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Is Being A Police Officer More Dangerous Than It Used To Be?


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There were some very high-profile assaults on law enforcement agent in 2016. Is the work obtaining extra dangerous? Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, and also Poise Baldridge, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Tell us just what you assume in the comment section below.

" Numerous protesters snaked their method via midtown Dallas one night this past July. Emotions were running high complying with deadly police capturings of black males in Louisiana as well as Minnesota, events that were recorded on video clip in graphic information. The Dallas demonstrators required an end to the bloodshed and also for actions to boost liability for law enforcement officer that kill private citizens. Despite the stress, it was a calm occasion by all accounts.

After that came a volley of gunfire. Then an additional as well as an additional.

By the end, a lone gunman had actually fatally wounded five law enforcement officers as well as injured 9 others. The carnage quit when cops detonated a bomb carried by a robotic, eliminating the suspect, a previous member of the Army Reserves that was released in 2015. He was reportedly not attached to any of the teams objecting that night.

The July 7 shooting was the most dangerous solitary incident for U.S. police because Sept. 11, 2001. Simply 10 days later on, a gunman shot and also killed 3 law enforcement agents in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in just what authorities called one more "ambush-style" assault.

Both events highlighted a year in which physical violence versus the cops consistently dominated the information cycle. A total of 62 police officers were purposely fired and killed while on the job in the U.S. and Puerto Rico this year, according to the Police officer Down Memorial Page, a website that separately tracks a wide series of information on police deaths. Two other officers died after being deliberately struck by suspects in cars." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Grace Baldridge.
Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Elegance Baldridge.


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  1. Posted by lolfeg, at Reply

    This is why TYT is my favourite news channel. They are unbiased and always
    provide me with the facts. I will be donating to them soon

    • Posted by Elliott Smort, at Reply

      +Daniel Stone
      thank you for being the first person to respond, first. but in the video,
      you can actually see the dead guy making a direct response to TYT where
      they literally speak of attacking police…..

      then we hear TYT blame “bill o’riley” for repeating an abortion dr’s name
      until a fan kills him and TYT is very clear on giving them blame for the

      i appreciate the response, and asking someone to watch a video is a lot,
      but i recommend you really get through this video because he (the killer)
      who is dead, is responding to a specific video(s) uploaded and removed
      after killings….

      your comment about use your brain and not trusting videos is something i
      agree with but for some reason TYT seems to get a pass on issues like that
      video showing them be hypocrites and worse… if you actually watch if i
      promise the point is self explanatory.

    • Posted by starbattles1, at Reply

      Unbiased? I am guessing that was sarcasm. Hoping it was sarcasm.
      No one can be that stupid. Even tyt supporters have to know how extremely
      bias they are. Just watch any report on Trump or Christians.

    • Posted by starbattles1, at Reply

      I have a sign he can hang on his new bridge 🙂

    • Posted by dumbassmoron, at Reply

      +starbattles1 Saying a bad person is bad is not a bias. Its called
      acknowledging the truth. What you are doing is ironically biased, because
      you are implying that you should NOT cover Trump in a negative way when he
      does bad things.

    • Posted by AleVids, at Reply

      lolfeg are you stupid?

  2. Posted by Guerrilla Gaming, at Reply

    Sites like this one that demonize police officers don’t help.

    • Posted by jason saenz, at Reply

      Gage Acosta he has suggested to use violence against the police. in the
      video link tells you how he demonized police “not some but ALL cops” his

    • Posted by jason saenz, at Reply

      Anne Onamoose state of terror? what are you talking about? clarified if
      you’re trying to make a point

  3. Posted by Superman Clark Kent, at Reply

    *WHAT DO WE WANT?!?!?*

    • Posted by Naskinlahtaaja, at Reply

      +Wake up Mr. West In 2015, 16 of the known offenders were white or hispanic
      and 17 were black according to the FBI statistics, and I do not see a stat
      for 2016 on their site yet. In none of the years listed on the FBI site
      have whites and hispanics killed more cops per capita than black americans,
      so please stop making assumptions.

    • Posted by Jacob Young, at Reply

      frenk GNU well that’s awfully racist of you sir

  4. Posted by lolfeg, at Reply

    Is it wrong to say that the KKK is protesting more peacefully than BLM?

    • Posted by Spartacus of Thrace, at Reply

      Oh I see. You’re a troll. A horrible liar at that.

    • Posted by Therrydicule, at Reply

      Spartacus of Thrace Maybe he believe what he says.

    • Posted by Therrydicule, at Reply

      Greg S Ian Hislop gave a lecture on Orwell on the UCLTV channel. Could you
      watch it?

    • Posted by ImmortalTiger94, at Reply

      lolfeg You realize the KKK has murdered thousands of people, right?

  5. Posted by ThE DuCk, at Reply

    If you make police officers not getting hurt on the job your first concern,
    then it’s problematic, because you allow the use of deadly or excessive
    force in practically every situation between an officer and a citizen.

    • Posted by Liberate Wisconsin First, at Reply

      A life is a life. Cops are cowards .

    • Posted by jorge pagan, at Reply

      skibi,NO in most cases when a civi is shot is because the copper is SCARE.I
      put that word in big so you understand that fear should not be the standing
      defense in a shooting.But sadly is one of the major”claims”the copper uses
      when in trial.The I fear for my life is been used so often that shouldn’t
      be used any more.

    • Posted by AlphaFoxAdam, at Reply

      Teen Wolf90 some individuals don’t quite understand the burden of proof.

    • Posted by AlphaFoxAdam, at Reply

      Elliott Smort the atheist roo sends his regards. if you haven’t already,
      get started watching all of the Atheism Is Unstoppable videos.

  6. Posted by Guy McGenius, at Reply

    Police are the most dangerous thing in America!

    • Posted by Usman Najam, at Reply

      Alrighty then, cops are more dangerous than terrorism.

    • Posted by Brendan McCaffery, at Reply

      Usman Najam they kill way more American than radical Islamic or any other
      form (eg right wing) terrorism numb skull

    • Posted by Brendan McCaffery, at Reply

      iamgoddard the roadway didnt shoot them with a state issued weapon funded
      by my tax dollars. knuckle dragger.

    • Posted by iamgoddard, at Reply

      +Brendan McCaffery, okay, so the police are the most dangerous thing with
      state issued weapons funded by our tax dollars in America.

  7. Posted by Adam Chester, at Reply

    TYT, YOU made the polices’s lives dangerous. YOU should be ARRESTED and
    JAILED. it’s your wreckless reporting that got them where they are.

    • Posted by Elliott Smort, at Reply in the 90’s crime was much worse on
      everyone, but now crime is lower but cop deaths are higher, so you need to
      understand this fan responding to TYT who killed a bunch of white cops does
      take responsibility even by TYT logic, watch, i want honest opinions from
      people who watch the evidence of a cover up.

    • Posted by Spartacus of Thrace, at Reply

      Adam Chester
      Being a cop is safer than being a trash collector. So many cops are cowards
      and whiners these days. I feel bad for the real cops who actually put
      themselves on the line and don’t shoot first. Those Italian cops that
      caught and shot dead the terrorist that ran over people are how cops are
      supposed to be.

    • Posted by Isaac Luscombe, at Reply

      Go watch his video before making a comment, because you just look dumb.

    • Posted by Chukwu, at Reply

      Mcheal Moretti, just pointing out something… Issac never actually said
      the TYT viewer murdered a police officer BECAUSE he was a TYT viewer… nor
      did he say tat its Cenk or Ana’s fault when a crime is committed by
      Thats just you projecting how you feel on the opposition, making you logic
      illogical LMAO.

  8. Posted by gurudeclan, at Reply

    Armenian Genocide. Armenian Genocide. Armenian Genocide. Armenian Genocide.
    Armenian Genocide. Armenian Genocide.

    • Posted by some “stupidusernamestho” body, at Reply

      gurudeclan Go take a shower and go outside for human interaction.

    • Posted by keepit real, at Reply

      ^says some body inside on their computer, lol.

  9. Posted by Jayz Gucci, at Reply

    TYT encourages War on police

    • Posted by Mark Ahlquist, at Reply

      Police are perfect, every single one of them does the right thing in every
      situation. Saying anything different is ‘war on police’.

    • Posted by Fat Sack, at Reply


    • Posted by Jayz Gucci, at Reply

      Mark Ahlquist You don’t know what Police Officers go through everyday with
      their Life in Danger

  10. Posted by Viet Lee, at Reply

    LOL I love how TYT are misconstruing statistics to fix their narrative. The
    reason why police deaths are lower than the 1970s and onward is advances in
    EMS response times, medical advances, advances in technology like bullet
    proof vests, GMO potatoes, and improved police procedures.

    Back in 1970s they didn’t have license plate recognition technology to
    identify violent offenders, so when you pull them over they might pull a
    gun on you when you are not looking, in 2000s if you pull over a violent
    person you will see multiple police cars which significantly increase their
    chances to live because not even a violent person will try to kill multiple

    • Posted by Chuck Toddler, at Reply

      Viet Lee Excellent Points!!!

    • Posted by Just a regular bloke, at Reply

      Anonymous2708 __ You’re getting destroyed, bud.

    • Posted by jason saenz, at Reply

      Viet Lee I was going to say all that but you beat me to it

    • Posted by Abram Carroll, at Reply

      Being a cop is one of the safest jobs in the USA.

  11. Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

    Liberals are responsible for the stoking of racial tensions in the country
    in painting cops as racists committing “genocide” against black people,
    ignoring the overwhelmingly disproportionate rate of black crime that leads
    to confrontations with the police.

    • Posted by Bernard Stiegler, at Reply


    • Posted by Spartacus of Thrace, at Reply

      If the media didn’t reports whites are killed by cops more than blacks then
      you wouldn’t know about it.
      Also, you ignore most whites killed by cops are armed and dangerous. Most
      unarmed citizens killed by cops are black.

    • Posted by Kim Jong-un, at Reply

      Bernard Stiegler
      He’s completely correct

      crime doesn’t pay

      When you’re committing a crime and a cop says to put you’re hands up and
      you instantly don’t respond .. a cop is a human who too

    • Posted by Abnormal Wrench, at Reply

      +Skibi Blacks commit more crimes (not true for raw numbers, I only point
      that out because of all the idiots in the comments using tha tas an
      argument when it suits them)….therefore it is OK to murder unarmed black
      people? Is that your argument?

    • Posted by Abnormal Wrench, at Reply

      +Dustin Zilbauer When I was 12 y/o I didn’t play with fake guns, I
      regularly played with real guns, went hunting in the orchards near my
      house. I guess I was lucky no cop shot me back then? It never even crossed
      my mind that a cop would have a problem with it, but then I’m white.

  12. Posted by arithsem, at Reply

    I can see how dangerous it is mistreating a disproportionate amount of

    • Posted by Chukwu, at Reply

      +arithsem 1. You’re examples would actually be acceptable if cases like
      Philando Castile and Walter Scott *were the norm*, but they aren’t.
      2. You have a problem of reading, I said I dont *WANT* you to strawman me,
      not that you did.
      3. Explain to me why you think disproportionate amount of minorities are
      recieving deadly force, Do you want everyone to receive equal amount of
      deadly force? The simply fact is police should be using deadly force when
      it applies, the fact that it happens disproportionally to a certain race
      shouldnt matter. Stop looking at the situation as “an unarmed black man got
      shot” and look at it from a wider scope like “an unarmed man got shot
      BECAUSE …”

  13. Posted by Scientific Machine, at Reply

    Well their job is to tell people not to break the law and that gets a lot
    of people really mad for some reason.

    • Posted by Edward Elric, at Reply

      Not only to tell them but also to make them stop if they are breaking the
      law which criminals also don’t like that much.

    • Posted by Robo Pie, at Reply

      notice their job isnt to execute

  14. Posted by John Charles, at Reply

    Less black people are being killed by police than ever before also but tyt
    would never mention that.

    • Posted by CsGFadedFiasco, at Reply

      John Charles yeah because people you pay to protect you harming you should
      not be normalized..

    • Posted by Sweedish Fish, at Reply

      John Charles but that doesnt matter because cops are black hating racists

    • Posted by Biffy Coach, at Reply

      Excluding lynching, you may be right.

    • Posted by Abram Carroll, at Reply

      Lie. It’s been going up every year.

  15. Posted by edward hickey, at Reply

    Blue lives matter :(

    • Posted by KING JACOB, at Reply

      edward hickey All lives matter!

    • Posted by Henry Townshed, at Reply



    • Posted by Abram Carroll, at Reply

      Blue lives matter, and their buddies the KKK are terrorist groups 😉

  16. Posted by Daniel Stone, at Reply

    whenever i hear about how many cops have been killed this year I always ask
    “how many citizens have cops killed this year?”

    • Posted by Biffy Coach, at Reply

      Daniel Stone Over 1000.

    • Posted by racer, at Reply

      Daniel Stone The thing is, 99% of these killings are justified. It’s the
      cops duty to free our society from criminal scum.

    • Posted by Seadalgo, at Reply

      racer yet we elected criminal scum president

    • Posted by Abram Carroll, at Reply

      “99% of these killings are justified.” Are you some kind of comedian?

      Very few are “justified”. The police are the criminal scum in our society.
      The police Killed the Rule of law that Western civilization was built on.
      Now it is up to citizens to kill the criminal cops to keep our society safe
      from the police. Happy, racer?

  17. Posted by BABYLON ZATANRATE, at Reply

    Its more dangerous to be a black man in USA than a police officer.

    • Posted by liquidminds, at Reply

      black police officer… doesn’t know if he will be shot by a criminal for
      the uniform or by another cop for the colour of skin.. that’s really a
      badass job…

    • Posted by jason saenz, at Reply

      BABYLON ZATANRATE you’re right I gotta watch my back for other black people
      who might kill me.

    • Posted by ItsameAlex, at Reply

      yeah, because other black people will kill you

  18. Posted by Spartacus of Thrace, at Reply

    64 cops versus hundreds of unarmed citizens murdered by cops.
    About as many people die coal mining.

    • Posted by Muno Unom, at Reply

      +Spartacus of Thrace
      Nah, I rather have the polie officer not be harmed, then a thug still
      alive. I dont even see how its even a conversation. A police officer dont
      get to protect themselves against assailants now? Cause: Oh, noes we cant
      have the thugs being hurt back(even killed).

    • Posted by Spartacus of Thrace, at Reply

      +Muno Unom
      Not me. Often police are thugs with badges like that lady in Tulsa OK who
      shot that poor man in the back who had a broke down car.

    • Posted by Jack Bracston, at Reply

      +Spartacus of Thrace and she got charged

    • Posted by Spartacus of Thrace, at Reply

      +Jack Bracston yes she did. Hope she gets real jail time.

    • Posted by Muno Unom, at Reply

      +Spartacus of Thrace
      Very rarely, extremly rarely do we have a police that acts as a thug. It
      does happen, its just really rare. And those incidents dont justify killing
      or harming of police officers that are not thugs(the vast majority of them).