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ISIS Attacks Iran


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ISIS has actually declared duty for an assault on the Iranian parliament. John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian, and Amberia Allen, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you assume in the comment section below.

" Self-destruction bombers as well as shooters struck the Iranian parliament as well as Ayatollah Khomeini's mausoleum in Tehran on Wednesday, eliminating at the very least 13 people in an unprecedented attack that Iran's Revolutionary Guards blamed on regional rival Saudi Arabia.

Islamic State claimed duty and intimidated even more strikes against Iran's majority Shi'ite population, seen by the hardline Sunni militants as apostates.

Iranian Foreign Priest Javad Zarif tweeted: "Terror-sponsoring despots endanger to bring the battle to our homeland. Proxies assault just what their masters despise most: the seat of freedom."

He did not clearly blame any kind of nation but the tweet showed up to refer to comments made by Saudi Arabia's replacement crown royal prince, Mohammed container Salman al-Saud, in Could, claiming that Riyadh would bring "the battle" for local influence to Iran.

Sunni Saudi Arabia refuted any type of participation in the Tehran attacks, yet the assault more fuels stress in between Riyadh and also Tehran as they try control of the Gulf as well as influence in the larger Islamic globe. It comes days after Riyadh as well as other Sunni Muslim powers cut ties with Qatar, implicating it of backing Tehran as well as militant teams."

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Hosts: John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian, Amberia Allen

Cast: John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian, Amberia Allen


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  1. Posted by Logan Cooper, at Reply

    This terrorism has to stop.

  2. Posted by SomeGuy, at Reply


    • Posted by TheVirusSoftware, at Reply

      Last thing these people need is more religion.

    • Posted by White Pimp, at Reply


  3. Posted by Vicky Slams, at Reply

    Be safe everyone ❤️ my heart goes out to all affected.

    • Posted by 6chars, at Reply

      Vicky Slams Affected, not effected

    • Posted by Vicky Slams, at Reply

      6chars thanks

  4. Posted by Luna vampire, at Reply

    Can Trump show some passion, some remorse to the victim, instead of blaming them?

    • Posted by Vermiculus Nova, at Reply

      Luna vampire Typical lefty, you’re all so obsessed with Trump because he said mean words that hurt your feelings so you have to include him in everything, get a grip out of your safe space & welcome to the real world cuck

    • Posted by Raptor, at Reply

      Aces T Thank you, also I know they won’t answer to me because there’s nothing they can say. Hopefully at least 1 person changed their mind though.

  5. Posted by UNC GRAD, at Reply

    ISIS sure has been a lot more active since Trump became president….
    They do not fear Putin’s Puppet in the White House because he is draft dodging coward….

    *What happened to Trumps 30 day plan to defeat ISIS?*

    • Posted by James Salvatore, at Reply

      +Not Blazio. Trumps barely been in office. Your argument doesn’t remotely mean anything. But when you do have an attack, I’ll be sure to come back here and remind you.

    • Posted by Savage Akajdn, at Reply

      kousoulides lol I think you mean bush created them by destabilizing the region in the first place for WMDS that didn’t exist…

    • Posted by cnn8420, at Reply

      +Savage Akajdn actually they did find weapons of mass destruction. I’m not lying

    • Posted by Savage Akajdn, at Reply

      cnn8420 lmao even trump doesn’t agree with you so to your knowledge you may not be lying but the facts disagree with you…

    • Posted by 10 Thousand Subs With No Videos, at Reply

      UNC GRAD it left with the travel ban that you people were so insistent on removing

  6. Posted by Pallas AnitaSarkeesian, at Reply

    Trump travels to Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the Vatican and now Iran gets targeted by ISIS?

    • Posted by Madam President, at Reply

      Col Michael Aquino is moving up his plans to start WW3 and usher the coming of the Anti Gods.

    • Posted by Pallas AnitaSarkeesian, at Reply

      I can’t wait until I can suck Trump’s big fat wiener.

  7. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    ISIS fucked up. Iranians aren’t bought by Arab Money, like Americans are. ISIS will actually suffer for this.

    • Posted by Gaston Boucher, at Reply

      ISIS = Israel/Saudis/USA. Iranian officials have already blamed it on the Saudis and have said that there will be revenge.

    • Posted by dlancer2k, at Reply

      Nah, it’s nothing new. Iran is Shia and ISIS are Sunni. They’ve been mortal enemies for decades.

  8. Posted by Person Pierson, at Reply

    I got an idea! Let’s stop funding the Saudi’s and the terrorists and just leave the middle east because we have no legitimate business being there..

    • Posted by jejejeejjeejejeejjejejee km,k,kjhj, at Reply

      so basically ignore our children being murdered until the terrorists get bored? yeah go tell that to the parents of those children in Manchester you imbecile.

    • Posted by Jack Daniel, at Reply

      I’m with you just as long we take no refugees, once ISIS takes over every country.

  9. Posted by Kayzef2003, at Reply

    Maybe Trump should have a word with his anti-Wahabi, woman loving, non-beheading friends in Saudi Arabia?

    • Posted by Sof Bof, at Reply

      They love women so much they drive them like queens and marry up to four of them, you love women so much you ejaculate on their faces on videos and use them as attention drawing objects to sell toothpicks.
      They behead criminals while you drone bomb thousands of innocent civilians for oil and geopolitical interests.
      I challenge you to explain what is “wahabism” from it’s sources if they exist, and to give the name of any recognized Scholar from around the world who considers himself a “wahabi”.

    • Posted by Naya M, at Reply

      Sof Bof So having 4 wives simultaneously is proof that someone respects women? Meanwhile women in SA who actually want to drive and protest against the driving ban are put in prison, fined, get their passports taken away, and one woman was even sentenced to 10 lashes. So much for being princesses… Also Saudi Arabia still tortures and executes homosexuals, atheist, and political activists. Not to mention the atrocities SA is currently committing in Yemen.

  10. Posted by Хлоя Марш, at Reply

    B-But.. Islam has *_NOTHING_* to do with Islam!!!

    • Posted by ross blair, at Reply

      He doesn’t get it, In 2017 the left is immune to humour.

    • Posted by Chris Taylor, at Reply

      Ross Blair It would appear so. lol

    • Posted by whatevamang, at Reply

      Wow, that’s two over your head. Care to go for a 3rd?

  11. Posted by The Stoned Videogame Nerd, at Reply

    Well Iran fights Isis…,perhaps this Terrorist Attack has the beneficial side effect for Iran ; that normal People in the Western World will ponder when they hear the next Time that Iran is a Rogue State who funds Terrorism…..and remember that Iran actualy fights Isis and was hit by Terror too… Irans Reputation in the minds of common westerners could get better trough it…
    Iran in general should be treated nicer…when you research their History in the last Century you will very much understand that they are high resistant to trust the west and america….they where betrayed too often…Operation Ajax….the Iran Irak War….
    Fact is that Iran has more rights to call USA a Terrorist Rogue state then the other way Around….cause America has sentCia Terrorists there who made Car Bombs and Assasinated People…shot bursts with machineguns into crowds of People etc..
    Its no longer classified….look up Operation Ajax when you dont beleive

    • Posted by TheFirewolfx, at Reply

      The Stoned Videogame Nerd Iran and russia fund assad and rebels in yemen. but their are the enemies of Saudis and Americans. so the media is going to start a propaganda calling iran a supporter of terrorism. while US, Saudi Arabia and Israel are the earths puriest heros. Ironic

  12. Posted by O Catala SoCal, at Reply

    So the Saudis made their move…. The reason why the Arabs boycotted Qatar, was because they felt Qatar was somewhat sympathetic to Iran.Trump goes to Saudi and sells them 100 billion arms deal. I DO NOT feel safe with Trump in charge of our security in these dark times. He’s a puppet, a side show, they parade him around and ask for a signature… that’s all he’s come, a walking, talking pen.

    • Posted by Jay Carrera, at Reply

      Narrowc ross which will lead to a sale. Business 101

    • Posted by Narrowc ross, at Reply

      No necessarily Jay, they can alter what they want and or even cancel it if they like. This is not a super simple “101” business transaction.

  13. Posted by Rikunda, at Reply

    Iran is being made into a villain for a terrorist group that they are not a part of…

  14. Posted by N.H.Alicia, at Reply

    If my grandmother tripped and broke her knee ISIS would take credit for it.

    • Posted by Shah nameh, at Reply

      N.H.Alicia lmao

  15. Posted by The Pussy Diaries, at Reply

    How much you wanna bet the US and/or Israel and/or Saudi Arabia is behind this?

    • Posted by Nobody Famous, at Reply

      I’m pretty sure it was Russian hackers

    • Posted by Code951, at Reply

      I’m gonna give the US the benefit of the doubt and say they didn’t have anything to do with this…….I’m lying to myself, we probably helped in some major way 😫

  16. Posted by M Jackson, at Reply

    You could eradicate every single Muslim tomorrow – and another religion/ideology will eventually pop up in it’s place to wreak havoc, *considering the Middle East is a wartorn clusterfuck.*

    Question: When did Islam become the supposed “single greatest threat to humanity”? 30 years ago? What changed? *it’s not that people like me defend Islam, but realize that historical geopolitics is important and more complicated than “MUSLIMS!!”*

    • Posted by Prof. Weed, at Reply

      rollingknuckleball Mosaddegh was not a dictator.

    • Posted by rollingknuckleball, at Reply

      Iran has two governments, one is democratically elected (the president) and the members of the governing house. Then this government which was elected elects the religious leaders and the supreme leader.

      It is the supreme leader that calls the shots, not the president. So no, it seems you do not understand how Iran’s current governing system works.

    • Posted by Prof. Weed, at Reply

      rollingknuckleball My previous comment was only indirectly about the current state of affairs. Read the article. You make too many assumptions.

    • Posted by rollingknuckleball, at Reply

      My bad, misjudged you. I apologize for that. But then again, I never stated that mosaddegh was a dictator, in my original comment I wrote how Iran used to be secular before the revolution. So when you write “Mosaddegh was not a dictator” directed at me, I am not sure which part of my comment made any reference to that.

    • Posted by Eric Connor, at Reply

      @Rollingknuckleball: I’m not sure about the Ottoman Empire offering much stability if it were still around, given the ethnic conflicts it was having with Greeks, Armenians, and Assyrians in its realm during WWI, followed immediately by the war that secular, revolutionary Turkey fought against Greece. Who knows, though, things could change a lot along a hypothetical alternative timeline from the 1920s until the present.

  17. Posted by aidin kabiri, at Reply

    iran is fighting Isis both in Iraq and syria
    u.s arms Saudi’s who have the same ideology of isis and support it
    Isis attacks iran
    u.s blames iran
    few hours later u.s sanctions iran

    • Posted by TheFirewolfx, at Reply

      aidin kabiri thats what happens when you do not share the info of your central bank with the world. aka do not have a Rothschild controlled central bank.

    • Posted by Ethan Davidson, at Reply

      It’s not and we don’t.

  18. Posted by JellyJelly, at Reply

    3 min
    that’s all you are giving this story
    3 min?

    • Posted by Jack Daniel, at Reply

      This honestly could be the turning point that causes a massive war in the middle east and TYT give it 3 minutes.

    • Posted by D Yar, at Reply

      TYT has become BS. srsly I was a big fan but now it’s trash

    • Posted by LowStuff, at Reply

      Jack Daniel Iran has been fighting ISIS openly for years in Iraq and Syria. The syrian NDF militia (50.000+ fighters) and the iraqi PMF militia (100.000+ fighters) were actually organized, trained and armed with help of Iran and overseen by an iranian special forces general. Iran offered unlimited amounts of troops to kick ISIS out of Iraq (Iraq declined the offer). They have special forces and military advisors in both Syria and Iraq. They arm shia militias and the Hezbollah, provide intelligence and training for them.
      The only way Iran could get more confrontational is to deploy a regular guards division in Syria.

    • Posted by Hirad Nikoo, at Reply

      It is not even 3 mins! It is less than that.

  19. Posted by Why you gotta go there, at Reply

    Aww look a the #Alllivesmatter crowd in the comments, and how much they care when innocent civilians who happen to be Muslims are killed. I guess if there are no black people around to be against that #Alllivesmatter loses all meaning. What sad individuals.

    • Posted by A Koncerned Kafir, at Reply

      Josh Knight “all lives matter” is a crap & unimaginative phrase. But it’s a true statement regardless of what context its used in haha. So is “black lives matter”. Because to all decent people (the majority), black lives *OBVIOUSLY* matter too.