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Jason Chaffetz: Congress Needs Housing Stipend


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Jason Chaffetz thinks it's too costly to stay in DC so he wants aid from taxpayers. Cenk Uygur and also Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you just how much he's requesting for. Tell us what you believe in the remark area below.

" Simply days before he surrenders from Congress, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) claimed Monday that Residence as well as Senate legislators ought to get a $2,500 each month housing allocation– something he discussed would aid reduce real estate expenses for members that can't afford 2 mortgages or rents.

" I really do think Congress would certainly be better served if there was a housing allocation for members of Congress," Chaffetz told Capital in a meeting in his Capitol workplace, where he rests whenever he remains in Washington. "In today's climate, no one's going to recommend or vote for a pay raising. However you should not have to be among the wealthiest of Americans to offer correctly in Congress."

The comments from the fifth-term legislator recommend that financial factors to consider were a big component of his shock statement in April that he was stepping down from Congress and also relinquishing his Oversight Board gavel.
Chaffetz's kid will certainly be attending law institution at the University of Virginia, and his older child goes to university in Utah. His more youthful daughter will be going to college in a few years."

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  1. Posted by beatthisroot, at Reply

    I came, saw, gave a like.

    • Posted by Jason Renfro, at Reply

      beatthisroot I came, I saw, I cancelled out your like

    • Posted by Aaron565pwns, at Reply

      Just like “snowflake” you cant use an insult immediately after its used against you. Then it just looks like projection. This isnt the playground anymore.

    • Posted by Trevor Scott, at Reply

      Aaron565pwns I think you replied to the wrong comment

    • Posted by Admiral Smelling, at Reply

      @Aaron565pwns — Who’s the snowflake? Sissy-boy Chaffetz can’t make it on 200 grand a year and has to cry to the government for a hand-out? Typical Republican chicken-hawk.

  2. Posted by Patrick Nzengu, at Reply

    RepubliCUNTS = PARASITES !!!

    • Posted by Cave Beasts, at Reply

      Patrick Nzengu yes those welfare queens that make 6 figures yet we foot their housing bills lol how is this conservative

    • Posted by Paul Getty, at Reply

      Patrick Nzengu they are Russiacan traitors now

    • Posted by Devonzell Pernell, at Reply

      Patrick Nzengu I think at this point you could label them terrorists.

    • Posted by J DS, at Reply

      Devonzell Pernell YOU THINK?, I’ve been calling them that

  3. Posted by Marky Marc, at Reply

    Jason Chaffez is a cuck.

    • Posted by Jim Bob, at Reply

      & i’ve the proof.

    • Posted by J. Hurt, at Reply

      Marky Marc Give him a FEMA trailer.

    • Posted by J. Hurt, at Reply

      FEMA should give this poor fool a trailer.

  4. Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

    It’s unconstitutional for congress to give itself a raise. End of story.

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Alex da Vinci Amen to that.

    • Posted by Vegetarians Taste Better, at Reply

      Alex da Vinci MA Congress just did this. It’s unbelievable and infuriating.

    • Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

      Vegetarians Taste Better

      Because those s o bs aren’t happy with a 170k a year salary, right? You’re right, they’re sickening!

    • Posted by Colin Silver, at Reply

      Actually, I believe they can; it just takes effect in the next term.

  5. Posted by ADrew, at Reply

    Chaffetz should choose btwn housing and a cell phone

    • Posted by Thomas Smith, at Reply

      ADrew Yes. If he didn’t buy one iPhone, he could afford a townhouse in D.C. for a year!

    • Posted by dlevitt0508, at Reply

      That wouldn’t help him, we pay for his cell phone too.

    • Posted by djwaglmuffin, at Reply

      Or a fridge. Or an air conditioner. Or a microwave. Or (__insert some arbitrary household item here__)

  6. Posted by Humanguillotine, at Reply

    socialism for him.

    capitalism for you.

    • Posted by Eusunt Dac, at Reply

      It’s always like that. Banksters get bailed-out while common people go bankrupt.

    • Posted by sailormanariel, at Reply

      Doesn’t he consider the bribes he receives from the big donors a stipend?

    • Posted by J DS, at Reply

      Humanguillotine PREACH

    • Posted by Bruce Swearingen, at Reply

      sailormanariel ;
      mostly considers bribes retirement ( 401K ) & vacation fund

    • Posted by Admiral Smelling, at Reply

      @Humanguillotine — Can’t be any clearer. Inner-party members get all the perks.

  7. Posted by Braden Wilson, at Reply

    “Can’t afford two rents or mortgages.”

    Alot of people can’t afford one.
    These are the same people you are screwing over.
    Why do these people who *need* things like this “not deserve it, they should just work harder,” yet you think it’s fine for someone like you, who has accepted 414,800$ from large donors from 2016 to Now, to ask for it.

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Braden Wilson Republican politicians think they’re h only ones who work hard, everyone else is just a lazy bum.

    • Posted by peacefulheart, at Reply


  8. Posted by thesinaclwon, at Reply

    I would like to throw Jason’s name in the ring for 2017 most punchable face. Like if you agree!!

    • Posted by mlatu315, at Reply

      thesinaclwon pai would still win by a landslide for me.

    • Posted by the green man, at Reply

      sorry, martin shkreli has that won for the next decade, followed by cruz…..

    • Posted by Admiral Smelling, at Reply

      I don’t know. I still thing Newt Gingrich takes that prize.

    • Posted by Lawrence Harper, at Reply

      thesinaclwon πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

    • Posted by Bruce Swearingen, at Reply

      Admiral Smelling ;
      look at Gingrich’s face…new punchable

  9. Posted by Su, at Reply

    what happened to personal responsibility Jason??

    • Posted by Patrick Nzengu, at Reply

      Su . Is it your photo ? You are so beautiful !!! πŸ˜πŸ˜™

    • Posted by Comrade Trump, at Reply

      Patrick Nzengu ……if my tiny hands could only fit around your throat. Just comment on her post, you’re not getting laid on YouTube by compliments

    • Posted by Marisol Sanchez, at Reply

      Comrade Trump lol ur so dumb

    • Posted by Peter Aguilar, at Reply

      Perhaps he should get a 2nd job, that’s what people do when they have trouble making ends meet. I heard McDonalds have some outstanding minimum-wage opportunities available.

    • Posted by unbiased, at Reply

      Comrade Trump LMFAO

  10. Posted by melty mint, at Reply

    I saw a remark by a bigot today that seems to apply to this story. if you can’t afford to take care of your kids, you shouldn’t have them. 😡

    • Posted by Braden Wilson, at Reply

      And yet, people like Chaffetz still want to criminalize abortion.

  11. Posted by Cave Beasts, at Reply

    They are WELFARE QUEENS that want taxpayers to subsidize their lifestyle ! Republicans should relocate for more affordable living πŸ™‚

    • Posted by Steven Anchundia, at Reply

      Their lifestyle that they can afford with large amounts of cash so large that they can burn a mansion every week and build a new one and crash and when their Ferrari break down they don’t take it to a mechanic they buy a new one and throw the old one at a junk yard their such welfare queen

    • Posted by J. Hurt, at Reply

      Cave Beasts give him a FEMA trailer.

    • Posted by J DS, at Reply

      J. Hurt I totally agree

  12. Posted by Wendell Wright, at Reply

    if the Republican constituents were smart they vote him out completely

    • Posted by Trevor Scott, at Reply

      Wendell Wright Utah is full of idiotas.

  13. Posted by rocky19421, at Reply

    Maybe they should get a second job instead of asking for “freebies and hand outs”!….. That’s always the condescending advice the wealthy give to us poor paycheck-to-paycheck schmucks….

    • Posted by Malachi Owens, at Reply

      That’s just republicans talking point

  14. Posted by At1WithMe, at Reply

    Congress needs to make minimum wage.

    • Posted by bro guy, at Reply

      all elected officials should make the median wage of the people they represent, watch how fast they try to increase the quality of life for their people then.

    • Posted by Chris M, at Reply

      +bro guy – I like this idea! There’s something that should be passed into law!

  15. Posted by Fabricio Larios, at Reply

    This fucker has the audacity to ask for a stipend?
    This guy told Americans to forgo the new iPhone to afford healthcare.
    He is just living beyond his means!

  16. Posted by Of Woodbridge and Hedgely, at Reply

    Tell your wife to get a JOB Jason.

    • Posted by Zelda Williams, at Reply

      Of Woodbridge and Hedgely excellent idea!

    • Posted by Admiral Smelling, at Reply

      Better yet, make his kids work.

  17. Posted by William Rice, at Reply

    Oh here’s an Idea . Instead of that stipend for congress . How about we take that money and build some complexes for congress to the exact same standard as Those getting federal or state assistance below the poverty line for housing , And make ALL of congress live in those buildings while in DC . With no option to allow them to ever change the standard . Since republicans just love their preemption laws .

    • Posted by Chris Hakala, at Reply

      Even better let’s also tie their salary to the median wage and bar them from investing in the stock market during their term.