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Is Lawyer Don Jr. Met With Actually Connected To Kremlin?


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Jimmy Dore and also Malcolm Fleschner discuss the Donald Trump Jr. Russia meeting story. See the full episode right here:

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" Natalia Veselnitskaya, the woman at the centre of the current Russia-linked rumor to hit Donald Trump's presidency, has been defined in headlines as whatever from a "terrifying Moscow expert" to a "low-level" legal representative.

In the e-mail intro establishing her conference with Donald Trump Jr, she was described as a "Russian federal government lawyer" with sensitive details on Hillary Clinton. However Veselnitskaya herself has claimed to the Guardian that she recognizes nobody influential in the government as well as is a straightforward defence attorney.

So is she a well-networked insider communicating secret Kremlin information, or a chancer who somehow procured right into the space with three leading Trump advisers in the midst of a presidential project?" *.

Jimmy Dore, Stef Zamorano, & Malcom Fleschner on today's Aggressive Progressives. The triad discuss the history of healthcare and Donald Trump Jr's conference with a Russian lawyer. An activist connected with Skypes in from New York City.

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  1. Posted by NWS C, at Reply

    Jimmy Dore’s Russia coverage has been awful. He needs to wait and let all the facts come out before assuming its overblown. Cenk’s approach has been even and consistent.

    • Posted by poofendorf, at Reply

      you idiot, it’s tyt and the msm that are jumping to conclusions, russian to conclusions you might say.

    • Posted by Duterte the best, at Reply

      Madness Ends because kyle wants those hits too. they just copy each other. they dont really do their homework. only one consistent is Mike. I haven’t seen any fake news from him yet.

  2. Posted by Daniel Jones, at Reply

    It doesn’t matter if she’s connected or not, if she had info or not. What matters is that Trump Jr attempted to collude against the US with a foreign power. It’s really that simple. On a separate note, Jimmy has moved into the extremist camp. He’s like a liberal version of Alex Jones and he has even spouted some Trump-neutral views. I hope this doesn’t deteriorate the amazing quality of TYT as a whole.

    • Posted by Pondok Indah_12310, at Reply

      Will J It is illegal to solicit from foreign nationals in connection with local elections according to the 52 U.S. Code § 30121.
      It DOES NOT MATTER if she has ties with the Russian govt or not. She’s a foreign.

    • Posted by Pondok Indah_12310, at Reply

      Will J It says contribution or donation of money or other thing of value”

    • Posted by Will J, at Reply

      Pondok Indah_12310
      Contribute means something of value. Unless he KNOWS for certain that he is going to go get information that can only be gotten from a hacked source that has some value to it then there is no broken law here. Even Cenk has made that point multiple times. Those emails do not prove that.

    • Posted by Pondok Indah_12310, at Reply

      Will J we could go back and forth so I’m just going to leave with this:
      Solicit: ask for or try to obtain (something) from someone.
      Knowing soliciting alone is a federal crime; Trump jr is guilty as charged.

    • Posted by Will J, at Reply

      Pondok Indah_12310
      Yes we can go back and forth forever because people just continue to see what they want instead of facts. He didn’t solicit anything. Someone solicited him obviously and he took a meeting. No where does it say that what was being offered is illegally obtained. Nor does it say that what is being offered constitute any form of donation or contribution. In fact they actually told him that he needed to do more looking into the little information that they did have. Nothing will come of this as usual.

  3. Posted by cqtaylor, at Reply

    This guy. For months, Jimmy bragged about how there was nothing going on about Russia. NOTHING. And now he wants to follow the same narrative as the Republicans? Like collusion isn’t a big deal “Because Hillary is worse,” bullshit! Hillary isn’t president! There’s a bigger threat to this nation, yet Jimmy keeps ignoring the consequences of a Trump administration. And who’s he to determine “who’s a true Progressive?”

    • Posted by cqtaylor, at Reply

      +Truth_Robot I come from the “Church of Sometimes.” As in: sometimes Corporate Democrats do shitty things, and sometimes they may, “legalize same-sex marriage” or help “enact Civil Rights legislation.” I rarely see this kind of contextualization from Jimmy. For him, Democrats are all corporatist with no progressive leanings at all. So he rarely differentiates Democrats from Republicans, which is dangerous in close general elections. He’d rather see the party burn to the ground if his brand of “purity” isn’t fulfilled. I’d rather discuss/communicate and find some kind of middle ground. That shouldn’t be a taboo concept with Millenniuals.

    • Posted by Sairam Sriram, at Reply

      exactly! jimmy is a lazy and emotional thinker and often makes sweeping generalizations. eg – police, dnc, etc. there is more nuance to it, that takes time and effort to get a grip on.

      he panders to his equally lazy non-thinking audience.

    • Posted by Andy M, at Reply

      Actually, Jimmy has been pretty consistent. At the time, there was absolutely nothing to validate the MSM’s narrative. Also, he has said that even if it is true 1) we do the same thing all over the world 2) the Clinton campaign and DNC were doing the same types of “collusion” with foreign govts and 3) there are varying inconsistencies from the news on the legality given it would mean a new definition on receiving foreign contributions to also include information. Don’t get all butt hurt because it took the MSM a whole year to find one email that fits their narrative and, best I’ve been able to determine, would be a fine from the FEC.

    • Posted by Xpuppetman07X, at Reply

      He is right. There is absolutely 0 evidence that she is linked to the Kremlin or that there was collusion. All pure speculation from the liberal fake news media. And you wonder why you losers lost the election so pathetically. Jimmy Dore is right. And you guys are going to get destroyed in 2018 and 2020 at this rate

  4. Posted by Mitchell Sokol, at Reply

    Just admit you were wrong Jimmy…

    • Posted by Rude Man, at Reply

      Mitchell Sokol the fact that you don’t understand that Jimmy wants to know if it’s treason or simply illegal campaign violations is very telling of your cognitive distance

  5. Posted by Elf Tax, at Reply

    Jimmy adore is really bringing TYT down, he is simply not smart enough to spout off on politics.
    The Russian lawyer is connected to the kremlin, she has been lobbying to have the majintsky act repealed on behalf of Russia and the oligarchs.
    The “crown prosecutor” was an acceptable mistake by Goldstone because he was referring to the chief prosecutor in Russia.
    The crime that Donald Trump jr committed was collude with a foreign govt to directly interfere in a US election, when he replied “I love it” he had no idea what the information was, he was only told that it’s coming from the highest echelons of the Russian state and that Russia wished to help Trump.
    If you agree to have sex with an underage girl and turn up at her house to find Chris Hanson, the fact you did not have sex does not mean you are innocent.

    • Posted by thepermman, at Reply

      State = Kremlin
      When the government owns banks and gas companies then things are a little different. In Russia the state owns oil companies, in USA the oil companies own the state.

    • Posted by Pondok Indah_12310, at Reply

      No the 52 U.S. Code § 30121 says it is unlawful to solicit information from a foreign national, so it doesn’t really matter if she has ties or not with the Russian govt.

    • Posted by Sairam Sriram, at Reply

      yup… tcap is a perfect analogy to use when arguing against people like jimmy

    • Posted by Hhaze, at Reply

      Calling him “Jimmy adore” is sickening.

  6. Posted by Stardog32, at Reply

    I wish Jimmy s stuff wouldn’t come up under the tyt banner, at least give me a chance to avoid it!

  7. Posted by Ben Mitchell, at Reply

    Jimmy come on. That’s not progressive. That’s willingly ignoring a legitimate issue to save face from your past comments suggesting the whole thing is a ‘nothing burger’

    And it COULD NOT have possibly been “public record” info. The email explicitly said it was classified. It’s cringe-y watching jimmy try to justify this segment

    • Posted by boggisthecat, at Reply

      Ben Mitchell
      How exactly is the claim about supposed interference proven by the Trump Jr story?

      If you want to know what interference in other countries looks like, go review the Nuland and McCain behaviour in Kiev. Or the invasion of Iraq.

    • Posted by Ben Mitchell, at Reply

      and thats wrong too.if you are in the position where you dont believe there was russian involvement in the election to any extent i dont know what to tell you. as it stands i find it difficult not to operate under that assumption until the evidence is fully available.

    • Posted by David D Eli, at Reply

      Ben Mitchell THANK YOU

  8. Posted by Lasse Saikkonen, at Reply

    Jimmy is moving goalposts. Previously he kept screaming on top of his lungs “There is no Russia collusion! There is no proof!” Now, after Don Jr. he starts screaming “We did it first!” I have lost all respect for Jimmy. He’s a disingenuous apologist.

    • Posted by Lasse Saikkonen, at Reply

      I am not sure I agree. Jimmy did say during his video that he is still waiting for more information before he will give his opinion. I may have misspoken when I said I have lost all my respect for Jimmy, I should have said I have lost a lot of respect for him instead, but I succumbed to hyperbole.

    • Posted by David D Eli, at Reply

      Lasse Saikkonen Jimmy Dore did over two videos about Seth RICH on his YouTube channel he even try comparing Trump to Senator Sanders on many occasions

    • Posted by Andy M, at Reply

      It’s not moving goalposts… it’s called logical layered reasoning and he was pretty clear that his whole rationale was that the MSM had been using this for ratings. Now, they finally run into actual evidence that may show nefarious activity on one side and yet continue to totally ignore or outright refuse to report on similar activity done by the DNC and HRC campaigns with Ukrainian officials. It was a dirty race plain and simple. Now, post-election CNN is almost 3/4 former Obama political appointees and HRC campaign officials. They are using CNN and NBC with it’s news credentials to legitimize their past agendas of counter-GOP/Trump propaganda. I’m 100% for a fair and thorough investigation and a free press but this is not investigative journalism. There is a growing trend of non-vetted, source-based reporting from a liberal MSM that has been infiltrated with DNC operatives with a clear agenda to bring down the current GOP-led govt to favor their 2018 and 2020 candidates.

    • Posted by Xpuppetman07X, at Reply

      Your a moron. The only thing Russian about her is her nationality. She has nothing to do with the Russian government. You think Democrats never ever talked to Russian people before. You guys are beyond gone. Did what first? Talk to a Russian? You guys literally have nothing and keep screaming collusion like it means something. I predict Trump is going to destroy the 2020 elections after Democrats split into a third party and absolutely get destroyed. You traitors deserve it.

  9. Posted by bajskorv766, at Reply

    Why the hell do TYT keep Jimmy the Putin puppet on the show? He is a bigger putin defender then putins own people. disgusting scumbag.

    • Posted by Robe Spier, at Reply

      disgusting ana pathetic are the idiots who keep bitching about russia with no evidence. and russia is way better than antiwhite-george soros controlled usa

    • Posted by FJ, at Reply

      +bajskorv766 – I don’t think Jimmy is really a Putin puppet but I DO think he sometimes comes across as hard to understand where exactly he’s coming from. I think it’s clear he really has no use for either party because, in fact, it’s a system that SUCKS at truly being a governmental system FOR, BY and OF the people. He IS steadfast in his disdain for the Democratic party and that comes across as partisan but the Republicans are every bit as bad.

  10. Posted by Michael Henry Miller, at Reply

    Jimmy if you can’t admit you were wrong about the Trump/Russia connection then at least keep quiet on it. You make a lot of fine points on other issues but you look ridiculous defending the Trump campaign like this. Whether you realize it or not you’re a shade away from Sean Hannity on this issue.

    • Posted by Michael Moretti, at Reply

      Seriously? The best you have is that Jimmy hasn’t been gulping down the same bullshit-flavored Kool-aid that you and the mainstream media hacks are drooling over? #NothingBurger

    • Posted by whobitmyname, at Reply

      Michael Henry Miller If this is defending him, I’d hate to see what attacking him looks like.

      Well technically, I’d love it, but I think my point is made.

  11. Posted by Will Wright, at Reply

    Yeah Jimmy, But you’re missing the point “Russian Government Lawyer”! If you care about America’s “DEMOCRACY” it doesn’t get anymore treasonous. Jimmy, I know you want to dismiss this as nothing but you have to ask yourself, Do ‘We The People’ decide our elections or does Russia or any other foreign nation. C’mon Jimmy you’re too smart to be this stupid.

    • Posted by 1217tito, at Reply

      We don’t choose… Reason why we ended up with Hillary. There is Democracy for yah…. and don’t forget all the DEMOCRACY we spread around the world with our military. Tough when you have a mirror

    • Posted by R Vanzo, at Reply

      Treason can only be defined as helping an enemy. We are not at war with Russia. The 1960 called and asked for their foreign policy back.

    • Posted by Will Wright, at Reply

      +R Vazo Please stop with the false information “LYING”! Treason means – the crime of betraying one’s country! OK! Little Donald Dumbass Jr. betrayed our country by allowing a foreign entity to ‘CONTROL OUR ELECTIONS’! So grow the hell up!

    • Posted by Will Wright, at Reply

      1217tito Yes, our Democracy has been hijacked by an ‘American Oligarchy ‘. But the operative word is “AMERICAN” oligarch.

  12. Posted by lhues, at Reply

    This is not a story based upon rumor or unnamed sources, these emails were disclosed by Donald Trump Jr. himself. If this is what he chose to reveal, imagine how much we’ve yet to find out. I get Jimmy’s insistence on the fact that we don’t know for sure if this lawyer is directly connected to the Kremlin, but beyond that, I’m not understanding his reasoning. Yes, it’s a distraction from other important stories, but isn’t this the sort of proof that he and other skeptics have been saying we needed?

    • Posted by Jimmy Greer, at Reply

      Yeah, I think that’s a point that is missed on Jimmy. Do I wish that the entire Russian story could be dropped on us & be done with? Yes, that would be fantastic & we could start prosecuting people tomorrow. But that’s not how real world works. Of course the stream of information is gonna be a slow drip because Trump is doing everything he can to not be found out to be a traitor. He’ll even fire every FBI Director that he can until he finds one that won’t investigate him.

      But Jimmy keeps crying wolf about this story at every new bit of information that proves he was wrong & that the Russia story is a pretty damn important one.

    • Posted by Holip sism, at Reply

      “isn’t this the sort of proof that he and other skeptics have been saying we needed?”

      Needed for what? What is your end game? To get Donald Trump impeached so you can have Pence as POTUS? Or is your end game to go to war with Russia and start WW3 over something the U.S. does on a continuous basis with other nations across the globe?

    • Posted by Felzx, at Reply

      How I interpret this coverage is that there is not enough proof to say that she is connected to the Kremlin. However, the important thing is whether or not Don Jr THOUGHT that she had information, because that would be solicitation.

    • Posted by lhues, at Reply

      Holip sism Lol, ok. My ”end game” is simply to find out the truth. No, I do not want Mike Pence to become the president, but if Donald Trump and his cohorts are guilty of collusion or any other high crimes according to the Constitution, he or they should face the consequences. I would say the same for any president regardless of party (I am an Independent). Also, I have NO interest in going to war with Russia, or any other country for that matter. Why is that even a question? I am aware of our mideeds and infraction into other countries politics, and I disagree with it, but does that mean I should be okay with what may have potentially taken place in the past election? I don’t believe so.

  13. Posted by By Design, at Reply

    Is Natalia Veselnitskaya linked to the Russian Government?
    – Putin hates the Magnitsky act sanctions
    – Natalia Veselnitskaya has campaigned and lobbied against the Magnitsky act for years, she is known for it
    – Natalia Veselnitskaya has large state owned and private clients
    – The Don Jr email states “Emin asked that I schedule a meeting with you and the Russian government attorney”
    – When Goldstone talks about the Crown Prosecutor he is obviously talking about the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika
    – Natalia Veselnitskaya was working hand in glove with Chaika’s office on the anti-Magnitsky campaign and made no secret of it
    – Natalia Veselnitskaya has a personal relationship with Chaika himself (I wonder why!)
    – Chayka means “seagull” in Russia and has become a symbol of Russian government corruption
    – Akhmetshin Former Russian counter-intel was in the Trump Jr meeting with Veselnitskaya
    – Akhmetshin is also lobbying against the Magnitsky act

    • Posted by Holip sism, at Reply

      Hey, numbnuts…do you want to go to war with Russia and start WW3 over this issue?

    • Posted by By Design, at Reply

      Holip, thats a strawman fallacy. Obviously no one wants a war with Russia. But that doesn’t mean there cannot be sensible, proportionate penalties for any wrong-doing, as there has been in the past.

    • Posted by By Design, at Reply

      Thanks don, I updated the list with the exact quote “Emin asked that I schedule a meeting with you and the Russian government attorney”

  14. Posted by jim bob, at Reply

    Unsubscribed jimmy. I will not put up with you reinforcing the narrative that the Russia thing is just a distraction any longer. If I wanted that false narrative I could just watch fox news.
    You have lost me as a viewer, enough is enough.

    • Posted by Felzx, at Reply

      How I interpret this coverage is that there is not enough proof to say that she is connected to the Kremlin. However, the important thing is whether or not Don Jr THOUGHT that she had information, because that would be solicitation.

    • Posted by Mr. Nisse, at Reply

      And how does that affect the anything? Talking to people from other countries in order to learn information about your political opponents isn’t a crime. The DNC did it too…where’s the outrage? Hell, Dennis Rodman just got back from another visit to North Korea to hang with his buddy Kim Jong Un…why is he not in front of a firing squad right now? What about all the business people doing deals with Iran since the sanctions were lifted? Why are they still walking around free?

      You people are brainwashed morons who are being led around by your noses by the corporate media. You don’t even understand how the law works…but you *_swear_* it’s still being broken somehow…because that’s what they keep telling you to believe. If they tell you that wearing yellow on Tuesday is a crime…would you freak out about how the authorities have lost control? Would you be screaming “Why aren’t they arresting more people?”

    • Posted by Matthew Robert William Levy, at Reply

      jim bob So basically, you only want to hear your own views, vomitted back at u

  15. Posted by Sairam Sriram, at Reply

    lets see what this pathetic weasel jimmy has to say when mueller recommends criminal charges for the trump lot

    • Posted by kingda117, at Reply

      Jimmy would call him a corporate shill. That Hillary was so bad that The Trump team needed all the help in the world to stop the evil witch. #hillaryphobia #blinkers4vision #inhatewetrust #trumpisnotthatbad #corporatefreeworld.

  16. Posted by Pondok Indah_12310, at Reply

    Ok now I know why a lot of people hate Jimmy.

    • Posted by nesNYC, at Reply

      Because he tells the truth and liberals hate that.

    • Posted by Pondok Indah_12310, at Reply

      You’re right, we hate idiots.

  17. Posted by Drediggy, at Reply

    You understand that even if she isn’t Trump Jr from those emails was under the impression that she was. therefore he went to the meeting to collude. that is a crime. it doesn’t matter who she is or who she is affiliated with.

    • Posted by Trippy Traveler, at Reply

      i tried telling him this on his channel and he deflected with accusations that I am pushing the russia hacked the election narrative to which i didnt even mention!!!!

    • Posted by Drediggy, at Reply

      footy vids I don’t like Hillary and I don’t like Trump. I don’t like Democrats or republicans for that matter.

  18. Posted by GoatZilla, at Reply

    The biggest problem is money in politics.

    The first money that we need to get out of our politics is Russian money.

    It really doesn’t make sense for Jimmy to downplay this.

    It’s not a “distraction”; it’s a central issue.

    • Posted by Luke Nutkicker, at Reply

      GoatZilla Isn’t Saudi money the first form we should get out , you know since it actually leads to widespread deaths.

    • Posted by H, at Reply

      Luke Nutkicker We should be getting *both* out, they’re both corrupt, autocratic oligarchies that destabilize other regions. The bigger issue is the alliances they have with people in our industrial and finance sectors

  19. Posted by Troll Hunter, at Reply

    I used to like Jimmy Dore. But now he’s just spewing BS.

    • Posted by Sam Spade JR, at Reply

      he’s one of the most soulless people out there, he’d literally sell his co-workers internal organs to get more views

    • Posted by Maxime Laneville, at Reply

      What did he get wrong?