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It’s All Down Hill From Here: Throwback Fails (August 2017)


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It's Thursday, so you understand what that means – it's time for some traditional throwback fails! We have some outstanding falls short for you guys. This collection has moms and dads being pranked, pinatas, or even a skate boarding cop! What a lot more can you request for? Submit your video clips to


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  1. Posted by MICMAC - 14, at Reply


    • Posted by Yuno, at Reply

      MICMAC – 14 nope

    • Posted by Dat Boi, at Reply

      MICMAC – 14 ur 2nd lol

    • Posted by PR0 SURV1V0R, at Reply

      MICMAC – 14 no one cares

    • Posted by Moonlight bae, at Reply

      Good luck with the bad comments!


      Blue shell.

  2. Posted by Alyssa Payne, at Reply

    I hate jake paul

    Sorry just felt it was necessary to put that out there

    • Posted by fr fr, at Reply

      it’s not

    • Posted by Geisterjäger, at Reply

      Alyssa Payne who the hell is jake paul?

    • Posted by ItsSydPlumm 4, at Reply

      Alyssa Payne This video isn’t even about him so stop commenting about him

    • Posted by Daniel Rios, at Reply

      The poop emoji.

  3. Posted by x_ Grix, at Reply

    Wer kommt auch aus Deutschland ?

    • Posted by Julian Hofbauer, at Reply

      Wen nerven solche Kommentare auch extrem?

    • Posted by x_ Grix, at Reply

      Julian Hofbauer Mache mit einem Kumpel immer so ein Experiment ob wir top Kommentar werden.

    • Posted by D 4, at Reply

      x_ Grix mach mal auf 2:16 das hört sich so an als hätte sie sich mehrere knochen gebrochen 😯😫

    • Posted by Michelle Kauer, at Reply

      Ich komme aus Chile Lateinamerika aber ich spreche ein bischen deutsch

  4. Posted by Ziggy Kneebone, at Reply

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Were my foreskin?
    Ow wait I’m a jew

    • Posted by MOOSE PLAYZ !, at Reply

      Maxranviir I’ll sub if you sub

    • Posted by Supa-K, at Reply

      I wish you misspelled it as wear.

    • Posted by Braedon Wickham, at Reply

      That escalated quickly

    • Posted by Zreax, at Reply

      Sorry for your loss.

  5. Posted by MICMAC - 14, at Reply

    Can i get a like for my birthday tomorrow😃😃😃😃

    • Posted by Duckestedo 101, at Reply

      MICMAC – 14 how do we know it’s your birthday for all we know you just want likes!

    • Posted by Joealbertb 123, at Reply

      MICMAC – 14 ha no bit&@

    • Posted by Lathryn, at Reply

      MICMAC – 14 I did the opposite.

    • Posted by Savage Team, at Reply

      So is one of ours

  6. Posted by Clorox Bleach, at Reply

    Wanna hear a joke?

    Drink more

    • Posted by Ronald and Reginald Kray, at Reply

      Clorox Bleach Clorox Bleach how did y’all get the same name?

    • Posted by Dat Boi, at Reply

      Clorox Bleach damn I actually clicked drink more xd

    • Posted by milly kay, at Reply

      Thought you said it was a joke… I didn’t realise jokes were reality 😂

    • Posted by Tay Kane, at Reply

      The funny thing is, the drink more lines up with Clorox bleach. Drink more Clorox bleach.

    • Posted by Veronica kovpak, at Reply

      I see you everywhere

  7. Posted by KURKUMA ROKSANA, at Reply

    0:56 witamy w polsce

    • Posted by Ida A, at Reply

      KURKUMA ROKSANA Polacy podbijają failarmy! Xd

    • Posted by Lycorias XP, at Reply

      I don’t understand your language but yeah man your right

    • Posted by Mr Nestea 117, at Reply

      Ida A pisze się XD nie Xd

    • Posted by fastt11, at Reply

      Tu jest Polska, tu się jeździ na dopalaczach 🙂

  8. Posted by StevenFromTexas, at Reply

    (08:58) Adults being turds just to get something on video.

    • Posted by Osa Ogbevoen, at Reply

      StevenFromTexas I know

    • Posted by I Z, at Reply

      Perhaps this was a punishment for being naughty

    • Posted by StevenFromTexas, at Reply

      +I Z
      Wrong setting to punish a child or even play games with a child for that matter.

    • Posted by That Fella, at Reply

      StevenFromTexas I feel like you’re over thinking the point of the clip… it’s almost as if you’ve never seen parents trick their child on Christmas before! Nothing new but still funny…

  9. Posted by TheAdin 123, at Reply

    00:58 prawdziwy ghost rider kurwa 😀

    • Posted by I Z, at Reply

      Can someone translate what he actually said? I only got the Ghost Rider part

    • Posted by Gugi 200, at Reply

      I Z It means ” A true fucking ghost rider”

    • Posted by oliver7 parro, at Reply

      Ur cats face is exactly like my cats

    • Posted by Lidya Firsyadini, at Reply


  10. Posted by Politically Incorrect, at Reply


    • Posted by axl bosmans, at Reply

      The Slashes its cancer not canser dumb bich

    • Posted by axl bosmans, at Reply

      Loke Erneborg i wrote bich on purpose you dumb bich 🙂

    • Posted by Lauren Lilith, at Reply

      HypeGamers do you mean “ruin”? Hahahhaha rowen

  11. Posted by to tosh, at Reply

    7:37 If it was in South Africa, people will just take the items and leave you there… But the courteous people helped him and the arrogant ones just watched him… UK for you…

    • Posted by Alyssa Vlogs, at Reply

      to tosh | Why did you have to mention South Africa? I know it is one of the more wealthy and developed counties in Africa, but there still is a lot of poverty. A lot of people can’t afford food. When you say South Africans will just steal you food, you never know when that person last ate. And judging EVERY South African is very judgemental.

    • Posted by to tosh, at Reply

      Alyssa Vlogs I said South Africa cos I’ve watched videos where a long vehicle will just stop to change a tyre or something and people from all corners will just swoop in and carry items from the vehicle not belonging to them… not once… not twice… and NOTE THAT I DID NOT SAY ALL SOUTH AFRICANS. I respect South Africa and yes it’s true it’s one of the most developed countries in Africa. I’m an African myself and proudly Ghanaian…

  12. Posted by Andrew, at Reply

    *The Best moment is at **13:05*

    • Posted by Bryan Chavoya Segovia, at Reply

      Andrew theres nothing you stupid dumbfuck

    • Posted by Top Crazy, at Reply

      Andrew ahh u got me

    • Posted by SeminoleRail, at Reply

      That was my favorite, too.

    • Posted by DHDR und HP Fan, at Reply

      Woah you’re right !

    • Posted by Robin 188, at Reply

      Bryan Chavoya Segovia Really? Thank you…

  13. Posted by Juho Leiniö, at Reply

    There’s a clip at 3:14 that’s the same as the first clip. Also how is 4:27 a fail?

    • Posted by Plamen Yordanov, at Reply

      A throwback within a throwback… now they’re really srubbin’ the bottom of the barrel.

    • Posted by TheAlexTDB, at Reply

      4:27 IS such a win… why is it here?!

    • Posted by Shannon Azzif, at Reply

      Juho Leiniö Damn, they’re so desperate to make more money they’re just throwing the same clips in the same video

    • Posted by sneakpeeker, at Reply

      Well that’s something you can always count on: Fail Army failing

  14. Posted by Enrico Brandl, at Reply

    3:21 the same video two times

    • Posted by Mani Matters Bizeps, at Reply

      Enrico Brandl inception… a fail in a fail

    • Posted by patrick hansen, at Reply

      Yup… Quality is going seriously down hill here…

    • Posted by chowdapowa9, at Reply

      This episode is a throwback episode. I guess that they are now even running out of clips to use mid-video. It’s a throwback to the beginning of the video.

  15. Posted by Saturn Cubing, at Reply

    skateboarding “fails” arent fails… its just part of the sport

    • Posted by TheAlexTDB, at Reply

      Maybe not to the skate boarding peeps, but they are to everyone else.

    • Posted by MrSham3less, at Reply

      and the most boring type of fail

    • Posted by Axle Grind, at Reply

      It’s not my favorite flavor of schadenfreude to watching people crashing and hurting themselves in non contact sports. You’re a bit creepy if you like to see that over and over again.

  16. Posted by György Mohl, at Reply

    Throwback fails: it’s all down hill from here 🙁

    • Posted by TheAlexTDB, at Reply

      György Mohl probably their most truthful video 🙁

    • Posted by Dam Son, at Reply

      György Mohl no there will always be idiots so

  17. Posted by soccer 4 the win, at Reply

    We don’t have any more new fails but we still want to make money Thursday

    • Posted by Dweller of the Mum's basement, at Reply

      soccer 4 the win I don’t get why people need likes so much, it’s pathetic

    • Posted by Chocolate Chips, at Reply

      soccer 4 the win 1 like lol, kys you stupid fucking kid

    • Posted by Dweller of the Mum's basement, at Reply

      Chocolate Chips aayye sound a bit upset, is it that time of the month?

    • Posted by soccer 4 the win, at Reply

      Chocolate Chips thx man

    • Posted by Daniel Selk, at Reply

      I’m sure many people are jealous that we can’t have that happen on our channel while FailArmy can pretty much get it’s watches with anything…as long as it sticks with it’s source material and not make Jukin mistakes.

  18. Posted by ZeNepDes, at Reply

    2:54 are people nowadays really that stupid?

    • Posted by Daniel Selk, at Reply

      I know, right? Did he “have” to take his laptop around or is he that much out of tune to reality? XD

  19. Posted by Scroch65, at Reply

    Am I the only one who dosen’t know what’s so funny there? 08:07

    • Posted by Christian Gump, at Reply

      No… I didn’t get it either.

    • Posted by EvilDog77, at Reply

      I’ve watched it back loads of times and I can’t see what’s funny.