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Is Elizabeth Warren A True Progressive?


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Is Elizabeth Warren a real progressive? Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, review. Inform us exactly what you think in the remark section below. View the entire postgame below:

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  1. Posted by cqtaylor, at Reply

    The moment progressives engage in “purity tests” is the moment we shoot ourselves in the foot. Instead, we should talk about differences within the Left; discuss solutions, and work together. Find commonality. Divided progressives never win elections. And yes, I agree that Big Money should be taken out of politics – on BOTH SIDES.

    • Posted by Michael Babcock, at Reply


      no. I asked because you say there shouldn’t be “purity tests.” if you don’t care about the policies these supposed “progressives” are proposing, then why don’t you just vote Republican?

  2. Posted by Emmanuel Quaintance, at Reply

    So, to be a true progressive you need to join the army of Bernie cocksuckers. Got it.

    • Posted by Walruse 2020, at Reply

      troll account

    • Posted by Emmanuel Quaintance, at Reply

      playgrrrr Lol, at least I’m registered as a democrat, unlike Sanders who calls himself a democrat just to get the party’s political machine support.

    • Posted by Jewish Buddha, at Reply

      Emmanuel Quaintance 😂

  3. Posted by sham mahmood, at Reply

    Tulsi Gabbard, Cenk. TULSI GABBARD!

    • Posted by Stephen Harper, at Reply

      someperson111 no she doesn’t. She just doesn’t believe in dragging the US into another regime change war. Crazy, I know. We all know the effect of toppling the strong man in the Mid East (*cough cough* Iraq *cough*). You can disagree with her policies, but to say that she supports Assad is just untrue.

    • Posted by James Parker, at Reply

      I honestly don’t get why people like her. Asides from kissing up to mass murders what has she done?

    • Posted by Taran Singh, at Reply

      James Parker Syria was fine until we dragged our asses down there,and fucked the country up. People say Assad must go blah blah, do you have a goddam alternative so it doesn’t turn into an anarchy like Afghanistan or Libya.

    • Posted by James Parker, at Reply

      I’ve always found that argument bizarre. Syria is already far worse off than Afghanistan or Libya. If Afghanistan is anarchy, what the hell would you call what Syria has become under Assad’s “watchful eye”? Partitioned rubble?
      As for a alternative, I think the SDF’s federal system could work. They have crushed ISIL at every turn and have been able to successfully implement it in captured territory a rally local support despite Turkey constantly trying to stoke ethnic tension.

    • Posted by Taran Singh, at Reply

      What about Syria before civil war? It was a secular state, As per your argument even if SDF takes over, I doubt they would be able to sustain it without facing same fate as Iraq, it is basically in the same situation. Syria was doomed the day US and Saudi Arabia turned its eye towards it. Wonder if Iran or Lebanon is next on the agenda.

  4. Posted by yaoiking16, at Reply

    She screwed that interview hard and your just making excuses for her.

    • Posted by playgrrrr, at Reply

      +soccerguy325 Perhaps it is time to start differentiating between people who are merely progressive and people who are progressive *fighters.* I’ll buy that Warren is progressive, but I don’t buy that she’s a progressive *fighter.* Warren is the former without question, the latter not so much.

    • Posted by playgrrrr, at Reply

      +Michael Bobcock Sanders engages in Twitter fights squabbles over Trump all the damn time.

  5. Posted by Vikash Bhalla, at Reply

    I can get over not endorsing sanders on the grounds of political calculation, but when I heard her speak in the interview with Cenk, I couldn’t get over how she was using a lot of words to say nothing, just like all the rest of them losers.

    • Posted by Fen, at Reply

      That soft ball interview harmed Cenk’s credibility imo.

  6. Posted by Kara Middleton, at Reply

    Cenk, a lot of Hillary voters have NOT switched over. you are living in fairy land. Hillary voters HATE Bernie and think he is a traitor.

    • Posted by Toney Tone, at Reply

      Kara Middleton But Hillary and the Democrats are the ones who colluded against Bernie. So if they think Bernie is a traitor the Democrats are to blame. Regardless of Bernie’s views, he’s been a stand up guy since he became known to the public.

    • Posted by Kara Middleton, at Reply

      Lloyd B its not LOSED, it’s LOST. And thanks for that but it has nothing to do with my comment.

    • Posted by Kara Middleton, at Reply

      Toney Tone like I said, that is not how Hillary voters think. all of y’all are off the subject. My point was that Hillary voters hate Bernie.

    • Posted by Toney Tone, at Reply

      Kara Middleton you said they thinks he a traitor. Im going off what you said mam. I know numerous reasons Hillary voters don’t like Bernie but Hillary voters never gave Bernie a chance to begin wit. Hillary supporters are more stubborn than Trump supporters.

    • Posted by Lloyd B, at Reply

      +Kara Middleton it’s DOES not DO. And Bill Clinton has NOTHING to do with Warren!

  7. Posted by Jeremy Ellwood, at Reply

    It’s not just that she didn’t endorse Bernie. I was bummed with her about that, but got over it quickly.
    It’s the way she’s been voting lately. She’s been supporting MANY of Trump’s poor nominees (e.g. Ben Carson). That’s VERY problematic. These positions filled by Trump’s nominations are destroying the health and safety of the U.S. She is complicit in that, whether or not they would have won with or without her vote.

    • Posted by Jeremy Ellwood, at Reply

      And was going to reply to others but apparently, they deleted their comments.

    • Posted by Oniel Rodriguez, at Reply

      So she did vote for carson?

    • Posted by Jeremy Ellwood, at Reply


    • Posted by Jeremy Ellwood, at Reply

      Here’s her response after the backlash from it:

    • Posted by Nate, at Reply

      and did you read her response?

      ” If President Trump goes to his second choice, I don’t think we will get another HUD nominee who will even make these promises – much less follow through on them.”

      Sounds like a progressive move. A pragmatic solution.

      Sort of like the uhhh lets vote Hillary and not Trump because he would be worst. I hope you weren’t a Bernie or bust bro.

  8. Posted by doxide, at Reply

    Elizabeth Warren is a true progressive…until it costs her politically.

    • Posted by Ben Jammin, at Reply

      doxide she’s afraid of the establishment lol, she needs to toughen up

    • Posted by Jorge Colombo, at Reply


  9. Posted by Justin-Timothy Frater, at Reply

    To my fellow progressives. There has been an effort lately to merge the toxic neo-liberal brand with our movement, in an effort to coopt our message. Unlike Liberalism or Conservatism, Progessivism isn’t hardline or adversarial, but rather the introduction of nuanced and reasonable ideas for the benefit of all people, whether Republican, Democrat, Independent or third party. I love Bernie, and I’m a proud ‘Bernie bro’ but our ideological enemies seek to decentralize us by attacking our leadership figures. Instead of arguing about purity scores, lets again center around the issues. In this it is irrefutable that we a CORRECT and those who oppose us, sound illogical to the normal everyday persons they try to appeal to. Lets support each other on the issues and avoid petty differences. Lets fight for progressive values to benefit all, instead of listening to the token pseudo- ‘progressives’ who are set up to divide and conquer us. Let’s focus in the issues and electing candidates who will fight for those issues, instead of nitpicking about personal grievances we may have. We are the only hope we have left, we cannot allow our opposers to defeat us. Let us thrive to make our country a better place and fight for our progressive values. Peace and strength, in the storm ahead. We shall overcome

    • Posted by 14loosecannon, at Reply

      Just forget it, half the people on here aren’t interested in policies at all, it’s all about personality and looking anti-establishment. That’s why loads of people on here bemoan the loss of Obama’s legislative legacy from climate change, environment, healthcare, criminal justice, Cuba, Iran etc but if you asked them about him personally they’d call him a neoliberal cuck. There’s no nuance with these guys, I’m sorry

    • Posted by Justin-Timothy Frater, at Reply

      14loosecannon Personally, I respect Obama as a fellow brother and for being the first African-American president of the US of A, but he isn’t immune to criticism when he bows to pressure and becomes an incrementalist, Progessivism may not be adversarial but it isn’t weak… the problem is when we focus on criticizing each other and end up undermining the gains of our own movement, and forgetting the shared issues for which we fight for. We need to stop focusing so much on the politicking and get back to pushing for progressive policy, by getting big money interests out of our political system, electing progressive candidates to represent us and rallying the grass roots to fight for progressive change

  10. Posted by David Hernandez, at Reply

    People Warren is a progressive , like honestly look at her policies what do u think a progressive is? Does she exactly follow everything you believe a progressive is? Of course not…. if you want you can run for office so u can get things EXACTLY how u want but im getting annoyed looking at these comments “She doesnt believe/do this so she isn’t progressive” , like pls.

    • Posted by mizuhonova, at Reply

      Progressives have the best ideas but some of the dumbest supporters. Some progressives called Bernie a sellout too. And what happened to their champion Jill Stein? Guess we’ll see her come out of the woods in 3 years.

  11. Posted by Brian Stevens, at Reply

    Elizabeth Warren went on Bill Moyers and basically called Hillary Clinton out as a corporate sell out, then she turns around and endorses her which is understandable but does not endorse the progressive candidate she claims to be herself. Very fishy and this interview pretty much ruined it for me ever trusting Warren again.

    • Posted by Augustus Mustus, at Reply

      Brian Stevens welcome to Massachusetts… look into the fraud of “the big dig” a tunnel that all the politicians skimmed from the top.. (it still leaks, cost us taxpayers millions & is noted as the worst engineering flop of the 20th century (Tacoma narrows bridge in WA. is second)

  12. Posted by IMPERATOR, at Reply

    Nah, she’s become a partisan hack. Spouting DNC talking points 24/7 now. Bernie or bust

    • Posted by Darcseid27, at Reply

      IMPERATOR No more BUST, replace the word bust with Trump

  13. Posted by Jens Espersen, at Reply

    Why settle when you can have the real deal?

    Bernie 2020.

    • Posted by Natalie Rodriguez, at Reply

      Jens Espersen preach!!

  14. Posted by Ian Tester, at Reply

    I think she is progressive. But _being_ progressive doesn’t matter when you don’t push progressive policies and don’t fight for progressive values. She’s now just an establishment hack, spouting establishment talking points. Russia! Trump is bad!

  15. Posted by AntiFOX, at Reply

    Instead of talking about the central policies in 2018 she immediately jumped to “Russia!!!”
    And she delivered 100% DNC talking points like “I want to expand possibilities”… what?

    • Posted by AntiFOX, at Reply

      @Paul Shipper
      Honest oppinion? I think she is a total party hack that follows Chuck Schumer’s instructions readily!
      I think that because she is a seasoned academic and a veteran senator that should have some knowledge about the world around her, escpecially the 2016 elections (and DNC shenanigans), the Russian influence on the Democratic Party (!), the Syrian Civil War, the Israeli militarism, the Clinton corruption, the Saudi extremism etc.pp. But what is she doing in the TYT interview? She is trying to deceive and bullshit the most
      progressive and most educated audience she can get on the internet. So yes, I am done with her

  16. Posted by NStarks007, at Reply

    no she is not, where was she on standing rock?+

    • Posted by Illtempo 1980, at Reply

      NStarks007 exactly. Lately, she hasn’t fought for anything progressive at all

  17. Posted by Bruno Straub, at Reply

    Short answer: NO
    Long answer: HELL NO!!!

    • Posted by Gen X Murse70, at Reply

      Thank you.

  18. Posted by Sumerian Hero, at Reply

    Stop focusing on Warren, she’s a fraud. Tulsi Gabbard is the best choice for 2020.

    • Posted by hogg ham, at Reply

      Warren is a fraud, another Obama waiting to happen. Why do us progressives need to get burned over and over again before we learn our lesson? How about this time around we spare ourselves the heartbreak by just accepting the obvious.

  19. Posted by jamviator, at Reply

    Someone commented below that Warren is just another Obama waiting to happen. I agree 100%! We can’t take that chance. Remember how progressive Obama “seemed” before he became president? TYT needs to stop promoting Elizabeth Warren. She’ll be another Obama all over again.

    • Posted by HPislegend248, at Reply

      Not the same thing at all. Obama had no record to run on. He hadn’t even been in the Senate for 2 years for he ran for President. EW has an established track record of supporting progressive policies.

  20. Posted by sammu, at Reply

    And then there’s the fact that she is also pro Israeli apartheid. She’s progressive on certain issues and just because she stands up to bankers, does not make her the progressive savior we need.

    • Posted by Andrewlina Jolie, at Reply

      You do need her, because there are very few progressives. You can’t rely on Bernie alone…

    • Posted by Anil Singh, at Reply

      Hence Justice Democrats.