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Jared Kushner Caught Selling Golden Tickets To America


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Exists anything "The Kush" can not (or won't) do? Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us just what you assume in the comment area listed below.

" The property advancement firm partly handled by the sibling of White Residence elderly adviser Jared Kushner has actually issued an apology over a weekend break event in Beijing in which Kushner's name was utilized to bring in wealthy Chinese to a cash-for-visa plan frequently used by investment-hungry UNITED STATE realty developers.

Kushner Firms "says sorry if that reference of [Kushner] remained in any type of way interpreted as an attempt to tempt investors," the company claimed in a declaration emailed to NPR and also various other information electrical outlets. The apology cuts short of confessing that the business was leveraging Kushner's role in the White Residence and his partnership to the head of state, his father-in-law.

Nicole Kushner Meyer, Jared's sis as well as a principal in the family-run business, remained in a ballroom at Beijing's Ritz-Carlton hotel on Saturday asking a roomful of rich Chinese financiers to think about investing $500,000 apiece in a New Jersey high-end apartment complex neglecting the Hudson River across from reduced Manhattan." *.

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  1. Posted by Ruen Ruotel, at Reply

    But where is the Chocolate Factory ?

    • Posted by Steve Rambo, at Reply

      He left office already

    • Posted by Eay Dagawd, at Reply

      Such a clever joke

  2. Posted by Pallas AnitaSarkeesian, at Reply

    Welcome to Trump’s America. No wonder that 40% of college females will be raped at least twice within the first two years.

    • Posted by footballfan8989, at Reply

      lol yeah if being looked at is considered rape

  3. Posted by Jace Solomon, at Reply

    Can trump get any worse? No seriously how low can this guy get.

    • Posted by Mint Julip, at Reply

      Admiral Smelling! I’m tearing here! LOL!

    • Posted by David Schlickeisen, at Reply

      +Admiral Smelling He’s so low, Satan has to yell “Dude, we’re up here!”

    • Posted by Annabelle B, at Reply

      There is no telling; stayed tuned and hold onto your seats America.

    • Posted by Seventh Son, at Reply

      Gabriel Winter kys

  4. Posted by denise k, at Reply

    Isn’t there something illegal about this??

    • Posted by ngaiflex, at Reply

      To republicans and Trump sycophants … it would be illegal only if Obama or Clinton did it.

    • Posted by gregory nelis, at Reply

      denise k yes but canada has been doing this for a while theres a hit tv show about it

    • Posted by Meraki, at Reply

      Nothing illegal about it and most counties offer an investment visa. The scandel here really shouldn’t be that they are being sold but that America is selling itself so cheap. The UK won’t even look at you for less then $2.5 mil. I think Australia its $1.5 mil

    • Posted by dangerouslytalented, at Reply

      … meaning all the new apartments in melbourne are luxury apartments, nothing at the low end of the market, as tent cities spring up under rail bridges and in parks

    • Posted by Tyler, at Reply

      The only potential ethical violation here is if Kushner’s sister is receiving confidential information on future US government regulations which she is exploiting for her own gain, but even that is not really clear from her speech.

  5. Posted by mud cat, at Reply

    Pay enough and Trump will videotape you bangin his wife and Ivanka

    • Posted by V Nova, at Reply

      mud cat ..you can’t afford it loser…

    • Posted by mud cat, at Reply

      V Nova
      I have 10 b dollars and am like a smart person

    • Posted by people for progress, at Reply

      or putin banguin his orange face. Just 3bln$

  6. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    didn’t Willy wanka sell golden tickets too? Lol

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      +hudsle Lol

    • Posted by gunnyblender, at Reply

      …No, they were randomly slipped into certain candies… I heard there is a silver ticket at the bottom of Tide bleach jugs! Go chug for silver!

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      +gunnyblender Lol

    • Posted by unbiased, at Reply


    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      + unbiased – Conflicts of interest involving nepotism were just a matter of time $$$

  7. Posted by Gavin Erickson, at Reply

    I love foreigners, I hate foreign corporations buying up American land.

  8. Posted by Eric Ling, at Reply

    They need to build a border, between the US and China, it could be a wall, a great wall, a Great Wall of China even.

    • Posted by BUYMECAR[andyouwin], at Reply

      drill that earth wall

    • Posted by Burger king Aka king of america, at Reply

      Lol bro.

  9. Posted by Deborah Langley, at Reply

    What a surprise that another Trump associate is a POS.

  10. Posted by Y Sekander, at Reply

    Make Chinese millionaires great again.

    • Posted by TheIDGE, at Reply

      So what are you doing here? Is trolling youtube comments your job. I’m guessing you’re a massive loser who spent the last 8 years “complaining about our president”. And not to be that guy, but if you are going to cut and paste your stupidity on multiple threads, try spelling ‘lazy’ correctly.

    • Posted by comochinganconesto, at Reply

      Gabriel Winter ROTFLMAO I’m a “Libtard” with a Master’s in Computer Science specialising in Digital Image Processing and Data mining. I have a job at a school, which pays me way below my worth, working about 60 hours a week, and I do all this because I believe the generation that comes after me should be better than me.

      The rich are not superior, they are just rich. Like all things, there are those who give and those who take… and those who are despicable and loathsome enough to take from rich or poor and give back nothing.

    • Posted by NC, at Reply

      During-Kruegar in full effect, here.

    • Posted by Doc Malthus, at Reply

      Hey, Gabriel Winter, please tell us how rich YOU are. Or are you not a member of the superior race?

  11. Posted by Walruse 2020, at Reply

    If there is a law against this, WHY can they just do this ? And who should be the person to start an investigation on that and why doesn’t he ?

    • Posted by comochinganconesto, at Reply

      Walruse 2020 Promoting for visas is quite legal, immigration lawyers do it all the time. The only thing that could get in the way would be the “Title of Nobility” clause of the Constitution (aka The “Emoluments” clause); but it clearly states that you cannot accept gifts or profit from foreign entities “with out the consent of Congress”. Congress being controlled by the GOP, they will give their consent if asked and will do nothing otherwise (a sort of passive consent), means this is fairly legal.

    • Posted by Walruse 2020, at Reply

      Thisdudeintheback The point is that this situation surely is described in law. So someone should be able to act.And i don’t mean just this particular story but all the trump business assoziations.

    • Posted by Walruse 2020, at Reply

      comochinganconesto okay well they could “approve” it then but there are so much obvious ripoffs that he stages and nothing is about to be done. and noone even makes a deal of it. and i know that cat , it has an asian namelabel in a bigger picture.

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      Walrus meat 2020

    • Posted by Walruse 2020, at Reply

      spooder man the cuck slayer see who’s curious. i appreciate that, though you look like a camouflaged dogs penis. your new name shall be the red rocket. feel welcome. bring snacks.

  12. Posted by Joes Corner, at Reply

    Whats with the Golden scandals under Trump, first the shower now this!!!

    • Posted by Joes Corner, at Reply

      +catwalk33 yeaaa free chocolate

    • Posted by Graphic Jack, at Reply

      Joes Corner he does look like an Oompa Loompa, true

    • Posted by Nancy Khouzam, at Reply

      Mush er family is just as bad as trumps all are greedy turds.

    • Posted by Nancy Khouzam, at Reply

      K ush ner. Family

    • Posted by Nancy Khouzam, at Reply

      Do anything to pump up family finances. Despicable. Bunch.

  13. Posted by Warped, at Reply

    Trump has something “golden” from Russia too!

    • Posted by Thisdudeintheback, at Reply

      Warped Bruh

  14. Posted by David Jacquez, at Reply

    america for sale by trump

    • Posted by Seventh Son, at Reply

      this visa has been around since 1990….

  15. Posted by The End Begins, at Reply

    How many crimes does it take to impeach a president?   America stop being stupid and balls up.

    • Posted by Tim Dixon, at Reply

      The End Begins

    • Posted by Senthony L, at Reply

      Tim Dixon – And ends with a orange oompa loompa

  16. Posted by Jim Lee Crabtree, at Reply

    When will the corruption of the Trump family end with them in jail?

    • Posted by simon, at Reply

      the people on CNN are seriously having a debate about the power point slides being wrong. I like how they try to Dish out BullShit.

    • Posted by Met3lAngel, at Reply

      Jim Lee Crabtree when people actually choose to take action instead of signing a bunch of worthless online petitions that nobody reads.

  17. Posted by access, at Reply

    wtf are you Americans doing? impeach the drumpfs already

    • Posted by Anand Tumurtogoo, at Reply

      access congress can Issue an impeachment, congress republican majority.

  18. Posted by Panzafat, at Reply

    give the statue back to france, you don´t deserve it