School, showing that you are dead wrong about me having never heard of it, you comes back with:

      ” _your high school knowledge of the Armenian Genocide does not make you an authority on it nor on the definition of the term “young turk_ ”

      Notice how you went from saying I ‘had never heard of the genocide’ to pretending that I was ‘an AUTHORITY’ on it.

      Do I have to be an ‘AUTHORITY’ on a subject to speak on it? You are NOT an AUTHORITY on how people in Alabama think in 2017 yet you are judging them en mass saying they will vote in a way you don’t want them to, as if you know the thought process of each and every one!

    • Posted by Johnny the Boy, at Reply

      Ronin Dave ” _You don’t see Germans fighting to put up or maintain emblems from the Nazi Era – those who do are rightfully reviled_ ”

      Right, but I DO see a group of Social Justice Warriors in LA ‘fighting to put up or maintain’ the name of the people who slaughtered 2.5 million Christians in Asia Minor. Oh, but THEY preach the far leftist ideology that you bathe yourself in daily,, so THEY get a pass, it’s OKAY for THEN to do it.
      And you know what IS strewn around Germany, at least in Berlin (I’ve been there and seen it myself) monuments to the Soviet Red Army that captured in 1945. A regime that mass murdered around 60 million people in the name of Stalinist Communism. Oh, but, they were on the LEFT, so by all means, HONOR THEM, leave THOSE statues alone.

    • Posted by Johnny the Boy, at Reply

      R U S H E R t h i n g ” _The Young Turks didn’t commit the genocide. It was the Committee for Union and Progress_ ” Which is kind of like saying, ‘the Nazis didn’t commit the holocaust, the SS did!’

    • Posted by Little Johnny, at Reply

      Of COURRRRRRSSSSE! That’s how TYT Regressives roll! Throw the accusation out an hope that it sticks.

  11. Posted by John Frank, at Reply

    That is a nice way to express it, he hates the same people you hate, that’s rich and so on point.

  12. Posted by Morning Glory, at Reply

    Lucifer himself could run in Alabama and win so long as he runs as a pro life, pro gun, pro confederate republican.

    • Posted by Anonymous DueToFascists, at Reply

      If Lucifer was tasked to design a state he’d stop mid-way and proclaim, “Hey, no fair, Alabama clearly stole my plans.”

    • Posted by Chris Ashcroft, at Reply

      As long as he brings his fiddle.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      …typical stereotypical bigotry from a lib. derp

    • Posted by Pksoze, at Reply

      Really you guys are going to elect a pedophile to the senate. You don’t get to be called decent people any longer.

  13. Posted by Zucchinna, at Reply

    I mean, it IS Alabama …

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      I mean, you’re a bigot.

    • Posted by Info Illness, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 – I notice how regularly you the defend lies and deception of the right, but this is a serious felony if proved, no doubt that does not matter to you because Roy Moore represents your twisted ideals…

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Info Illness Well then you’re a nitwit.

    • Posted by Jebus Hypocristos, at Reply

      Generations of inbreeding has left the people mentally pathetic and unable to determine right from wrong. Raping children is wrong.

    • Posted by Jebus Hypocristos, at Reply

      Info Illness Listenbuddy1 is one of those mentally pathetic reich wing imbeciles who allows Cenk to live rent free in her empty head 24/7…

      Bible thumpers are not only child rapists they are also lousy business people.

  14. Posted by Rebecca Conn, at Reply

    I think Alabama will vote for Moore just like they voted for Trump, because nothing is too slimy for them. I hope I am wrong.

    • Posted by mobus1603, at Reply

      You’re not wrong. i guarantee he’ll get re-elected. They will do anything to spite the left, no matter how bad.

  15. Posted by CosmicMapping, at Reply

    Gianforte physically assaulted a reporter on the eve of the election and now he’s a congressman. There is no low Republican Voters won’t sink to.

    • Posted by James Gravil, at Reply

      Well, Trump did say he could go shoot someone and wouldn’t lose any votes. Let’s see how that one pans out…

  16. Posted by Osiris Malkovich, at Reply

    You know that from outside, all Americans look like Alabamans, right?

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Osiris Malkovich
      You have a very low opinion of foreigners, don’t you?

    • Posted by Info Illness, at Reply

      Poochie – I suggest you look at the overall picture – 45,000 dying each year from lack of healthcare, millions in poverty, no social safety net, the world’s largest prison population, 30,000 + gun deaths each year, mass shootings on an almost daily basis – yeah it sounds like a real social paradise…

    • Posted by Harmony Alexandria, at Reply

      the U.S. has the highest GDP per capita of any country over ten million people,
      That’s because you have been subjugating and plundering the earth since the second world war, it’s nothing to brag about.
      some of the best medical treatment (in certain areas)
      Every developed nation, and a few developing ones, can make that claim, which is why we compare averages. On average, America’s healthcare system is average by developed world standards, not everyone is covered, and is much more expensive.
      some of the best science in the world.
      Past tense, the US was head-and-shoulders above the rest of the world, as the rest of the developed world was decimated by two world wars, but you have been on the decline for at least a couple decades. Apple is a marketing, not technology, company the technology that makes the iPhone possible is developed and manufactured in Asia….But where would the world be without Twitter! Twitter(or TWATer) is the poster child of American innovation in the 21st century – mindless crap that appeals to the masses, so it’s not surprising it’s your president’s platform of choice.

      You can’t even compete in biotech as your politicians sided with religious dullards and outlawed some research(human stem cells, cybrids).
      In short, you have you guns, your flag, the bible, and the delusion that you are a great and mighty people.

    • Posted by Real Beginning, at Reply

      How else would you happen to know about pedophiles! You probably lived with one but you won’t tell.

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Harmony Alexandria
      And where do you hail from, stranger?

  17. Posted by TheNicoliyah, at Reply

    “Roy Moore hates the same people I hate!” Cenk you killed it! 😂👏🏾😆🖐🏾

  18. Posted by Eternal rewind2, at Reply

    The left used to be bullied. Now they’ve become the bullies

    • Posted by Eternal rewind2, at Reply

      DucksDoctor what actual proof do you have that he did any of this? Convenient how the accusations come out now that he’s running

    • Posted by DucksDoctor, at Reply

      Eternal rewind2 Are you watching this political climate? Several people from all walks of life, are coming out and reporting their abuse. There are around 30 people who have corroborated her story. Remember according to the actual abuse, i.e he undressed her, and made her touch him outside his underwear, wouldn’t exactly leave physical evidence.

    • Posted by LegendLength, at Reply

      Do you also believe the October surprise last year when 16 women came out against Trump? Then disappeared after the election.

    • Posted by Jebus Hypocristos, at Reply

      Facts are “bullying” child rapists. For now its just words, tar and feathers coming soon for child rapists of all political leanings.

      Better check your computer that is an awful lot of child pornography you are “hiding” champ.

      Your IP has been forwarded to the FBI child porn investigators. Have fun champ.

  19. Posted by DISCO-INFERNO-70, at Reply

    Alabama doesn’t even know child molestation is wrong.
    They are still knee deep in incest and misinterpreting the bible.

    • Posted by jose polanco, at Reply


    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Errrr – you’re thinking of Muslims.

    • Posted by The Condesce, at Reply

      Errrr- you’re a moron.

    • Posted by Sarcastro sarcastro_, at Reply

      DISCO-INFERNO-70 these backward inbred pedophile Alabamans should all be lined up and shot.Worthless backwards sister fuckers