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Ivanka Sits In For Trump At G20


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Donald Trump excused himself at the G20 as well as Ivanka subbed in. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, go over if just what Ivanka sitting in was improper. Tell us what you think in the comment area below.

"( CNN) Head of state Donald Trump took to Twitter Monday early morning to protect his little girl Ivanka, who ran the gauntlet this weekend break as she briefly took his seat at the Group of 20 Top.

" When I left Conference Room for brief meetings with Japan and other nations, I asked Ivanka to hold seat. Extremely conventional. Angela M agrees!" he tweeted.

" If Chelsea Clinton were asked to hold the seat for her mommy, as her mommy gave our country away, the Phony News would claim CHELSEA FOR PRES!" he included.
Clinton promptly responded on Twitter: "Greetings Mr. President. It would certainly never have occurred to my mommy or my daddy to ask me. Were you giving our country away? Really hoping not."

Ivanka Trump has not yet commented concerning the case.

When Ivanka Trump attended part of her papa during a working session on Saturday morning in Hamburg, Germany, her visibility caused a stir amongst Trump doubters on social media sites.

A photo of the very first child resting alongside Chinese Head of state Xi Jinping, British Prime Minister Theresa Might, Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan and German Chancellor Angela Merkel was first tweeted by Svetlana Lukash, that recognizes herself on Twitter as a G20 Russian sherpa, a title given to individuals that assist international delegations at big tops. The tweet has actually because been erased."

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  1. Posted by ninefinger Jack, at Reply

    most unqualified family in america by far

    • Posted by Banjo Pink, at Reply

      ninefinger Jack
      Quite unlike The Rock, who many on the preceding video page seemed delighted to support.

    • Posted by bane734, at Reply

      ninefinger Jack wrong that would be the Clintons

    • Posted by GattlingCombo, at Reply

      no, the current family still is.

  2. Posted by Lowkeychilln, at Reply

    All hail President (Ivanka) Trump!

    • Posted by Rapp Relevant, at Reply

      How about that Julian Castro.

    • Posted by Ricky Spanish, at Reply

      You got that right.

    • Posted by troy lee, at Reply

      Maga. Sounds so Manga wanna be XD

  3. Posted by doxide, at Reply

    She also fills in for Melania in Trump’s bed.

    • Posted by Geneforson, at Reply


    • Posted by ALiENO987, at Reply

      Why is it that the top comment is always about incest?

    • Posted by Reese Jackson, at Reply

      ALiENO987 because trump said he’d date her

    • Posted by Ken Brownfield, at Reply

      He’s boinking her imo

  4. Posted by Angel Rojo, at Reply

    Had Obama (theoretically) sent his daughter in place of him…right-wingers would have gone bananas. Same with Bill Clinton. trump-voters are *traitors* to America and enable corruption. trump should have sent the Vice Pres, but it doesn’t seem like trump wants to put America First.

    • Posted by Hugh Janus, at Reply

      Deflecting to Obama = not an argument.

    • Posted by eric vulgate, at Reply

      its wrong *whoever* does it!

  5. Posted by Llendar, at Reply


    • Posted by Mr. Banana Grabber, at Reply

      Joseph Roman she’s part of the American gov. Not every person there is a president. most are staffers but ivanka is the only one you recognize

    • Posted by Joseph Roman, at Reply

      Mr. Banana Grabber Really, what part of the government is she an employee of ?
      She is not an elected official .
      Please explain.
      How do you know who I recognize ? I mentioned her because she doesn’t have a right to be there.

    • Posted by Mr. Banana Grabber, at Reply

      Joseph Roman do you vote for every person in a president’s cabinet? Ivanka is an assistant in her father’s administration. Angela Merkel defended her.

    • Posted by CountJimbo, at Reply

      He appointed his own daughter to his administration, totally unelected with zero qualifications for diplomacy….and you think it’s fine for her to fill in for the president. Blows my mind. I bet you would also complain about unelected eu officials – but this is fine right?

  6. Posted by Bill Anderson, at Reply

    I like you TYT, BUT THIS ISN’T NEWS

    • Posted by INDIVIDUAL, at Reply

      ^^^^^^^two trolls^^^^^^^^^^

    • Posted by Teethgrinder 83, at Reply

      Yeah its commentary on news

    • Posted by Darth Tempest, at Reply

      +INDIVIDUAL “Everyone who disagrees with me is a troll”

  7. Posted by Nathan Baker, at Reply

    Imagine how freaked out the Republicans would have been if Chelsea Clinton had filled in for Bill in the 90s, or for Hillary when she was Secretary of State.

    • Posted by Nathan Baker, at Reply

      Chelsea was 19 by the time Bill left office. That’s a teenager, not a child. And Chelsea was an adult when Hillary was Secretary of State. Finally, Ivanka doesn’t work for Trump–she works for the office of the White House.

      But back to my original point–imagine if the Clintons had done this with Chelsea. Republicans’ heads would explode!

    • Posted by Donald J Trump, at Reply

      Nathan Baker Chelsea was a kid and Ivanka is a grown up. So yeah, of course it would be inappropriate, but even then i wouldnt cry about it like liberals do.

    • Posted by Nathan Baker, at Reply

      See my reply to smokedout, right above your comment.

    • Posted by Donald J Trump, at Reply

      Nathan Baker Lol, Chelsea was 19, and still a kid. Ivanka is 35. In fact ivanka is old enough to run for the presidency.

      Once again, Chelsea was a kid, so yeah of course i would be outraged a teenager sits amongst world leaders.

  8. Posted by Justin Dysinger, at Reply

    Leave Trump 46 alone. Trump 45 was doing other things.

    • Posted by tate past, at Reply

      Justin Dysinger Or Dwayne Johnson

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      Or Gumby.

    • Posted by Specific Nerpo, at Reply

      WRONG. Tulsi is Mrs. 46

  9. Posted by Matthewn57, at Reply

    Ana picks stupid arguments

    • Posted by DkwonX, at Reply

      She was the better of the two in this video

    • Posted by Mr.Eggplant, at Reply

      She is stupid.

    • Posted by sean fast, at Reply

      Mr.Eggplant says the internet troll HAHAHAHA

    • Posted by Ulrna, at Reply

      She is beter than us!

    • Posted by Darth Tempest, at Reply

      +sean fast Even if he’s a troll, he’s correct.

  10. Posted by Gustavo Machado, at Reply

    Ivanka Trump is 100 times prettier and hotter than Anna Kasparian.

    • Posted by Henrik Swanström, at Reply


    • Posted by Ricky Spanish, at Reply

      +Fals3Agent Sounds like a cowardly approach to dating.

  11. Posted by motchka, at Reply

    She’s his Judas goat. She’s supposed to convince us all that he’s not bad. Not working, Donald!
    Hard to convince people you’re not a nepotist when you keep appointing your unqualified friends and family members, and no one’s buying the “Ivanka as activist” charade.
    (Well, maybe the Trumptards buy it, but no one else does.)
    Cults do a similar thing. They try to have a few normal seeming non-cult members around to convince the suckers that they aren’t actually a cult.

    • Posted by Tom Harrison, at Reply

      I love it when they try to compare Ivanka to Bobby Kennedy. Any takers?

    • Posted by Further, at Reply

      Photo op!

    • Posted by JenModding, at Reply

      motchka I

  12. Posted by Papa Grab, at Reply

    TYT is garbage.

    • Posted by Joe Smith, at Reply

      And yet you keep watching TYT videos and commenting and contributing views.

    • Posted by yadabub, at Reply

      Papa has a garbage fetish.

    • Posted by theYellowMtube, at Reply

      How do you know he keeps watching? _All these assumptions…_

  13. Posted by MRostendway, at Reply

    FOH she has no busines s being on any single one of these panels with worldleaders.

    • Posted by Faustino Ocon, at Reply

      MRostendway : Trump supporters are to stupid to understand that because they’re a bunch mindless childish morons.

    • Posted by AlbertaGeek, at Reply

      _they’re a bunch mindless childish morons._
      …Who need a handler to help them behave, cope, and provide a buffer for them in polite company. I truly believe that this is really what Ivanka’s role is. Notice she never has to be around when daddy is schmoozing with his sycophants or his voter base, just when he has to deal with people over whom he has no power and who are not threatened and/or intimidated by him.

  14. Posted by Nature Boy, at Reply

    Ana you’re wrong. I’m so sick of this feminist stick together bullshit when this woman has sweat shops in other countries. but, she’s pushing for women’s rights!?

    • Posted by Porkchop Periwinkle, at Reply

      You really missed the point.

    • Posted by The Joker, at Reply

      Nature Boy And? Apple is a heavily left wing company and even openly supported Hillary and also support feminism but have factories that are basically sweat shops. It’s called business. Learn it

    • Posted by Porkchop Periwinkle, at Reply

      You are a fool. Slavery was once a business, moron.

  15. Posted by Mabusha Masekela, at Reply

    Please Anna – Ivanka Trump gives zero fucks about African women, zero.

    • Posted by Mabusha Masekela, at Reply

      D- Logan Non sequitir much?

    • Posted by John Landis, at Reply

      African women give minus zero fucks about African women. They don’t even care about black on black slavery that still happens in Africa.

    • Posted by RequiemFor America, at Reply

      Unlike how the clinton foundation cared about the haitian children right? LOL

    • Posted by Mabusha Masekela, at Reply

      RequiemFor America – This is not about Billary, two-headed, forked tounge liar and despot though they may be – this is about the lameness of using something you clearly know and care nothing about to support an even lamer arguement for someone who also clearly has no knowledge or concern for the point with which you are supporting them. Anna just should get her facts together before spouting irrelevant arguements with even more irrelevant information.That’s all.

  16. Posted by Ian Bland, at Reply

    Anna your whole argument is based on the assumption that the Trump family Nepotism is bad but accepted now so you shouldn’t call it out. The whole situation is beyond insane and I think it is right to call out the craziness.

    • Posted by Ronin Dave, at Reply

      what’s funny is conservatives used to call Obama – King Obama and now here Trump is acting like a king by appointing his family to important positions

    • Posted by ThomasWilliamsMusic, at Reply

      Her argument isn’t based on that assumption. She said this isn’t a significant increase – that the nepotism is bad, but this isn’t a huge leap in the level of it. Her argument is that claiming Ivanka wasn’t qualified for the job is nonsense, because ALL of the possible candidates are unqualified, and Ivanka is actually more qualified than the president himself.

    • Posted by GhostlyJorg, at Reply

      To be sure, wasn’t it nepotism for Bill Clinton to have his unelected wife be involved with politics on several different levels?

    • Posted by Ken Brownfield, at Reply


  17. Posted by Dan M, at Reply

    Ana just cares because Ivanka is a woman but if it was trumps sons it would be a whole different story.

    • Posted by Mr. Banana Grabber, at Reply

      Dan M pretty much

  18. Posted by Peter Perfect, at Reply

    Never mind Ivanka Drumpf isn’t qualified for the job!

    • Posted by Jayden Parks, at Reply

      Peter Perfect killary isn’t either

    • Posted by Jim Jeffcoat, at Reply

      Peter Perfect you must be a mysogynist.

  19. Posted by Joe Smith, at Reply

    “I’ve often said, if Ivanka were a porn star, I’d probably be watching her” — Donald Trump

    • Posted by Moses Jonson, at Reply

      Joe Smith lmao same here

  20. Posted by Jungmin Kim, at Reply

    I understand Ana’s arguments but wrong is wrong. And yes, it IS a big deal. She was sitting on her father’s seat as if SHE is representing the United States. Totally unacceptable.

    • Posted by Nyquillus Dillwad, at Reply

      Agreed. Ivanka sitting in for Donald was totally inappropriate. This sort of thing can’t become normalized. There are plenty of other ways to make a difference in the world for women.