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Is YouTube Censoring LGBTQ+ Videos?


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Is YouTube censoring LGBTQ vloggers? Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich (Pop Trigger) as well as Amberia Allen, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Tell us what you assume in the remark area below.

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" Several preferred LGBTQ+ YouTube vloggers have actually claimed that YouTube is making use of the website's "limited setting" to conceal several of their videos.

The limited mode for YouTube, according to Google, allows users to strain "potentially unacceptable web content," leading some LGBTQ+ vloggers to implicate YouTube of implicitly categorizing their product as not "family-friendly.".

That's the grievance British vlogger Rowan Ellis made to Gizmodo, saying, "there is a predisposition somewhere within that process relating LGBT+ with 'not family members friendly.'" *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich, Amberia Allen.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich, Amberia Allen.


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  1. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Daily reminder that conservative states watch the most gay porn. Such hypocritical cucks.

    • Posted by Nalidus, at Reply

      +havocmaster69 Actually, ONLY Conservatives are concerned about transexuals in the public restrooms through their hate-filled gender bathroom laws. That’s a fact.

    • Posted by Canadian Trump Supporter, at Reply

      @Paul Allen LOL we shouldnt progressives. Thats a communist label. We are pro-gay because we are pro-freedom. We are the counter culture

    • Posted by Stephen Mystery, at Reply

      What does that have to do with video censorship? I love watching lefties and righties fight like little 5 year old children. Shows how simple minded and stupid they are. We here at bottom-center love watching you fight like a bunch of pathetic school girls.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Daily reminder that libs star in most gay porn.

  2. Posted by polishyerapple, at Reply


    • Posted by polishyerapple, at Reply

      waffle”the pantywaist” man383 YOU HAVE AIDS 😎

    • Posted by George Orwell was a lifelong socialist, at Reply

      Your insults are eye saddest comments on YouTube.

    • Posted by xXComplexXx, at Reply

      You are obviously an idiot. It’s just the truth. sorry:) (Just kidding)

    • Posted by Hot Donkey, at Reply

      polishyerapple Why are you wasting time here? You’re an altright SJW

  3. Posted by Independence, at Reply

    DEVON TRACEY – ATHEISM IS UNSTOPPABLE, has had his twitter and youtube deleted. If anything, it’s people who don’t conform to social justice warriors who are at risk of censorship…

    • Posted by Independence, at Reply

      Neon Brigador Show me proof

    • Posted by bboythekidstudios, at Reply

      I’m pretty sure him AIU being deleted had more to due with the fact that he’s a serial doxxer, rather than a racist POS (although he is both of those things).

    • Posted by Independence, at Reply

      bboythekidstudios how is he “racist”?

    • Posted by Independence, at Reply

      George Orwell was a lifelong socialist Show me proof for that as well. These claims have no merit if there’s no proof

  4. Posted by snipershot498, at Reply

    Why do you want all kids to be gay?

    • Posted by Nalidus, at Reply

      +george cuck Wrong! Its a fact that homosexuality is biological. But, you’re a Conservative cuck so you’ll ignore that fact as it completely destroys your fantasy world.

    • Posted by vinnythewebsurfer, at Reply

      snipershot498 no ones “making” anyone gay. Maybe you think that’s how it works but it’s wrong.

    • Posted by Akon Fenty, at Reply

      Why are there ppl who want all kids to be straight?

    • Posted by Akon Fenty, at Reply

      Gay is a sexual identity George not a behavior…sexual orientation and sexual behavior are two different things, educate yourself.

    • Posted by The Federalist, at Reply

      snipershot498 They’re demons trying to thin out the population

  5. Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

    What does the plus stand for in LGBTQ+ anyway? Does that stand for people who identify as another species?

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      I identify as a Werewolf.

    • Posted by Valin, at Reply

      The plus prevents the acronym from being ridiculously long. There are a lot of people whom identify as different labels that are very similar to what LGBTQ encompasses but are at least perceived to be different enough to merit their own label. The plus is used to symbolically include the other identities that are not in the first 5 while avoiding having an excessively long acronym as well as the debate of what should and shouldn’t be included

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      +Valin So I can identify as anything I want?

    • Posted by Valin, at Reply

      The identities that the Lgbtq+ covers are generally only based on Social identities, people who identify as things other than humans (the so called “Otherkin”) are generally not considered to be in the same scope as the LGBTQ. that being said the + is used to help avoid debate on the subject at inopportune times such as Pride events or support groups. And while most LGBTQ+ people might consider the some Identities to sound excessive or absurd, they will generally accept or at least tolerate people so long as any identity doesn’t have any harmful consequences and at least seems to be sincerely held. that does not necessarily mean that a transgender person will feel comfortable with someone parading around as a cat equating themselves to them though.

  6. Posted by Dataanti, at Reply

    i dont get it… has nothing to do with LGBT world, its because they are videos that contain explicit subject matters at some point in the video… obvoiusly not suitable for children XD (im the B in the LGBT so im not some ‘CIS’ white male… but im probably a nazi for my opinion πŸ˜› ) what bothers me more is how legitiamite critisism of femanisim and other SJW junk is being censored :/

    • Posted by waffleman383, at Reply

      Its removed up to 80% of some channels content, most of which aren’t even related to adult content or sexuality.

    • Posted by Dataanti, at Reply

      Evirthewarrior i thought CIS meant you had to be straight, and the reality is, no LGBT members are oppressed in western culture, we are oppressed in middle eastern culture, south American culture, African cultures (although not so much in some areas) and Asian cultures (in very few select areas. we LGBT folk are not at are not oppressed, and in my experience, it’s the small minority that make the fact they are LGBT the centre of their lives for what ever reason, like it’s the most important trait about them, they are the only ones that are actually upset over some mysterious oppression that the rest of us LGBT people go through life like normal people can’t seem to see.

    • Posted by Dataanti, at Reply

      waffleman383 right but that’s one of the serious problems with YouTube. however this occurs to people opposing SJW and victim culture, as well as the right far more often than the left (it’s important to make the distinction between people who oppose SJW and the right, some people lump them into the right just because they disagree with them (I’m a left liberal who also apposes this SJW garbage for various reasons))

    • Posted by Dataanti, at Reply

      Bluespirit12345 i edited my OP, i re read what i did but it doesn’t change that when you add, lesbian, gay, straight, it implies a sexual attraction regardless of what features you are attracted to. that’s why it’s called a SEXuality. any other sort of attraction is just fiends or family and that’s normally not sexual… I especially hope for family… so while i agree there is nothing that i personally wouldn’t care if my children watched it (if i had children) i could certainly see others having issues with it, especially catholic, Christian and especially Islamic parents, so now it are into an interesting problem, especially since the regressive left is trying to force everyone to be tolerant of a culture that is generally intolerant to us. in this particular case, i think trolls flagged the video for something that technically counts, but i have no sympathy for then because the regressive left does the same thing to everyone else, among other things like trying to get people fired

    • Posted by Evirthewarrior, at Reply

      Dataanti, it is Cis and Trans, that seems to be the only thing they think is a Binary…

  7. Posted by Me Changing my user name. Again., at Reply

    Any plans for some kind of tyt parents offshoot? I really enjoy discussions about parenting from a progressive point of view. I’ve had quite a few aha! moments as a father when watching tyt videos. Thank you!!

    • Posted by Solonneysa, at Reply

      +Me Changing my user name. Again.
      TYT oldschool talks about parenting quite often. Other content, too, but also their children very often. I have no suggestions otherwise.

    • Posted by Me Changing my user name. Again., at Reply

      I just searched youtube for, “progressive parenting,” and, “liberal dad,” and there were slim pickings in the results. I may have to be pro-active and start something….

    • Posted by Solonneysa, at Reply

      +Me Changing my user name. Again.
      Do it! I’ll watch it, just to support you. πŸ™‚

    • Posted by Me Changing my user name. Again., at Reply

      Solonneysa thank you!!! First, I’ll either have to change my user name. Again. Or make a new id. I’ll put a link here in the next few days!!! Hooray!!!

    • Posted by Solonneysa, at Reply

      +Me Changing my user name. Again.
      Lol. See you in a few days, then!

  8. Posted by Driver1480, at Reply

    Youtube censors conservative channels for years, nobody cares. A few LGBT videos get censored people loose their minds. Welcome to the censorship party leftists. Not so fun when it happens to you is it?

    • Posted by Deek, at Reply

      Die cis scum, all cis men are racist, sexist and homophobic, and whole queer kids channel to name a few.

    • Posted by thescopedogable, at Reply

      Yeah, there was like one woman who said that as a group the LGBT just want representation and not be persecuted, while on the right you can’t move for hateful assholes

    • Posted by red homeskillet, at Reply

      +Deek So that is pushed by all lgbt people?

    • Posted by Akon Fenty, at Reply

      Maybe some of the conservative channels promote intolerance and negativity, but LGBT videos actually empower those ppl who are LGBT and tell them to be proud of who they are, what’s wrong with that?

    • Posted by Akon Fenty, at Reply

      I’m a cis man and mixed and straight, but not once did I hear any “die cis scum”, but I have heard all cis men are racist, sexist, or homophobic not sure how that’s hateful, maybe misinformed info, cus not all are like that, but a lot of them are tho.

  9. Posted by Valhalla, at Reply

    I want a safe space for my son and daughter, won’t we get it SJWs?

    • Posted by Valhalla, at Reply

      I hardly think I need advice from parentless pedocrats.

    • Posted by Baloo Dumptruck, at Reply

      Valhalla hypocrite much?

    • Posted by Valhalla, at Reply

      Baloo Dumptruck when it comes to MY kids, yes. Atleast I admit it unlike TYurds.

    • Posted by Baloo Dumptruck, at Reply

      Valhalla sure you have kids

  10. Posted by hellslave, at Reply

    Wait… LGBTQ+? There’s a plus sign now!? For what!?

    • Posted by Hammerhead547, at Reply

      because some people need to fell special just because they’re different , even though nonsense like “non-bianary” “gueergender” “gender queer” “pansexual” and all of the other nonsense they’re trying to validate doesn’t actually exist.

    • Posted by Furious Imperator, at Reply

      hello Google: how do you English pls?

    • Posted by mike hawk, at Reply

      identity politics always leads to an infinite fracturing of groups, all the way down to the individual, because everyone wants recognition and the only way to get it from identity politicians is to try to be the most unique.

    • Posted by mike hawk, at Reply

      Furious Imperator piss off man, he made one typo and you know exactly what it was supposed to be. hell he even used the correct “they’re”.

  11. Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

    kids are easily impressionable…you making lgbt cool now is going to drive kids that way even if they aren’t just so they can be different

    • Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

      chloweful – if you are a girl attracted to boys you are a heterosexual girl no ifs or buts about it………its not a coincidence this came about after all the positive media stories about our heroic bruce jenner… are stupid and if you tell them something Is cool they will be sheep who follow

    • Posted by George Grant, at Reply

      Obviously I don’t know your example personally, but to me it would make more sense to say a well publicised transgender person inspired the person you’re talking about to come out/ or just feel comfortable exploring and figuring themselves out. And even if you’re right and this is ‘just a phase’, is it doing any harm for a teenager to try something out that does not affect you?

    • Posted by Dayle Diamond, at Reply

      What difference does it make to you who they’re dating in junior high anyway? If a guy thinks he’s gay and dates guys, he can always explore how hetro side in a subsequent relationship. This is about your fragile masculinity, not what the kids are up to.

  12. Posted by Johnny Mac, at Reply

    Don’t read the comments section folks. It’ll ruin your soul.

    • Posted by Baloo Dumptruck, at Reply

      Johnny Mac agreed

  13. Posted by Creative, at Reply

    Why do LGBT think that all kids needs to see gay and lesbian content? Not all kids are having an Identity crisis, it’s just a small subset of kids. You are just confusing people.

    • Posted by Baloo Dumptruck, at Reply

      NYC DEPLORABLE gay people are not unfertile

    • Posted by Baloo Dumptruck, at Reply

      Creative becuase gays are normal to begin with?

    • Posted by Baloo Dumptruck, at Reply

      NYC DEPLORABLE what is the gay agenda?

    • Posted by Vagrant AI, at Reply

      @Creative If you think YouTube consists only of entertainment media, you are completely ignorant to a vast section of the site that is about education, news and current events.

      Speaking of people who need to be educated, you have a lot to learn about same-sex relationships if you don’t consider them normal. They are a minority, yes, but they’re just as normal as opposite-sex relationships. Just because white people are the majority doesn’t mean non-white people are abnormal, and it’s the same with straight, gay and bi people. Also, same-sex relationships are not any more inherently sexual than opposite-sex relationships. Nobody is suggesting that kids should be forced to watch gay porn, sex scenes or other explicit content, so I think you’re pretty confused here. Same-sex relationships =/= gay sex, just like opposite-sex relationships =/= straight sex. Sexually explicit content is, and should be, restricted in this mode, obviously. That being said, YouTube already has a very popular separate YouTube Kids site/app that is aimed at small children, so I’m not so sure they are what this new Restricted Mode is meant for.

      Lol, sorry, but no, the LGBT community doesn’t want everyone to partake in same-sex relationships. You sound like you’ve been partaking a bit too much of the gay conspiracy theory Kool-Aid with that one. By all means, believe whatever you want, but don’t get upset when people call you out for being wrong.

    • Posted by Creative, at Reply

      @Vagrant Al I’m very well educated. As I’m about to educate you right now. Normal DOES NOT equal right as Abnormal DOES NOT equal wrong. Homosexuality is considered abnormal behavior because the majority of people in the world are not homosexuals, period (read that again if you don’t understand). This is a fact regardless of what you tell yourself. And please learn english because your analogy with race makes no sense. Race is not a behavior so you can’t categorize in that fashion. Now do I consider homosexuality wrong? That is not for me to decide as I’m not the one who created you. I can only dictate what is right or wrong for myself when it comes to sex and relationships. But with that said I do believe that what can happen will happen.

      Now when it comes to YouTube restricted content, they are referring to content that is for people over the age of 17. This is NOT new. If it is for sexual SUGGESTIVE (I did say this before) or explicit content regardless if it is hetero or homo it should be flagged as restricted. WTF is the problem… I don’t see anything wrong with that. But considering that you do it means that yes, I believe you and other people of the LGBT community feel like you have to push you beliefs on to others. Not a conspiracy just an observation.

      This will be my last post on this topic.

  14. Posted by Akon Fenty, at Reply

    Where are you right winger free speech supporters at? btw I’m not a left winger, I’m a Libertarian, but where are the right wingers that cry “free speech”?

    • Posted by Brown Buffalo, at Reply

      Akon Fenty youtube is a private company free speech does not apply. Us conservatives know this.

    • Posted by Akon Fenty, at Reply

      So why do these right wing nut jobs cry free speech when they say Youtube is restricting them?

    • Posted by bon bon, at Reply

      Akon Fenty probably because of the hypocrisy, but ye, youtube can ban anyone they want for any reason.

    • Posted by kelarly, at Reply

      the videos aren’t being taken down. Also, filtering algorithms use keywords, if you don’t want your video to get filtered out, name it something for general audiences.

  15. Posted by kaiju blue, at Reply

    homophobic people are all repressed guilt-ridden closet homosexuals.


    • Posted by thatsmokerwasme, at Reply

      kaiju blue Myth.

    • Posted by Akon Fenty, at Reply

      Not really a myth when facts have come out supporting it…look at Eddie Long, look at most of these homophobes who have come out being gay themselves.

    • Posted by reli:c, at Reply

      thatsmokerwasme nope thats what paychology says

    • Posted by Space Sloth, at Reply

      kaiju blue So i guess all 840 of us who disliked the video are “closeted homos” LMAO πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by kaiju blue, at Reply

      Space Sloth

      pretty much, yeah. hilarious isn’t it.

      those exagerated laughing faces do nothing but expose your super gayness.

  16. Posted by Ink, at Reply

    Oh look at all the homophobia in the comments. Such a surprise.

    • Posted by Aimee McKim, at Reply

      ink oh, if you don’t want your kids to watch it, don’t let them watch it. You’re still the parent and it’s YOUR job to monitor their online activity.

    • Posted by Ink, at Reply

      +Aimee McKim Indeed.

    • Posted by Aimee McKim, at Reply

      +Ink I got mixed up on who I was responding to. That was meant for lordliveswithin

    • Posted by Lordliveswithin, at Reply

      +Aimee McKim Why do you feel the need for special treatment, you people have to follow the rules like all the other adult content that is cencored! Gaming channels are being censored as well as many others. You dont hear them bitching. You homosexual bigots are always playing the victim role!

    • Posted by Lordliveswithin, at Reply

      +Ink I dont care anything about you LGBT bigots bitching, about YouTube censoring you from flaunting your stuff to the children!

  17. Posted by SixSix Six, at Reply

    Judging by the cuntservatives responding; yes. Yet the filters don’t stop religious brainwashing propaganda or right wing supremacy content. Hmm. Youtube has red in its logo, and its on the right……hmm…..

    • Posted by Cesar Sanchez, at Reply

      SixSix Six wtf are you talking about youtube is so pro gay it will probably die from super aids

  18. Posted by edi, at Reply

    The one thing I don’t get about YT: you can show blood and gore from SAW, or even real deaths, but you can’t show half a boob, because that would devastate a kids mind?

    • Posted by AlbertaGeek, at Reply

      That’s Americans for you.

    • Posted by edi, at Reply

      I know, but I don’t get it. It’s like underwear in public=embarrassing; bikini in public=ok;
      or man trying to flirt=sexual harassment; girl touching my arse without my consent=funny???

  19. Posted by ZombieSMT - Roblox, at Reply

    For people who aren’t clear, this is run by automatic machines rather than people. Though I rather have people do case by case, that’s sorta impossible considering there’s millions of hours of content uploaded per minute. My videos are restricted on this channel i’m commenting on; and I make 100% family friendly content for people of all ages and nothing is controversial or whatever.

    More than likely this might be following meta data. Meta data being things like tags, descriptions, titles. For instance I can have the word “Sex” in my title, description, or tags referring to gender; but Youtube’s automatic system would assume i’m talking about actual sex; which is obviously not appropriate for kids.

    This feature is meant mostly for parents who want to let their children watch Youtube without needing to worry about content not suitable for them, though their is an app for kids with Youtube not every parent knows about it, heck I’m a youtuber myself and I didn’t even know about that app. This is also something for public places as well such as libraries, and schools (although not every place actually enables it).

    I’m going to use a Youtuber here as an example. I don’t watch Tyler Oakley, but i’m going to use his channel as an example. Youtube will block out ENTIRE channels if they have a few controversial videos; like I said I make 100% family friendly videos but I do have some older controversial videos on my channel as well such as my videos from a few years ago where I curse. At first glance I see videos about Politics and although not a lot there are some sexual videos, some titles even having curse words in them. (I don’t even know if he curses in his videos or not).

    Basically, the system IS absolute crap and it does need to be improve A LOT; however it isn’t targeting the LGBTQ community, Countless people of all backgrounds have videos restricted, including people who actually make videos for younger audiences.

    • Posted by JB JG, at Reply

      ZombieSMT – Roblox
      I thought the filter was for the word “sex” and homosexual would automatically trigger it. Not the case. YouTube is taking the puritanical approach to filtering.

    • Posted by FredlocksAsher2012, at Reply

      how about they “youTube” hire a bunch of people to Watch and review every video before broadcast,. it might be a great way to create some Jobs and spend some of that money, that “youtube” has been making. everyone is concerned about jobs so there u go i just gave Youtube a great way to spend some money, forget the falgorithms hire some more people LGBTQ and all and let them be the Human filter. lol just a thought

    • Posted by ZombieSMT - Roblox, at Reply

      100M+ Hours of video is uploaded per minute. That would be more than 100M+ people just to watch a minute.

      That’s a bad idea. Sorry.

    • Posted by JB JG, at Reply

      Are you being facetious or do you honestly think corporations are interested in job creation?

  20. Posted by Conservative Mexican, at Reply

    the wall is coming

    • Posted by Conservative Mexican, at Reply

      Lechiffresix six yup =)

    • Posted by Lechiffresix six, at Reply

      the cognitive dissonance is tremendous , cabron !

    • Posted by Conservative Mexican, at Reply

      Lechiffresix six please explain

    • Posted by Lechiffresix six, at Reply

      the head of your party called Mexicans rapists and basically trash.

    • Posted by Conservative Mexican, at Reply

      Lechiffresix six You do realize rape and crime is common in Mexico Yes? Age of consent is 15 and machismo