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James Comey: It Wasn’t Me!


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FBI Director James Comey just recently defended his pre-election conduct. Nomiki Konst, Jimmy Dore, and also Michael Tracey, hosts of The Young Turks, go over. Inform us exactly what you believe in the remark area listed below.

" FBI Director James Comey went back to the Hill on Wednesday to indicate before the Senate Judiciary Board, one day after Hillary Clinton condemned him for upending her governmental campaign as well as the morning after Head of state Donald Trump stated Comey "the most effective point that ever happened to Hillary Clinton."

Below are the vital moments from the hearing:

Comey opened about why he sent his Oct. 28 letter concerning brand-new proof in the Clinton probe. It boiled down to "talk" or "hide," Comey claimed. "Talk," he reasoned, "would certainly be actually bad. There's an election in 11 days. Lordy, that would be really bad. Hiding in my sight would certainly be disastrous, not simply to the FBI however well beyond. As well as, honestly, as in between actually bad as well as tragic, I claimed to my group: 'We have actually reached walk into the globe of really poor. I've reached tell Congress that we're rebooting this, not in some pointless method– in an extremely substantial method."" *.

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Hosts: Nomi Konst, Jimmy Dore, Michael TraceyCast: Nomi Konst, Jimmy Dore, Michael Tracey.


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  1. Posted by Should've picked Hillary, at Reply

    I’ve truly never understood how he goes by his mantra of “not commenting on an ongoing investigation” when it comes to Drumpf and the Republicans. But when it comes to Clinton or the democrats suddenly he opens his big mouth right in the middle of one… where nothing was even found… 11 days before an election!

    • Posted by Siddharth Birdi, at Reply

      TYT reported on this, Obama told Comey to not reveal anything on Trump before the election, but lower officials leaked bits n pieces before the election.

    • Posted by Dr. Pepe, at Reply

      Should’ve picked Hillary comey commented to congress privately , not the public

    • Posted by Kenshin0011, at Reply

      Comey never did comment details on the Clinton email investigation while it was ongoing until the day he held the conference to announce no charges would be recommended.

      The memo to CONGRESS, not the media, was completely reasonable. Not his fault it was leaked. Hillary’s fault this was all happening in the first place.

    • Posted by yougosquishnow, at Reply

      Should’ve picked Hillary yes that is the thing no one seems to realize. comey released an obligatory (he was required by law to keep congree updated) letter to CONGRESS. he did not tell the press anything. not his fault it was leaked.

  2. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    I found myself getting nauseous everytime Comey was asked a specific question, and he said “i can’t comment on that”? WTH?

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      He could only comment on questions that served his agenda.

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      +Jim is the man exactly!

    • Posted by PluralFrog, at Reply

      Ok not necessarily a lot of questions that are too specific he cannot answer due to incomplete investigations or it being classified i understand the frustration but if he can’t answer your not going to make him

  3. Posted by Should've picked Hillary, at Reply

    James Comey was a registered Republican who donated to both the McCain, and Romney Campaigns. The level of partisanship he displayed was repulsive.

    • Posted by FLOWERS, at Reply

      Remember after Trump got elected he blew a kiss to Comey. Comey is still under investigation.

    • Posted by Gloria Du, at Reply

      Seminole Nathan she has lots of accomplishments you just don’t want face it.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Wasn’t Trump going to send Hilary to jail on “day one”? Gee… what happened?

    • Posted by Dorothy Zink, at Reply

      Hillary the Frack Queen, Big Oil Puppet on rollers skates, Trade Dealer, Ethnic Cleanser and Bomb Salesman, Bribe Juggler, Genitalia and Cheap Labor Enforcer?

  4. Posted by Zachary Xavier, at Reply

    2020 cannot come soon enough.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Expect another nuclear option from the the Republicans in Congress: A Constitutional Amendment to extend the President’s term for life.

    • Posted by MNTribeFan, at Reply

      Actually, I think a most likely scenario is that he will resign and let Pence take over.
      He hates being president….its hard work!

      Politically, it would give Pence time to be presidential before 2020.

    • Posted by Rick Garvey, at Reply

      Trump will be lucky to make it through his 2nd year let alone any 2nd term. Laughable to even think 2nd term.

    • Posted by MNTribeFan, at Reply

      The completely amazing thing to me is how craven the Republicans are. They are sticking by Trump through thick and thin. They see this whole thing solely through the lens of politics. When they say they are the ‘Law and Order’ party, this is proof positive that this is complete BS.
      Let alone pretend they have any measure of morality.

      I honestly didn’t think the Republicans would sink this low.


    • Posted by GilbertoTX, at Reply

      @Rick lol that’s you liberals said that “Donald trump will NEVER be President” lol wrong 😂

  5. Posted by Should've picked Hillary, at Reply

    If Hillary would have won Michigan and Florida she would have won the election. Trump’s margin of victory over Hillary in Florida was 1%… his margin of victory in Michigan was 0.8%. These were the undecided voters that were indeed leaning towards Hillary that decided they couldn’t handle another investigation… so they decided not to vote. I had friends that literally didn’t vote for her because of this. This was a complete violation of the Hatch act…

    • Posted by Kathleen Prudhomme, at Reply

      And yet 3 million (IMO many millions more) voted for Hillary over Donald. Donald has no mandate and we are the resistance, and we’re here to stay. No matter what you think of Hillary, she won…and Donald knows that.
      #notmypresident #pussygrabsback #grabyourwallet

    • Posted by No One, at Reply

      A few reasons why people who would otherwise vote Democratic refused to vote Hillary. Superdelegates, media collusion, Wassermann Schultz scheduling debates to favor Clinton, leaking debate question during the primaries by Brazile, the Brooklyn voter roll purge, changing requirements for legibility to vote in Democratic primaries, several instances of polling stations being scarce in low income neighbourhoods, funnelling funds from state Democratic parties to the Hillary campaign, false narratives(Nevada and the throwing of chairs), Pied Piper strategy, the list goes on and on.

    • Posted by No One, at Reply

      So Kathleen, whenever you’re angry about Trump being president, remember who is to blame, Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Queen of corruption who lost an election when the truth got out of Pandora’s box and too many people could see her ugly true face as the killer of hope.

    • Posted by Kathleen Prudhomme, at Reply

      Comey and Russian interference are to blame along with cross checking and gerrymandering. This will be worked out, the question is how many people will die for us to straighten things out? I’m also delighted Hillary is with the resistance. I’m delighted so many people are waking up, especially when so many could lose their healthcare. Things are going to get very very very ugly very soon. Now I see how the Civil War happened.
      #notmypresident #grabyourwallet #pussygrabsback

  6. Posted by Caroline&Curtis Lyall, at Reply

    Again. Love Nomi!

    • Posted by Berry Rides Ligers, at Reply

      Caroline&Curtis Lyall Do you like black guys

    • Posted by Vanessthebest, at Reply

      + Berry Rides Ligers – No that’s Steve Bannon you think of.

    • Posted by dumbasffff, at Reply

      Nomi cute

    • Posted by likquidsteel, at Reply

      Nomiki Konst is beautiful

    • Posted by No One, at Reply

      Beautiful, but dumb.

  7. Posted by Jay Steele, at Reply

    lol @ the jimmy haters and hillary apologists who still can’t realize how laughable the democrats are but it’s ok we’ll watch you fail again because you deny truth

    • Posted by arthurneddysmith, at Reply

      Jay Steele Oh, the Democrats are laughable, and Hillary is a terrible candidate, but that still leaves the fact that there WAS an on-going investigation into Russian interference and Trump-Russia contacts, and somehow Comey did not feel like sharing those investigations with the public. Just because one is true, it does not mean the other is false.

    • Posted by Kathleen Prudhomme, at Reply

      Comey is a tool! Remember after the original investigation into Hillary’s emails when he said ‘nothing there’ and then went into a personal attack on her? I cannot get over the tone he is using in his testimony…it’s as if he’s giddy inside and smirking.

    • Posted by No One, at Reply

      Assertion, there is an assertion, consider this, what is the difference between Saudi money and Russian money?

  8. Posted by D.MYST, at Reply

    I agree with this. Clinton is the Queen of propaganda and is above the law. Classified emails were forwarded but everyone’s pissed at Comey. It’s amazing that people are fearing Russia and angry at Comey and not addressing the foundation of all of this..the unlawful corruption surrounding Clinton.

    • Posted by Drm R, at Reply

      D.MYST if she really was the queen of propaganda, why isn’t she president now and why didn’t she win against obama? Hell if Hillary was an actual issue, republicans would’ve already prosecuted her a long time ago. That would also mean that it would be open season on every corrupt politician including that orange idiot in the oval office that isn’t even hiding his corruption. So no, Hillary isn’t the problem, shes just a product of a corrupt system.

      There is legitimate reason for Russia if you actually paid attetion. Putin is on a mission to restore Russia to its former glory and the only obstacle in his way is this country. That means undermining our standing in the world and weakening us at the same time.

  9. Posted by von Wabbit, at Reply

    Damn, what an amazing panel. Nomi and Jimmy together are SO perfect bouncing their energies off each other. Having Michael there as the calm influence is awesome too.

    • Posted by Stephen Gant, at Reply

      von Wabbit agreed. best panel I’ve seen in a long time. The increasing frequency of Hannah’s emotionally driven segments has had me pretty sad for tyt but if they go in this direction I will def be happy

    • Posted by Yume, at Reply

      von Wabbit agreed! This is quality news commentary.

    • Posted by TCt83067695, at Reply

      von Wabbit did you notice how they editted out his rants tho?

  10. Posted by Marc Eric Lane, at Reply

    Here’s the thing: Was Comey the only reason Hillary lost? Of course not. Was he A reason? yes, absolutely. The problem with people saying that “this thing right here is the only reason why Trump won” is that everyone is right. Hillary and the DNC had the so-called “death by a thousand cuts” scenario, where there were a bunch of small issues that when tackled individually seem small and trivial, but add them all up and it’s a problem.

    • Posted by Joshua Spiers, at Reply

      Couldn’t agree more. I also don’t understand why people keep attacking Nate Silver. Yes, he was wrong about Trump in the primaries, but he was pretty much dead on in the general election

      As I recall, on the day before the election he was giving Trump a 33% chance of winning (that number could be slightly off). Point is, Trump was well within the margin of error.

      He also wrote regularly about how their numbers could be off due to the shy Trump supporter phenomenon, where many voters who were saying they were undecided were actually closet Trump supporters.

      Another thing he said (after Comey announced that they were re-opening the investigation into Hillary’s emails) was that the announcement was so close to the election that polling would not be able to determine how much public opinion was swayed, but that history tells us incidents like that result in about a 3 point swing.

      All of those things were true.

      I think a lot of people don’t understand how probability and statistics work. I’m not a Nate Silver fan. I couldn’t care less whether he is right or wrong, except to the extent that I get annoyed at people who seem to think that a 30-35% chance of winning is actually a 0% chance.

    • Posted by Random Default, at Reply

      Bullshit, Comey released a statement that Hillary was under investigation as part of a partisan smear to additionally ruin her chances of winning the election. Or he would have mentioned that Trump was also under investigation. And for the record, I care that the head of the FBI is supposed to be impartial and fair and that is exactly what he hasn’t been.

    • Posted by lukkyluciano, at Reply

      Nate Silver was terribly wrong, pretty sure you don’t understand probability and statistics if you cant see that. He said “Trump has no chance” and had it Clinton 79% Trump 20% chance the morning of the election.. and he spent the next 5 months trying to convince people he was less wrong than others. Looks like he found at least one mark….hope you dont use his nfl picks.

      He wasnt Sam Wang but still incredibly wrong.

    • Posted by No One, at Reply

      Nobody forced her to set up a server in her home, to call the TPP the gold standard, to advocate for endless war, to take bribes, she did it to herself.

    • Posted by Nick Burris, at Reply

      It’s true… The FBI was just doing their job…. Not to mention… When did anyone think that any Hillary Clinton investigation would only come up once?

  11. Posted by Donald Trump, at Reply

    Hey Jerk Off. What about Mike Pence using his private e-mail for Classified Information.?

    • Posted by phoenixwing50, at Reply

      Donald Trump Governor, not Secretary of State. He also didn’t lie.

    • Posted by Aaron Carpenter, at Reply

      Yeah, from what I have read this might be somewhat of a standard practice in DC, which is disturbing for obvious reasons…

    • Posted by Niklas Hansen, at Reply


    • Posted by No One, at Reply

      Server, in house server, for the purpose of selling information in return for money.
      Finite, rational, logical explanation.

  12. Posted by Kevin Carter, at Reply

    here is the problem guys. y did comey release the information on the emails a week before the election but not the information on trumps gang and their collusion with russia?

    • Posted by yougosquishnow, at Reply

      Kevin Carter what evidence? link?

    • Posted by Kevin Carter, at Reply

      +yougosquishnow​ think before you comment. I never mentioned evidence. I said y didn’t comey decide to mention the INVESTIGATION into trumps gang and Russia? I’m not in the FBI so I don’t have evidence and the FBI wouldn’t release information during an investigation. Don’t be ridiculous

    • Posted by yougosquishnow, at Reply

      I intended to reply to +Random Default.  Calm down.

    • Posted by yougosquishnow, at Reply

      Evidence presented by the UK?  What evidence?

    • Posted by Random Default, at Reply

      +yougosquishnow It was MI6 that had passed on information detailing that some in trumps campaign were meeting and speaking with known Russian agents. This was part of routine monitoring of foreign agents. This is what Spicer alluded to when the Trump Administration accused Obama of getting the UK to wiretap the campaign. This was back in summer 2016 if I remember correctly. It was also corroborated by other European intelligence agencies.

      Michael Tracey makes the assertation that the Russia thing is all a smoke screen, yet there is a substantial amount of evidence that leads to key members of the campaign speaking with foreign agents during the lead up to the US 2016 elections. The fact that Comey revealed that Hillary was under investigation at the time, under the pretense of public interest, while neglecting to mention that Donald was also under investigation for something arguably a lot worse shows the intent behind Comey’s revelations.

      The problem I have with Jimmy, Michael and to a lesser extent, Nomi, is that they argue that this isn’t the reason why Hillary lost. And arguably they are right, it’s not the sole reason she lost, but it was a huge factor that can not be dismissed out of hand simply because you dislike her as a candidate.

  13. Posted by Glumo, at Reply

    Hillary is a loser and Trump is her fault

    • Posted by Purple Translatoid, at Reply

      Translation >>> I am so delusional I say Hillary forced one third voters to vote her opposition. I am so irresponsible I still blame the victim for making us gang up against her. I will spit on her and blame her for making me spit on her. Blaming the victim is the cool thing to do in Trump America. Every time Trump does something evil and
      remind me I am the biggest traitor to myself I will blame Hillary. Correct?

    • Posted by Tikki Tembo, at Reply

      Purple Translatoid https://www.reddit.com/r/WayOfTheBern/comments/5ft9au/9_of_democrats_voted_for_trump/ … that percentage is larger than 3rd party voters combined. You reject facts? then you’re delusional

  14. Posted by Adrian Brown, at Reply

    I NEVER liked Wikileaks.
    They’re the TMZ of “journalism”.
    Seriously…what’s their endgame in our politics?

  15. Posted by CLureCo, at Reply

    “Myopic and shortsighted”???
    So the obvious evidence, and complete lack of anything “GOP” means nothing?

  16. Posted by Bill Nye Fake Science Guy, at Reply

    If Comey did his job Hillary would be locked up.

  17. Posted by Marc Touss, at Reply

    always blame it on the weiner..

  18. Posted by Dead-Owl 911, at Reply

    Everybody from every side is hatin on my boi Rich Comey Quan!

  19. Posted by Tango Bango, at Reply

    Hey FBI Director Comey, “me thinks that thou protest too much!”