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Is This Bathing Suit ‘Inappropriate’?


Enjoyed the video ladies check these swimsuits out

Tori Jenkins was tossed out of the swimming pool area for her 'inappropriate swimwear. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, talk about if the swimwear is as well revealing. Tell us exactly what you believe in the remark area listed below.

" Another day, an additional lady being needlessly slut-shamed.

Tyler Newman mosted likely to his neighborhood apartment building swimming pool last Tuesday with his fiancé, Tori Jenkins, and within 3 minutes, Jenkins was obviously informed that she needed to alter– all due to a pink one-piece showering match.

Newman, a 21-year-old waitress from Knoxville, created a comprehensive Facebook blog post about the experience that very same day, discussing exactly what happened, and also his more interaction with his apartment complex administration.

" I have actually never actually experienced sexual harassment and/or 'rape society' until today with Smoky Crossing Apartments," he composed. "Tori was accused of using a 'band swimsuit' and also told there were grievances regarding the way she was dressed after approximately 3 mins tops, people showing up there."

Newman connected pictures of Tori's match to his article (see below), as well as it's very evident that what she's using is neither inappropriate neither a "thong bathing suit," particularly considering that Newman as well as Jenkins went to their swimming pool on a 90-degree day."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Jon Mapa, at Reply

    Meanwhile, children are dying of cholera in Yemen

    • Posted by dragonman 42, at Reply

      If they did cover it they would spam ARMENIAN GENOCIDE

    • Posted by jason prevo, at Reply

      Ironic.. TYT is actually one of the very few outlets that do cover the war in yemen….

    • Posted by KPgames, at Reply

      Jon Mapa what you doing about the starving kids in africa?

    • Posted by person4211, at Reply

      really cholera in yemen huh who woulda that a country stricken by terror and saudi bombings funded by U.S weaponry and financial aid….

    • Posted by Jon Mapa, at Reply

      Fals3Agent we have enough immigrants here as it is, we don’t need any morw

  2. Posted by Mark, at Reply

    we need to legalize public nudity

    • Posted by DontKnowACoolName, at Reply

      Plz not, some people I’d rather see in clothes

    • Posted by TravistheHuman, at Reply

      Mark, you should buy the apartment.

  3. Posted by Banjo Pink, at Reply

    I came, I saw, I disliked.

    • Posted by Axel xXx, at Reply

      Uh oh you triggered some little Turks. Now they’ll deny the Armenian genocide and act like the TYT are actually credible.

    • Posted by craziedzombie, at Reply

      Axel xXx just stfu already troll. Go be useless in a corner and stay there.

    • Posted by Axel xXx, at Reply

      Typical response from someone who has no argument.

    • Posted by mikezeitgeist2, at Reply

      She should have laughed and kept swimming.

    • Posted by Maxxx Sapokannikkan, at Reply

      +John Brocado you remind me of the nerd from ghost busters 😉

  4. Posted by Makingnewnamesisdumb, at Reply

    After seeing those photos I may never be hard again.

    • Posted by mae, at Reply

      Makingnewnamesisdumb you are a sad human.

    • Posted by John Doe, at Reply

      Or a male who simply doesn’t find a woman with significant amounts of fat on her body attractive at all.

    • Posted by Da Uberbunny, at Reply

      Well let’s just say, it wouldn’t be the body one would be attracted to, but some men find that sexy. Since she has a fiance.

      Bottom line, there is no easy easy way to say it, but she could have seek a bathing suit that compliment her body than make it look ridiculous. Although, she’s free to wear whatever she’s like in public.

      It’s funny the person who made the complaint thought that was sexy.

    • Posted by MISTY1770, at Reply

      liberals hate women.

  5. Posted by Afro Kazama, at Reply

    That women is just jealous

    • Posted by Political Heart, at Reply

      it is a little tight though xD

    • Posted by fkujakedmyname, at Reply

      ya but they cant show the front of it on the news sooooo

    • Posted by Omar Albarghouty, at Reply


    • Posted by A86, at Reply

      @mlu007 – Not true. Male celebrities get no end of hate from everyday men for looking better than them. Especially male Boy Band or Pop Stars. They get called no end of names by everyday guys jealous of women and girls swooning over them.

    • Posted by Genevieve Marie, at Reply

      Afro Kazama They are from the South, a bunch of Holier than Thou, Bible thumpers, what a bunch of hypocrites. What would that “religious” woman do in Europe where women sunbathe topless? She would have a coronary!

  6. Posted by Joe Barr, at Reply

    I am offended by that awful tattoo.

    • Posted by unreal900, at Reply


    • Posted by Tara, at Reply

      At first glance I thought she had a third nipple sticking out and was like ‘well yeah, that’s a problem!’

  7. Posted by Vamavid, at Reply

    BREAKING NEWS: It is hard to NOT excite adolescent boys!

    • Posted by NiggaNinja Niggato, at Reply

      Dafuq is wrong with getting a boner anyways. I got erections everyday in high school and didn’t have any problems.

    • Posted by Mozues Olympian, at Reply


    • Posted by V Ling, at Reply

      Exactly human beings are human beings…we start getting excited by the opposite sex in an adult way around age 11 to 14

    • Posted by Boxy Brown, at Reply

      True. I got a boner just reading this comment.

    • Posted by Despicably Irascible Rapscallion, at Reply

      Vamavid They call it a STIFF breeze for a reason! 😉

  8. Posted by salvatornado, at Reply

    lesson here: Ana owns pasties and a g string

    • Posted by cutterboard, at Reply

      who doesnt? and im a 45yo fat guy! ^^

    • Posted by Thick Liz, at Reply

      I had a g-string, till it broke at the pool. I’m a dude btw

    • Posted by MISTY1770, at Reply

      TYT fans love getting wedgies.

    • Posted by GmoneyStylez, at Reply

      MISTY1770 And you like to give them right? something about grabbing another man’s underwear seems to excite you.

    • Posted by Shade Bleu, at Reply

      Cenk also owns them.

  9. Posted by Heidi Williams, at Reply

    A loaf of bread will excite a teenage boy.

    • Posted by KL KL, at Reply

      lol Heidi so right.

    • Posted by ___, at Reply

      Heidi Williams And also a freshly baked apple pie.

    • Posted by Indigo Blue, at Reply

      Heidi Williams a lot of women teachers are taking advantage of that and sleeping with the kids

    • Posted by Boxy Brown, at Reply

      I had sex with a loaf of bread once. The butter was flowing everywhere, hot stuff. Thinking I might try it with some dark bread next time.

  10. Posted by Stone cold renegade, at Reply

    wtf….wearing bra and panties exposes more skin but that’s more revealing???

    • Posted by athews1976, at Reply

      Ikr? Even her body type was average.
      These insecure b!tches who are so easily stirred up by something so standard (a one piece), they don’t know the half, if they think that’s their competition.

  11. Posted by Shawn Brown, at Reply

    Ana…. pasties…. Give the fans what they want! 😈

    • Posted by P1ranh4, at Reply

      Shawn Brown shame her first, that’s what will trigger her

    • Posted by Peter S, at Reply

      @P1ranh4 it’s always funny when triggered people like yourself talk about “what will trigger” untriggered people.

  12. Posted by Cliff Rooks, at Reply

    I absolutely love Ana

    • Posted by Potassium Cyanide, at Reply

      Cliff Rooks Marry her

    • Posted by Andrew Marrero, at Reply

      Cliff Rooks Me 2, she’s Gorgeous.

    • Posted by Zachary White, at Reply

      Cuck on a leash

  13. Posted by Al Paca, at Reply

    Imagine Cenk in that bathing suit.

    I’m sorry

    • Posted by Joe Sinkovic, at Reply

      Al Paca LOL

    • Posted by Jesse Wu, at Reply

      Kill me

    • Posted by This_is_a_Conundrum, at Reply

      I would pay to see that just for the giggles. It would be fluffier more conservative Borat.

    • Posted by A86, at Reply

      Fat Borat

  14. Posted by Camille Montano, at Reply

    As someone who lives in Florida there are way worse bathing shows someone could wear, literally there are women who wear what are basically band-aids and napkins over their chest and crotches.

    • Posted by Raunchy 'First Impressions Garage', at Reply

      Camille Montano I must see these thotty women.

    • Posted by athews1976, at Reply

      Ikr? Even her body type was average.
      These insecure b!tches who are so easily stirred up by something so standard (a one piece), they don’t know the half, if they think that’s their competition.

    • Posted by Seekers' Journey, at Reply

      Sometimes though, the women wearing it DO NOT need to be wearing something so revealing.

  15. Posted by gordon Freeman, at Reply

    But in your stupid country you can probably bring your guns to that swimming pool

    • Posted by rahowhero X, at Reply

      gordon Freeman lol … no probably about it … in most places.

    • Posted by Marcelo Glenadel, at Reply

      gordon Freeman Are you INSANE? Guns in the pool? Water is the great enemy. Water corrodes the sweet sweet steel of our beloved guns!

  16. Posted by Frost Organa, at Reply

    Aren’t MOST bathing suits revealing? I mean it’s a bathing suit, it’s meant to be small and allow for suntans or minimal resistance while in water.

    People have WAY too many hang ups about the human body.

    • Posted by Needmore Zen, at Reply

      Don’t believe those photos the boyfriend posted. There’s more to the story if you do research. She actually tucked the back of bathing suit into the butt to make it a thong and the front didn’t have much material. There is a reason the boyfriend was careful to not show any of that. I never believe any story in its entirety.

    • Posted by J Dial, at Reply

      Frost Organa I remember reading an old Chinese saying: Nudity is often seen but seldom looked at. This is in regard to their living in such close quarters.

    • Posted by CVoice Official, at Reply

      Needmore Zen can you cite your source?

    • Posted by michael garrido, at Reply

      Frost Organa religious people

    • Posted by Zachary White, at Reply

      Jesus loves you

  17. Posted by Arshbir Singh, at Reply

    the only rule about bathing suits is, if she’s comfortable enough wearing it then it’s appropriate.

    • Posted by Rick Rudimentary, at Reply

      Not it is not… We do not want to see that GIANT camel toe!!!!!!!!

    • Posted by BigRalphSmith, at Reply

      Rick would rather see a well defined bulge in a 13 year old boys Speedo. LOL

  18. Posted by Joseph Levings, at Reply

    And these ultra-conservative bigots are screaming to the hills, that Muslims will try to introduce ‘Sharia Law’???

    Tear off the label ‘Sharia Law’ and replace it with ‘stupid Conservative-Evangelical Law’ – and you’ve got the EXACT same thing. just a fraction of a degree away, from enforcing these insanely conservative ideals of American women’s conduct with ‘Ethical Tribunes’ and stonings in the streets…

    The hypocrisy of American ultra-conservatism is breathtaking. Third-world and backwards.

    • Posted by Mikey Lejan, at Reply

      Joseph Levings wrong

  19. Posted by Patrick B, at Reply

    As her boyfriend I would have put on the suit and gone back down to the pool.

    • Posted by Miss B, at Reply

      Patrick B haha…yes!