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Jeff Sessions Demands “Strongest Possible Charges” For Drug Users


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More prison time suggests more money for the exclusive prison business that money the Republican party. Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola, and also Alonzo Bodden, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us exactly what you think in the remark area listed below.

" In a memo launched Friday, Procedure advised government district attorneys across the country to look for the greatest feasible fees and sentences versus defendants they target. "It is a core concept that prosecutors should bill as well as go after the most serious, easily provable violation," he composed. "This plan completely utilizes the devices Congress has given us. By definition, the most significant offenses are those that lug one of the most considerable standards sentence, including mandatory-minimum sentences."

Friday's policy change efficiently retracts Obama-era guidelines for federal prosecutors that were developed to curtail the toughest sentences for accuseds charged with low-level medicine offenses. The previous memo, very first promulgated by then-Attorney General Eric Owner in 2013, reserved one of the most extreme alternatives in the federal sentencing standards for "significant, high-level, or terrible medication traffickers" instead of accuseds charged with lower-level offenses." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur,.
Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola, Alonzo Bodden.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola, Alonzo Bodden.


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  1. Posted by Raj Kapadia, at Reply

    Marijuana should never be legalized, except for medical use.

    • Posted by joseph4861, at Reply

      Addiction is a medical problem, not a legal problem.

    • Posted by Englysh Wint, at Reply

      All i’m going to say is look into the history of why Marijuana was criminalized in the first place. Marijuana is not addictive and far less harmful than alcohol.

    • Posted by OroborusFMA, at Reply

      You’re an idiot. Cannabis is safer than just about anything you can consume; there’s a 12,000 year history of its use. Recreational intoxication is natural, and quite probably healthy and an evolutionary edge, otherwise animals would not do it and human beings would not have done it.

    • Posted by OroborusFMA, at Reply

      Other than a few drug like the opiates addiction does not even exist. It has no more basis in reality than demonic possession or witchcraft.

  2. Posted by beastalchemist, at Reply

    Shouldn’t Jeff be put in a jail for a having a hand in firing the man who was in charge of the investigation that he recused himself from?

    • Posted by Jacob6853, at Reply

      He needs to be put to death

    • Posted by E Clouston, at Reply

      beastalchemist that only happens in democracies, you live in a dictatorship.

    • Posted by The Deep North, at Reply

      Micah Woodcock So according to you, elections can only be won with tons of money to pay for attack ads and smear campaigns. Therefore you don’t believe in getting money out of politics even though 90% of the American electorate are in favor of it, both Democrat and Republican. Am I reading you correctly?

    • Posted by Gr8rgamer, at Reply

      Sessions is bought and paid for by the private prison corporations. This is his way of repaying them, by filling them up to maximum capacity. This is how our extremely corrupt government by legal bribery works.

  3. Posted by Ser Gro, at Reply

    The world should envy us, this makes sense to me. Proud Republican πŸ‘.

    • Posted by J G, at Reply

      Ser Gro i doubt it

    • Posted by Burger king Aka king of america, at Reply

      True man

    • Posted by Jessman9000, at Reply

      the world laughs at this so called “First world country”

  4. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    let’s grow that prison complex, even though empirical data has proving…..the prison complex does not work nor rehabilitate anyone!ο»Ώ

    • Posted by ブロンディブラック, at Reply

      Jamie Cox Unlike some other countries, the American prison *business* serves two purposes: punish and profit. Rehabilitation is the farthest thing from their minds. The American prison business is awash with drugs.

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      +ブロンディブラック this is true! πŸ‘ŒπŸ–’

    • Posted by Nate Hoffman, at Reply

      Jobs don’t hurt either.

    • Posted by Steven DuVall, at Reply

      Jamie Cox I don’t think they even TRY to pretend that prisons are for rehabilitation anymore. We realized a long time ago that prisons don’t rehabilitate people, they create criminals, often out of perfectly normal people who went in on stupid charges like drug possession.

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      +Steven DuVall right on brother!πŸ‘ŒπŸ–’

  5. Posted by JCTiggs, at Reply

    Jeff Sessions is a weasel that can’t be trusted.

    • Posted by C.J.P., at Reply

      Your point is?

    • Posted by Dima K, at Reply

      Actually Jeff Sessions is getting much older. And THE PEOPLE are the ones with the power. Sessions is a ticking clock, he will not last with such serious corrupt charges, just look at recent calls for his resignation

    • Posted by gitvin, at Reply

      Alexandre Frazier – What?! You are asking everybody to give up the one word trigger of surefire response from both sides? That would be akin to taking away ammunition and leaving empty guns to have and hold.

    • Posted by Alexandre Frazier, at Reply

      Dima K
      The problem is that vermin doesn’t die.

    • Posted by OroborusFMA, at Reply

      Time to pop that weasel!

  6. Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

    Treason against your country = 5-10 years in Federal Prison
    Doing any kind of drugs = Life in prison.
    Our justice system is fucked up.

    • Posted by Serendipity, at Reply

      RandomRobin – Crashing the US economy and ruining the lives of millions if not billions around the world = 0 years in prison. What corruption? There’s no corruption!!!

    • Posted by Corinne Yaworski, at Reply

      RandomRobin Would be nice to live in Canada. Maybe a miracle will happen. This administration stinks to high heaven.

    • Posted by Corinne Yaworski, at Reply

      RandomRobin That’s why people do them.

    • Posted by liquidminds, at Reply

      Kinda explains why congress is against drugs, but thriving in treasonous acts…

    • Posted by Steven DuVall, at Reply

      liquidminds Anything congress is against (like including those with preexisting conditions in the regular insurance pool) doesn’t include THEM. They are always the exception. They don’t have to worry about preexisting conditions, using drugs, drunk driving, sexual harassment, gay rights, being pro-choice, etc…) They will create laws to take away OUR rights, but these laws will never affect them because they are hypocritical slime.

  7. Posted by Alorian Kolor First Officer of The Army of Kekistan, at Reply

    And… You think it would be any different under hillary? TYT what a joke. The drug war is a joke, but to pretend it would had been any different under hillary is a joke.

    • Posted by King Salman Funder of ISIS & Wahabbism, at Reply


    • Posted by Kevin Lopez, at Reply

      Alorian Kolor First Officer of The Army of Kekistan
      Ahh the conspiracy theory about Hillary “had it been Hillary” is not about the Clinton, Obama, it’s about the current administration. You would think about correcting the system. One person caught in a time lock and the other in a alternate universe.

    • Posted by foreverwantingpie, at Reply

      Doubt she would have chosen Jeff Sessions or the like though. She probably would have been better than Trump but worse than Obama on weed in my opinion.

  8. Posted by TheGM, at Reply

    How to avoid going to jail because of Drugs: *DON’T DO DRUGS!*

    • Posted by alpha020, at Reply

      Opium can also have many benefits to some people.

    • Posted by Matt N, at Reply

      TheGM How to avoid going to jail because of TREASON: BE A REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT, FIRE FBI DIRECTOR.

    • Posted by OroborusFMA, at Reply

      And what if drug seeking behavior is natural, and biologically hard-wired into human behavior? Drug prohibition is a sustained assault on human nature. It’s beyond insane. Don’t be a tool for people getting rich off of pushing insane policies on us.

    • Posted by samiamrg7, at Reply

      That is like saying the way to avoid unwed mothers is to “close your legs.” Trying to go against human nature isn’t an effective solution. It is much more effective to come up with a solution that accommodates human nature, like contraception in the pregnancy example.

  9. Posted by Kelly Boyce, at Reply

    Session is stuck in the 1950’s. Even, veterans use weed to combat PTSD, they need to legalize it already. All the cities he named is filled with brown people.

    • Posted by thebillis1, at Reply

      Leon C – Hey brother, if you can get every vets health care, housing and the benefits that we need very much I will applaud you. From the very beginning of the VA nothing has ever been fixed. Vets take to the streets when they were told they would be taken care of, just to get the benefits that they were told they were going to get. Nothing has changed now it is hard as hell to get benefits from the VA when the VA is trying to stop you from getting them. It is happening all over the country.

      So if there are people out there that care, where are they? Where are the rest of Americans that say they support vets? Just because someone says they support us does not mean they will take time out of their day to actually do something.

      I understand that we may not see the same way because we have not experienced the same things. I live on the western slope of Colorado and this is what we have to live through. I have to hire a attorney firm to get the benefits that I need. I am sorry but I do not see the people out there fighting for us.

    • Posted by Leon C, at Reply

      thebillis1 I have worked with veteran org. in nyc like Mag-V and social justice for veterans. Too many vet are to proud or stubborn to ask for help and another group of us doesn’t even know where to start. Look for organizations that help vets in your city. Teach other vets to do the same. Look into groups like lighthouse, were they help repair your credit for free.

    • Posted by Matt N, at Reply

      Kelly Boyce sessions is stuck in russias back pocket. white crime aka treason is ok. but we got to get those brown ppl and thier marijuana…lmfao…how long people going to take this war on thier own families by corrupt politicians, thier corporate donors and thier russian overlords?

    • Posted by greenghost3737, at Reply

      Matt N most people who work in cannabis industry r white males thats by choice and that meams legal not on the street so weed laws effect whitey too but that doesnt fit ur narrative does it u r no better than him symp

  10. Posted by Jesus or Money, Power and Prestige?, at Reply

    The only correction here is that POOR white people do go to jail just like all the other minorities. Just like Jim Crow was never so much about oppressing black folks as it was giving poor white folks the illusion of superiority for the purpose of supporting their own oppressors. But I’m sure most of us here know that.

    • Posted by Robyne Kelly, at Reply

      Jamie Shows The term Poor White was conceived from slavery. The class system was defined by slavery because slavery created the wealth that separated the classes. The boot was created for minorities and then another was placed on poor whites. American Eugenics has affected poor whites, but it and many other institutions alike, do not have them as the primary target. Therefore their problem technically would not exist without POC’s problem.

    • Posted by Jesus or Money, Power and Prestige?, at Reply

      .Robyne, not exactly what I said, what I said was that poor whites are used as tools by the oppressor, the elite. Is that a step up, well that’s the question I will leave for the reader to answer.

    • Posted by Burger king Aka king of america, at Reply

      Poor white people have been a tool for rich white people same for poor black people vs rich black people remember rich black people gave a middle finger to the middle class blacks during the crack epidemic just like how white rich are giving the middle finger to white middle classes. As The heroine epidemic and opnion epidemic rises.

    • Posted by Chaselynn O., at Reply

      Jesus or Money, Power and Prestige? 100% agree with you I believe half the people commenting and saying poor white people get less harsh sentence don’t talk to any poor white people.

    • Posted by Jamie Shows, at Reply

      Poor whites existed long before slavery, as did the class system. You might want to do a little research into serfdom. You might want to research the guild system in urban centers and how it effectively locked out the lower classes.

      There’s a long history of class stratification in Europe, and it’s well-researched.

  11. Posted by timothy riley, at Reply

    Someone lynch this worthless insufferable evil dwarf

    • Posted by Aldous James, at Reply

      Lol Amen

    • Posted by PyrrhosHans, at Reply

      timothy riley. In just One term he could needlessly destroy hundreds of thousands of lives, but this could be said about the whole Trump administration…

    • Posted by J G, at Reply

      timothy riley yes please

  12. Posted by Icarus Arcturus, at Reply

    Just think guys, in 20 years they’ll all be dead. The Clinton’s, Bush’s, Trump, Sessions, 99% of the Gop, and the rest of the sick pedos

    • Posted by PyrrhosHans, at Reply

      Prease, kill xyrself!

    • Posted by Austin Trigloff, at Reply

      Icarus Arcturus why wait?

    • Posted by Blob Loblaw, at Reply

      So will the rest of us, probably.

    • Posted by Burger king Aka king of america, at Reply

      True man

  13. Posted by Harry Lord, at Reply

    Iam supporting the “racist” war on drugs.
    LOCK EM UP! πŸ™‚

    • Posted by Sector47, at Reply

      Instead of your tax dollars going towards something that can actually eliminate the problem or even shrink it by a large margin you rather your tax dollars continue to support the problem.

    • Posted by esaesa07, at Reply

      You do know that white men are currently the leaders of drug use?

    • Posted by Technews, at Reply

      +esaesa07 However,
      *”Similarly, the vast majority of counties arrest blacks at a higher rate than whites, with some having a disparity of greater than 10 to 1:*

      The black/white marijuana arrest gap, in nine charts

      LOL SMH Once you have a criminal record your life is basically fucked up.

      “Targeting Blacks

      β€’ African Americans constituted 53.5 percent of all persons who entered prison5 because of a drug conviction;_6_

      β€’ Blacks were 10.1 times more likely than whites to enter prison for drug offenses;

      β€’ A black man was 11.8 times more likely than a white man to enter prison for drug offenses;

      β€’ A black woman was 4.8 times more likely than a white woman to enter prison for drug offenses;

      β€’ Among all African Americans entering prison, almost two out of five (38.2 percent) were convicted of drug offenses, compared to one in four whites (25.4 percent); and

      β€’ Although still dramatic, the racial disparity in the ratio of black to white prison admission rates for drug offenses in 2003 was in most states less than in 1996. Nevertheless, because of the increase in the disparity in states with large populations such as New York and California, the racial disparity across the 34 states was higher in 2003 than it was in 1996. In 2003, the black prison admission rate for drug offenses was 10. 1 times that of whites. In 1996, it was 9.9 times greater.

      Over the years, those surveys have suggested that whites and blacks use illicit drugs at roughly the same rates.

      — Human Rights Watch

      Drug Law Enforcement and Race in the United States.(2008) Long before BLM existed.”

  14. Posted by Powerguy Powerfinancial, at Reply

    The war on drugs a huge waste of money. Addicts ought to just be allowed to kill themselves. Instead of wasting all that money on enforcement and prison. REAL conservatives hate the war on drugs.

    • Posted by liquidminds, at Reply

      “Real conservatives” still think that taking a drug is criminal intent and makes you a bad person. That’s why they want sick people to die. Conservatives are the most life-hating, anti-human bunch of people existing on this planet right now.
      Policy based on fairy-tales told by the people. No interest in any actual facts. Just Disney-Style World-views fueled by decades of Pro-Capitalistic, Anti-Social and Anti-Human propaganda…

      “Let everyone else die, but give me free handouts”… conservatism 101..

    • Posted by Quespa, at Reply

      Conservatives base their opinion upon facts, not their feelings. The republican party supports individual freedom. And if you have the freedom to do whatever you want with your life as long as it does not hurt other people, only you can be blamed for your success or failure. It’s the least discriminatory system we have to date.

    • Posted by Kevin Lopez, at Reply

      If research was done you would know it was the Conservatives that started the drug problems. ie trafficking, money laundering, and border patrol collusion.

      Look back at the history of Coca-Cola then you’ll understand who and what started this. What to talk about the trickle down economics? There’s your answer.

  15. Posted by Nick, at Reply

    The real drug war is the pharmaceutical one, the doctors giving narcotics like candy that leads to a drug addiction should be put in prison.

  16. Posted by Ken Hawk, at Reply

    I have this feeling that this will be the last great offensive on this stupid and unwinnable war on drugs.

  17. Posted by Tymalic, at Reply

    At around 1:29 the dude behind Jeff shakes his head. Holy hell.

  18. Posted by Coy Hampton, at Reply

    He’s after me Lucky Charms!

  19. Posted by Brent P, at Reply

    Nothing but LIES from Cuck Session’s mouth.

  20. Posted by Raharmon Nelson, at Reply

    I doubt he means this…. due to the suburban kids using all that heroin