Jared Kushner Caught Using Private Email For Government Work | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

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  1. Posted by Des Meridian, at Reply

    Lock him up

  2. Posted by Arthur Dent, at Reply

    Lock them up! Lock them up!

  3. Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

    Say it with me Trumplers. LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP!

  4. Posted by Shinji Kataoka, at Reply

    Lock Trump up

  5. Posted by Cookie Nibz, at Reply

    Ivanka was caught doing the same thing. I’m not sure how much government activity she participates in, but it’s worth noting, especially after two years of “lock her up” bulls*it.

  6. Posted by 6dazey9, at Reply

    Holy hypocrisy.

  7. Posted by BiggPoppa56, at Reply

    Lock them up!

  8. Posted by Lisa Lowery, at Reply

    Lock him up

  9. Posted by Belgian Sebastian, at Reply

    Rightwinged retards are outraged now right?

    • Posted by The Jimmy Dank Show, at Reply

      fascism is not “right wing” in the UNITED STATES!! why would they be outraged? it only matters what so called “liberals” do

    • Posted by joseph4861, at Reply

      Right Wingers dont understand the meaning of the words “hypocrisy” or “consistency”. Not in their vocab.

  10. Posted by goodgulf13, at Reply

    Lock him up!!—Lock him up!!—Lock him up!!

  11. Posted by GoldenHawk93, at Reply


  12. Posted by Peter Pan, at Reply

    Kushner is SO HATEABLE

    • Posted by Jarhead Leatherneck, at Reply

      Peter Pan snowflake

  13. Posted by Coy Hampton, at Reply

    I’m sure Kushner is going to achieve peace in the Middle East any day now, after that LOCK HIM UP!

  14. Posted by Leo Yohansen, at Reply

    Crooked Kushner (Jared or Ivanka). Lock Him Up! Lock Her Up!

  15. Posted by Justme21021, at Reply


  16. Posted by j r, at Reply

    “Lock him up”!!!!!

  17. Posted by VehementiNacon, at Reply

    Lock him up! Lock him up!Lock him up! Lock him up!

  18. Posted by do ht, at Reply

    hang the entire family for treason

  19. Posted by troglodite30, at Reply

    We are probably being told things Americans are not!..It wasn’t just Kushner. It was Bannon..Ivanka..in fact, they were all at it!..Probably not illegal, but there is a principal here!..”Lock her up!” Was the cry from Trump for virtually the same thing! I cannot wait to see the Trumpists start screeching “Fake news..Fake news!” Over this one!..And they will..Because they have too!

  20. Posted by The Ultimate Cat Momma, at Reply

    Lock him up, lock him up!! This is BULLSHIT!!! They spent MILLIONS and Took A Whole YEAR. To ‘INVESTIGATE’ Hillary FOR USING A PRIVATE EMAIL!!! Once Again…DIFFERENT RULES For “CERTAIN” People!!! It’s Disgusting!!!