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Is ‘Biased News’ More Destructive Than Fake News?


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The president of Newsmax made an interesting point about "biased news." Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"NewsMax President and CEO Christopher Ruddy stirred things up during an appearance on CNN’s Reliable Sources when he told host Brian Stelter that media bias was a more relevant factor to the 2016 election than false news was.

In recent weeks, Stelter and other news figures have been concerned about the spread of fake news/conspiracy theories, as well as the possibility that it helped Donald Trump become President. On Sunday, Stelter brought this up in connection with how often Trump rails against the press, but Ruddy pressed back saying that fake news is talked about a lot more these days than “biased news.”

“[The media] had a responsibility to give fair and balanced news, and I think anybody that looks at this objectively, they were talking about issues that American public did not call for.”

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  1. Posted by RT Myths Debunked, at Reply

    TYT is biased and often fake or highly exaggerated. RUSSIANS

    • Posted by The Nerdy Turd, at Reply

      Russians hacked TYT

  2. Posted by Unbeknownst One, at Reply

    On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me 12 liberals annulling,
    11 conservatives moaning, 10 evangelicals judging , 9 persecuted info
    warriors, 8 hysterical pastors, 7 social media sites blocking republican
    newsfeeds, 6 blue collar trolls a trollin, 5 tax breaks for the super
    wealthy, 4 old WASPS bitching, 3 southern hens denying climate change, 2
    Obamas giving the middle finger, *And ONE Donald Trump thrown from the
    presidential seat*

    • Posted by Chukwu, at Reply

      Unbeknownst One L

    • Posted by Sir Gerbil Macintosh, at Reply

      Fake and gay copy and paste you suck and for nerds daily.

    • Posted by Be N S O N, at Reply

      for someone critical of evangelicals judging people, you sure do seem

    • Posted by Unbeknownst One, at Reply

      It’s the difference between the U.S. Supreme Court and a court with sharia
      law ministers… The evangelicals are the latter sort, a parasite on
      humanity. RAID FOR ALL THE WASPS

  3. Posted by Adam Chester, at Reply

    TYT is hardcore leftist propaganda. And I sincerely hope your channel gets
    shut down. I will say there are exceptions. Sargon of Akkad is a leftist
    who is a rationalist. (even though I do get into heated arguments with
    him). I will give him credit for being unbias.

    • Posted by chibhatt24, at Reply

      Election reform is not “leftist propaganda”, its the most obviously needed
      thing the goddamn world. Wake up.

    • Posted by Phish N' Chimps, at Reply

      +chibhatt24 yea. They need to purge the voter rolls every 4 years.

    • Posted by Jason Oberman, at Reply

      +Adam Chester so silence your opponent and lock them up. it’s called
      fascism. glad you admit you are one.

    • Posted by Mark Grayson, at Reply

      it’s socialist propaganda.

    • Posted by WobblyBits_X, at Reply

      +Thodin from Ostral-B Secular Talk is part of TYT.

  4. Posted by Nick Balis, at Reply

    TYT is as biased as they come.

    • Posted by souris verte, at Reply

      yeeess i agree

    • Posted by Nick Balis, at Reply

      +Melanoma Trump There’s a difference between trolling and legitimately
      While I admit that bashing TYT is fun, my comment was legitimate criticism.
      I was prepared to go into detail if anyone asked for an explanation, but no
      one did.

      Also, Cenk is a fat, brown buffalo. (Now THAT’S trolling.)

      And it took me so long to respond because I was living life in the real

    • Posted by Kosh 963, at Reply

      Cenk, Did a Great job on this Video,. I wonder what the Productivity/Wage
      Compensation Chart would look like; If, you Management & CEO Pay Increases
      was Excluded… I’m also Curious What the 2015 Pie Graph would look like
      if you Minus’d Corporate Welfare to BIG Companies Even from the Overall
      Corporate Tax Revenues collected…

  5. Posted by Uncle Eisenhower, at Reply

    What gets me is if you look at Alex Jones’ videos they have about a
    thousand likes and 80 dislikes because we don’t watch his video and don’t
    care too. BUT they come here and dislike the video and troll like crazy. It
    leads me to believe these dumbfucks are losers and have no lives. Damn
    basmenr dwellers.

    • Posted by Uncle Eisenhower, at Reply

      +Blazed and Confused​ Oh really? Then why do 84% of people in America agree
      with Bernie Sanders’ PROGRESSIVE platform when you go issue by issue and
      don’t label anything liberal or conservative. Hillary being the worst
      candidate in Democratic Party history still beat Donald Trump by 3 MILLION
      votes and the only reason he won was because of the electoral college. Not
      to mention the national registration of the parties are slanted in favor of
      the Democrats. 45 million people are registered as Democrats while only 30
      million Republicans while the Repubs numbers are net FALLING. Not to
      mention that most independents identify as left-leaning or leftists in
      general. Liberalism is taking over the country. “Conservatism is dying
      because it has ruined peoples lives and people are finally becoming aware
      of it.” Is what you mean’t to say.

  6. Posted by jay shawn, at Reply

    you are the most biased network there is, moron

    • Posted by ttrev007, at Reply

      but they don’t pretend to not be biased.

    • Posted by Karl Laur, at Reply

      reality has a liberal bias.

    • Posted by JJ Rood, at Reply

      idk. I think ABC news takes the cake on that.

    • Posted by Mr. Raleigh D., at Reply

      JJ Rood is an awesome bias.

  7. Posted by randomflashbacks, at Reply

    All news is biased. Non-biased news doesn’t exist.

    • Posted by Gregorio Martinez, at Reply

      randomflashbacks I just feel media needs to report the facts and that’s it.

    • Posted by Popeye's chicken, at Reply

      randomflashbacks secular talk is not biased

    • Posted by Classical Liberal, at Reply

      Popeye’s chicken yes he is

    • Posted by randomflashbacks, at Reply

      +Popeye’s chicken Secular Talk is one of my favorite channels, but yes he
      certainly is biased. He’s not as bad as TYT or some other channels, but the
      bias is still there.

    • Posted by Mark Grayson, at Reply

      wrong. there’s a journalist named Ben Swann who’s one of the last of a
      dying breed he works for a CBS local affiliate. look him up.

  8. Posted by Beyond Tribalism, at Reply

    Bias is an inherent part of the human condition. And those who would claim
    to not be biased are blatantly ignorant.

    • Posted by Golly Po, at Reply

      That’s why you have to actively try and keep it out of the media, exactly
      because it is inherent. We are, by nature, murderous as a species, but all
      societies have made it a crime.

    • Posted by Beyond Tribalism, at Reply

      +Golly Po True. But no murder law has ever ended murder. Just like trying
      to keep bias out of news wont end bias. People choose to watch networks
      that confirm their preconceived notions; therefore, there will always be
      news networks that pander to specific audiences/demographics.

    • Posted by Golly Po, at Reply

      +Beyond Tribalism
      But before Reagan abolished the “fairness doctrine” there was no outright
      biased reporting allowed, not that it never happened, but since then even
      the veneer of fairness and balance; and objectivity, have vanished.

  9. Posted by Lucian cahil, at Reply

    tyt lecturing us about bias? Lol

    • Posted by agentnevermore, at Reply

      Hypocrisy is the young turds’ strong suit

    • Posted by Atom Chapman, at Reply

      Lucian cahil

      “Us”? As in the tyt audience? How is tyt lecturing us?

  10. Posted by Kalu Abay, at Reply

    how is TYT fake news? I need examples and evidence.

    • Posted by MISTY1770, at Reply

      LOL! TYT censored my last comment. Truth hurts but you can’t deny it.

    • Posted by Kalu Abay, at Reply

      +Popeye’s chicken its biased based off the facts they present. If its a a
      story about racism no duh they’ll be biased to the left. If it’s a story on
      police brutality, NoDaPl, trump etc yes based off the facts presented in
      the story they’ll side to the left cause most times the left is correct
      based on the evidence and facts. Yet they never blatantly post lies on
      purpose, and if they do make a mistake they correct it. And they aren’t
      afraid to criticize the left either. I’ve seen cenk, Ana, Jordan and a few
      others take shots at the left, especially the rioters, the leftists who
      blame everything on racism or sexism, the leftists who’d vote for trump to
      spite Hillary supporters, Obama and his flip flopping on certain issues and
      Hillary’s corruption. Ironically those are the only times right wing
      commenters seem to acknowledge tyts honesty. But if TYT criticizes racism
      or trump, suddenly they are called fake news, leftist propaganda, etc. Also
      its funny that criticizing racism makes them race baiters but not the
      actual racists in the stories they report.

    • Posted by The Lexicon, at Reply

      How right you are. The approval of TYT’s individual videos seems to be
      directly proportional to whether they criticize the left or the right. If
      it’s the left – they’re ‘fair and balanced’ (pardon the reference). If it’s
      the right – biased, fake, propaganda, liars.
      Granted, TYT COULD stand to be more critical of the left, in some
      instances. But as it stands, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

    • Posted by Tommy Rousseau, at Reply

      Kalu Abay very much enjoy tyt. do you think it might be because I would
      like to think I have a little Common sense . which by the way a % of these
      comments lack . thank you tyt.

    • Posted by scotaloo7 7g7, at Reply

      TYT reported on a Trump supporter burning a black church and mocked the
      idea of it being a hoax. That guy got caught a few days ago and it was a
      black guy from that church. TYT also lied about a black female doctor not
      being allowed to help someone in trouble in a plane because she was black.
      Every time a white cop shoots a black guy they insinuate or claim that race
      was a factor based on 0 evidence. Cenk claimed the Orlando terrorist was
      just a closeted gay guy that hated gay people when in fact he was an
      Islamic terrorist that pledge allegiance to multiple terrorists groups,
      traveled to Saudi Arabia twice and said that he killed people because the
      US kept droning his country.

  11. Posted by Daniel Bostock, at Reply

    Biased news is ok if you get your facts right, and you’re honest of your
    bias. TYT very rarely get their facts right.

    • Posted by Kanishka Reddy, at Reply

      +mark navarro if you can’t even give one example, it’s kinda hard to
      believe you…

    • Posted by El Jefe, at Reply

      kanishka honestly i dont want to insult u but if you can’t see that the
      young turks are total bullshit…. you are purposely believing their
      bullshit just because they agree with you. Anyone with a scrap of
      intelligence can see that they report constant fake news. When I watch
      there videos I almost always click their source under the video afterwards
      (usually it’s a single article they just copied, often just a blog article
      with no evidence) and I find that they either twisted the truth or left out
      important facts practically every time. Like I said I don’t want to insult
      you but if you think they are some kind of legitimate source for truth it
      says a lot about your intelligence…

    • Posted by El Jefe, at Reply

      if u cant see my link it means it got spam filtered just type into utube
      ‘terrorist attempts to bomb abortion clinic’ and look @ the TYT video. I
      think TYT makes that link auto spam filtered cuz ppl were calling them out
      on it so much.

  12. Posted by feel the bern, at Reply

    i predict that the trump trolls who make TYT possible will be triggered by
    this video.

    • Posted by feel the bern, at Reply

      trump trolls are PC bitches.

    • Posted by Propane TreeFiddy, at Reply

      Why would Trump supporters need to troll? They’ve winning over and over for
      months. I mostly see butthurt liberals trying to get a rise out of
      people…probably just for laughs, right? So life doesn’t suck as much?
      Poor guy.

  13. Posted by Manc26, at Reply

    People who say TYT is biased forget that the very reason they say that is
    because TYT doesn’t fit *their* biases….so they call it biased or fake

    • Posted by mydogatemyhomework., at Reply

      … TYT is ‘news’?

    • Posted by Manc26, at Reply

      mydogatemyhomework everything is ‘news’

    • Posted by scotaloo7 7g7, at Reply

      Or maybe they do it because they’re insanely biased.

    • Posted by WobblyBits_X, at Reply

      The biggest problem with MSM is not that they’re biased (which they
      definitely are, everybody is), but that they present everything with faux
      neutrality, they act as if both points of view are equally valid even when
      they’re not. An example would be that they bring on a scientist to debate
      with a politician or religious activist to debate about some aspect of
      science (climate change or abortion for example). Right off the bat, a
      politician or religious activist is unlikely to be qualified to debate on a
      science topic yet the MSM acts as if all they say is valid regardless of
      what the *facts* are on the issue.

    • Posted by Matt ST2, at Reply

      Manc you are so dumb if you believe that.

  14. Posted by Jack Landonso, at Reply

    All the triggered trump supporters in the comment section is just giving
    tyt views😂😂

    • Posted by Pure Heroine, at Reply

      Jack Landonso we have trump in the WH though. TYT can have the views. lol

    • Posted by Matt ST2, at Reply

      You know all about being triggered you moron.

  15. Posted by Kay Solo, at Reply

    I’m kind of surprised that no one in the comments has mentioned how TYT is
    biased yet. This is an important thing to point out guys, come on.

    • Posted by Manc26, at Reply

      We’re all biased

  16. Posted by gvzhgfdbfdb, at Reply

    So. Informative. This is the only type of news allowed, unbiased and fact
    based (okay, TYT is definitely left-leaning but they definitely also
    heavily critique them as well)

    • Posted by donavon pip, at Reply

      They admit to their bias and never claimed to be unbiased, as opposed to
      the mainstream media who swears they are unbiased.

    • Posted by Hexspell, at Reply

      gvzhgfdbfdb The man is a clown and has reported news that has been proven
      false so many times in the last couple months a.k.a. Muslim harassment and
      hate crimes. The number of stories that he’s claimed true, that have been
      proven false in the last year to six months is almost uncountable do just
      the slightest bit of research. Google it. Please you sheeple just do the
      bare minimum of your do diligence, try to form an opinion based on at least
      the minimum amount of research. This fool is the King of fake news and just
      voted for Hillary Clinton, now preaching to you about corruption. Lap it up.

    • Posted by gvzhgfdbfdb, at Reply

      donavon pip well put

  17. Posted by Eazy, at Reply

    Even billionaire’s must be trolling TYT because even u half a brain cell
    trumpsters who are middle class or poor can’t defend this but for some
    reason your still here.

    • Posted by Hexspell, at Reply

      Eazy your English is either very poor or you have had a lil to much to
      drink tonight collect your thoughts. You fool.

  18. Posted by digital tyranny, at Reply

    Looking at these comments never fails to amaze. The people who cheer while
    they are being robbed. The people who believe healthcare is an evil plot.
    The people making minimum wage who scoff at unions. The people who call you
    a cuck for imagining a better world. And, the people who desperately need
    an education, acting like education is some kind of an assault on their
    personal freedom.

    • Posted by HitchensImmortal, at Reply

      Well said. Wish there were more of you.

  19. Posted by Cis White Male with extra privilege, at Reply

    This is literally the most biased source of “news” there is. I am amazed
    with your lack of self awareness.

    • Posted by Red/white, at Reply

      Cis White Male with extra privilege He is in our side!!