//James Foley’s family say they faced prosecution for paying ransom

James Foley’s family say they faced prosecution for paying ransom

Happy with Obama: Bowe Bergdahl’s parents

Unhappy with Obama: James Foley’s parents

Ask yourself why

— Cameron Gray (@Cameron_Gray) September 12, 2014

ABC News, The Daily Mail and other media outlets are reporting today that the U.S government threatened to prosecute the family of James Foley for funding terrorism if the family paid Foley’s captors ransom money.

US govt reportedly threatened to prosecute family of kidnapped journalist Jim Foley if it paid ransom http://t.co/f5c4fvaZmT h/t @acarvin

— Nicholas Kristof (@NickKristof) September 12, 2014

"…the compassion of an anvil." Foleys claimed USG threatened over possible ransom payment http://t.co/m0gi3LfgZu pic.twitter.com/t5zCA2mBt9

— ABC News The Blotter (@ABCNewsBlotter) September 12, 2014

ABC News reports:

Obama administration officials repeatedly threatened the family of murdered journalist James Foley that they might face criminal charges for supporting terrorism if they paid ransom to the ISIS killers who ultimately beheaded their son, his mother and brother said this week.

“We were told that several times and we took it as a threat and it was appalling,” Foley’s mother Diane told ABC News in an interview.

She said the warnings over the summer came primarily from a highly decorated military officer serving on the White House’s National Security Council staff, which five outraged current and former officials with direct knowledge of the Foley case also recounted to ABC News in recent weeks.

“Three times he intimidated us with that message. We were horrified he would say that. He just told us we would be prosecuted. We knew we had to save our son, we had to try,” Diane Foley said.

Foley family slams admin; says threatened with prosecution if they raised ISIS ransom http://t.co/WGrVbZGsgU

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) September 12, 2014

@DLoesch Hey .. we got Bergdahl back for 5 terrorists .. who needs ransom .. sad

— bigal64 (@bigal64) September 12, 2014

@DLoesch It’s only legal for this administration to negotiate with terrorists.

— Rachel Veronica (@rachelveronica) September 12, 2014

@DLoesch Hooboy…that's…not good…@whitehouse…not good at all. Jeez Louise.

— Taylor DRMF (@EyeDesertBlog) September 12, 2014

@DLoesch But it's ok to trade 5 terrorists for a deserter right? POTUS is a hypocrite. And where is our Marine??? #BringBackOurMarine

— Common Man (@commonman2016) September 12, 2014

@DLoesch You mean the same Administration that said a family would do anything to get their child back? #Bergdahl = 5 terrorists

— ✩ Megan ✩ (@MeganSmiles) September 12, 2014

@DLoesch no recourse for Foley family but ok to kiss terrorist bee hind with relish for bergdahl ?

— Flora (@boneheadstudios) September 12, 2014

That’s the Foley family’s story — what does the government have to say?

Josh Earnest will not say if the government threatened James Foley's family over raising private funds to pay for his release

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) September 12, 2014

Paying ransoms only puts other Americans at risk, Earnest says, but won't say if WH threatened Foley family prosecution

— lesley clark (@lesleyclark) September 12, 2014

Reporter: "Did the government threaten to prosecute James Foley's family?" Earnest: "Our thoughts and prayers are with them, ask DOJ"

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) September 12, 2014

@PressSec won't say Foleys were threatened w prosecution if they raised a ransom but says it "only puts other Americans… at greater risk."

— Juliet Eilperin (@eilperin) September 12, 2014

Earnest won't say if gov't told Foley family they would be prosecuted for paying ransom to get son, notes Obama efforts to retrieve him.

— Chris Johnson (@chrisjohnson82) September 12, 2014

State re: #Foley family claims: Held hours of meetings to try to help, did everything we could to help them, 'opened diplomatic doors.'

— Hannah Allam (@HannahAllam) September 12, 2014

State:Of course part of our job is helping US families in this situation is to understand our laws on ransoms; those aren't changing. #Foley

— Hannah Allam (@HannahAllam) September 12, 2014

The White House still says that the rescue attempt to get #Foley back was a success, despite the fact that they came back without him.

— Philip Crowther (@PhilipinDC) September 12, 2014

@PhilipinDC @whpresscorps In other words the should get a trophy for participating.

— Karl Rojeck (@BossHijack) September 12, 2014

Well, at least there’s no question the Taliban prisoner exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was a success, although it did earn President Obama a formal rebuke by the House.

Obama paid bergdahl taliban ransom &gave parents big muslim rosegarden presser. Didnt let #Foley family pay ransom &played golf @PressSec

— Barbara McMahon (@southsalem) September 12, 2014

@PressSec US won't pay ransom to terrorists. Huh. But will trade terrorists to terrorists for #Bergdahl. BAD. #Foley. @SenJackReed? #ripoli

— Conservative Marine (@stevelemois) September 12, 2014

Obama fawned over DESERTER Bergdahl's folks! For Foley, O barely contained his desire to return to GOLF! #PJNET pic.twitter.com/VfCTR3CQ5R

— Judy Stines (@jstines3) September 11, 2014

The article does not mention the prisoner swap for Bergdahl and what the Foley's think of that and if that supports terrorism. Good. God.

— Cindy Cooper (@CindyCoops) September 12, 2014

.@TheRickWilson @redsteeze @rhondaABC Foley's family couldn't pay ransom, but Obama could trade five Taliban for Bergdahl. Got it. *wink*

— Uri Blago (@UriBlago) September 12, 2014

US Nat'l Security Council on James Foley: "It is policy that we don't grant concessions to hostage takers." What about Bowe Bergdahl?

— David Baldwin (@dbaldwin1215) September 12, 2014

Foley's parents threatened with jail trying 2 win release of their son. But Bergdahl's parents invited 2 Rose Garden http://t.co/ParyqTJzGu

— Ben Aksar (@BenAksar) September 12, 2014

For the record, my complaint on Foley issue is that the Admin threatened to sue them. Not arguing to pay random. Handling people matters.

— Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) September 12, 2014

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