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Islam Assignment Gets Teacher In Trouble


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A Catholic college instructor remains in difficulty for a reading he appointed on Islam. Cenk Uygur, Hannah Cranston, and also Amberia Allen, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you why he was reprimanded. Inform us what you assume in the comment section listed below.

" The Catholic diocese of Orlando, Florida, claims it has reprimanded an educator at a Catholic school in the state for offering his sixth-grade religion course an anti-Muslim reading job.

Mark Smythe, a faith and social research studies teacher at Blessed Trinity Catholic Institution in Ocala, gave students printouts of a 19th-century Catholic text that refers to Islam as a "monstrous mix" of confidences. It also calls the doctrines of the Prophet Muhammad "ludicrous, unethical and also corrupting."

" We have spoken to the principal of Blessed Trinity Catholic Institution, Ocala and also to the teacher in question and have reprimanded the educator for this unfavorable exhibit of disrespect," Jacquelyn Flanigan, an associate superintendent at the Diocese of Orlando's Catholic college system, stated in a statement."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Hannah Cranston, Amberia Allen

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Hannah Cranston, Amberia Allen


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  1. Posted by Dexter Morgan, at Reply

    Islam is Cancer!

    • Posted by leila kay, at Reply

      There are shitty people in every culture I know a few Muslims that are really nice people and when I was in the army there where plenty of American muslims who had my back. try to put your self in their shoes and turn off fox news

    • Posted by jetbtkng, at Reply

      Dexter Morgan  all religion is a cancer on society, period………

    • Posted by Dexter Morgan, at Reply

      leila kay i’m in TYT you moron.

    • Posted by leila kay, at Reply

      yeah wasn’t really directed at you it was just a statement so take your meds buddy

    • Posted by Antonio, at Reply

      Religion is Cancer!

  2. Posted by Gouky, at Reply

    Muhammad was a pedophile

    • Posted by Demo5, at Reply

      Gouky all of them

    • Posted by Biggsy DaBoss, at Reply

      +Zachary Angel
      Even if we accepted that it was commonplace for girls to get married at that age. Not that there’s anything concrete supporting that. He is still a paedophile. Paedophilia is defined by act out with the context of the law.

      If you engage in specific acts, you’re a paedophile. What the law or cultural norms says about it is irrelevant.

    • Posted by ddd ddd, at Reply

      Zachary Angel
      my grandmother married with 15,her mother with 14 and her mother with 15
      it was normal in the old days to marry young,boys with 16-20 girls 15..

      pedofily perceptio in the society changed first under influence of feminism and the left
      eastern cultures don’t have that burden

  3. Posted by Joseph K, at Reply

    It’s fine if they read the text to understand a specific viewpoint from history.

    But if the teacher just supplied the text as a means to bash Islam, then it’s really not acceptable.

    Edit – Here’s why: because teachers are not supposed to push their beliefs on students, and considering how triggered Christians get in America when Islamic texts are read for educational purposes, I can only imagine what the reaction would have been had the teacher been Muslim and had attempted to bash Christianity.

    • Posted by Jack Daniel, at Reply

      Islam should be bashed, it’s nothing but a step backwards everywhere it touches.

    • Posted by Gol D Roger, at Reply

      Sam Vimes


      people who say this multiple wife thing. Its OK to have a culture of new sexual parners every week, multiple girlfriends,swinging, orgies, multiple adulterous relationships which result in millions of sti’s/broken families etc. but you find consented marriage wrong?

  4. Posted by alijawad87able, at Reply

    Talk about hypocrisy. There’s nothing in Islam christians can criticize without finding something similar in their own text. If that isn’t hypocrisy, than I don’t know what is.

    • Posted by Joey T, at Reply

      The point is, Christians aren’t the one’s blowing people up everyday.

    • Posted by Bernie Slanders, at Reply

      You must not know anything about religion.

    • Posted by Bernie Slanders, at Reply

      This guy is probably a Saudi child rapist.

  5. Posted by Paul Lavender, at Reply

    I can’t stand hannah. She’s just so annoying.

    • Posted by Martha Holt, at Reply

      +The Young Turds A Christian troll…I’ve seen everything now 🤣

    • Posted by Martha Holt, at Reply

      +The Young Turds He created these 4 walls? Check this out … and guess what? No need for a Creator. You lose, Bud 😎

    • Posted by Jason Reyes, at Reply

      Martha Holt but he’s “humble” even though he’s sure that he knows the truth and that I’m going to his gods hell. lol very humble

    • Posted by Cornelius Maximilianus, at Reply

      I love her, she is smart and beautiful. My dream girl

  6. Posted by Dornie Tranders, at Reply

    I pressed the dislike button the moment Hannah started talking.

    By the way: Is Cenk gonna acknowledge the Armenian genocide tomorrow?

    • Posted by TechnoJoeFilms, at Reply

      He already has

    • Posted by YouStupid Bastard, at Reply

      You stupid Bastard! She has the same I.Q. as my prostate cancer.

    • Posted by YouStupid Bastard, at Reply

      Never Surrender
      You stupid Bastard! My prostate cancer has a high I.Q. than you.

  7. Posted by Unknown Human, at Reply

    If he had been a Islamic teacher or a mullah they would have labelled him a terrorist straightaway.

    • Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

      probably because Muslims cmmit like daily terrorist attacks, so the religion is rightfully associated with terrorism

  8. Posted by Rax Orx, at Reply

    What the teacher did is right.

    • Posted by Rax Orx, at Reply

      Kat exactly

    • Posted by Gasper Ghost, at Reply

      They are crypto muslims.

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      Rax Orx you don’t have to go back to 1853 to see what a massive cult of death Islam is! This guy didn’t go near far enough.

  9. Posted by darkleaves, at Reply

    but Allah and imaginary sky gods don’t exist so why all the anger?

    • Posted by Cuzinits, at Reply

      +MoEz sgc I don’t think you have actually read the book… or any for that matter. Learn how to form a sentence, sheesh!

    • Posted by James Lopez, at Reply

      only sheep need a shepard it’s still the law btw the story they covered is about two religions mocking another not very secular of them

    • Posted by Mehul Jain, at Reply

      There is no need to inculcate hate for an entire religion in childrens. If you can’t see that you are an absolute idiot.

  10. Posted by Aroon 5, at Reply

    Islamaphobia is used to trick people to vote for corporate fascism

    • Posted by Zero Zero, at Reply

      I am not defending the bible, all this stuff is religious nonsense. Even moderate Islamic countries are oppressive in so far as they follow the false dogma of Sharia. Stop justifying Islam just look at the planet and see what it brings, division oppressive and the snuffing out of free speech.

    • Posted by Ron Grummer, at Reply

      Sounds rather like Christianity,…at least as it is most often practiced and promoted in the U.S.

    • Posted by Gasper Ghost, at Reply

      Islamophobia isn’t real.

    • Posted by Sam Vimes, at Reply

      Aroon 5 yep…..mohammud = a pedophile, multiple wives, encouraged beheadings, sex slave. but we must under no circumstances say he was a war mongering pervert!

    • Posted by Rick Kotecha, at Reply

      Aroon 5 Your ignorance of the barbaric nature of Islam is matched only by your ignorance of true fascism.

  11. Posted by lisinne, at Reply

    I worship the flying spaghetti monster.
    Meatballs and peace for all.

    • Posted by Alex Turlais, at Reply

      lisinne you worship balls? sounds kinda gay dude

  12. Posted by Dook, at Reply

    Muhammad was a child rapist

  13. Posted by PinkPonyOfPrey, at Reply

    Religion poisons everything.

    • Posted by Dave Orr, at Reply

      so long as people aren’t trying to enforce Religion onto other people or pass laws promoting said religious teachings, it’s a non-lethal poison! Anything that does what I just said, it’s very lethal!

    • Posted by press x for instant sex, at Reply

      Dave Orr Too bad that’s pretty much all religion does

    • Posted by John Bliss, at Reply

      Sadly, if one follows the actual words of the Bible or the Koran, it is worse than poison. You don’t need those books to be moral and ethical. Half of each book is insanity! Some of it even contradicts itself. Both advocate murder and slavery in certain circumstances. Dangerous stuff, written by men who had no real understanding how things work.

  14. Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

    A brave teacher indeed. Betsey DeVos must give him a medal.Amen.

    • Posted by Alex Mourry, at Reply

      The Young Turds lol but she probably would though.

    • Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

      +Alex Mourry she must

  15. Posted by Brandon Reed, at Reply

    well it is a Catholic School.

    • Posted by Dave Orr, at Reply

      is it a fundamentalist Catholic school that abolishes any kind of Science class or is it a modern Catholic School that does teach science?

    • Posted by Andrew Millar, at Reply

      Brandon Reed Better a catholic school than an islamic death cult school.Mohammed was a kiddy fiddler – deal with it

    • Posted by Joe Mumma, at Reply

      Andrew Millar what are you talking about? Yes, Mohammed married a 6 year old girl, BUT he did wait until she was 9 to consummate the marriage!!!😂😂

  16. Posted by jay shawn, at Reply

    If ANYONE thinks Muhammad was a saint-like figure, they are DELUSIONAL. This man not only engaged in theft, murder, rape, extortion, but did and said NOTHING when his followers did the same.

    • Posted by Sam Vimes, at Reply

      jay shawn and fucked a child.

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      Fitzgerald Mistral no, nobodys talking about shir that didn’t happen, dumbass.

  17. Posted by Lucasdreys, at Reply

    Why did you guys ignore the racist Islamic Fresno shooter?

    • Posted by Erik Dumas, at Reply

      Pretty sure they did a video on that shooting.

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      a. hes black
      b. he’s Muslim
      c. he targeted white people
      d. he was taken in alive. now cenk can’t pretend that blacks and Muslims all get shot by cops

    • Posted by Jack Daniel, at Reply

      If Dylan Roof was a Black or Muslim no chance he’d be taken alive……

  18. Posted by sylvester stallone 18446, at Reply

    if muslim people comes to america. america destroyes. trump doesn’t want muslims because they use violence.

    • Posted by sylvester stallone 18446, at Reply

      Ibn Muhammad Yes it is but muslim is very bad and also muhammed

    • Posted by sylvester stallone 18446, at Reply

      Ibn Muhammad. muhammed had a wife her name is aisha and her age was 8.

    • Posted by press x for instant sex, at Reply

      Trump knows a thing or too about violence, considering that his civilian body count is already beginning to rival oBOMBa’s.

  19. Posted by Raja Sekhar, at Reply

    World is changing and going RIGHT. Leftists in bed with Islamist Terrorists and people are fed up with them.