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Ivanka Convinced Trump To Bomb Syria?


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Ivanka Trump is calling a great deal of essential shots in the White Residence. Ana Kasparian, Hasan Piker, as well as Poise Baldridge, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Inform us what you believe in the remark section listed below.

" Eric Trump has actually claimed he is "certain" his sister Ivanka utilized her impact over their father to urge the US head of state to launch military action versus Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

Donald Trump bought air strikes versus a Syrian air base last Thursday night in reaction to a chemical weapons assault by the Assad program on Tuesday that eliminated a minimum of 87 individuals including greater than 30 children.

" Ivanka is a mother of three kids and she has influence. I make certain she said: 'Pay attention, this is awful stuff,'" Eric Trump informed the Telegraph.

" My father will act in times like that. And also by the way, he was anti doing anything with Syria two years back. After that a leader gasses their very own individuals, women and children. At some time The U.S.A. is the international leader as well as the world's superpower has to come forward as well as act as well as they maded with a lot of support of our allies and also I believe that's an excellent point."

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  1. Posted by Ravens, at Reply

    what do trump supporters think now?

    • Posted by PumpkinsnBlackcats, at Reply

      Ravens They continue to gladly put these assholes on pedestals like brain dead zombies. They think Ivanka has a golden vagina.

    • Posted by Zozodo Lewin, at Reply

      Ravens by nice

    • Posted by SMOKE911, at Reply

      Look at all these Barnie lovin goats with their beta male mentality. The best you guys can come up with is “Trump supporters dont think.” My gosh, the more you watch TyT, the more TaRd you get…

    • Posted by Mr. Clean, at Reply

      gas chamber

  2. Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

    Right, remember when she’s “Always” pushing her daddy to do the right thing?

    • Posted by whobitmyname, at Reply

      RandomRobin I think he meant the *white* thing.

    • Posted by whobitmyname, at Reply

      Ray Fire Way to add to the conversation, champ.

    • Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

      +whobitmyname He’s a 10 year old troll, just ignore him.

    • Posted by whobitmyname, at Reply

      RandomRobin Wow, so my use of the term “champ” becomes depressingly un-ironic.

  3. Posted by eliw 6965, at Reply

    If Ivanka really cares about these children she should influence Donald to give them a better future in the USA. 75% of refugees from the banned countries are children and the elderly.

    • Posted by Amelia Perez, at Reply


    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Summer Marshall: _”this is’nt just your country!!”_
      Whose country is it?

    • Posted by William Slaughter, at Reply

      +Trollop 7 the corporations​’?

  4. Posted by Liam McKenna, at Reply

    Trolls are out here with negative comments literally quicker than they could’ve even watched the video

    • Posted by Blue Eyed, at Reply

      Hy, here’s a troll.
      Umm, I know I’m late , but has TYT covered the terrorist attack in Sweden?

    • Posted by spoder man hates TYT, at Reply

      +Blue Eyed They made a video, but haven’t posted it. Maybe they’ve learned their lesson from their Harambe video, or the Berkeley one, or the 100 muslim attacks they’ve covered… hmm

    • Posted by ddd ddd, at Reply

      Blue Eyed
      swedes are literally the leftard nation ,they made their decisions and will pay for opportunism and gullibility and cowardness with the existence of their nation ,a price even to small for them
      if you are a white men feel kinship and humiliation of our brothers and sisters in egypt as your own ,swedes don’t belong to us, their pain and sacrifices on the altar of progressivism don’t need to bother you they are happy giving everything for their new gods ,even the own future
      ,to give yours would make them far more happy

  5. Posted by Matthew K, at Reply

    Here come the Trumptard trolls!

    • Posted by proud redneck, at Reply

      Matthew K cuck

    • Posted by Junior Mendiola, at Reply

      Matthew K deport all Trump assholes 2 Nazi Germany ..

    • Posted by soukup, at Reply

      +Junior Mendiola Nazi Germany doesn’t exist anymore……

  6. Posted by Ray Fire, at Reply

    Fire Emblem is a weeaboo game and its garbage just like TYT.

    • Posted by Ray Fire, at Reply

      RandomRobin you crossed the border of being clueless to being a mindless TYT zombie. I state facts and you cry out with weeaboo denial.

    • Posted by Race Gleason, at Reply

      Ray Fire this coming from a metal gear weeaboo? i bet you jack it whenever you see even a fraction of his eyepatch

  7. Posted by Rob Lwsn, at Reply

    Ivanka needs to be kicked out of the whitehouse, American ppl did not vote for her.

    • Posted by Martha Holt, at Reply

      +Irish National Socialist Party Keep drinking McDuck🥃Getting back to your original comment, so the IRA support the lynching of black people?? I mean, I know they luv murdering women and children (seems to be an Irish specialty) but I didn’t know they hated people of color too

    • Posted by Irish National Socialist Party, at Reply

      We believe that you either embrace and follow Irish culture or you are a Traitor to the state and must be punished. We murdered women and children yes but the English killed our women and children and forced them to work on the famine roads we did not intentionally kill women and children either but sometimes innocents must die for a greater cause

    • Posted by Josh K, at Reply

      +Irish National Socialist Party ‘Twas better to ‘neath an Irish sky than at Suvla or Sud-El-Bar. 🇮🇪

  8. Posted by Leshkaka1, at Reply

    Gongratz fuckers, Trump is starting world war 3.

    Delusional Trump-supporters. Have fun with the nukes.

    • Posted by Erin S, at Reply

      When people stop volunteering to to join the military, look forward to the draft. Say goodbye to your children 17 and up; and if you’re in that age range say goodbye to your lifestyle outside the military. Trump is bringing the World War III

  9. Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

    Still not a peep about the Stockholm massacre. Imagine my surprise.

    • Posted by Elke Ve, at Reply

      What is it: either none of this religious tripe is true, OR you can have facts about Aisha. So…. decide.

    • Posted by William Slaughter, at Reply

      Dustin Zilbauer it had nothing to do with Christianity… except it had everything to do with Christianity… you said so yourself… a greivence over a matter involving the murder of radical Christians…

      but continue to feign academic integrity…

    • Posted by Eliza Miller, at Reply

      They did cover it. And now you look desperate, and stupid. 👀

    • Posted by Bernard Potter, at Reply

      Dustin Zilbauer it wasnt much of a massacre

  10. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Can someone tell Ivanka to push her dad/husband into establishing single-payer?

    • Posted by ch33tos sesh, at Reply

      Hal Jordan she needs to give him a blow job in order to get our single payer.

    • Posted by Alberto Romero, at Reply

      No. She blows him daily so she won’t get written out of his will. She needs to do more than that.

  11. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    people this is beyond troubling! so now our president is dropping bombs on a country because it bothers his daughter? damn……and we were worried about a Hillary Clinton presidency? Bernie Sanders was our best chance and choice and we blew it! keep winning you trump apologist? not!

    • Posted by Mike Cavallaro, at Reply

      It’s fun to watch TYT give us the worm’s eye view of geopolitics.

    • Posted by TheSuitIsNOTBlack !, at Reply

      Can you provide evidence that it was because of his daughter? Any evidence at all?

    • Posted by Troy Sims, at Reply

      04mzwach prove it was real. because you can’t. you the one that needs to prove something. not us

    • Posted by Troy Sims, at Reply

      scotaloo7 7g7 actually as his son said. he did this out of trying to prove he wasn’t. tyt even pointed this out. it barely mention but it probably the real reason.

  12. Posted by Selin Cacao, at Reply

    I have a serious question…… when are ALL of us really going to do something about this? Honestly it seems that republicans get away with anything!

    • Posted by humboldthammer, at Reply

      We elected Trump. That’s supposed to sink the Republican party. What more can we do?

    • Posted by Martin Luther King Jr., at Reply

      Selin Cacao you had a chance to do something last November remember. you lost

    • Posted by Paul Allen, at Reply

      Selin Cacao, Republicans and Democrats get away with anything.

    • Posted by Jasmine S, at Reply

      Selin Cacao I’ve been saying this forever, he’s already committed impeachable offenses….nothing has come of it..

  13. Posted by HabsCanada1, at Reply

    I want to have a hardcore threesome with Ana and Ivanka.

    • Posted by Julen Lian Trehe, at Reply

      HabsCanada1 You will only hace a threesome with cheeto fascist and Steve “dead face” Bannon.

    • Posted by Áine, at Reply


    • Posted by Romeo Lopez, at Reply

      Ivanka will want her dad to join so….

  14. Posted by mus5599, at Reply

    Females are too emotional to make rational decisions. Bombing because of pms hormones.

    • Posted by Merlina W., at Reply

      but trump is a man?!

    • Posted by jejejeejjeejejeejjejejee km,k,kjhj, at Reply

      thats why we voted trump not hilary

    • Posted by Merlina W., at Reply

      He is bombing because of feelings like so many men before him.. just saying

    • Posted by Merlina W., at Reply


  15. Posted by Trent Meade, at Reply

    she is just as dumb as her father and brother

    • Posted by chocolateking1, at Reply

      And apparently extremely emotional. Wouldn’t surprise me if she was PMSing.

    • Posted by TheYoungTurksExposed, at Reply

      Looks to me like you Libs are the ones on the rag, bitching about every little thing. Useless cunts.

    • Posted by jay long, at Reply

      they are wealthy because they are dumb !!!! liberal mindset at its finest !!! and your not wealthy cause your smart …like your comment LMFAO !!!! lolololol!

  16. Posted by Brandal Clayton, at Reply

    lol so Assad killing kids is heartbreaking.. to a mother of 3… but trump killing kids in the double digits including an American child in Yemen… no heartbreak there.. it’s fine u can bomb kids just don’t gas em in she’s cool

    • Posted by David Ford, at Reply

      Brandal Clayton Did you see the child that was killed by the truck in Sweden. Both her legs were lying in the street.

    • Posted by Brandal Clayton, at Reply

      I did not see that… That sounds fucked up…

    • Posted by David Ford, at Reply

      +Brandal Clayton Yeah the media dont report the kids killed by terrorism in europe…. like the 11 kids in Nice, France. But if they want to go into syria the kids are shown on the news for all to see. Double standards. TYT still haven’t put a video up on the sweden terrorist attack as they are Islamic apologists.

  17. Posted by Faysal N, at Reply

    Shes a Jew, no surprise

    • Posted by Faysal N, at Reply

      +Kevin Purdy Zionists

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      You seem like a Muslim to me. I’m calling you out on that.

    • Posted by Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, at Reply

      He _is_ right, though. Neo-con Jews and liberal Jews have been at the heart of the destruction of the US.

    • Posted by Faysal N, at Reply

      +Dragon1717 Yes I am a Muslim, what does my identity and religion have to do with this? and your acting like im hiding me being a Muslim and you cought me or something lol

  18. Posted by J. T., at Reply

    Its hard to take Hasan seriously with all that jewelry.

    • Posted by Lord Yaoi, at Reply

      You think so? I mean compared to someone like the recently hired Michael Tracey character who is actually articulate, self-aware, and profound… oh wait, he’s fat and balding. Ah well, let’s keep Nephew Doofus who’s part of the Ana Kasparian school of pretty-faced, unprofessional, hysterical, bland journalism. I’m sure he’ll have some time in between gym visits to memorize the mainstream, uninspired, politically correct, liberally regressive talking points of the day. Oh but, boy, he’ll be hot!

    • Posted by lascolmenitas, at Reply

      It’s impossible to take him seriously in his role here, period.

    • Posted by MrMushroomish, at Reply

      He is a fool, i can only see one reason he is on the show, cause he makes the other hosts look like geniusses

  19. Posted by Brandon Reed, at Reply

    Trump = Lannisters on GOT

    • Posted by CButtonshaw, at Reply

      But Brandon, Lannisters pay their debts. Trump though……

    • Posted by a7xfabian, at Reply

      Brandon Reed but in this case there isn’t sister-brother incest, it’s father-daughter incest.

    • Posted by Latesha H, at Reply

      +a7xfabian It could be both. 🤢

    • Posted by tigerik A, at Reply

      Putin=Jon Snow 🙂