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Is It Normal To Be Proud Of Where You’re From?


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Mark Thompson joins Cenk Uygur on Old-fashioned. Enjoy the whole episode below:

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  1. Posted by Jack Rando, at Reply

    TYT literally gives you AIDS!

    • Posted by Señor Danger, at Reply

      Jack Rando i hope you die in dignity.

    • Posted by Jack Rando, at Reply

      Señor Danger typical response from a Low IQ lefty. resorting to threats and violence.. typical

    • Posted by Señor Danger, at Reply

      Jack Rando this is true compassion! if you’ve got AIDS from watching TYT then that’s what I wish for you.

    • Posted by The Gov'nor, at Reply

      It wasn’t TYT, it was your daddy 🙁

    • Posted by reereelization, at Reply

      +Jack Rando lol!! So tyre about the death threats…. …watch out for masked hooligans dressed in black carrying big sticks…. …no, it’s not Hitler’s youth, it’s actually a pack of lefties.

  2. Posted by Wew Lad, at Reply

    Cenk is so proud of Turkey that he named his company after the Turkish group who committed a genocide!

    • Posted by DrStealthbug, at Reply

      Jim – Who’s saying it was right then, exactly?

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Dr. Stealthbug: I don’t understand your question.

    • Posted by SuperbowlJoel, at Reply

      Have you seen the film “The Promise” yet? It’s gonna be the ultimate favourite movie of tyt trolls lol.

    • Posted by SuperbowlJoel, at Reply

      You trolls are literally obsessed with this eh? You should create a support group where you all get together and whine about tyt and their name. Or you could simply look at the standard definition they give, which is attached to every single tyt video. You guys are pathetic, please finish eating yourselves already.

  3. Posted by tetsubo57, at Reply

    I have never, *ever* understood the whole ‘proud of where I am from’ narrative. I’m not ‘proud’ of Pennsylvania my state of birth. I’m not ‘proud’ of living in New Hampshire. I’m not ‘proud’ of being an American. It was all an accident of fate. What ‘pride’ is there in fate?

    • Posted by Chris Miranda, at Reply

      It’s better than Uganda or Iraq. So take pride in that at least.

    • Posted by rod fedora, at Reply

      People love their fictions, my friend.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      How can we be proud of a country that would elect Trump? It’s embarrassing. I’ll be proud when we throw him out of office in 2020.

  4. Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

    TYT is in no rush to cover the black Muslim who went on a shooting spree cuz he hated white people. He also was a TYT fan. They didn’t cover Swedish terror attack either.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      J Briggs
      A shameless liar and bigot is claiming I have no honor? Laughable. You are a joke.

    • Posted by David 666, at Reply

      Where’s the evidence he’s a tyt fan? I wouldn’t be surprised if he is, just wondering.

    • Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

      his facebook had liked a lot of race related TYT content. He’s actually not the first black TYT fan to go out and kill white people. When black people who are mentally unhinged watch the young turks it really fucks with their mind. TYT cherry picks only stories where blacks are the victim and reinforces constantly that whites are racist which gives blacks with lower IQ’s or mental problems a huge persecution complex and a lot of hatred toward whites. If only TYT was balanced in the race related stories they covered, and stopped leaving out facts that don’t fit their agenda. TYT only divides people with this dishonest coverage. It’s very unfortunate.

    • Posted by David 666, at Reply

      Oh I know, I remember that piece they did about the white girl who lied about being raped by black people and in the background, the graphic says “white lies”…All you have to do is switch the race to anything else – “Jewish lies”, “black lies”, “asian lies”, etc, and we would all be horrified by the obvious racism. Tyt thinks they’re sticking it to racists and right wingers. But in fact, I can’t even imagine Fox News or Breitbart having a graphic that says “black lies.” As someone once said, and I’m paraphrasing “When fighting monsters, be sure not to become a monster yourself.” Tyt should heed this advice.

  5. Posted by Omar Albarghouty, at Reply

    It’s ok to be proud of your race and your home but it doesn’t mean that you should start hating everyone else and you becoming a narcissist. There’s nothing wrong with pride but with a limit. Same thing with rich people, be proud of your achievements or your rich family but no need to become arrogant and hate on middle class or low class members.

    • Posted by Be Good, at Reply

      I totally agree.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Omar Albarghouty What if they are from Pontiac?

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Seems cool.

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      When people scream out loud ‘I’m SO PROUD to be blah blah!!!’ you know instantly that blah-blah has either fxxked up big — or has just done something really shameful to people again! 🙂

  6. Posted by Darksider, at Reply

    Cenk disavow your supporter who murdered several people yesterday!

    • Posted by Darksider, at Reply

      Hal Jordan I’m just going by Cenk’s very own logic on this one, Not mine. He must disavow. Or perhaps he is just a hypocrite! No surprise there. I do care about the victims. Just products of the anti-white atmosphere that Cenk and TyT adds to.

    • Posted by Porter, at Reply

      It was false flag event.

  7. Posted by Steven Jackson, at Reply

    If you search “TYT Dylan Roof” you will get 16 different TYT videos on that topic in your first page of results. A black guys just killed 3 white guys for the same reason that Roof did, but will get no more than a few videos on TYT. TYT are race baiters.

    • Posted by TehBrackShiip, at Reply

      Steven Jackson It’s hilarious that they supposedly made a fuss of the white guy from NY being subbed to Tommy Sotomayor when considering this

    • Posted by blistified, at Reply

      rencrow, dont be mad then when whitey massacres you

    • Posted by John Patrick, at Reply

      +Henry Albrecht Yet TYT refused to show his name or face when reporting a story on a murder suspect at large?
      Yup, no bias here.

  8. Posted by The Patriot Lenny, at Reply

    Hey liberals, NOT only is President Trump YOUR PRESIDENT, he is also Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama’s President. Let that sink in. He is the best POTUS you’ve had in years. He cares about you, the people & the deplorables. I love telling Liberals to be more tolerant and less hateful, when it comes to Trump.

    • Posted by Steigen Stern, at Reply

      I love how you think you’re a patriot when clearly you don’t know enough about your own country and you’re on the same side as Confederate flag flying traitors

    • Posted by Harmony Alexandria, at Reply

      I’m so glad I’m not an American. I don’t even consider stupid, worthless, inbred rednecks human beings, you are troglodytes or something, lower life forms to be spat on and abused.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      I don’t tolerate bigotry, racism, or willful ignorance. I’ve added Trump to that list.

  9. Posted by Derek Bao, at Reply

    Turks killed a insane amount of armerians do you still deny it you fat former muslim prick?

    • Posted by Driz M, at Reply

      Derek Bao you’re saying like it’s bad thing

    • Posted by Driz M, at Reply

      Derek Bao the “Armenian thing” lol I’m not surprised since your leaders called Jews holocaust as a holocaust centre, at least be consistent with your bullshit and be respectful to the imaginary dead people

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Yet another of the troll’s “complain about Cenk and TYT” accounts.

      Putin payroll?

  10. Posted by Flay Liberals, at Reply

    No mention of the Islamic terrorist shooting in Fresno. The shooter was a TYT fan. Sad!

    • Posted by rencrow, at Reply

      Terrorist shooting? He’s a national hero taking out the white trash.

    • Posted by Flay Liberals, at Reply

      +rencrow Well why don’t you follow his lead then, liberal?

    • Posted by rencrow, at Reply

      I’m a leftist not a liberal. And don’t worry cletus your time will come.

    • Posted by Porter, at Reply

      It was false flag event.

  11. Posted by Chris Handsome, at Reply

    A demented fan of The Young Turds murdered several people yesterday in Fresno, California…..Where’s your shitty coverage of this?….

    • Posted by rencrow, at Reply

      Not a single white person condemned the murder of the homeless black man in NYC by a white supremacist last month. Why should they cover the news now that it’s your whiteys that are the ones who got whacked?

    • Posted by Chairman Jenkem Yogurt, at Reply

      Chris Handsome, youtube search “Cenk Uygur Refuses To Read His Own Graphic” to see Cenky-poo stumble and bumble over the fan base he has inspired, since his days as an MSNBC failure.

    • Posted by Porter, at Reply

      It was false flag event.

  12. Posted by Minkki82, at Reply

    What if the place you are from slaughtered close to 2 million armenians? Should you be proud? Or deny it ever happened? Please tyt folk what is the answer

    • Posted by gartnavel89, at Reply

      Not to mention a million Greeks and Assyrians.

    • Posted by Darksider, at Reply

      +Hal Jordan Interesting you use that argument. When we are talking about white people and that argument is used it’s invalid for some reason.

    • Posted by Darksider, at Reply

      +Hal Jordan Yeah sure unless it’s against white people.

  13. Posted by Little Derpy, at Reply

    I’m proud to be an American!

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Your name makes this comment too perfect.

    • Posted by Alex Kay, at Reply

      Little Derpy I won’t trade my humanity for patriotism!

  14. Posted by Whytebio, at Reply

    Um, yes. In-group preference and tribe pride allowed our species to survive over 200,000 years.

    • Posted by Whytebio, at Reply

      Tribalism is why you’re alive today. I don’t know what type of “noble savage” fairy tale you think humanity’s history has been before the modern era of democratic governments, but tribes survived while those without in-group preference or no group belonging perished.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      I’m alive today because my family and I actually went to school, and made individual accomplishments, instead of sitting at the shoulders of groups.

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      But will you remain proud of your superior tribe if your greatest impact to the planet is bombing the hell of inferior tribes or building real and virtual walls to avoid trading with other superior tribes?

    • Posted by 板垣退助, at Reply

      +Whytebio Yes , but what constitutes the “tribe” today ? Nations and nationality , not race and tribe. Many of these primitive social contracts are found in the modern systems today in some shape or form. Believing that the universe had a creator and that you will go to a paradise if you fight righteously against infidels also allowed many to survive , yet is it the best course of action in a modern society ?

  15. Posted by soukup, at Reply

    If you’re white you can’t be proud TYT wants you to be ashamed of what your ancestors may or may not have done hundreds of years ago.

    • Posted by ting280, at Reply

      soukup Cenk referenced factual historical American events. you brought race into it. if you should be ashamed of anything it should be that leap and the self-guilt that caused it.

    • Posted by soukup, at Reply

      +rencrow This isn’t the civil rights era anymore the only ones going out and murdering people are Islamist’s

    • Posted by soukup, at Reply

      +ting280 Where your from has everything to do with your race at TYT

  16. Posted by Matt G, at Reply

    If you are German or from the southern states you are instantly labeled a white supremacist for liking where you are from, but if you are from Turkey which committed a genocide then its perfectly normal to love your country.

    • Posted by C, at Reply

      Matt G California.

    • Posted by C, at Reply

      Matt G is it where your from or where your ancestrally from?? People hate.

    • Posted by C, at Reply

      Matt G people see a brown person and assume that they’re from Mexico. 2/3 are actually American.

    • Posted by Matt G, at Reply

      +C well i think it has a lot to do with where you are from and what race you are. If you were black and you were from Atlanta no one would see you as racist if you were proud of it. Now if you were white and from Atlanta and were proud of it people might assume you own a confederate flag.

    • Posted by C, at Reply

      Matt G people are close-minded and it’s sad.

  17. Posted by TheAndredal, at Reply

    You can be proud of where you’re from except if you’re white

    • Posted by TJMiton, at Reply

      There’s a difference between being proud of coming from say, picking a random heavy majority white country here, sweeden, and being proud that youre white.
      ‘white’ is not a nationality, nor is it a single culture. just like asian/black/hispanic is not a nationality, nor is it one culture.

    • Posted by Felix de Villiers, at Reply

      The great philosopher Schopenhauer was very oriented to biology. He wrote that white people are a mistake, freaks of nature. Some quite pretty freaks though.

    • Posted by TheAndredal, at Reply

      TYT never does, and if they do it’s because white people are racists

    • Posted by TheAndredal, at Reply

      i can make the same goddamn argument about every other goddamn race… You can be proud of your race if you want to. You’re only deemed a racist if you do that if you are white

  18. Posted by Justin Tyme, at Reply

    As one of my teachers once said, ” If you’d been born three miles away, you’d be cheering for the other team. “

  19. Posted by Zetoria, at Reply

    is it ok if I am proud of being white?

    • Posted by kylestyyle987, at Reply

      Kind of lame, but no one’s stopping you.

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      If you got white using your brain and hard work, why not?!

    • Posted by Andrew Devine, at Reply

      No. Every race can be proud except whites. They have to be ashamed. White man’s burden, don’t you know.

    • Posted by Dom King, at Reply

      Just as long as you’re not doing it in a racial superior way.

    • Posted by Andrew Devine, at Reply

      Dom King It’s not white people’s fault they are racially superior.

  20. Posted by Berry O, at Reply

    Inforwars taught me to be a proud white american, but im brown. Plz helpz.

    • Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

      brown pride was never really ridiculed though