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Jeremy Corbyn Closing In On Theresa May


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The present distance as well as current trajectory of polls recommends Jeremy Corbyn can be considered the favorite at this point in the race. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us exactly what you believe in the remark area below.

" Theresa May dangers being ousted from Downing Road after a shock brand-new poll suggests Labour could be on training course to reduce her majority to just 2 seats.

The YouGov survey for the Times found that the Conservatives are on 43%, simply 5 points in advance of Work on 38%.

At the start of the election campaign, some surveys had the Tories with leads of greater than 20 factors.

The prime minister called the breeze election last month in order to "reinforce my required" in Brexit arrangements.

However, if Friday's poll were duplicated on political election day, May would deal with the ignominy of having actually gone to the nation, only to see her federal government's majority reduced to paper percentages." *.

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  1. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    no cenk, he won’t

    any other questions?

    • Posted by IdarkphoenixI, at Reply

      Reminding you that my comment was simply a factual acknowledgement of current events is now “backpedaling”. Lol, whatever makes you feel better kiddo

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Except your comment wasn’t factual. It was not only a lie, but a display of shameless tribalism. This isn’t a matter of feelings. It’s a matter of facts, and the truth is, the facts don’t stand with you.

  2. Posted by John O'Malley, at Reply

    May will win, but it will be closer than expected.

    • Posted by steven amoah, at Reply

      yes mate thats what will happen

    • Posted by keddaw, at Reply

      It looks like it will take more than two of them to join up to get to 326 seats

    • Posted by Sudheer Kumar, at Reply

      hope she wins by a huge margin and corbyn gets buried in the dust heap of history

    • Posted by DentrassiCook, at Reply

      @Peter Lorimer This is what worries me too. Just as they used Brexit as a weak excuse to try and oust him, they will blame him if they fail to secure a majority. This is his best chance of winning before too many hatchets are buried in his back.

    • Posted by g13iceman, at Reply

      Sudheer Kumar is there a way that both can lose. they are both awful

  3. Posted by Bobby6 Moore6, at Reply

    Guardian readers don’t like May. And in other news, water is wet and the sky is blue.

    • Posted by Bobby6 Moore6, at Reply

      luckyspurs You’re going overboard. They might not like May but many are scared of Corbyn, McDonald and Abbott.

    • Posted by Bobby6 Moore6, at Reply

      SJW101, the political gamer No mention of the constant in-fighting Labours been going through. It’s all the evil right, ok got it.

    • Posted by Bobby6 Moore6, at Reply

      People please, enough with the tin foil hat nonsense. Corbyn has been attacked by people within his own party. He’s had resignations from members of HIS shadow cabinet, leadership challenges and calls for him to stand down. And as I’ve already stated thats from fellow leftists. But you somehow put 2 + 2 together and come up with the BBC is rightwing for daring to criticise comrade Corbyn, really SMH.

    • Posted by Lostinjp, at Reply

      +Bobby6 Moore6 and yet after all the bashing he is still here. Your narrative is a well-worn one that a lot of voters just aren’t buying anymore. They want hope for the future, and the conservatives aren’t offering that, just more austerity and misery. You might be unpleasantly surprised by what happens on June 8th.

    • Posted by Bobby6 Moore6, at Reply

      Lostinjp What are you talking about “my narrative”. It’s the facts and I never said I didn’t admire his determination and perseverance. I actually had a conversation with Corbyn a couple years back. I found him to be both friendly and engaging. I like many of his social policies. It’s his admiration for terrorist, pacifistic tendencies and possible cabernet that concerns me. It’s why for the first time in my life I’m considering not voting for a leftist party.

  4. Posted by Cisco Blue, at Reply

    Democratic Socialism > Trump Capitalism

    • Posted by Daniel van den Berg, at Reply

      I like the term socialliberalism better. Free market economy + welfare like healthcare, education, care for the eldery and homeless etc.
      Theresa May is still to the left of Clinton for example.

    • Posted by DaGreenskin Orc, at Reply

      But Corbyn seems to be a Social Democrat.

      If he was a Socialist, he’d outlaw private ownership of property, or at least, of enterprise, and massively invest and promote growth in worker co-ops similar to how we see with the Mundragon corporation.

      Still FAR better than our incredibly stupid American ways, but still.

      Take it from me as an American, do NOT go our route. It was the worst mistake we’ve ever made.

    • Posted by Brett Strong, at Reply

      Cisco Blue His right hand man is a literal marxist

    • Posted by Kate Hudson, at Reply

      totally agree. Also real democratic capitalism > rigged oligarchic capitalism

  5. Posted by beastalchemist, at Reply

    To all of the trolls, didn’t Macron win?

    • Posted by Braxtyn Frechette, at Reply

      you spelled Merkel wrong.

    • Posted by beastalchemist, at Reply

      LordDemosair I’ll take him over a woman who will praise Trump without deserving it.

    • Posted by Eduardo LeΓ£o, at Reply

      YouGov has May losing.

    • Posted by BlunderCity, at Reply

      I voted for him. France is back!

  6. Posted by John Chessant, at Reply

    I really hope he wins. We don’t need another so-called ‘moral victory’ like we had with Bernie in the primary, Clinton’s popular-vote win, Thompson in KS-04, Ossoff in GA-06, and Quist in MT-al.
    I think it’s possible, but as always the progressive candidate is facing a deck stacked against him/her. Regardless, let’s make Matthew Goodwin eat his Brexit book!!

    • Posted by Gotta Go Fast, at Reply

      Me too!

    • Posted by Dedmu5, at Reply

      John Chessant Well Ossoff only needs to make up 2% in the second round in june

    • Posted by Emma Bradley, at Reply

      John Chessant well luckily even at a loss, it’s more than a moral victory given that it takes away the Tories’ majority, so not all bad… Still pretty bad, but not as bad πŸ˜‰

  7. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    24 points to only 6 points behind? go Corbyn

    • Posted by Lostinjp, at Reply

      +nitelite78 you put far too much stock in discredited opinion polls. The registration for first-time voters has been massive, and who do you think they will choose? May and her continued austerity and favours for the rich or fee-free university education? Time to wake up.

    • Posted by swfcocs1, at Reply

      Lostinjp most new voters are young and the young are in favour of Corbyn by a large margin-Corbyn offers a real alternative to a tory govt that steals from the poor to give yet more tax cuts for the rich-

    • Posted by John Stephens, at Reply

      Lostinjp please don’t be naive. UKIP has basically collapsed and Tories are sucking up their 5 million votes, the right wing is as strong as I’ve ever seen it here. The youth need to vote.

  8. Posted by Yoru, at Reply

    Man I would vote for anyone who says “Austerity has to stop” — because it fracking does.

    • Posted by TheFunkadelicFan, at Reply

      The nation is not in debt or going bankrupt. The terrorists are not immigrants, they’re British. Sorry to introduce a note of reality, but that’s the way it is.

    • Posted by Resist Trump, at Reply

      TheFunkadelicFan Problem is, the terrorist’s parents are usually immigrants. I’m a Labour supporter and a Classical Liberal, but I won’t deny reality just so I don’t hurt the feelings of Islamists. The attack in Manchester opened my eyes to the brutality that radical Islam brings everywhere it goes. It’s time to start having serious discussions on what to do about this issue before it grows even larger.

    • Posted by Darragh Murphy, at Reply

      Resist Trump take over the world and complain when they follow you home

    • Posted by CasMullac, at Reply

      Just remember to treat radical Islam as you would radical Christianity such as the KKK or Westborough, a minority.

  9. Posted by Kris Nicholson, at Reply

    Cenk has no idea how the UK election works.

    • Posted by Bobby6 Moore6, at Reply

      Mick Maphari Thank heavens we have smug little cunts like you to help us see the error of our ways SMH

    • Posted by Mick Maphari, at Reply

      Ya welcome Booby!

    • Posted by Bobby6 Moore6, at Reply

      Mick Maphari well played

    • Posted by Master Of Fates, at Reply

      Mick Maphari you misspelled Americans

    • Posted by WikeddTung, at Reply

      Yeah, we’ve all heard that repeatedly. Bring something new to the table.

  10. Posted by Fathayha Begum, at Reply

    I hope Labour wins on my birthday 8th June ☺️

    • Posted by Fathayha Begum, at Reply

      WhiskeyWhiskers Happy Birthday! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜Š

    • Posted by Fathayha Begum, at Reply

      AnArchaicSoul Happy Birthday! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜Š

    • Posted by sweetsmoke, at Reply

      Fathayha Begum Here’s hoping it will be a happy birthday πŸ™‚

  11. Posted by TrollTracker9000, at Reply

    June is the end of May

    • Posted by swfcocs1, at Reply

      J M stop getting your news about the uk from Fox or the daily mail-he’s no sympathizer and the fact that the 1% are so terrified of him winning is the best reason imaginable to vote for him-he’s still the under dog but the tories are worried and us on the real left are really feeling the momentum is on our side

    • Posted by Joseph Mosesean, at Reply


  12. Posted by Dave Kilby, at Reply

    Corbyn is the UK’s Bernie Sanders and we’re really feeling it here. He’s an incredibly rare opportunity to bring real progressive politics back to Britain. Thanks for your coverage Cenk πŸ™‚

    • Posted by TheFunkadelicFan, at Reply

      How’s the weather in Jaywick?

    • Posted by monty heath, at Reply

      Dave Kilby Corbyn, friend to the islamo-fascist totalitarians of Hamas, enemy of secular Palestinians and Palestinian women. Paid-up contributor to Press TV, broadcast outlet of the Iranian regime (which publicly hangs LBGT people and children). Corbyn is a disgusting traitor to the progressive, genuinely left wing of the developed nations of Europe.

    • Posted by InfectedByEli, at Reply

      Damian, do you really think anyone believes this worn out threat that “rich people are going to leave”? More to the point, do you really think we need unpatriotic rich people spreading their unpatriotic influence? No, on both counts.

    • Posted by Bobby6 Moore6, at Reply

      InfectedByEli Yeah who needs rich people to power investment. What we should do is form little groups called communes. We could have a central leadership…….No wait.

    • Posted by InfectedByEli, at Reply


      ->the point->
      your head

      We don’t need *unpatriotic twats* spitting the dummy and taking their ball home when things don’t go their way. We don’t need *unpatriotic twats* cosying up to politicians to influence policy to benefit them over the country.

  13. Posted by Mo Choudhury, at Reply

    The most he can hope for is for a coalition with the SNP, which I’d take any day over the evil May

    • Posted by Teethgrinder 83, at Reply

      Mo Choudhury as an SNP supporter I wholeheartedly agree-plus it would give us a much better chance to further causes for Scotland. The only downfall I could see is if the country goes wrong it would wipe us out in the next election-even if it’s Labour policies that do it (look at the Libs). So yeah,we shall see I guess

    • Posted by Hopkins B, at Reply

      You don’t understand how politics works haha

    • Posted by Mo Choudhury, at Reply

      Teethgrinder 83 yeah I guess in the case of a poor Lab/SNP coalition, it would damage the parties bid to be independent. The mess that is brexit hasn’t made things easier but I’d prefer it be in Corbyns hands than Mays

    • Posted by Teethgrinder 83, at Reply

      Mo Choudhury for sure,there’s no doubt about that

  14. Posted by Max e, at Reply

    Corbyn for PM! He’s got my vote! πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

    • Posted by Muna Ahmed, at Reply

      Max e Mine too

    • Posted by Alex McArthur, at Reply

      Still SNP.

    • Posted by Mehr Ali, at Reply

      mine too!

    • Posted by swfcocs1, at Reply

      Alex McArthur its likely any anti tory govt would have to be labour/SNP/green/PC/SDLP grand coalition-it’ll be tricky but totally worth it to keep the tories out

  15. Posted by Faizah Iqbal, at Reply

    I’m with Corbyn

    • Posted by MrMojoboy786, at Reply

      Hopkins B Have I found a UKIP and Brexit voter? Why don’t you think they will be allowed to vote

    • Posted by Hopkins B, at Reply

      You have indeed. Clearly an illegal.

  16. Posted by Paul O'Neill, at Reply

    Unfortunatley, if Jeremy gets within sniffing distance of even a hung parliament in the next 9 days, many of his own Labour MP’s will leak filthy lies to the press to ensure an electoral disaster. The one and only mission in life of these filthy Blairite bastards is to destroy any chance of an outsider disrupting their little game. They would rather consign millions of Britons to a decade of Tory misery than miss their chance to remove him.
    I dearly hope I’m wrong and you’re right,… almost moreso that I hoped you were wrong on Trump

    Also, If your thesis rests on the young turning out to vote then, historically, you’re batting on a very sticky wicket indeed!

    • Posted by Person Oisels, at Reply

      Corbyn should have done a proper purge of the blairites.

    • Posted by InfectedByEli, at Reply

      joefish, what would be awful is continued austerity, which is obviously not working.

  17. Posted by juan francisco villarroel thula, at Reply

    Sargon cries when Corbyn numbers go up

    • Posted by You Can't Escape The Blob, at Reply

      What a salty snowflake.

    • Posted by juan francisco villarroel thula, at Reply
    • Posted by gazlink1, at Reply

      juan francisco villarroel thula No-one will be crying, other than corbyn supporters. I’m just being realistic.

  18. Posted by Ian Standley, at Reply

    As a British progressive I am really looking forward to Cenks “Told Ya” video on June 9th

    • Posted by Jawdee, at Reply

      Only bellends refer to themselves as progressives. “oh yes i’m a progressive, I’m all for narrowing the wage gap because i’m so progressive blah blah blah…” ” I suck farts out of my own arse so women will not feel unempowered because I’m such a progressive hardy har har…”

    • Posted by coolman9999uk, at Reply

      Why are conservatives so afraid of a level playing field?

    • Posted by gazlink1, at Reply

      Ian Standley I don’t care who wins.. But it isn’t going to be Corbyn. As long as the SNP exists Labour is fucked.

  19. Posted by millionfish animation, at Reply

    How is May still leading with her cuts to the NHS and police, bombings in the Middle East, deals with Saudi Arabia, etc? I honestly don’t get it.

    • Posted by Bobby6 Moore6, at Reply

      millionfish animation I would explain but I suspect there’s a lot you don’t get.

    • Posted by Bobby6 Moore6, at Reply

      gartner101 That is just about the most stupid comment I’ve read all month.

  20. Posted by john smith, at Reply

    JERMY CORBYN has spent all of his life fighting for fairness and justice and peace.. So why not vote for him..

    a band recently has the tories weighed up. They now have a number 1 called liar liar its all about the tories and very true..

    • Posted by swfcocs1, at Reply

      Andrew Wells Corbyn is attacked for talking to sinn fein by a party that was secretly talking to the IRA while denying-so who was the honest one? like him or not Corbyn is always honest-what you see is what you get

    • Posted by swfcocs1, at Reply

      Brett Strong he was talking to the ANC while tories were wearing hang Mandela t shirts and the tories secretly talked to the IRA while denying it and attacking corbyn for talking to sinn fein-so who was honest and who was hypocritical liars?

    • Posted by swfcocs1, at Reply

      Brett Strong Corbyn may have talked to sinn fein but at that time thatcher was friends with Pinochet and he killed way way more people than the IRA ever did

    • Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

      *swfcocs1* Jeremy Corbyn is attacked for supporting the IRA not ‘talking to Sinn fein’. Jeremy Corbyn had absolutely no role in the peace process, people on both sides, _actually involved_ in the peace negotiations have said so, he voted against over 100 anti-terrorism legislation proposals and voted against the Anglo-Irish agreement. Corbyn used his office and platform to support an active terrorist group, that is unforgivable and it would make any decent person sick to their stomach.

      No he isn’t, on this very topic he said he never met the IRA, he’s in photographs meeting the IRA. In the last debate he said he said he didn’t speak at a commemoration honoring dead IRA soldiers, and he did. He lied about VAT, lied about the front bench resignation effects on the polls, lied about his education, lied about the triggering of Article 50, … and on and on. He lies over and over, and over.

    • Posted by Brett Strong, at Reply

      swfcocs1 He got arrested at a protest that was in honor of an IRA terrorist who killed 5 people, he by his own words has friends in Hamas and Hezbollah, he wants to keep channels open to isis, he will give to the terrorists because he doesn’t have a spine. Not to mention that his right hand man is an admitted Marxist which is not only the thing currently killing the left but also the ideology that has killed more people than any other ideology on earth