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Ivanka Trump Doesn’t Give A Sh*t About Women


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While everyone was going crazy regarding Ivanka Trump's popsicle tweet, Donald Trump silently made a policy that would screw ladies from birth control. ThinkTank's Hannah Cranston simplifies.

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  1. Posted by advocatus diaboli, at Reply

    first week of Ramadan. Muslim terrorists have killed 451 people.
    tyt, your silence is deafening

    • Posted by advocatus diaboli, at Reply

      Jonathan Xavier do you know how we were able to bomb you and take your resources? because you are weak. worshipping a kid fucker will do that to ya lol

    • Posted by Jonathan Xavier, at Reply

      +advocatus diaboli Well don’t complain when Muslims flood the west and some become radicalized. You reap what you sow. 😀

    • Posted by advocatus diaboli, at Reply

      Jonathan Xavier well thankfully the US is smart about not letting camel jockeys in

    • Posted by advocatus diaboli, at Reply

      Jonathan Xavier no I think I will complain then applaud the next tomahawk that hits a school. give those little fellas 30 calibers of freedom!

  2. Posted by Gooseman2k2, at Reply

    Every-time Hannah does one of her stupid pauses… and poses like a 13 year old girl… this network dies just a little bit more…

    • Posted by Jonathan Xavier, at Reply

      Is it? The subscriptions are going up and your tears are flowing freely. Cheers for the moola. 😂

    • Posted by blistified, at Reply

      jon xavier, that was a very pathetic comment, you should be ashamed

    • Posted by DuchAss, at Reply

      Progressive bitches want to use skin to get eyeballs but they dress cheap and look cheap. And they wonder why they get cheapened and trashed.

  3. Posted by DefeatGlobalism, at Reply

    Hey women pay for your own damn birth control and abortion. Especially abortion, I’m not going to fund murder.

    • Posted by DefeatGlobalism, at Reply

      +Jennifer Scott-Checki – Planned parent hood.

    • Posted by Martin Šriber, at Reply

      Yes, you are. Those bombs killing civilians overseas? They are paid by taxpayers.

    • Posted by DefeatGlobalism, at Reply

      I believe droning those civilians happened under Obama’s watch.

  4. Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

    Nothing on the terrorist attacks in London? TYT are ISIS Apologists and not just because they get funded by Qatar.

    • Posted by H. F, at Reply

      1.300.000 victims of the “war on terror” in the middle east. No one bats an eye.
      7 people die in a terrorist attack in london. Lets cry about it for a week or so and also #KillAllMuslims
      Republicans are breeding terrorists so stupid americans keep voting for their fascist party.

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      Bathing in the tears of ISIS sympathizers

    • Posted by H. F, at Reply

      Gustav The Mad Weird. I see no ISIS sympathizers except for you on here. You seem awefully glad that people died so you can further your fascist propaganda. PEOPLE DIED. Get your priorities straight!

    • Posted by H. F, at Reply

      Gustav The Mad Also TYT videos are prerecorded and its SUNDAY. There will be a vid about it by tomorrow like there always is.

    • Posted by H. F, at Reply

      Gustav The Mad When will the right start discussing the terroristic presence of your military and its role in destabilizing the middle east? You and your right wing agenda are creating these terrorists by invading their countries and stealing their ressources and then you try to paint innocent people as a threat, instead of your corrupt politics. Disgusting.

  5. Posted by Connie Cook, at Reply

    Typical Republican reasoning: Force women to have babies by taking away birth control, and then make abortion illegal. Keep em barefoot and pregnant!

    • Posted by leo huseyin, at Reply

      hyperboreean well do rlwe really beed the impolitness as im not inbreed, but to the point private people should not be forced to provide things that they disagree with. if its againts their religion then ita there right to say no and if women dont likw it then they can get another job. its a free market, this is a difference, i believe in letting people make their own decisions wereas you wan to force people to dk things againts their will. that is facism

    • Posted by leo huseyin, at Reply

      hyperboreean im not religious, and please stop insulting me as i am not insulting you. if you are a christian then you can choose to start a buisness, ic you are a secular women the you can choose if you want to work there. when making that decision look at what they offer you, if you dont like the wages dont work there becayse its their buisness and their right to choose what to pay you, if you dont like the healthcare thwy offer you then dont work their. i am pro life but support contraseption but i beleieve that we shouldnt force others to pay for it as that is an infringmebt on their right to practice their religious believes and if you want to people to pay for somethig they disagree with thenthat is actually facist. you talk about choice what about the buisnessmans choice?

  6. Posted by The Oni, at Reply

    First week of Ramadan: 451 innocent people dead. The cause: Islamic terrorism. Where you at TyT?

    • Posted by Rafferty1968, at Reply

      Didn’t a white dude just stab three people who were stepping between him and his intended victims? Robert Lewis Dear (Christian extremist), Christopher Sean Harper-Mercer (white supremacist), Dylann Storm Roof (white supremacist), Wade Michael Page (White supremacist), James Holmes (white supremacist), not to mention Anders Breivik.. I could go on.. its a lomg list, but I hope you get the point.

    • Posted by scotty rose, at Reply

      And still didn’t kill as many people as Islamic terrorist in the past month. Sorry dude, got your priorities out of whack.

    • Posted by The Oni, at Reply

      +Rafferty1968 You listed 6 people that have killed people over the past few years. There have been 3 major islamic terrorist attacks in the UK this year, JUST the UK. That’s not counting the rest of Europe. How’s about the Muslim terrorist attacks in Turkey and Israel? Muslims in Chechnya are rounding up gays and killing them. There is no comparison in the threat level between white supremacists and Islam. It isn’t even close.

    • Posted by scotty rose, at Reply

      So right you are.

    • Posted by modhatter113, at Reply

      +The Oni
      But muh “white people are bad too” narrative.

  7. Posted by Gdayguy Matt, at Reply

    Just imagine if it was a group of Christians who attacked London. Cenk would have made an urgent iphone video right away. But since it was muslims, the muslim apologists are silent.

    • Posted by Jose A Rivera Arambula, at Reply

      Martin Šriber
      Can you offer statistics that prove most American terrorist are white supremacist and not Islamic extremist?
      And also the reason why they aren’t talked about as much is because they aren’t as much of a problem.
      That’s not to say that groups like the KKK aren’t a problem, however in this current time period they are no where near as much of a problem as ISIS.

    • Posted by CBY Bulldogs, at Reply

      He is coming up with the release soon, he will blame the IRA and islamophobes for the attack. The Young Turds are the embodiment of Liberalism which is a mental disorder.

  8. Posted by Jeff the Frog, at Reply

    I was the 666. to like. Just wanted to drop that.

    • Posted by Cliff Rooks, at Reply

      It’s always nice to be recognized by a fan

    • Posted by Jeff the Frog, at Reply

      If a demon rebelles against you, will he fly into the sky and be antiantichrist?

    • Posted by Cliff Rooks, at Reply

      I’m glad that somebody finally understands. You have done well, grasshopper.

    • Posted by Jeff the Frog, at Reply

      Cliff Rooks my pleasure sir. If i’m in need for your wisdom, your malice or a flame provider at warm barbecue sommernights i’ve got your number!

    • Posted by Cliff Rooks, at Reply

      Go forth, and spread the word

  9. Posted by Yann G, at Reply

    best form of birth control ? dont have sex.

  10. Posted by Mister Pocketlint, at Reply

    This birth control argument is weird…. giving the women a choice? choice of what? NOT having unprotected sex? Men can still get condoms. Now before people blast me for focusing on protection and the freedom to choose to have skin on skin sex, remember we are talking about responsible choices for freedom.

    Now, an important note- I am very much pro choice. A women’s body is her own choice. I’m not arguing that health care should NOT cover contraceptives. In fact, I believe they should! But, personal responsibility is a thing and I also think having an argument while valid, needs to be accurate.

    Unless you want to imply a working woman gets pregnant from driving down the freeway in the carpool lane unless she has the pill (or implant, etc).

    That’s how we will win in policy decisions; valid arguments. Let’s keep it simple and accurate people!

    • Posted by Hekate Bleble, at Reply

      You do realise women have sexual needs too? And/or partners who demand sex?

    • Posted by luke pearson, at Reply

      Amy Benham in ohio, women have a 1 year period after baby’s born to decide if they want to parent it. Men do not get that option

    • Posted by Mister Pocketlint, at Reply

      Of course I do! That’s my point! Hannah makes it seem like they don’t.

    • Posted by Mister Pocketlint, at Reply

      Hekate- Keep in mind the subject is women having a choice in the workplace as a responsible adult. With that comes a ton of things to consider, such as… 1)Making responsible decisions. 2)Being strong in their convictions, and 3) Having access to quality healthcare and all the rights granted accordingly.

      Having sexual needs or a partner who “demands” sex is to imply that the professional woman is not… empowered? I’m not sure I understand this line of argument.

      Again I will repeat; I am all for women having contraceptives covered by insurance. I am against Hannah’s approach in presenting an opinionated argument that isn’t sound as I believe that does a disservice to women. Please don’t be reactionary in thinking I am anti woman. I am not. I am merely in favor of a sound argument that can’t really be disputed.

    • Posted by Amy Benham, at Reply

      luke pearson yeah because men can leave whenever

  11. Posted by valiantfreak, at Reply

    Hannah’s not as hot as she thinks she is.

    • Posted by Celisar1, at Reply

      Who cares. LISTEN to her- if you can.

    • Posted by kesumo, at Reply

      Neither are you.

    • Posted by Misayra, at Reply

      valiantfreak you in highschool?

  12. Posted by Thomas Anderson, at Reply

    I’m a simple man; I see Hannah, I hit dislike.

    • Posted by John Bliss, at Reply

      You’re a simpleton, you mean. You need to fix that.

    • Posted by J. M., at Reply

      Thomas Anderson You were supposed to defeat the agents not join them. Wait I might have the wrong movie.

    • Posted by athews1976, at Reply

      Ya simple minded *DOLT*.

    • Posted by Alex Jones Cuckold Idiot, at Reply

      Hell I would sacrifice my testicles in order to kiss and lick the beautiful Goddess Ivankas feet…

  13. Posted by Danielle Belec, at Reply

    Women should go on a sex strike. The old, religious white men who run the government would rethink women’s health issues and contraception if women would just cut them off sex. Bet it wouldn’t take very long either.

    • Posted by curandero verde, at Reply

      Danielle Belec
      What are you talking about? Old religious white dudes (ie republicans like Trump and Pence) are basically A- sexual…

    • Posted by John A., at Reply

      You are forgetting all the ones that are caught with male prostitutes doing drugs in sleezy hotel rooms… They are horny hypocrites who only pretend to care about values to attract fundamentalist voters.

  14. Posted by Nikki G, at Reply

    Hannah should work on her body language. I actually like her, but every time she thinks she’s making a strong point she moves around like a high schooler in the middle of an argument

    • Posted by Eat Shlt, at Reply

      athews1976 copy and paste the same inane comment more, maybe your rage will finally come to a head and make a difference.

  15. Posted by R. McBride, at Reply

    Gotta love a bunch of old white men making decisions about women’s health and what medications they should and shouldn’t take. Funny how they never say boo about Viagra. That sinful activity? Where are the “boys” going to put all that new-found stiffiness if the ladies start saying, “Nope. Sorry. We don’t have The Pill anymore, so work it out for yourselves.”. Betcha their wives are on the pill. Not many women are interested in getting preggers after 35.

    • Posted by R. McBride, at Reply

      +Adam Really? More faux facts from Alex Jones? The American Cancer Society, the NIH and a host of other credible medical sources say you are wrong. More stupid on your part, eh? LOL!

    • Posted by Adam, at Reply

      +R. McBride I’m still waiting for you to back up your claims. Why do you refuse to do so, are you lying or is it that you have no idea what you’re talking about?

      I’ll show you how to do it…

      Sildenafil (Viagra) in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension:

    • Posted by Adam, at Reply

      Now feel free to cite your sources as well. You know, if you actually have any…

  16. Posted by PurpleBat, at Reply

    This whole Trump clan is just a bunch of parasites. They exploit other peolpe and their issues to strengthen their own position. Ivanka cares as much about women as her dad cares about the American people. Not at all. Not once has she addressed actual women’s issues. And no, running out of champagne isn’t the number one issue for women…

    • Posted by Drear Perry, at Reply

      You are not entitled to free birth control. No one cares that you want to bust a nut without worrying about creating a baby.

    • Posted by PurpleBat, at Reply

      Drear Perry I disagree. In a modern western nation providing birth control or planned parenthood services is a basic human right. With “no one” you probably mean yourself, which doesn’t affect me or anyone else.
      Btw, you get condoms for free almost everywhere. But that’s ok, right? I mean as long as guys can f*** around…

  17. Posted by rphunt2002, at Reply

    Is it me or have her mannerisms gotten more “blonde” too?

    • Posted by MC Coolarge, at Reply

      grytlappar you know the answer so why comment? you showed him dude.

    • Posted by rphunt2002, at Reply

      grytlappar that’s why I said “blonde”. you _must_ know what that refers to, not just hair color.

    • Posted by rphunt2002, at Reply

      MC Coolarge it wouldn’t surprise me if grytlappar _likes_ seeing her act all kittenish, and doesn’t want anyone to call it out.

    • Posted by MC Coolarge, at Reply

      rphunt2002 he likes things he can comprehend.