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Is The US Doing Enough To Help Puerto Rico?


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Individuals are suffering while Trump tweets concerning the United States region's financial obligation to Wall surface Road. Expect a big privatization push. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, go over. Links to give away to help Puerto Rico below.

" SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico– On this American island still experiencing terribly from magnificent Storm Maria's damaging impact, the feeling of despair and anxiousness is now mixed with fear in the evening, when looters rule the roads.

Hector Velez owns among the 7 gas station near San German, a district on the southwest part of the island. Fifty percent of the rooftop of his gasoline station was removed by Hurricane Maria but the storm really did not cause the majority of damage he now has to deal with.

Incidents like these prevail in the capital, where men bring bats and clubs have actually been seen on the roads during curfew hrs. The mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz, told WAPA Radio, "We very recommend everybody not to be on the roads during the night. It is not safe," alerting that reports of robbery get on the rise." *.

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  1. Posted by blackfirst 4eva, at Reply

    Its funny that a lot of Latinos love to kiss up to whites and think whites see them as one of them lol.

  2. Posted by nigen, at Reply

    authorities going after rule breakers rather than people whose actions were the reason the rules were made in the first place. police going after the easy low hanging fruit, nothing new.

  3. Posted by Evil Mister Monkey, at Reply

    I feel Trump doesn’t care about PR since their votes don’t matter. But if a cyclone hit Hawaii he would’ve already visited

  4. Posted by R Mc, at Reply

    One dead in LA equals 10 dead in London equals 100 dead in Turkey equals 1,000 dead in India equals 10,000 dead in China equals a million dead in Puerto something or other!

  5. Posted by Xaphnir, at Reply

    This is going to be Trump’s Katrina.

  6. Posted by J Gamble, at Reply

    He’s now addressing the country stating that the Governor of Puerto Rico and everyone else is saying that his administration is doing an amazing job in respect to helping out Puerto Rico. This ‘SOB’ is delusional!

  7. Posted by Ron Walsh, at Reply

    as for cops arresting people for curfew instead of looting, its always been easier to arrest people that dont feel they are doing anything wrong so wont run or hide from police.

  8. Posted by jc prevost, at Reply

    No the Feds are not doing enough for Puerto Rico!!!!!

  9. Posted by Sailor Venus, at Reply

    Trumps just jealous of Puerto Rico for only having to declare bankruptcy once

  10. Posted by David Daniels, at Reply

    now im wondering about Trumps goverment shutdown he threathened to do by the end of this month. He hasn’t said that he would ever stop is that next to happen next week?

  11. Posted by Bryant Mccoy, at Reply

    Puerto Rico must realize in America any people with brown skin will be treated as such. just like how then President Bush reaction to Hurricane Katrina and the black people of Louisiana. When is everyone going to wake up???

  12. Posted by Carrie Banks-Wright, at Reply

    Trump is a puppet, he’s keeping the people’s eyes looking the other way while the enemy destroy this country.

  13. Posted by Tito Barcelona, at Reply


  14. Posted by Chris, at Reply

    Trump doesn’t think those who speak Spanish are people.

  15. Posted by Wulf Wulf, at Reply

    Since they are not white, soooo……. there u go.

  16. Posted by Scorpa, at Reply

    Is the Turds doing enough to cover the murder of white church goers by Sudanese immigrant Emanuel Samson?

  17. Posted by bertha yellowfinch, at Reply

    Make NYC pony up cash and help for Puerto Rico. They think they are the “voice” of America, so pony up, NYC. Oh by the way, everyone else considers NYC the urp bucket of the USA.

  18. Posted by DANIEL DIAZ, at Reply

    Looting is wrong but also in these situations looting also means survible to others.

  19. Posted by Ace Diamonds, at Reply

    title of this video should be ‘Is The US Doing Enough To Help The US’. puerto rico is part of the US.