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Jeff Flake Leaving Senate, Issues Warning Against Trump


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Sen. Jeff Flake has actually announced that he will not look for reelection. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Tell us what you believe in the comment section below. Sign up with TYT:

" WASHINGTON– Senator Jeff Flake, the Arizona Republican politician who has tangled with Head of state Trump for months, introduced on Tuesday that he will certainly not seek re-election in 2018, saying he "will not be complicit or silent" in the face of the head of state's "negligent, outrageous as well as undignified" habits.

Mr. Flake made his news in a phenomenal, 17-minute speech on the Senate flooring, in which he tested not just the head of state yet also his party's leadership. He deplored "the laid-back undermining of our autonomous suitables, the individual attacks, the dangers against concepts, liberty as well as institutions, the ostentatious negligence for reality as well as modesty" that he said has come to be so prevalent in American politics.

The amazing moment came simply hours after Mr. Trump had restored his assaults on one more critic in the Republican politician Event, Legislator Bob Corker of Tennessee, stating he "couldn't obtain elected pet dog catcher in Tennessee." Mr. Corker, appearing even more weary compared to mad, said the president "is devaluing our nation."

Mr. Flake's remarkable decision and also the back-and-forth in between Mr. Trump as well as Mr. Corker appeared to note a moment of choice for the Republican Event. A week ago, Legislator John McCain, the senior legislator from Arizona, talked in Philly, decrying the "half-baked, spurious nationalism" that he sees overtaking American politics. Former Head Of State George W. Shrub, in yet another speech, lamented, "We have actually seen nationalism distorted right into nativism."

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  1. Posted by Grim Reefer, at Reply

    I have listen to Senator Flake’s speech many times. That was so well thought out with such profound truth, that Trump mental instability can’t be ignored anymore!!

  2. Posted by NyYankees1985, at Reply

    Trump is the personification of 50 years of republican ignorance, hate, vitriol & fear mongering
    Own it lowlifes you created it

    • Posted by mark navarro, at Reply

      trump is the result of 50 years of the pussification of America. enough is enough.

    • Posted by Louis Cyfear, at Reply

      NyYankees1985 Trump will win in 2020. Deal with it.

    • Posted by Jennifer Hunter, at Reply

      Mark navarro – Clearly facts are not a part of your world.

  3. Posted by Jason Milton, at Reply

    Bannon-Trumpism is like the rise of the Nationalist Party in 1930’s Germany.. Flake, Corker and more are sounding the alarms..  America Please Wake Up!!!

    • Posted by Louis Cyfear, at Reply

      Jason Milton. You don’t seem to be too worried about the Marxist communist antifa movements dominating are colleges.

  4. Posted by onenightstand691972, at Reply

    Those polling numbers in AZ are not surprising esp. their support of Trump. This is the same state that still to this day does not recognize MLK day as a holiday.

    • Posted by Dr Bhokal, at Reply

      onenightstand691972 haha.. from steam engine to radioactivity to fb to electric cars.. all white nd jews.. u are just leeches.. how africa begged to get cure of ebola from west.. u losers..
      Respect is earned.. thts why even chinese, indians, koreans treat u like shiaats coz u develop nothing.. now go twerk or rap..

    • Posted by Dr Bhokal, at Reply

      onenightstand691972 african labour..hahaha.. obviously an architect gets paid more than a labour coz mind gets paid more..

    • Posted by onenightstand691972, at Reply

      +Dr Bhokal you are a joke. Ebola was created in a lab & brought to Africa to try to contaminate Africans. Africans are the most healthiest people in the world. All the cures from diseases come from African doctors. Europeans learned from us how to live. All inventions were stolen from us, the first humans on this earth, just like you stoled America from the melanated Native Americans.

    • Posted by Dr Bhokal, at Reply

      onenightstand691972 liar

    • Posted by onenightstand691972, at Reply

      +Dr Bhokal that’s all you got…haha

  5. Posted by Sarah Bennett, at Reply

    Donors not voters, Cenk. Any reference to “my party” they don’t mean voters, they mean donors.

  6. Posted by Cookie Baby, at Reply

    Sad news is trump has not changed from day one, Zebra’s can’t change their strips! We know this man was Evil from his campaigning. Shame on GOP’s. Trump Loves himself!!!

  7. Posted by mastermooky, at Reply

    the ugliness of america.

  8. Posted by Joey G, at Reply

    There are people who like Trump because he is at a comfortable level of stupidity that many can relate to.

  9. Posted by Dhruv Bhatt, at Reply

    Jeff Flake, John McCain and Bob Corker all voted to gut the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau last night. Now we can no longer sue the banks for raping our pockets. These speeches are just more things to hide behind. They are all still our enemies. Do not label them as martyrs for OUR cause.

  10. Posted by Win or Lose I continue being King, at Reply

    Instead of retiring why don’t they band together and impeach the president?

    • Posted by Pablo Jay, at Reply

      Because they are all gutless cowards.

    • Posted by EPICZK0N, at Reply

      Because if he’s kicked out then we get Pence

    • Posted by Pablo Jay, at Reply

      Then kick Pence out too, whats to stop you? its YOUR country.

    • Posted by Scott InPhilly, at Reply

      Win or Lose I continue being King Hell no! The only thing worse than a trump presidency is a pence presidency.

  11. Posted by Pablo Jay, at Reply

    There seems to be a shortage of testicles in the Republican party these days.

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      Pablo Jay – “shortage of testicles”, hilarious, yet true.

  12. Posted by The Deep North, at Reply

    Nice words from Sen’s Flake, Corker and McCain but they are trying to pretend that somehow Trump became a monster while in office and that there was no way they could have seen it coming. Yeah, thanks for not speaking up during the Republican Primaries when you could have made an actual difference… Enjoy your retirement cowards!!

    • Posted by biglos9d, at Reply

      Mitt Romney tried to speak up about it during the primaries, and no one listened.

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      The Deep North – Trump has always been this way, age and mental incompetence have made him worse, but it’s no recent change as its been happening for a long time.

  13. Posted by hXc Marc, at Reply

    Those Arizona numbers are scary and appalling. Man this country has A LOT of idiots. Unbelievable

    • Posted by Pablo Jay, at Reply

      Most of them are fossils wanting their childhoods back.

    • Posted by YuRMoMiNHD, at Reply

      Or maybe, just maybe, you don’t understand what’s going on. Your collective hubris is why you keep losing, keep it up.

    • Posted by Daniel Smith, at Reply

      YuRMoMiNHD What is going on then? I’d like to actually hear what you think is happening and have a respectful conversation.

  14. Posted by Ste H, at Reply

    Wow, that was some speech and he’s not wrong either. Genuinely surprised to hear anything like that from a republican senator.

  15. Posted by Asura Gaming, at Reply

    I wonder if Trump would even understand Flake is talking about him

  16. Posted by Aes Sedai, at Reply

    Finally a Republican with a conscience, which apparently only comes out when they’re on their way out of office. On that note, Republicans, your party has been hijacked by zealots. What are you going to do about it?

  17. Posted by Geoff Daly, at Reply

    Forgive me for being a mathematical idiot. I was confused to believe that voting IN FAVOR of Donald Trump over 90 percent of the time meant YOU DO SUPPORT said politician’s agenda. I really don’t know how I’m supposed to be “impressed” with a guy who was probably going to lose his own primary taking the easy way out and most likely registering as a 7 figure lobbyist to continue to push for the agenda that Trump and republican’s are already putting into place because said politician made a meaningless speech.

  18. Posted by Glazier Blue, at Reply

    Warnings! The WORLD has be screaming warnings since the orange ego mad crazy man started running. Is been aloud to openly hate everyone who isn’t a so called perfect white person more important than living? I don’t understand!

  19. Posted by WildRoot, at Reply

    Whew! I can now breathe a sigh of relief. I thought no one way going to speak openly and frankly about the devil in the white house. Now, at least, I know we all see it.

  20. Posted by Matteo Prezioso, at Reply

    What a shameful period of American history.